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Sasako…wearing glasses…


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more

since that furry Filoni post is getting a lot more notes than I meant it to, I just want to clarify that I personally don’t think Ahsoka is the wolf, I just used Ahsoka bc I thought she was sassy enough to be the one telling him that it sucked


I was suggested to pursue an old dream I had to make a vaporwave videogame, I mean one with my aesthetic and all. But I’m not sure. A guy offered to do all the coding work, one to write the music, my boyfriend can organise the plot, and I could take care of all the visual part. I have all the support such a project needs. The thing is I am not intelligent enough to put my mind into this. Why are people even interested if it’s going to be a boring ride across my mentally impeded ass.

Ah, yes, the most popular Overwatch ships :

Doctor who / Ba-gay-tte,

Captain America / Edgelord,

Mad Max OCs,

Get in the fucking robot Genji,,

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pls don’t say all that :( your edits are gorgeous and even that’s an understatement. they deserve more notes yes but don’t let that discourage you from posting your graphic and anniversary edit! i bet theyre stunning ;;

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don’t say that!! your edits are amazing! please continue to bless our dashs with them!! <333

you two are so sweet :((
Okay, so...
  • I was participating in the Day of Silence, & the boy that sits next to me in French asked me why I wasn't talking. I showed him a card explaining what I was doing to him,& he passed me a note.
  • Boy: Are you bisexual?
  • Me: *slides it back*
  • Boy: *writes more & passes it back* Are you a lesbian?
  • Me: *getting annoyed* That's my business.
  • Boy: So you are?
  • Me: Just because I'm supporting them doesn't mean that I am one.
  • Boy: *tries to write something back, but the teacher sees him*
  • Teacher: Put that on my desk.
  • (I was shaking my head furiously at her mouthing the word "no", but she didn't see)
  • Boy: Oh, I was just-
  • Teacher: On my desk. Now.
  • Boy: It's-
  • Teacher: Now.
  • Boy: *reading note* Are you bisexual or a lesbian?
  • (I covered my mouth, started blushing, & hid my face)
  • My biggest secret may have just been blown. Ever since I found out I was gay, my mom has been telling me to hide it because we've all been going through a lot right now, & I haven't even told my dad yet.
  • But please don't pressure someone into telling you their sexuality. If they say they don't want to tell you, don't say "so, you're gay?" Don't force it out of them. Don't even say they can trust you & you won't tell anyone. If they don't want to tell you, they don't want to tell you. It's not your business.
Crisis resolved?

So remember me freaking out about D&D? Yesterday was supposed to be a session, but one player couldn’t make it, meaning two of them were left. And I figured, hey, let’s try something completely different. They get to keep their characters, but are ~suddenly~ somewhere else for a one shot adventure. One I had barely prepared. Meaning, I had one page of notes, and had taken out a bunch of tables that I could randomly roll things on. That was it, I made 90% up as I went. And it was awesome. My one story hook: Someone will reverse pickpocket a key into their possession, one that upon a failed WIS save compells them to look for what on earth it opens. The ending: It will lead to something not valuable. That was my idea.

Set in the cold northeast of Kathuraz, Jandar and Nate found themselves in a city in Valyrya called Jarzo, in front of the Icy Beaver tavern. Immediately they made up a “quest goal” they had (”Don’t you remember, we have to find the old flag pole!”), but of course, night was coming and they needed a place to stay. I rolled a name for the innkeeper, randomly rolled for the tavern to have illegal cockfighting in the back, as well as a fighting ring in the middle. Instead of breaking up the cockfight, Jandar our paladin decided to go for a fight against the local dumb-but-strong-Phillip. He lost. The dumb one won. (In retrospect, a CR3 against a lvl 5 character was probably too high. welp, that’s what happens when I make it up). Playing the announcer guy was a hell of a lot of fun as he just suddenly turned out super happy and enthusiastic about everything.

Nate’s PP was too low to notice the elderly male dwarf that gave him the key, so they never got to meet him (also rolled randomly about him). But he didn’t make his save, and the player did play the obsession pretty well. Which only happend after a night’s sleep. Before that they asked around to find out that “Handsome McPrettyFace” had shown up in town with a magical shop. The innkeeper went on and on about how he blocked his way to his favourite bakery (also super fun to play) and how damn pretty he was.

Alright, next day. Nate is obsessed with finding what the key unlocks, Jandar is suspicious, casts Detect Magic. There’s definitely something there, but he’s unable to really figure it out. So they go to Handsome McPrettyFace who they later described as a douche and also awesome (loved playing him too lol). His name is Julian Xartho, warlock extrordinaire, friend to Ezekiel (x), and was not a shop owner until that very moment. I had actually prepared his character sheet and he knew Identify so he did that, revealing there was a piece of a soul in that key. The two buy health potions, but have nowhere near enough to get that potion of invisibility he has. He follows them without knowing (but that never led anywhere).

At this point Nate has a vision of the temple of Valgyrn in the city, one of the creators, the goddes of Light and Life. Naturally that’s where they go, meeting a priestess, Alesia. just before, they actually rolled high enough to end the encounter with some other key-obsessed guys peacefully (Tyr channeling his divine magic through Jandar to stop them). She too can sense the soul, but does not sense anything evil from it, hinting that some souls cling to certain parts of their lives, and helps them figure out to find the place where the vision had originated from, hence the rooftop looking out onto the temple.

Turns out that’s a house that’s currenlty very obviously in mourning, as it’s decorated in the traditional greens. Jandar decides to pose as a cleric to distract the mourners, while Nate (being a thief), tries to figure out where the vision came from. It’s… a bumpy ride, the woman who lost her son almost kicks Jandar out again, but he bullshits his way through. While Nate finds the dead son’s room, but no keyhole that fits (he’s been trying every single one), eventually goes to the roof, sees the temple, and the initials “Z + N” in the chimney.

Another vision hits him then, guiding him the the town’s graveyard, to the grave with the name Nizol (randomly rolled, though keep in mind I made all of this up). Excitedly, Nate tells Jandar, and off they go. As soon as the key touches the grave, it opens up to a staircase leading into darkness, and the randomly rolled dungeon. At first it’s a room with a fireplace in the middle, and stars above (I’m thinking at this point, it’s connected to the soul, this is where it felt at peace). Randomly rolled smoke mephits attack at this point.

The next room is a long, long hallway (I’m thinking and describing how it’s the alley where the soul was mugged and killed, I don’t think they got it), with a needle trap at the end that they successfully circumvent. The last room is full of dancing lights, and a small, ornate box in the middle. They key finally fits.

Except it’s just mementos. Little, ordinary things of Nizol and “Z”, notes, a pretty rock, a ring, a lock of hair, etc, etc. The letters describe that they’re best friends, that they spent almost every day together, and how thankful, how connected they were. A blue wisp of magic turns into the shape of a young human male, who nods at them, and vanishes. The room goes dark, they’re back in the cemetery, there’s no staircase.

Some of the letters actually have an address on them(we’re tired at this point), so they decide to return the box. It’s a pretty well of place, similar to the one before, and it’s also in mourning. A woman opens, she has long blonde hair, she wears a green sash around her waist, she’s also mourning. Her name is Zora. (I put on sad music bc I’m an asshole lol) She’s incredibly thanfkul that they brought this back to her, crying but also happy because they brought her a bit of peace. A bit of her best friend that she’ll miss for the rest of her life. They don’t need a reward.

In the end, Jandar and Nate go to the harbour, to the old flagpole, and have a mug of ale each, toasting the the lost soul.

It was crazy, and silly, and sad in the end, but man it was fun. We all had fun and that’s what matters, and I feel better about the whole thing. Doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous during sessions but hey, at least I know I can bullshit my way through a session without anyone noticing! I won’t say crisis completely resolved, but it’s definitely better.


I came for memes and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

i’ll be loving you for quite some time // a mix for pretending your ships are happy (for alicia)

i. certain things - james arthur // ii. photograph - ed sheeran // iii. i’m gonna be (500 miles) - sleeping at last (cover) // ix. mine - taylor swift // x. ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons // xi. something i need - onerepublic // xii. thinking out loud - ed sheeran // xii. can’t help falling in love - keaton henson (cover) // xiii. stay stay stay - taylor swift


Can we just appreciate nyongtory right here? I mean god damn! They even timed it!

A side note: did GD almost fall?

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Thank you for your tony commentary honestly. the note about a parent not loving you means so much because I never see anyone say that. I grew up with one physically abusive parent and one who didn't love me and it hurts when people always use that oh boohoo the kid didn't get loved!! As if it's not a big deal. tbh it hurt me as much as the physical abuse. I see it all the time ://

Anon, thank you for telling me this. I’m sorry you had to grow up with that abuse and then hear people dismiss your feelings with all the “boo hoo” bullshit. Your parents are supposed to love and protect you and that’s so important, especially when you’re young. I hope you’re doing better now.

So hey, I’ll say it again: growing up with a parent who doesn’t love you is absolutely awful and painful. It’s not a joke. It’s not “just” anything. 

In Tony’s case, it largely contributed to his alcoholism, depression, and suicidal thoughts–which is definitely a big deal. He’s certainly not the first to be affected this way; numerous studies have been conducted about the topic that prove this point. If your parents don’t love you, then who would? If everyone else’s parents love them, then what’s wrong with you? Those are such fucked up and terrible thoughts to carry around when you’re getting shipped off to boarding school. 

Tony surviving all this is a large part of why I love his character so much. I’m glad that, despite his father trying to instill cruelty and emotionlessness into him for years, he turned out to be an incredibly generous hero. He may have screwed up a lot and he may be flawed, but he’s still a hero. 

does it ever kill u to think about how josuke for the most part is the only jojo to really escape the joestar curse

i’m not saying that he has an easy time–he has a suburban serial killer to deal with, not to mention all of the stand stuff, but just the fact that he’s able to deal w all this while still being a kid for the most part and he comes out of it relatively unscathed (emphasis on the relatively)

and dio’s influence definitely still persists throughout diu, but it’s much less direct than the other parts post sdc. i mean, the bow and arrow definitely has its ties to dio which connects him to the overall stand activity in morioh, but the bow and arrow isn’t exclusively tied to dio. after all, enya was the one who shot dio with it in the first place. the most direct connection we have to dio in diu (other than star platinum’s time stop power) is actually okuyasu’s father, who actually ends up being the force behind the event that brings josuke and okuyasu together, given that whole tragic episode with keicho. in fact, it ends up in a more positive place because it gives okuyasu a new support system and gets him out of his abusive family situation.

just. it kills me to think about how lucky the morioh kids were in the long run, especially given how much suffering they did experience. both giorno and jolyne have to deal with dio’s influence in a much more direct way, with giorno being dio’s son and jolyne constantly having to deal with pucci. and neither of their stories ended up very positively. that’s not even thinking about the parts after the  universe reset, which are direct results of dio’s legacy and influence post his death. i think that’s why i treasure diamond is unbreakable so much, because it’s the one part that we kind of get a breather, where things end on a completely positive note for once and we get a sense that being born a joestar isn’t completely suffering all the time. but it also kills me to consider what the morioh kids did go through as “getting off easy.” because it wasn’t easy. having to deal with a serial killer shouldn’t be easy. 

i hate this. i hate jojo’s bizarre adventure. i am screaming and in hell. (j/k i love this fucking manga)

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I feel so dumb. I didn't really understand the ending, what's happening? is Victor going back to skating and what's happening with Yuuri? (in all honesty i couldn't read the subtitles through my tears haha)

i had to rewatch the episode a couple times to finally get is as well!!; victor is returning to competitive skating, which probably means he’ll stop coaching yuuri (key note: probably!) though it might be hard on him if he were to both coach and compete, but him returning to the ice rink is assured.

if you rewatch ep11 and ep12 one after another you’ll easily realise that victor misses participating in competitive skating (the small remarks he made on the skaters & the “ultimate bliss as your coach and coreographer but ultimate diss as a competitor.”). as much as he enjoys coaching yuuri, he can’t help but want to be back; on another note

this only tells us one thing; victor didn’t like the idea of returning to competitions while yuuri’d be retired, which means that he wants to skate against yuuri. he decided to return knowing well that yuuri will not be retiring, and the main reason for yuuri not retiring i personally believe is yuri. why yuri you may wonder?

and also, if you rewatch episode 12 listen closely to what otabek’s saying during his performance - his words were really important since they basically reflect all the skaters, especially yuri, yuuri & even victor, they all fit.

so basically, they will most likely be competing against each other next year; when it comes to victor coaching though, that is unsure. but victor made his comeback official, as it was also announced during the gala!

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kate no! why would you put that plot out in the universe?? i want this so bad, please write it, i can only imagine liam having to stand to the side while JT gropes zayn and flirts with him shamelessly. making all these inside jokes and all liam can think about is how zayn was his first and oh god, having to watch his musical hero fondle his ex-boyfriend, how painful, knowing that justin gets to hear zayn's hushed whimpers and moans, that he gets to kiss him, that he get to be inside of zayn </3

ANON!!!  And Liam’s just like

And the worst part is that Zayn and JT are JUST HOOK UP BUDDIES, like Justin’s not even Zayn’s BOYFRIEND the way Liam was, and it’s hard enough for Liam to see this bright new shiny version of Zayn that intimidates him a little and secretly turns him on a LOT without being constantly reminded that JT AS A FRIEND-WITH-BENEFITS IS CLEARLY SUPERIOR IN ZAYN’S EYES THAN LIAM-AS-A-BOYFRIEND USED TO BE??  It’s not like Liam could ever take him out to get drunk on $20k champagne.  It’s not like Liam could fly him to Fiji on a whim.  But it’s also not like Liam ever stopped being in love with him.  Liam wants to be happy that Zayn’s seemingly happy, but he mostly just wants to gtfo.

But he’s in too deep – once JT found out that Zayn and Liam have history, he starts taking Liam places with them, and it’s unclear if he means it as a gesture of good will or if he’s just, like – flaunting Zayn??  Like Liam doesn’t want to believe that his ABSOLUTE IDOL is kind of a dick, but sometimes it seems like THERE’S NO OTHER EXPLANATION??

Like that time that Liam walked in on them at an afterparty JT had invited him to, some drunken low-key affair uptown, and Zayn was sitting on Justin’s lap, tipsy and giggle-whispering something into his ear and didn’t notice.  And Justin looked Liam RIGHT in the eyes over Zayn’s shoulder and literally RAISED HIS EYEBROWS, as if to say – what?  “Look what I’ve got?” Liam didn’t stick around to find out.  He quit smoking three years ago but he barreled out of that party and bummed a cig from the first person he could find, and smoked it while staring at his hopelessly unstylish shoes.  

And after that he’s just done.  He can’t stay.  He’s more in love with Zayn than ever, except he obviously can’t say anything since it was LIAM who broke up with Zayn in the first place.  He thought he’d been doing it out of kindness, but it turns out he was just being a complete and total idiot.  So he’s literally sitting on a plane the next day, about to fly back to London, except just before takeoff he gets a text from Justin – and tbh it’s still hard to believe that JUSTIN FUCKING TIMBERLAKE, his ADOLESCENT HERO, is ACTUALLY TEXTING HIM – asking if he wants to work on a track.  With him and Zayn.  “Z says you can sing – wanna lay down some notes?” 

And Liam KNOWS he’s fucked.  He knows it.  But he gets off the plane anyway.