i didn't make this but i can't find the source

elzariel  asked:

I went back to asks from february trying to see if this has been asked before, but I didn't find any, so here goes: There's some unnecessary confusion about Rythian's skin colour going on and I wanted to ask the source if my memory serves and you answered someone about it with "he's tanned, but white" or something along those lines? Because i could swear I'v seen this asked before but I just can't find the ask :/ (and its ridiculous people fight over with when they could just ask) Thanks!

He’s white, yes. Minecraft skins having the limitations they have, when people asked why he seemed darker, I just said “I guess he’s tanned.” Pure #FFFFFF makes him look more like Israphel, and Caucasian people have different colored skin tones anyway.

Generally, for better, non-32px detail on what the characters in Blackrock look like, look at Zoey’s artwork. Teutron’s and AJ’s stuff is also pretty accurate.

EDIT: Caucasian is kind of incorrect. Minecraft isn’t Earth, so humans in Minecraft probably don’t have the same racial divides.

(That is, if Rythian is even human at all.)