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Clary and I have always had each other’s backs. We had our entire lives. That’s more than I can say for you or Alec.
You do not get to talk about Alec, mundane!

So I’ve watched this scene many times and like many others, that “lap dog” comment bugged me. I often wondered why would he let someone refer to Alec as his lap dog, why would he let anyone demean his parabatai like that and then immediately proceed to defend Alec. But that’s just it. He’s defending Alec. Every time he spoke out against what Simon had said during that scene, it was only to defend Alec.  

I care about a bunch of people. Just don’t care about you. 
Me, or what… What’s it called, your… your parabatai?
Whoa, watch your mouth. You don’t know a thing about me and Alec.

Twenty bucks says he leaves you hanging tonight.
Not a chance.

Anytime Simon said anything that indicated that Alec isn’t honorable or reliable or trustworthy, you can see Jace get noticeably irritated.

But when Simon had a go at him, “You treat him like a lap dog,” he didn’t bother saying anything against it, he doesn’t care enough to defend himself. Jace said in this scene that he cares about a lot of people, that Simon just wasn’t one of them. So he didn’t care about Simon’s opinion of him. But he cared about what anyone else thought about Alec to say ‘no, you’re wrong, don’t talk about something you know nothing about’, even if it was Simon. Basically if anyone questions Alec and his integrity, or go after their bond, and Jace will have have no problem telling them how wrong they are.

(Another thing about the scene above is as soon as Simon outright said that Alec doesn’t have his back, Jace snapped. I can’t help but wonder how many instances that came to his mind where Alec did have his back in all the years that they have known each other.)


Ending a chapter that had been odd and intense and drawn out and messy and painful, so fucking painful and scary and inconvenient.

- to the beginnings of the earth by @openhhearts on AO3


@pocpotterweek march 20th: ootp or death eaters or professors

knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.

So, I hit an exciting new milestone and I decided since I’ve never done it before, I really wanted to try to do a giveaway for this fandom and my followers.

The winner will receive a mystery box of vampire chronicles and vc inspired items (some of which are guaranteed to be ridiculous).

| Rules for entry |

  • You’ll have to be following me. I want this to be a gift for one of my followers. The point is a thank you to them.
  • You may like and/or reblog this as many times as you wish but, each url will go into the drawing only once. I will write down each url and draw one scientifically from a hat or bowl-like structure.
  • The winner will have to provide me with their current address or a designated address I can send the prize.
  • The winner will have 7 days to get back to me before I draw another name.
  • Contest is open to  personal blogs and rp blogs only. No giveaway blogs, etc… eligible for entry. VC related-content blogs and their owners, however, are eligible.

The giveaway will end on May 5th! It is not limited to my US followers. I will ship to anyone who wins worldwide. 

Good luck to everyone who enters and welcoming me with such open arms these past few months.  <3

ppl always go on about captain phasma being overrated because she looks cool but didn’t have much screen time in tfa but……is that no different to darth maul and boba fett’s roles in the live action movies???

  • Sarada: Boruto!(Stomps towards him)
  • Boruto: What?!(glances annoyed )
  • Sarada: I found something of yours!
  • Boruto: Like what? (Confused stare)
  • Sarada: This!(Shoves diary in his face)
  • Boruto: Hey! You stole my diary! Thats personal! (Glaring)
  • Sarada: I didn't! You left it laying around on the train from our last mission idiot!
  • Boruto: So What! Doesn't make sense you're so work up over it!
  • Sarada: Oh yes it does! You wrote how much you adore my father, to the point of falling for him!
  • Boruto: Ew, What? No! ( gags)
  • Sarada: Don't deny it!
  • Boruto: I'm not denying anything! ( throws hands up in the air)
  • Sarada: I'll refresh your memory! (Opens diary)
  • Boruto: Hey! don't open it! ( reaches for the diary)
  • Sarada: Dear diary a certain someone in my life has unexpectedly made feel butterflys. The way their dark raven hair blows in the wind, how their pitch black eyes turn a bloody red when angry. Its so wrong but I can't help feeling this way.
  • Boruto: ................ (sweat drops, blushes)
  • Sarada: You can't feel that way about my dad!
  • Boruto: I don't! Dattebasa!
  • Sarada: Who else would you be talking about!
  • Boruto: Ugh, just drop it you weird girl!
  • Sarada: No!(Steps closer)
  • Boruto: (grabs her shoulders)
  • Sarada: (Sharingan activated)
  • Boruto: Its you! You dumb raven haired, pitch black eyed, sharingan welding freak!
  • Sarada: ...................... ( widened eyes & blushes)
  • Extra
  • Chocho: I knew it! (Hiding in the bushes eating chips)
  • Mitsuki: So did I.
  • Chocho: Ah! You scared me!
  • Mitsuki: Sorry.
  • Chocho: Yeah you should be! Their feelings are out in the open, ours should be as well!
  • Mitsuki: You still have that sickness I see. Focus on getting that fix.
  • Chocho: I Know you love me, you're just playing hard to get. (Winks & flips hair)

remember when ronaldo was weird and obnoxious but still had funny moments and an endearing side, and even possibly interesting relationships with other characters like lars and sadie?

I guess since a lot of the fandom decided he was annoying, the crewniverse threw out any opportunity to make him interesting and decided to reduce him to a flat character even more obnoxious than before

How I felt about Koth before playing Magic: the Gathering - Puzzle Quest
Good guy, fights for Mirrodin

How I feel about Koth after playing Magic: the Gathering - Puzzle Quest
One of the worst villains in the Multiverse Rogues Gallery

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how do i give directions to a blind person? earlier today a blind man asked me if he was on the right track to his destination / how to get somewhere and i got completely confused because i'm not good with directions and words without using gestures and i didn't want to annoy him or make him uncomfortable by being completely flustered

Oh that’s OK! Hopefully this can help you out a bit.

Generally, you do want to avoid gesturing and saying things like “that way“ and “over there.“ You want to give more precise directions such as to the left, or right, or use cardinal directions if you know them (north, south, east, west). You can also sometimes use sort of clock face directions, like “At 3 o’clock”etc.

You will also want to use things like landmarks and numbers. Say somebody’s asking you where a certain street is. One thing you could say is how many blocks the street is in a certain direction. Or if you were in a shopping center and the person is asking for directions to a specific place within the line of shops, you can use things like how many doors down it is or certain landmarks, like just passed the store that has the big ramp in front or the one in front of the mailbox. And again, numbers of streets to cross until the person gets there can help, or if it’s a shopping center, numbers of those little alleyway breaks between chunks of stores. Things like overhangs and ground material changes can also help, like if the floor changes from concrete to bricks just before or after the store the person is looking for, or if they will want to go all the way to the end of the tunnel/overhang thing defined the place they are looking for. These kinds of landmarks can be used indoors or outdoors.

If you’re inside a building, you can tell them how many haoles they will have to pass on a certain side before they reach the destination they’re looking for. You can also use audible landmarks such as music playing from somewhere or maybe the sound of a lake can be used to help orient the person to the direction that they should face to reach the place they’re looking for. In training, we often use things like “put the traffic on your right and keep going until you find the bus shelter, and the restaurant will be the door right past it.“

Hopefully this helps!

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my tiny little petty revenge: when customers just throw money at me or on the counter, i make a nice neat little stack of their change on the counter instead of handing it to them politely. if they ever ask why i'm gonna tell them i assumed they were germaphobic and didn't want to touch me, but so far mostly they just look ashamed or annoyed (which is the goal tbh). the real joy is customers who look at my outstretched hand and put their cash on the counter next to it. fuck those guys

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INTJ ESFP affection
  • ESFP: I'm having a hard day, can you just tell me you love me?
  • INTJ: You know I love you.
  • ESFP: Yeah, but can you say it anyway.
  • INTJ: Okay, I love you!
  • ESFP: Thanks *leaves*
  • INTJ: *thinks* How is me saying that enough to cheer you up? If you didn't believe it before why is me saying it on command proof? Even if I didn't I would have said it to make her feel better. So does my love mean nothing if anyone saying 'I love you'has the same effect? Well I'm kind of annoyed now.

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I don't usually mind when older customers make little jokes or whatever in relation to my being young, it's generally ok, but sometimes it is just annoying. Like today, a customer told me I probably didn't know what a payphone was. I'm 25, not 8. Stop

one fine evening in Uchiha residence
  • <p> <b>Sasuke:</b> something's bothering you?<p/><b>Sarada:</b> no Papa i just thinking.<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> hmm?<p/><b>Sarada:</b> what if my hair is pink like Mama's. I think would be prettier. <p/><b>Sasuke:</b> hmm.<p/><b></b> You knew that I've been traveled in a lot of village and there were a lot of pretty women around there. Prettier than your Mama.<p/><b>Sarada:</b> *sigh*<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> But it didn't matter because what made me chose your Mama was not because what she looks like but what made her on the inside. She is one of the strongest person i've ever met and i'm not talking about her physical strength that we both agree that she is strong. But she is a woman with the strongest heart i ever seen. She healed everything that i once thought it couldn't be healed. She willingly sacrificed herself for the ones she loved. She loves life. Her patience and loyalty is incredible. She annoyed you everyday just to make you sure that she loves you so much. And that's for me is more.. more than any other women.<p/><b></b> And Sarada...<p/><b>Sarada:</b> hmm?<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> on the outside you may be look a lot like me. But on the inside...<p/><b></b> you're more like your Mama *poke her forehead*<p/><b>Sarada:</b> thank you Papa.<p/></p>
Cause I believe Kimberly is scared of making Trini hate her as well
  • Kimberly: (giggling) Oh what you mean like that time you tore open your shirt in gym cause you shoved too many Dodge balls up there.
  • Zack (in the background): Wait what. Please Kim, tell me this story.
  • Trini: (now annoyed) thanks Kim, now he's never gonna let this go, I asked you not to tell anyone. Christ, you can be really annoying sometimes, you know that?
  • Kimberly: (face falling) oh-oh right. I-I'm sorry. I didn't realise how- I'll just go.
  • Kimberly stands up, grabbing her things. Trini notices her bottom lip trembling, Kimberly obviously trying to mask her pain.
  • Trini (suddenly feeling very guilty): shit Kim. I didn't mean it like that. Don't go.
  • Kimberly: no. No it's fine, I'll leave. I'm the one who should be sorry. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone and I broke that trust.
  • Trini (grabbing Kimberly's wrist, speaking softly) Kim. I'm not Amanda, I don't hate you. I was just annoyed, and you didn't betray me. You don't have to go.
  • Kimberly: you don't have to say that cause you feel guilty.
  • Trini (pulling Kimberly down next to her, Zack noticing this and leaving, giving the duo some privacy): I'm not. I say things I don't mean when I get annoyed or angry. I wasn't angry at you, I was annoyed cause I knew Zack would use it against me in some way. I didn't mean to make you think I hated you.
  • Kimberly (struggling to keep the tears from falling): it's just... After what I did to Amanda. I'm so scared everyone's going to hate me and leave when you all realise how much of a bitch I am. I'm scared you're going to leave me and I-I... I can't lose you too.
  • Trini (quickly pulling Kimberly into a tight hug, the Pink Ranger's body shaking as she sobbed into the Yellow Ranger's shirt): we're never leaving you Kim. I'm never leaving you. You're stuck with me.
  • Kimberly: you say that like it's a bad thing.
  • Trini: to most people it is.
  • Kimberly (she murmured, leaning slowly up to the Yellow Ranger): I'm not most people.
  • Trini (her voice breathy): Kim. W-what- what are you doing?
  • Kimberly: something I've wanted to do since we jumped off the cliff.
  • Trini: you mean when you dragged me down with you.
  • Kimberly (giggling slightly): eh. Tomato tomato.
  • Before Trini could retort with a sarcastic comment, Kimberly softly pressed her lips to Trini's. The shorter girl tasting the soft tears on Kimberly's lips.
  • Trini (after pulling away, causing Kimberly to whine): I take back what I said earlier. You are definitely not annoying.
  • Kimberly: if that's what you think after I kissed you, maybe I should do it a bit more.
  • Trini: maybe you should.
  • Before they could though, they heard Zack cheering in the background.
  • Trini (seething): I swear, if he watched all of that, I'll use him as my personal piñata.
  • Kimberly: have fun.
  • She watched as the shorter Ranger chased Zack, hearing his screams as he ran out of the room, Kimberly wiped away her tears, all previous fears leaving as she gently touched her lips.
  • Kimberly (whispering to herself): yeah I'm definitely fucking bi. Without a doubt.

Week four: Smile/Sun
“Why do you love Miyuki?”

Behind that overwhelmingly perfect persona, there’s warmth and fragility of a human being.


Once again I remade my old draft because after that “Seiko thingy” aired on the anime, I feel the need to add some angst. I knew this was coming all along from the manga, but the anime… it just gave a deeper and no less intense feeling to it, if that’s possible at all. Ugh, Miyuki’s just awesome and I want to see everyone around him appreciate his presence more and not just the “team captain and star player” but as “just Miyuki”. Yea.

Okay if they’re pushing it back, Netflix better be working hard to make the English subtitles accurate this time around. Or have the English dub match the French script. 


tbh I have a serious case of JOMO or Joy of Missing Out– I like making plans, but I love cancelling them even more.

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i found that my body does get turned on, and it's messing with me. I didn't consent to this. i'm sex-repulsed. and... i feel... i don't know... violated? betrayed? i feel serious distress. i don't want to have sex. i don't want to feel this. is it possible to be traumatized by your own body? because that's sorta what it feels like. i know that it's natural and healthy but i didn't ask for it i haven't felt it before now, and i'm 22. i'm just freaking out.

There’s a lot of questions here and I just want to say Do not blame yourself for the shit your body does. Bodies just do shit. All the time. They can reflectively kick your knee, or any other joint. They can make you see shit just cause. Being turned on is a bodily response. It does not equate to enjoyment one tiny bit. It means chemicals were like do you need this? Is it jarring and annoying when your body is like thing brain is like Um no???/ ABSOLUTELY. Think of it as an inch or a twitch. If you have periods, but never want kids. Also like that. Bodies do stupid shit, it absolutely does feel like omg why can’t you just listen to me but bodies are a system and they don’t listen to non-chemical input very well. It’s not a you failed, or you secretly want or even have to do a thing.

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So I'm re-applying to this department store I worked for last holiday season. They remember me and like me (I think) and I was let go cause the position was only seasonal and they didn't have the money at the time to keep their seasonal people. They know I re-applied and I followed up on my app to make sure they know I put it in. I'm wondering if it would be annoying to call again to get an update? I really need this job and I wanna know if I need to go to my last resort job. Is that annoying?