i didn't make up the descriptions either

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i'm mobile so i'm just going by what i can see in ur description so sorry if i messed up or this has been done before!! how do you think the chocobros would react to finding out their s/o was either really badly injured during the fall of insomnia or didn't make it out at all? :o

(Enjoy! This made me really sad to write ;-; sorry if it’s not too good, I’ve been really tired and unfocused all day.)

Noctis - The news of his father’s death is barely setting in as he stands looking over the rubble of Insomnia. Then, when he receives the call from Cor, he hears a voice he recognises in the background, groaning in pain. His S/O. When he meets him, he pushes past him to his partner. They tried to fight back, but ended up getting so badly injured that the emergency medical staff had to amputate their whole forearm. He simply falls. He’s glad they’re alive, of course, but he feels crushed. He lost his father, and now the most important person left to him is left with a permanent scar. He simply stares at them, pulling away and hesitating as he reaches a hand out to them. He has to go outside. He notices that he’s having a panic attack, so he needs to get out of the stifling, stuffy room and breath. He shakes and hyperventilates and tries to calm down when Gladio comes outside and yells at him because his S/O is sobbing and terrified that Noctis is going to leave them now and Noct just needs air and he feels like he’s choking fuck this is all his fault he did this he should just die, everyone would be better off, maybe he can just dissapear and start again he’d still feel guilty fuckfuckfuckfuck. When he brings himself to come back inside, he silently embraces them, holding them tight. He promises that he’s never going to see them hurt again as long as he lives.

Prompto - The Fall has happened. They’ve all driven to Lestallum, and Prompto is so excited to see his S/O again. They did get to Lestallum with Iris and the other refugees, right? Of course they did, Iris would have mentioned if they didn’t. So they get to Lestallum. They’re all talking to Iris outside the hotel, and Prompto starts suspecting things. Iris is giving him sympathetic looks, and the boys are solemnly staring at him. He starts to get creeeped out, so walks up to Iris and asks which room his S/O is in. Iris takes a deep breath and looks down. “Prompto, I’m- the medics did all they could, but… I’m so sorry.” Time stops for him. Everything is too loud. He hears a deafening static beneath it all, and his chest feels too tight. He has to run away, running to the edge of the cliff and holding tight to the railing. He doesn’t want to jump, no, he just wants to be alone. When he knows he’s in an isolated spot, he just breaks down and sobs. Even when the boys find him, he brushes them all off and sits there, crying for hours and begging for no-one in particular to bring them back. He isn’t the same. He thinks it’s his fault. He keeps the smile on his face the next few months, but it’s never been so fake.

 Ignis - When he wakes up in Galdin Quay and finds the newspaper, his first thought is of Noctis, but his second thought is of his S/O. They were meant to be working in the palace the day of the Fall. After they return from the walls of Insomnia,  he finds himself worried. He isn’t receiving any return calls from any of the friends and family of his partner. It’s when he’s looking on social media that he finds what will become the most famous photos from the Fall, taken by a local photographer during the panic. It’s a set of them: in the first one, his bleeding S/O is grabbing and clawing at a Magitek soldier, trying their best to divert it’s attention from the crowds on the street. In the next one, they’re looking it right in the eyes with determination, a firm hold on its weapon (presumably wrestling it away from it.) In the final photo, they’re lying on the ground, impaled by rubble from a nearby building, a defiant smile as the soldier is in the same state. Ignis feels everything stop in him, and he can’t start it again no matter how hard he tries. He drops his phone and leaves the room, leaving the boys to find the photos. There’s no doubt in his mind that they’re dead, so he just goes and sits by the water at Galdin Quay. He remembers all the moments they spent together, and his plans for when he returned, and the engagement ring feels so heavy in his pocket that he throws it into the waters. He doesn’t let himself recognise he’s crying. He silently fumes for days on end, and the boys let him go after any Magitek soldier they see. It’s his way of grieving.

Gladio - He’s so glad to see his S/O again when they’re together with Iris in Lestallum that he sweeps them up into a massive hug. They squeeze their eyes shut in pain, making breathy whines. He lets them go, when they pull up their shirt and point to the gauze and dressings. Iris takes over and explains it to Gladio in the hallway. “They were pretty much gored trying to resist. They also got their leg caught in some debris. They’re gonna have some problems with walking and balance for the rest of their life, and… they saw some horrible things. It’ll take months for the injuries, but I don’t know if they’ll be alright… Y'know.” Gladio walks back in, tearing up, squeezing their hands tight and vowing to stay with them through everything. It’s the least he could do, since he wasn’t there to protect them. He spends as much time as possible with them, bringing them to doctors and nurses and giving them support the whole time. He feels immeasurably guilty, and can barely look at himself in the mirror any more. They would have joined them on the journey, but he can’t stand seeing them in pain, so leaves them with Iris. They protest, but he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he put them in any more danger.