i didn't made the picture okay it was like that on the video

Dating Harrison Osterfield

• first off, home boy would be so nervous and shy to ask you out
- he would like, practise and Charlotte would have to help him
- even though he has known you for like ever
- he’d start off with, ‘I know I’m not Tom…’
- who really cares, I mean, Tom Holland who?
- and he’d you a cupcake and a flower for the market and give it to you
- he’d be a blushing mess
- like get to the point Osterfield
- once he’d finally ask you out, I think he would probably need to lie down because he would have worked himself up to think you’d say no
- which obviously you didn't 

• he’d buy you a small gift wherever he went
- like in Canada he would buy you a key ring to go on your car keys
- In America and Europe, he would send you a postcard from every country he visited.
- which you always thought was sweet because he would actually go out to his way to buy a postcard (even if he was only in the country for a short period of time), write it, pay for postage and send it.
- Love H x would always be on the end of them
- In China, he would bring back sweets and weird candy which you would eat with him

• he’d usually come home late at night from his flight
- he would never try and wake you up, but he always seemed to wake you up anyways
- ie, bumping the side of the bed, ‘accidentally’ turning the lights on, having a shower and you’d hear the water running.
- once you were awake, he would make some tea and you would have tea in bed
- and he’d talk about his travels
- 'and thanks to Tom…’
- 'you should’ve seen what Tom did today’
- you’d change the subject so he didn’t compare himself to his best friend

• whenever he was home, you’d always make sure to look after him
- making him tea
- cakes
- scones
- home cooked dinner

- matching pyjamas

• during the day you’d either go out for brunch or lunch, go to this parents for the afternoon or just chill at home and go for a walk if the weather was nice
- because Tom and Harrison have an apartment together, you’d have to look after Tessa whilst they were away
- also, Tom knew you guys needed your privacy
- tie or sock on door handle

• he’d live for adventure
- taking photos of everything
- 'babe, pose for the photo’
- 'I’ll ruin the view’
- 'you are the view’
- random shots and videos would appear on his Instagram and story
- you’d casually be exploring somewhere
- 'we found some shit’
- 'Harrison!’
- 'we think it’s bear shit’
- 'Harrison, we’re in London. There are no bears’
- 'you don’t know that’

• he never called or facetimed you, he preferred to write letters and postcards
- or lengthy texts at like, 4 am in the morning
- if he did call or FaceTime you, Tom would always want to speak to you
- 'I’m talking to her’
- 'but I want to speak to her!’
- 'she’s my girlfriend’
- 'I don’t care. Can you at least tell her I say hi?’
- or he’s Snapchat you but he’s never be in the photo.
- one time he FaceTimed you, he was on the Great Wall of China and it was about 5 am, so you were obviously asleep
- you’d pick up and it would just be him, with Harry jumping in the background.

• you’d always joke with Tom about getting a place with Harrison
- 'but who am I going to talk to!’
- 'uhm, yourself’
- 'what about practise lines’
- 'you don’t even practise lines with me anyways’
- 'but-’
- 'you have three brothers, annoy them for once’

• you’d go out to parties with him and Tom would be a major cockblock
- ’(Y/N) and I are going to head home’
- 'what no you can’t!’
- 'why not!’
- 'I need you here buddy’
- there was one time when Harrison was really turning you on and you both made your way to his bedroom and Tom would call him on his phone until he picked up 
- or in the spa, you’d be making out and Yom would just splash you with water
- 'not whilst I’m here, please’

• he would be so sweet to your family
- if you had to move far away from them to be with him, he’d always make sure that you had called them at least once a week
- he’d send them gifts
- a purse to your mum
- a golfing voucher to your dad
- if you had younger siblings, he’d always be up for babysitting them
- he’d do arts and craft and sports with them
- teach them how to film and take good photos
- major turn on 
- just picture him with kids
- god it would be so cute
- they would love him
- 'it’s okay Harrison, next time we can play’
- he’d take them to the aquarium or zoo do you weren’t with him
- or a theme park
- they would come home sick because of all the food they ate and the rides they went on

• he would be so down to earth
- he’d be so humble
- he’d always ask you how you were and at least compliment you once a day
- he would show his emotions
- boy would he cry in sad movies
- he’d be so touchy
- 'babe come here’
- 'where are you going’
- hugs and cuddles 24/7

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okay, sad headcanon coming: They didn't have camera phones in the 80s, which meant you had to take pictures with an actual camera. Since most people didn't just carry cameras around, they probably didn't take many pictures or videos. What i'm saying is, Veronica has no pictures of JD. First she'll forget his smell, then she'll forget his voice, then his face, but she'll never ever forget how he made her feel or how much she loved him. She'll just wish she could look at him.


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I need more batman media but I don't know what to watch or where to watch it and Netflix took off Young Justice and Justice League :(:( do you have any fic recs or fun facts

A.  Blogs to follow if you haven’t already followed them, the first three write FREAKING AMAZING fanfic and the fourth creates THE BEST fanart I have literally sat and scrolled through these blogs for hours

@camsthisky (good GOSH I love her she writes so much about Dick Grayson)




B.  Random Fics to Read (and honestly there are so many more, I just can’t think of them at the moment):

1. The Acrobat Series 

by fishfingersandjellybabies http://archiveofourown.org/works/4079917

Look anytime anyone talks about how much Dick loves his family they’ve won my heart and soul. I especially like the Kori section.

2.  Mori Shej 

by dickiegayson  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12298375/1/Mori-Shej

OH MY GOSH.  I love this story so freaking much.  Ok, imagine if Jason Todd, after coming back from the dead and going through all that stuff with the Lazarus Pit and training, goes after Dick Grayson to get his revenge on Bruce.  Except when he shows up at Dick’s apartment, ready to kill the Golden Son, he finds something completely unexpected.  Jason has a lot of issues, Dick has a lot of issues (courtesy of the Blockbuster incident).  I have read and reread this story countless times, and I can never not cry because I love my broken sons so much.  There is a lot of anger, some cursing, much regret, and brothers being brothers.  And Dick is the sweetest most protective [redacted because spoiler] and Jason has a mushy heart after all.  It can stand as complete but I think the author is writing more?  Also, either before or after, or both, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqeNxdyp5CE and listen to the song.  It is my new favorite song and CAN YOU IMAGINE DICK SINGING IT OH MY GOSH

3.  the road will only be wide (the rain will never stop falling) 

by weird_bird (2weird4) http://archiveofourown.org/works/8610391/chapters/19743343

A collection of Dick and Damian moments.  So very beautiful.

4.  The Robins United Series, first story is Bird by Bird 

by laceymcbain  http://archiveofourown.org/works/2656487/chapters/5936243

…some hurt/comfort, Jason doesn’t know what the hell to do with his family, and they all insist on calling him brother.  *shrugs* family feels are my drug of choice

5.  Penny Lane 

by @jerseydevious  http://archiveofourown.org/works/11757690

Damian wants a horse, and drat I’m crying?  (tbh I cry very easily over my sons…but still)

6.  Sun Spot 

by Dawn’sEternalLight (@preciousthingsareprecious) http://archiveofourown.org/works/11748606

This fic is a quiet moment of beauty and rest for Dick and Damian.  Damian draws, and Dick watches his talented little bro.  There is sunlight.  You skin will clear and your crops will grow and any heartache you have ever had will be healed like magic!

C.  A bunch of fics by Kieron_O’Duibhir

1.  The Till-Then From the Ever-Since http://archiveofourown.org/works/3506603/chapters/7707866  

There is a problem in the Batcave, as in, younger versions of the Batfam keep turning up. It’s absolutely fantastic, and one of my favorite things is younger Jason being SO done with his older self and calling him out on stuff and being all protective of his brothers.  It gets better and better with every chapter.

2.  But a Walking Shadow http://archiveofourown.org/works/4259511/chapters/9641367

 So this story is not finished yet and the author takes waaay long to post updates on it but she has promised not to abandon it soo…It is Nightwing-centric, with a whole mess of comic Teen Titans making appearances.  The author has written a lot of stories about a world where Dick became a Talon, and in this tale Talon-on-the-run winds up on Earth-1 and Nightwing is trying to figure out who this apparent clone of his is.  Talon Dick has always intrigued me, and it is interesting seeing him and Nightwing face off.

3.  All the Roofs of Uncertainty http://archiveofourown.org/works/2273208/chapters/4994631

HOLY HECK this is one of my favorite Jason Todd fanfics EVER.  I love the description by the author “The one where Dick bleeds a lot and Jason argues with everybody.”  Jason is in the wrong spot at the wrong time, ie. He finds Dick bleeding to death and is forced to save him.  Tim and Damian make appearances.  Jason has anger issues.  That doesn’t stop him from caring.  Bruce and Jason hash things out in the most beautiful (painful) way.

4.  Wheel and Blade 


 In which Dick confronts Damian about his practice of taking weapons to school, and also gets slightly distracted by the idea of living in a vardo.  I love this story because it shows the best way to parent Damian—not by telling him no “because I said so” but by explaining and debating things like he is smart and capable.  

5.  I Pass the Night Watchman on His Beat http://archiveofourown.org/works/2326226

This is a cool one-shot of Dick and Amy, his partner on the Bludhaven police force.  I freaking love Dick being a cop.

D.  Okay now if you want something to watch:

 1.     Nightwing—The Series 

by ismahawk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o297A1wmys0

This is THE BEST Nightwing fan film I have ever seen.  I love the Dick Grayson in it—he’s got acrobatics, sounds like Jesse McCartney (Robin/Nightwing’s VA in YJ), and is quite handsome.  He fights, gets the stuffing beat out of him and keeps getting back up, has a bit of a temper, loves Barbara—perfection.  Watch it, you won’t regret it.  (Also Jason is there yay!  I will take him in any capacity I can get. And I kinda really like the actor for Bruce?)

2.     Red Hood: The Series—Episode One “Homecoming” 

by tenshunn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BdVSgshgFA&t=136s

My favorite Jason Todd fanfilm!!!  Heavily featuring Tim Drake!  Look this adaption is fab, I love the actors and the dialogue and the fight between Jason and Tim (spoiler?)  As far as I know they are trying to put together a second episode.  Watch the video where Jason Todd tries to get people to donate money for it, its HILARIOUS

3.      Batman The Animated Series is on Netflix till September 1st.  I’m in the second season and love it a lot…Alfred is so freaking sassy!  

4.     Damian Wayne: Robins Fly at Night


 It’s just five minutes and doesn’t have any dialogue, and it doesn’t come close to deserving an Oscar, but dang it it’s hard to find Damian stuff…and also seeing a little kid running around in the Robin costume made me realize that there is nothing I want more than to see Damian Wayne on the big screen, being all angry assassin kid, and Dick Grayson capturing him in a hug…

5. Gotham on Netflix

I am pretty sure you already watch this? But if not, DO!  It is AMAZING.  I love it so much, especially Bruce and Alfred and Selina Kyle

E.  Some things from Batman: Dark Victory

Okay I know he is a talented young acrobat and all but how the FUDGE did Dick get up on that chandelier?!  the kid can truly fly (yeah yeah, the stairs probably lead up to a hallway floor/balcony that Dick leapt off of but still) I wonder how many grey hairs the kid gave Alfred in those first weeks alone

On dark days I like to remember the time bby birb Dick Grayson caved in the Joker’s cheek with a well-placed kick.  My nine or ten year old son then proceeded to smash in the Joker’s teeth with a stick a few minutes later and it was amazing

You think I lied??  Nah my son Dick Grayson was cracking teeth and bones and witty puns from Day 1.  Go Robin!!!

Okay so just look at this picture.  Bby Dick is SO FREAKING TINY!!!  also very intense. OMG Batman’s fists are as big as his first son’s head!  *cue a very many feels in my heart*

F.  Random things I am including because I feel like it, and they all revolve around Dick Grayson mostly because he is my fave so…

1. Apparently some official websites say that Nightwing’s martial arts specialty is Aikido.  I do not think that word means what they think it means

2. “I close my eyes now for a few moments and I can see my parents riding the air current with me. Forever young. Forever strong. Their faces wide with excitement, big smiles on their faces, enjoying the adrenaline surge even more than I do. And there is one thing I am sure of … my parents would be proud of my life.” (Nightwing, Nightwing #141, 2008)  

3.   [Talking about Blüdhaven] “It’s a hopeless case. A lost cause. A town so mired in corruption and sin that it’s drowning … When Batman sent me here, I thought I’d solve one case and book. But then I realized … if I could make a difference here – well, that’d be something. This filthy old town needs me…. Surrounded by a dozen of my worst enemies. No way out. Nowhere to hide. The little brat was right. I do love it. (Nightwing, Nightwing Secret Files #1, 1999)

4.  There once was a dumb writer who thought killing Nightwing for real would be a good idea, and he tried writing toward that end, but everybody else was like hahahaha NO

5.  I used to hate when fic writers would shorten Damian’s name to Dami (kind of like how I majorly dislike when people shorten Sirius Black’s name to Siri, he is not an iPhone gosh).  But then I read a post on tumblr that said something about Dami actually meaning something in Arabic, something like blood or life-blood or heart blood…I can’t exactly remember what and maybe it isn’t even true but I choose to believe it is and that Dick knows exactly what it means and he calls Damian Dami as a way to show how special he is, how much Dick loves him.  Because Damian is his little brother/son and means the absolute world to Dick.  And Damian, though he pretends to despise all nicknames, absolutely LOVES that Dick calls him this

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Hey there! So, something recently made me disappointed with some fans of mysme. I've seen some fans who attempt to change the settings (mostly to Japan or America). I once met someone who full on gave them English "nicknames" because she didn't want to attempt to pronounce or use their proper names. I don't know if I'm overreacting or anything, but it bothered me. So, can you do random HCs to honour Korean culture? Like going on vacation somewhere in Korea, or celebrating a 100 days anniversary?

A/N: why do people do that wtf?? I mean i know we somewhat change the culture when we write certain requests pertaining to how an mc looks because sometimes the culture doesn’t really look kindly on the appearance but as someone who isn’t korean, i can’t get into the mentality to reject a request like that or anything, ya know?? Because it can be harmful and hurt someone (i keep it in the back of my mind what the actual view is so i dont just…. disregard it, but i do feel terrible for not addressing it) but i’d never completely REJECT the culture and change their names or anything because just what the fuck ~Admin 404


I’m sorry it’s so short omfg

               -Okay y'all, I’m pretty sure Zen knows traditional dances and our MC has to beg him for DAYS to teach them one. Any of them. Buchaechum (fan dance), Nabichum (butterfly dance), even Ilmu (line dance). Any of them. All of them. Just- JUST TEACH MC ZEN, DO IT

               -LOTUS LANTERN FESTIVAL IN HONOUR OF BUDDAHS BIRTHDAY! It’s a celebration that everyone in the group makes time for! Seeing all of the gorgeous lights and lanterns is enough to put everyone in such a good mood! The group makes it into a slight competition- who can bring MC the prettiest lantern? Winner gets a kiss on the cheek from MC! yeees mc, yes

               -Jumin has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL terraced garden you’ve ever seen in your life. He invites you over to help him with it every now and then. It relaxes him and hopes that it could do the same for you! The two of you could spend hours sitting by the lotus pond, drinking some sort of imported and expensive tea this rich guy has to have, talking about anything and everything plus helLO YOU’D GET TO SEE JUMIN IN SWEATPANTS

               -Jaehee. In. Hanbok. Think about this for a little bit. Colourful, beautiful, and just- what else can I saY???? JAEHEE IN HANBOK

               -YOOSUNG LOVES CELEBRATING HIS VERY FIRST 100 DAYS ANNIVERSARY he might not have a ton of money to spoil you like he’d like to, but he does get really creative and goes hardcore. Takes the knowledge he’s gained from all of the clubs he’s been in and makes you a ton of gifts! Coffee, cards, dinner, he makes it all just for you! He does it every 100 days though so he has to get more and more creative about it and sometimes has to go to the rest of the RFA for some ideas (MATCHING SHIRTS AND HE’S EVEN BOUGHT YOU A COUPLE’S RING BECAUSE HE WANTS TO SHOW PEOPLE HE HAS A S/O THAT HE LOVES VERY MUCH)

               -Remember when Jumin called Yoosung’s mother and he was so mad he promised to slap him with Kimchi? Ya know how Kimchi is a symbol for Korea and is considered strong? Well he definitely gave Jumin a hard slap if that counts; MC has it on video and all you can hear is the *smack* and Saeyoung laughing in the background

               -You and Saeran have had a few drinking contests, and Saeyoung cannot believe how many bottles of soju the two of you can go through?? How are you both still breathing?? It’s even worse when you add Zen into the mix, it’s as if doesn’t work on any of you. Yoosung gets one shot and he’s out for the rest of the night

               -Jaehee and MC plan a hike at least ONCE a month because the poor girl needs fresh AIR and it’s good for the both of you, y'all get out there and earn those pajeons (fritters) and dong dong ju (rice wine) at the top of that mountain!

               -You and Yoosung have to drag Saeyoung out of the house sometimes, but the three of you end up at an internet cafe more often than you’d like to admit. One time though, there was one person in LOLOL who kept killing all three of you, and the anger just kept rising- which meant the voices kept rising as well. The person on the other side of you all kept trying to stifle a laugh each time. In the Rage of Saeyoung™, he almost flipped the table until he realized the one beating you all was Saeran on the other side


               - You also can’t tell me that Jumin hasn’t tried to dance along to a few every now and then; MC has a picture they keep to themselves in remembrance

               -You and V watch the movie Shiri almost religiously?? When the two of you have movie marathon dates, it’s played at least once (“IT’S A CLASSIC, MC. CLASSIC”)

               -It’s hard to go on any dates with Saeran, but you did get him hooked on a few different K-drama’s and he reminds you constantly that he HATES YOU because of it. Don’t you DARE watch an episode without him because the boy can hold a grudge

               -K A R A O K E!!! All of you. Almost every weekend. Competitions. Somehow Saeyoung tends to win them except that one time you convinced Jumin to participate and WOW okay

Kanye West VS Taylor Swift on "Famous" Lyrics
  • Kanye West on the phone with Taylor Swift: "You still got the Nashville number?"
  • Taylor Swift: "I still have the Nashville umm area code, but I had to change it."
  • Kanye West reads the "Famous" lyric: "To all my southside n----s that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex."
  • Taylor Swift: "I'm like this close to overexposure."
  • Kanye West: "Oh, well this I think this a really cool thing to have."
  • Taylor Swift: "I know, I mean it's like a compliment, kind of."
  • Kanye West: "All I give a f--k about is you as a person and as a friend, I want things that make you feel good. "
  • Taylor Swift: "That's sweet."
  • Kanye West: "I don't want to do rap that makes people feel bad."
  • Taylor Swift: "Umm, yeah I mean go with whatever line you think is better. It's obviously very tongue in cheek either way. And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that's really nice."
  • Kanye West: "Oh yeah, I just had a responsibility to you as a friend you know, and I mean thanks for being so cool about it."
  • Taylor Swift: "Aw thanks. Um yeah I really appreciate it, like the heads up is so nice. [inaudible] Even asking or seeing if I would be okay with it and I just really appreciate it. Like I would never expect you to like tell me about a line in one of your songs."
  • Kanye West: "It's pretty crazy."
  • Taylor Swift: "And then the flowers that you sent me, I like Instagrammed a picture of them and it's like the most Instagram likes I've ever gotten. It was like 2.7" [video cuts off]
  • Kanye West: "Relationships are more important than punch lines, ya know?"
  • Taylor Swift: "I don't think anyone would listen to that and be like that's a real diss she must be crying. You've gotta tell the story the way that it happened to you and the way that you experienced it. You honestly didn't know who I was before that. It doesn't matter that I sold 7 million of that album before you did that which is what happened, you didn't know who I was before that. It's fine."
  • Taylor Swift: "I might be in debt, but I can make these things happen. I have the ideas to do it and I create these things and concepts. I'm always going to respect you. I'm really glad that you have the respect to call me and tell me that as a friend about the song. It's a really cool thing to do and a really good show of friendship so thank you."
  • Kanye West: "Thank you, too."
  • Taylor Swift: "And you know, if people ask me about it I think it would be great for me to be like, ‘Look, he called me and told me the line before it came out. Jokes on you guys, We're fine.' You guys want to call this a feud; you want to call this throwing shade but right after the song comes out I'm going to be on a Grammys red carpet and they're going to ask me about it and I'll be like, ‘He called me.' It's awesome that you're so outspoken about this and be like, ‘Yeah, she does. It made her famous.' Its more provocative to say ‘might still have sex…' It's doesn't matter to me. There's not like one [line] that hurts my feelings and one that doesn't."

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Hi! Sorry for coming off as negative, but I don't quite get how you are so upset about gifs being reposted. I DO get the problem for gifs that are made with additional text / cutting (or fanart, or sth taken from your OWN vids/pics), but not for those that are just taken from a public video. I am making gifs like that myself (mostly FOR myself), and it's NOT hard work and anyone can do it. If you didn't mean those gifs at all, I'm sorry for misunderstanding, but I needed to say that.

okay listen here. normally i don’t answer things like this but this seriously has made me pissed the fuck off. why should i be monitored by someone, on anon might i add, on why i should be angry if my gifs are reposted? why would someone like you have the power to do so? i should be upset when someone reposts them without my permission. yes, the videos aren’t mine but the TIME is. the time to find those videos. the time to download those videos. the time to get the frames and to import them to photoshop. the time to colour and crop the frames and timing. that’s all from ME. and this doesn’t just stop at gifs, it counts for graphics as well. the pictures may not be mine but i still spent time to make those graphics. and even translating, anyone can do it right? and so what you make gifs if it’s so easy everyone who fucking reposts it should be able to right? but no they don’t because they think it’s easier to just take from someone else and repost them. so yes i will be upset if i see my stuff being reposted. and if you are still opposed to this then you should’ve just unfollowed instead of sending in something like this

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Hi can I get a gif reaction to you (their best friend) never crying in front of them (because you always bottle it up) and one day you cry in front of them for a silly reason??😋 sorry if that didn't make sense! Thank you!!

Sure! No problem ^^

Bts reaction to you crying in front of them for the first time (Best friends)

You were finally going to apply for your dream job. When You were getting ready, Jin was at your house giving you pep talks. “Don’t worry y/n, you got this! I’m supporting you one hundred and ten percent!” You laugh at his statement and head off.
When you got accepted, you were so happy that you felt tears welling up in your eyes. Jin was picking you up and was just waiting in his car. He was thinking  of what he should say to either congratulate you, or to comfort you if you didn’t get accepted.
You came outside with the happy tears in your eyes, when Jin saw, he immediately bolted out of the car and ran up to you, “Oh my god, y/n are you okay? what happened? Were you accepted?” He bombarded you with questions.
“Yeah, I did. I did it Jin, I got my dream job” You say, wiping tears away. He smiled and laughed. “I knew you would”

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You and Namjoon are having a “Sleepover” at his place. More of a movie night if you preferred to call it that.
You were sitting on the couch preparing the movie. He was making popcorn. While you waited for him in the other room, you checked your phone. Your friend sent you a picture of what you loved and you were smiling at how cute it was. Then she sent you a funny photo. And I mean, a REALLY funny photo. It made you laugh so hard that you were rolling on the couch. She then sent you more photos and a video that just brought your laughing tears out. Namjoon came up to you with the bowl of popcorn. Namjoon couldn’t hear you through his sound proof walls. So when he came into the room and saw you wiping your tears with a bright red face, he couldn’t help but question, “What the hell just happened? Are you okay?” You looked up at him, swallowing the laughter.
“Th-This thing” You showed him the pictures and the video which made you crack up again while he was sitting there with the most disgusted face ever.

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You and Jimin liked to play with each other. With each other’s emotions. Sometimes he would mess with your feelings and tell you that he had a crush on you. It was a very “Love-hate friendship with him.” This time, it was your turn. You had the perfect plan. You would “cry” and see his reaction to it. You had no reason behind it, but you were one hell of a good actor. You refused to cry in front of anyone. But Jimin was the only one you were okay with. When you were over at his house he was in the bathroom doing who knows what.
When he heard sniffling he came out. He only saw your back. He joked with you, “why are you sniffling so much? are you sick or something?” when he turned to face you he realized you were crying. “Oh shit.” He sat down on the on the couch and put his arm around you. “What happened? Are you okay? I swear if it was another one of those thirsty ass guys i’m gonna-” You faced him, trying to hold your composure. But you couldn’t. You started laughing. “Wait what?? What’s goin- Oh no..”
“Oh yes” You said. Your sad tears forming happy ones.
“You little shit.”

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Let’s just say, crying would have no effect on him.. Actually, that’s a lie, that’s mean xD Let’s say he can tell whether it’s fake or not xD

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Sorry, food’s got me hyped.
He would tickle you so much that when he stopped, it felt funny. (Like those vibrating chair things)
You cried tears of laughter. Your face was tomato red. “Aww y/n is crying” he would say while wiping away your tears.

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You told him that you weren’t afraid of anything. Even though you jumped at the slightest thing. Even though Hobi wasn’t the biggest fan of horror either, but he really wanted to prove you wrong. You and Hobi were really close. Even though you were best friends, you would hug and cuddle and hold hands. All for fun. You wouldn’t kiss or anything like that, but the skinship was there.
You two were at the amusement park when he saw a haunted house the boys dragged him into countless times. He knew what would be coming, But you didn’t. “Let’s go in there!” He says, grabbing your hand and dragging you. You looked up at the creepy tower standing in front of you. You gulped, “In.. there?”
“Yeah!” He tugged you more.
“W-Well.. I thought you didn’t like horror Hobi..”
“I don’t, but I want to prove you wrong.”
“Prove me wrong..? Of what?”
“That you’re scared y/n! You don’t know how many times I’ve seen you jerk when something popped up.” He dragged you inside. There were 4 floors. Each one with scares worse than the others. You held on tightly to Hobi’s arm. “See, I told you that you were scared..”
“No I’m not!” You say, letting go of his arm. At the same time, his face went white. You turned around to see zombies starting to chase you. You both screamed and ran out the exit. You fell into his arms. “That was a new addition” He said.
“I-I hate you”
He looked at you and saw your tears. He instantly wiped your tears and hugged you. “Aw, you’re so cute, I’m sorry… But.. I still proved you wrong.”
“Shut up.” You said, hugging him tighter.

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He would honestly just be so worried that you cried. It didn’t matter if it was for a stupid reason. He would still ask you if you were okay every time, jokingly or not.

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I’m sorry it got shorter and sloppier at the end, I’m really tired and I still have someone waiting for a Jin and Jimin fluff >.< (Which I am SO SORRY FOR, But it will probably be up either tomorrow, or Halloween. Please don’t hate me ;-;)
Hope you liked though!

~Admin Luna
I Should Have Cheated || Derek Luh Part 2 *Requested*

Here is PART 1 


As the song finished, I couldn’t help but to bawl. I felt like an idiot, used, unappreciated and naïve. How could I be so blind as to not see that he was cheating on me? All those times that he said he loved me, was it even true? Or was it to make sure he could get into my pants? I really loved him, hell, I still do love him. But I refuse to be someone’s doormat, especially someone who’s lied to me countless times. 

Shit, where am I? I look around and see a hotel is only 5 miles away. I guess that’s better than sleeping in my car. I pull into the Ramada Hotel parking lot and touch up my face. I don’t need people I don’t know to see that I’ve been crying. I finally check in and realize I have no bags. Just my phone, charger and my wallet. Just my fucking luck.

I get to my room and try to decompress everything that just happened. I end up going through my photos and texts messages between Derek and I. How could he ruin something so perfect? We were supposed to get married and have kids. Guess that’s not happening now. 

Derek’s POV:

FUCK! How the hell did she find that video?! How could she just leave without letting me explain? I don’t even know what to do right now. I love her and I fucked it up. She’s never going to take me back. Not this time. I need help to get her back.

Delaney’s POV:

“No Carly. He is not cute and you’re drunk at 4:30 in the afternoon HAHA! Go home before you sleep with a -7. I’ll call you tomorrow.” As I put down my phone, it signaled me that I got a text message. 

Whoa, what the hell? What does that even mean? You know what, fuck this. I need answers.


I don’t know how it’s helping, but starring at this hotel ceiling is really peaceful. I was just about to clear my mind when… *VIBRATES*

Even though Derek was pretty much Satan to me right now, Delaney was the complete opposite. 

Delaney kept her word and was there in 30 minutes. I went to the front office and checked out of the room. When I was done, I got in my car and tailed her back to her apartment. We got in and I saw a picture of Derek and I on her foyer table. No matter how hard I tried not to, this time I couldn’t help the tears rushing down my face.

“Oh Sweetheart! It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this. You are so much stronger than some man hoe. And I know that’s my brother and I will always love him, but he is so wrong for doing this. I’ve never been so just, ugh with him. Is there anything I can do?” I loved her for being so concerned about me, but I didn’t even know what I needed. My mind hadn’t processed that far.

“I don’t know. I want to stop loving him, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. At least not anytime soon. I don’t even think he loved me. That’s the funny part about all of this.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that he loved you. You were the best thing that happened to him and he knew that. He’s selfish, Y/N. He needs to grow up.”

She was right, but I can’t wait around for him to do so. At least not anymore. I’m not going to let him have control over me. I’m stronger than this. I am more important than this and I matter. It’s time for me to show that.

*2 weeks later*

It’s time I stop hiding and be me again. Even though I live with Delaney now, I will never be in Derek’s life the same way. And I’m okay with that.

“Hey Girlie, I heard you singing to some badass music earlier. Does that mean you’re feeling better?”

“Yeah, I am. I talked to Derek and told him that I would be coming by to pick up the rest of my stuff that wasn’t picked up a few weeks ago. Thank you again for doing that. I wasn’t in the right mindset to do so then.”

“Absolutely. I had to talk to him face to face anyway.”

“How was he?”

“Destroyed. He’s still working and the boys were keeping him company, but he wasn’t the same. Have you talked to him about it at all?”

“No. I talked to Swazz though. He was just checking in.”

“Do you forgive him? Derek.” I never gave her a straight answer. I just wanted to get the rest of my stuff form his place.

We arrived at his house and I was greeted with a hug from KDL.

“You know he misses you. He was just thinking with the wrong head that night.”

“I know.” I stepped past him and he let me in the house. That’s when I saw Derek. He looked like hell, but he was still powering through to get his work done. I gave him a half ass wave and headed to the bedroom. I know he’ll follow me.

“You know I love you,” I heard from behind me. 

I turned around and looked at him, “I know, I love you too. I always have, Derek.” I saw Delaney and a few of the boys walk in and start carrying out my belongings.

“So then where does that leave us, Y/N? Do you forgive me? You say you love me, but you’re still moving your shit out.”

“It leaves us where we are. I forgave you weeks ago, but not for you. I had to forgive you for me because I matter. Whether you see that or not.”

“Of course I know that! God, I made a mistake. I don’t want to be without you. None of those other hoes matter. You’re right, you do mater! And you have to know that you matter to me.” It looked like he was about to cry, but I honestly didn’t care. I didn’t fuck this up. He did.

“I used to know that, but now I don’t know what to believe. After being lied to for almost 3 years, it’s hard to believe anything you say.”

“So you are still mad.” I looked behind him when I saw Delaney walk back in.

“Hey, ready to go when you are.” She said it in voice that almost said ‘I’m sorry, but you can do this’.

I gave her a nod and looked Derek back in his beautiful brown eyes. The eyes I used to look to for hope or reassurance. When I didn't see that anymore, I knew it was time. I gave him one last hug and kissed his lips.

“I’m not mad. I’m just done.” With that, I walked out of his room, out of his house and out of his life.

Author’s Note: Here is part 2 of the Derek Luh Smut, I Should Have Cheated. This was requested and I hope you all like it!

Zoo Date

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“Davi, calm down!”

I ran after the little boy who was very energetic. Davi, Ney and I would be taking a trip to the zoo. This was actually suppose to be a date but he promised Davi that he would take him.

“Someone’s excited to go to the zoo!” Neymar came in smiling.

I let Davi go and he ran to his dad. “A little too excited.”

“Can we go now pai?” Davi aksed jumping up and down.

Neymar looked at me and I nodded. With that, we headed for the zoo.

We finally made it to the zoo, and nothing could take the smile off Davi’s face. He pulled us everywhere. First we went to see the reptiles, then some kangaroos, now we were on route to see some parrots.

“Do you think I could get it to say Visca el Barca?” Neymar asked as we watched them.

I rolled my eyes, “Go for it.”

Neymar smiled taking Davi with him. I stayed behind just in case something were to happen and I could record. Davi greeted the parrot then Neymar started to work his magic. He said the saying at least five times, it was the sixth time Neymar got what he wanted. His smile was bigger than Davi’s. The parrot said “Visca el Barca” perfectly. Neymar and Davi came back until I told them to go back so I could get a picture of them with the parrot. 

“Did you get that on video?” He asked while we were walking to wherever Davi decided to take us. I nodded and he cheered a little. Davi pulled on the side of his dad’s pants catching his attention. Neymar went down to be face to face with him and Davi whispered something in his ear. A couple minutes later Davi came up to me holding out his hand. 

“Mamãe do you want to ride a camel with me?”

I smiled nodding, “I’d love to.”

He looked back at Neymar who gave him two thumbs up and a big smile. I gave Neymar my phone and reminded him to take pictures. The man helped Davi and I came behind. I was a bit nervous because this was my first time riding an animal but tried not to show it. We did one lap and when we were coming close to where Neymar was I made sure Davi paid attention so he could smile. The ride was over and it took me a minute to get used to the ground.

“Pai, I’m hungry.”

“Glad you said that, I’m hungry too.“ I said tickling Davi.

“Okay, we’ll leave. But we gotta get a selfie." 

 Davi and I groaned, but gave in. After what felt like forever, Neymar was satisfied with the selfie.

"Obrigado meus amores.” He said while posting it to Instagram. “Hope you like my caption.”

I laughed and looked at the picture, which yes I did like the caption.

Mais do que feliz de ter passado esse tempo com meus amores ❤️😍

I smiled at him and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. The three of us left the zoo with memories, this will probably be one of my favorite dates.

The Ghost show tonight was amazing! 9/23/16
  • I don't know what to do with myself right now I'm still shaking and it was like 2 or so hours ago.
  • Fuuck! If you get a chance to meet them after the show, DO IT. You must. I met everyone out of costume, even Alpha.
  • I'm so content with life right now and that's never happened to me haha. Best night of my life? Why yes, yes it is.
  • I want to see them again ASAP.
  • Earth has a mustache similar to Johnny Depp, so there's that. 🌚😍
  • Air has fucking dreads or some shit. And Mist is the prettiest blonde ghuleh I've seen. Ugh.
  • All of them are so cute and nice. Why are they PERFECT?! I legit talked to Papa and Mist for idk 30 mins each. Papa didn't want to leave us, even though they had to head out right after just to make the TX show tomorrow.
  • I asked him all the questions I could think to ask on the spot. Like which members are vegetarians (like me) and he answered, "3. Um, drums, keys..and guitar." He also said he wishes he were vegetarian but his eating habits are "childish" haha. I told him that's okay! 😂
  • I got 3 hugs from Papa and he just doesn't break eye contact. Like, if I were more sober, I would have looked away but gosh..how do you not get lost in those eyes?? He also smelled really fucking good. If you've ever smelled Acqua di Gio cologne..that's exactly what he was wearing! I know, because it's my favorite. I can detect it a mile away lol.
  • I'm trying to type this all out before bed so I'll remember everything tomorrow so bare with me!
  • So it was really cute when Aether (old Water) and Earth came back out of the bus, because Aether/Water had a gold sharpie with him to sign things, but left me with it. And when Air came out and signed things, he gave the sharpie back to me so I just kept it like ok it's mine now, thanks. 😩😭💖 *licks sharpie*
  • And when Aether/Water met me I introduced myself and asked his name he told me it was ___ and I was like oh, what do you play in the band?? And he said "it's a secret." 😆😍 that accent kiiiiillls me.
  • He also held my hand?? Like I was going in for a handshake and he used his other hand so he just held mine like WHAT A CUTIE!
  • Also, Mist was being secretive too, I asked her if she's permanent with the band now and she said she couldn't say. I asked her if she's also from Sweden (I didn't detect an accent) and she said "I'm from Ghost" and I said "ohhh..haha I see what you did there" and she laughed like..iiii can't tell youuu. 🌚😂 She said she was pleasantly surprised that the fans were so welcoming to her! Aww 💘
  • I feel like Papa really was interested in meeting every* single* fan that stayed to meet them outside the bus. He was genuinely there for us. I even left and came back because he was still there. I told him I was planning on bringing them all some American Halloween candy but I figured it'd be too sweet for them. He said "Ironically, you're exactly right! It is much too sweet for me to enjoy." And I was like ahh 😍 lmao I'm trash.
  • That's also when he hugged me 2 more times because he had to go. Like, he initiated the hugging because I was content with the one hug lol. But I gladly took the others. 😛 And his eye contact when I was talking just made me feel special. Lol I love them so much!
  • If you read this far, wow I salute you! 💖👻 I'll post pictures and videos soon.
The fault in our ARMYs(it's okay, I cringed at the title too)
  • BEWAre it'S VerY LoNG!!!!!
  • OHOHOOHOOO~. So a couple weeks ago, I wanted t write something. A couple weeks ago I was afraid of getting hate. A couple weeks ago, we still had a problem. But I honestly don't care about getting hate anymore, but the fact that it had to come to a point like this before I spoke out? I'm really sorry. Nevertheless, I'm going to speak out now. Let's address the first problem.
  • BTS in Sweden and Germany:
  • - Rap Monster was CHASED into a changing room and ARMYs kept following and trying to peek inside.
  • - Jimin was approached by a girl at an ungodly hour, she shoved her phone in his face, asking for a picture. Being the polite muffin he is, he tried to say "ah-ah no.." But bitches gonna be bitches : )
  • - NEXT UP (yup, there's more), Jin and Kookie were chased down the street by ARMYs they tried to run away no- they were sprinting away but this ARMY followed after them "like a wild animal"
  • -V, my precious baby angel, (I'm not saying that he never gets angry, but he's good with his idol image) Got visibly mad, he looked on the verge of tears
  • -YOONGI had to SHOUT to get the ARMY's away.
  • May I remind you that this was their VACATION, they were trying to relax before they went to a French, New York(Newark really) AND LA KCON. After a comeback, 3 mv's, concert stages and all the fucking promotion, OUR BABIES CANNOT GET A BREAK???? This is exactly what happened in Mexico with them last year. "Fans" threw PHONES at them.DO YOU WANNA KNOW THE BEST PART? Their excuses lmao "If you saw BTS, you would want to talk to them" : )))) these are shit excuses from shit people.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These bitches do not represent the ENTIRE European ARMYs and International ARMY fan base. but they do put on an image and just hint to changes that must be made. BTS, and every other idol or famous person, they are all people, normal people like you and I. So treat them as such, not as fucking ZOO ANIMALS. Also, I hope y'all know how dehumanizing it is to be greeted with a phone.. Like wherever they go, people don't look at them through their eyes, they take a video of it. It's not always fun to be treated like a lab animal, guys.
  • Why don't we talk about army's in general. Okay,
  • @overdosescenarios wrote something like this too and they got hate for it.
  • - ARMY is a big fan base but guess what? THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY BIG FANBASE. (Surprise Surprise) But regardless, SOME army's have this disgusting habit of thinking ARMY's or BTS are above any other groups...huh..weird.
  • - Not all ARMYs but we have a habit of doing this other thing, any video, regardless if it's kpop or whatever, some ARMY comments something and other flock there saying "OMG ARMY" or "JIMIN GOT NO JAMS XDDdDDDDDddd" like ???? Yes I know you're excited to see a fellow ARMY but come oN. Even on Seventeen's "pretty U" they were all over there saying that the video resembled "RUN". Sorry, it really didn't. Like...I guess seventeen ran? But that's it though. Also Carats are like the chillest FANBASE but they got peeved at all the ARMYS. Because if it wasn't someone calling out the resemblance, it was an ARMY apologizing or a CARAT addressing the problem. And you had to scroll all the way down before you reached a comment that addressed the hard work SEVENTEEN put into THEIR video. Smh
  • - DO NOT cOMMEnT EVERYWHERE. It's okay to comment but a good 150 of you flock when someone either has an ARMY shirt, or the word BTS is mentioned. Like one or two, fine. Good.BTS is so great. ITs just cursed by a really annoying FANBASE.
  • - Don't call V an alien, Don't say RM breaks everything, don't do shit like that. They don't like to be known as that stuff It's like getting the superlative for "weirdest kid" in High School. That should not be their legacy, okay?
  • - Don't hate on other groups and DON'T HATE OF OUR MEMBERS. YO I saw people giving v a hard time. What that boiiii ever do to you, huh? Tayang's song wasn't for him. Idols aren't perfect okay?
  • - Don't get mad when BTS isn't included in react videos. I saw so many comments on Buzzfeed about "WHY ISN'T BTS HERE". And I have an answer, BTS isn't the only kpop group worth a mention.
  • - You gotta understand that Rap mon and Suga and Hobi aren't the only good rappers out there. I know that calling Chanyeol (I love yeolie but really lmao) a better rapper than them is a damn disgrace but there are other talented people. And if you are only into BTS and you're calling them better rappers, better dancers, better singers, then you aren't a real fan bruh.
  • BTS started off small, they made their way up and in no way am I,or other good army's letting those little shits crap all over it. THere are people who don't even wanna join our fandom because of the bad apples. Just cut it out please. I don't know if it's new army's or the ones that got in from FineBros or Buzzfeed *shivers* but just stop.
  • Sorry for the rant.

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Hey A do you remember that time when someone asked you why you didn't stan Dinah and you made that list? Could you do one for all the others and add in the receipts?


note: i’m fully aware that people can change and all that but i’m just providing receipts as asked so yeah (also take note that i still stan 3/5). update: i only stan 2/5 now.



[TRANS] 141203 Heechul Talks about Puff in Dream Girls’ New Book

Hear What Super Junior Kim Heechul Says: “I am very deep red, Puff is cool mint green!”

The first time you saw Puff…

Because we were only coworkers, at the first meeting my only thought was, “so this is Puff,” kk. Puff is very bright! Like a child of light (Taiwanese idiom). Puff is also very cute. When I’m in a bad mood, I look at Puff’s face and my mood immediately gets better. I also really like her round eyes.

Puff is very considerate. I’m a person with rather big mood swings, but Puff always understand my thoughts. As the time we’d been working together got longer and longer, even if I was angry she always knew how to calm me down. I think Puff is very observant, because she would often say to me, “Oppa gwenchanha? (Cherry oppa, are you okay?)” “Oppa, hwanasseo? (Cherry oppa, are you angry?)”

On-stage Puff vs. Off-stage Puff

I know that Puff is really big in Taiwan, even though I’m also the Space Big Star (haha ^_^). Puff would often secretly take care of the staffs around us, and would even bring a small notebook to record things, which made me think she places a lot of importance on people’s relationships. Even when we were out having meals, she would pour alcohol for the new staffs. This kind of personality made all the staffs really like her.

Cherry Oppa and Puff’s Relationship Style

Privately, our relationship was completely not awkward; in fact, we got along even better in private. Actually, at the beginning the two of us were a little awkward, until we went to Geoje Island for the honeymoon filming. After going out together with the staffs to eat, drink, and chat, I finally got comfortable with Puff, but the day after I was hungover during filming ^^. After that time my relationship with Puff became better and more natural.

During filming, the staffs arranged a lot of romantic stories and cute things for us. Because I’m not a very romantic person, and don’t understand what girls are thinking, these things gave me goosebumps all over my skin, and I said I didn’t want to do them. Every time there was this kind of situation Puff would help me and ask, “Cherry oppa, are you okay? Cherry oppa, are you angry?” She would comfort me like this, and in my heart I thought, she’s definitely working harder than I am, I’m sorry, thank you. Even though I didn’t say it out loud, I would still hug Puff to thank her. I remember something I said once, “Today, except for Puff, everyone else isn’t satisfied, so today when I film I will only look at her face” (writing like this, I want to gag…haha). Thinking back, I was more romantic off-camera.

Uh…we don’t have any common interests. I like video games and anime…the two of us also can’t cook, haha. During the secret show, there was one time it was just me and Puff by ourselves resting in the car. I kept playing games on my cell phone, and Puff just sat quietly and watched me play. I said to Puff, “Cherry oppa is awesome! What do you think? What do you think? Wahahahahaha.” Puff said, “Yes, Cherry oppa is awesome!”

After we got out of the car, the PD and the scriptwriter asked us what we were talking about in the car, and also said they had intentionally left us alone in the car. I replied, “I just played video games, that’s all.” The PD, the scriptwriter, the managers, and the stylists, with helpless expressions, all said to me, “You really don’t understand women!” I replied angrily, “So what? This is a very important game!” Puff, standing next to me, helped me and said, “Cherry oppa is very cute when he plays games.” …^_^.

Kim Heechul’s Ideas about Puff

Puff is like a cat! When Puff was taking wedding photos with me, there were some scenes that we shot with cats, but because Puff and I both really, really like cats, we would often play with the cats and forget to take pictures.

I think Puff is like a pine tree, because no matter whether she is on or off camera, she always keeps the same serious attitude. (Note: in Korea, pine trees represent never changing)

Puff is mint green. I am very deep red, and she is cool mint green.

Kim Heechul wants to say to Puff…

Cherry oppa doesn’t know how to express his feelings, has big mood swings, and didn’t take care of you well, but you always took care of me. Thank you for being so good to me. Even though at the beginning we were only coworkers, as time passed, I became more honest with you, and like a child, more and more sincere. When I go to Taiwan let’s drink soju mixed with beer (haha).

Right, I know your legs are very pretty, and girl groups won’t wear very much clothing even in the winter. Cherry oppa is most worried about this (haha). Take care of yourself and don’t catch a cold. Even though we won’t meet often, you can’t get sick, or else I won’t keep looking at you. This kind of visit is good, it makes me think of how things were before with us. It’s already been more than a year…I miss you…

Raw credit: 任妈1106

Trans credit: potatochul @ tumblr

take out with full credit, please don’t edit translation

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Hey, I'm not sure if I'm confusing you with another blog, but didn't you say that Suho is kind of in a creepy way, keeping his eye on Kaisoo. But when was that? Or how many times? I didn't notice it before until you said it.(If it was you)

Yeah, it was me at this post. In this post, I meant to say that this “obsession” towards Kaisoo is kind of creepy and unnatural. 

I mean, let’s suppose that Kaisoo is a couple planned by SM (something I don’t believe at all). As a staged couple, it’s obvious that they will have interactions and it’s okay. That’s what they do to entertain the fans. So, there’s nothing to the other members observe, since that everything is staged.

But, in Kaisoo’s case, Suho always keeps an extra eye towards them. In my opinion, he does that because that’s how a leader would react. But for what reason? Why would he care about a couple interacting?

That’s an example and probably that has nothing to do with Kaisoo, so I’m sorry in advance. But see this picture. It’s a normal one of OT8 at GDA’s red carpet. Now, look at this other below took at Seoul Music Awards:

“What are you trying to tell me, May?”, you probably ask. I’ll tell. Can you see something different? If you don’t I’ll tell you:

The formation.

In general, when EXO is “complete” (OT9), Lay is positioned between Kyungsoo and Jongin. It’s like: Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Lay, Jongin, Suho, Chen, Xiumin, Baekhyun and Sehun. But, when he isn’t there, Kyungsoo and Jongin usually stay side by side. Okay. At the second picture, they are in their usual formation. But, if you look at the picture above, Kyungsoo changed places with Chen. Why is that, tho? Why they were the only ones who changed their usual position? Probably this explains something…

He looked behind Suho’s head, it’s obvious that he was staring at Kyungsoo ffs.

This is a normal picture and everything is normal. But, if you understand the context, you’ll realise that’s something weird. Not about the picture, but about the circunstances. At Manila concert, Jongin was hurt (you know, because his leg injury at the ski resort, ops). So, Kyungsoo was by his side a lot. During Peter Pan, he was there as usual, but Suho went by their side too. Chen did the same. In the second day of Manila’s concert, they went to Jongin first, so Kyungsoo didn’t have, at first, the chance to be at Jongin’s side, as you can see in this video. Honestly, if this isn’t a creepy obssession towards their interaction, idk what it is.

You can see Chen and Suho as Jongin’s bodyguard, that came to this direction before Kyungsoo did.

The only moment that he actually promoted Kaisoo was when he pushed Jongin towards Kyungsoo during Singapore concert, but that only happened because it was expected for them to have some contact.

Anyway, I mentioned Suho in this analysis I made, so you’ll see a better explanation there (because I don’t want to repeat myself more than already did, tbh). 

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May I request one where you film yourself on Luke's phone before he leaves for tour and he catches you and it gets fluffy? Then later when he's away he gets stressed and goes to watch the video and sees there are three more he didn't know about? Thx!

Cheer Up Buttercup 





Luke was leaving for tour soon, spending the best part of a year traveling the world with his three dorky band mates, leaving you behind for a while. He was currently running around your apartment, looking for what he called the essentials but were basically any pair of socks he could find, not noticing the pack of fresh ones you put in his suitcase. As you were cleaning the mess he’d made in your shared room you noticed his phone sitting on the bedside table, you thought about giving it to him so he doesn’t forget it but a better idea came to mind, so you turned on the camera and decided to record him a message for when he’s away. 

“Hey babe” you chirped, looking to the corner of the screen making sure it was recording as you flopped down onto the bed “even though you’re not gone yet I miss you already, I hope you’re having fun touring the-” you were cut off by Luke himself, flopping down behind you “what are you doing princess?” he asked as you continued to hold his phone up “leaving you a message for when you leave little old me to travel the world” you sighed, acting upset by it as you fell beside him “you know you’re joining us on tour at least once right?” Luke asked as you giggled, biting your lip you gave him a small nod, never letting the camera fall as you wrap your arms around his shoulders. 

With a sigh he mumbled “I’m gonna miss you” shuffling in the bed to move closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist as he snuggled up “I’m gonna miss you too, you big teddy bear” you kiss his soft lips for what felt like the last time “who’s going to be my big, little spoon when you’re gone?” you ask as he shrugged “I don’t know maybe Mr. Fluffikins” Luke murmured, referring to the large stuffed bear he brought you from the last time he left for tour “he’s a better cuddle buddy anyways” you smirk, looking away from your offended boyfriend. 

“Oh, baby you’re gonna regret that” he teased as his fingers crazed your sides, you let out a small squeal as giggles fell from your lips, “Luke, stop you’re supposed to be packing” you say between breaths as he continues his attack “say I’m a better cuddle buddy than Mr. Fluffikins” he laughs as you squirm “I’m a better cuddle buddy than Mr. Fluffikins” you giggle as he shakes his head “nope wrong answer” he chuckles as your sides begin to hurt. “Okay fine, Luke is a better cuddle buddy than Mr. Fluffikins” you struggle to say between laughs as his tickles come to a stop, flopping down beside you, “I know I am, now I need to finish packing for tour” he smirks giving you a quick peck on the lips before jumping up and returning to the madness. 

Luke’s POV


Half way through tour and I was beyond stressed. Between the late nights and early mornings, long flights and endless hotel rooms, it was pushing me over the edge, the boys kept complaining I was being cranky. I needed my girl, Y/N can brighten my day with a single smile but because of the time zones and me being halfway across the world, I couldn’t just call her, she’d be asleep and I wasn’t about to wake my sleeping beauty.

With a sigh I flopped down onto the hotel bed, my feet still placed firmly on the ground as I opened my phone, I smiled at my home screen, it was a picture of Y/N and I when we first started dating at sixteen. I looked awful but Y/N looked beautiful, she always hated that picture, telling me to change it because she “looked liked I haven’t washed my hair or face in weeks” a small chuckle escaped my lips as her voice rang through my mind, I missed her so much. Then I remembered the video she started recording the day before I left, I knew I didn’t delete it so I scanned through my phone, finding her smiling face as the sun shone through the curtains, almost giving her a halo. 

I watched intently as she talked about missing me, only to have me interrupt the video but what I didn’t expect was for what came after I left, readjusting the camera she smiled. “If you’re watching this and you miss me or you’re stressed or tired or something just know that I miss you too, it’s not the same cuddling Mr. Fluffikins” a chuckle escaped my lips as she giggled, I missed the sound of her voice “you’re a way better cuddle buddy” she added in a whisper as I smiled “I can guarantee you’re doing grate babe, don’t give up and cheer up buttercup” she smirked, pointing a finger to the camera “I’m sure I’ll be back by your side soon, as of right now just go cuddle Calum” she laughed as the sound of my voice rang through the apartment halls, the camera fell slightly as she called back “I’ll be right there” before turning her attention back “okay, I have to go help you pack so I love you and packed some socks in your suitcase, I’ll see you soon babe” she smiled, blowing a kiss to the camera before it cut off. Counting down the days till Y/N was back in my arms. 

Since you asked so nicely, of course you can! I hope you enjoyed! and thank you for requesting my smol bean! x

anonymous asked:

Could you please explain what happened in Copenhagen with Ash and you, I didn't catch up

Okay so here’s what happened:

At the time 5SOS arrived in Copenhagen and wanted to visit the town, fans mobbed them from top to toe. We have a street with shops called Strøget and Luke and Calum decided to visit that but eventually had to leave due to too many fans. Ashton being the smart guy he is chose to experience the beautiful part of Copenhagen the morning after, on the day of the concert. From what we knew, he had met a few fans there as well, taking a few pictures and greeted.

Jujuclifford and I arrived at the arena all buzzed up and shit (No shock). We had Soundcheck tickets so we had to be there earlier with 200 others. We got into soundcheck and after Jujuclifford almost passed out when seeing Michael on stage the boys sat down in front of the stage to due their Q/A.

That was when I noticed it. Ashton was way different than normal, of course you can’t say that he has to act exactly like he does on videos, but this was too obvious that something was bothering him. He didn’t say much, just looked down at the floor, he barely answered any questions.

I kept on mentioning that something was up to Juju and she agreed. It bothered me that Ashton didn’t seem well I think I mentioned it at least ten times that he did not look happy.

A girl then asked a question similar to “How have your day been.” And for once Ashton replies. “Some girls chased me this morning.” And I was like, holy shit that’s what’s bothering the boy.

When soundcheck was over Juju and I headed towards the merchandise and we started to chat with another lovely girl in the line. We started to discuss about Ashton’s sad behavior and she explained that Ashton literally had to run away from “fans”. He denied taking pictures with groups of girls who were more than 8 people.

It made my blood fucking boil. I know how much fans want to meet him, but he’s still a living human. I don’t get how you can call yourself a fan when you can’t fucking respect the person you’re fan of.

The only thing I had in mind was that so when Juju and I headed towards the M&G I told her, I needed to know if Ashton was alright and apoligize for the fans’ behavior.

To my luck, Ashton was the last one of the boys to hug, so after greeting him with a “hi” and “I love you” he hugged me and as I pulled away from him I kept my arms on his and asked, “Are you okay?”

His eyes lit up and he was like, “Yeah I’m really good what about you?” I was so surprised by his sudden mood change that I only got the chance to mutter out “Good.” before having to rush back to Luke and Cal for the picture.

He clearly didn’t get what I was hinting at, but yeah.. It made me realize how much he means to me and I’m glad that he was at least happy and excited when he met me ahah

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Hi! About Jjong & friends series, it would be cool if you can do a post with CN BLUE's Jonghyun too ^^ if someone didn't ask for it already :3 . Have a nice day!

okay, so: jonghyun and jonghyun. they were both born in 1990 and they’re just a little over a month apart in age (jonghyun was born in april and lee jonghyun was born in may - we’ll just keep on referring to him as “lee jonghyun” for this so things don’t get too confusing, lmao), despite this, jonghyun still debuted a year and a half before lee jonghyun and they apparently “officially” met during cnblue’s first year of debut. their friendship was only really mentioned casually in passing before 2012, when it started to pop up constantly, especially via their twitter accounts. (2012 was the year that jonghyun made his, just about a month before “sherlock” promotions begun.)

the first time that how they met was explained was when lee jonghyun did an interview with ceci in 2013 in which he was asked if jonghyun was his best friend. he apparently got “serious” and “denied” it before confirming that he is and being like: “jonghyun is a refreshing friend who is always bright. during my rookie years, when everything seemed hard, he came to me first really comfortably and we became friends. we usually go eat meat. i usually get called an “adult child” but, when i’m with him, i feel like i return to my rightful age and it makes me happy.” in another interview, when question if they were close because they have the same name, lee jonghyun answered: “indeed, that can be considered the biggest reason. when we got to know each other we realized that we had a mutual friend.a lthough we saw each other often through schedules we weren’t close but our friend called and asked if i was close to jonghyunnie. i thought if i said we were close i would be embarrassed later, so i replied: "we’re not close” but, then, i get a phone call from jonghyunnie right away. once i picked up, he said: “yah, you and i aren’t close?” therefore, i answered: “ah, okay then, we’re close.” like this. he is a friend who really has a lot of playfulness and is funny. he’s also sincere when he sings, because jonghyunnie was once in a band, we slowly became really close by talking about music.“ jonghyun ended up tweeting in response to this by saying: ”lee jonghyun revealed our private start that was supposed to be a secret in an interview, but am i allowed to post what the internet says? elle girl, i love you.“. (source)

anyway! now that that’s out of the way, on to some cute moments:

* during an episode of ”weekly idol“ in 2012, they were voted in fifth place on a poll for ~idol best friends.

* back for april fool’s day in 2012 (this was their first big "twitter interaction”, i think) jonghyun decided to “prank” his followers and change both his profile name, description and photo to lee jonghyun. the description (which can be seen in the screencaps above) read something along the lines of: cnblue, lee jonghyun. “cnblue, lee jonghyun. guitarist lee jonghyun, twenty three year old busan man” jonghyun ended up taking it a step further by tweeting: “please follow me back, i am your fan” to cnblue’s official twitter account and: “hongki, i am cbl jonghyun. hi” to ft island’s hongki.

* jonghyun tweeted a picture of them together (which can be seen above) holding hands.

* there was a kind of… short term but “intense” pranking war of sort between the two of them in 2012 that was showcased on twitter, mostly by jonghyun. it all started when jonghyun decided to “gift” lee jonghyun a copy of diablo iii as a late present for his twenty second birthday. the catch? it wasn’t actually the game. it was a box of cookies / chocolates. jonghyun documented the long process in which he was wrapping the “game” which included: using a poster of himself as wrapping paper and drawing the game’s logo onto the back of the poster. in the end, he actually did end up buying him a copy of the game because he felt bad about it. he still went through with tricking him by giving him the fake present though. lee jonghyun ended up getting his “revenge” on jonghyun early in 2013 by doing the same thing to him but with a fake copy of cnblue’s album. (the video linked has subtitles in the information click down!)

lee jonghyun later talked about the above “incident” during an interview with elle girl in which he gave his two cents on the entire thing: “ah, seriously. [at this time, maybe because he was thinking about what happened, he exploded into laughter and slapped his forehead.] the day before my birthday manager hyung said that jonghyunnie posted something funny on twitter. so, i called jonghyunnie and he said that he bought me "diablo iii” for my birthday and that he would give it to me tomorrow. i thought it was real so i said “thank you”. i told him: “i’m busy lately and have to work hard, and not play games, but if you gifted it to me, what can i do?” but, then, when i received it and opened it, it was chaldduk pie! [eg: the back of the wrapping paper was jonghyun’s poster, right?] yes. so, i said: “you’re funny”, and wanted to crumble it up and throw it away but, at a glance, it really was his posted. but, even so, he really did buy it for me; he bought it online.“ (source)

* jonghyun once send a wreath to one of cnblue’s concerts that read: ”to cnblue jonghyun from sha jongyunnie / you leave me with intuition.“ the last half is in reference to one of cnblue’s songs. and, from that and the interview quotes from lee jonghyun, it’s obvious that lee jonghyun refers to jonghyun as "jonghyunnie”.

* back during the 2011 mbc gayo daejun, they were spotted taking a selfie together during the ending stage. (which was never shared.)

* cnblue guested on sukira back in 2013. super junior’s kyuhyun ended up pranking calling the group and later mentioning that the members of kyuline are jealous because of how close lee jonghyun is to jonghyun. kyuline is a pretty famous friendship group of kyuhyun’s that includes: lee jonghyun, tvxq’s changmin, exo’s suho and minho.

* the last big interaction that they had was last summer when they did the ice bucket challenge together. they also spent new year’s eve together this year. it wasn’t admitted to but they both posted the same picture on instagram around the same time which pretty much gave it away.

otherwise, jonghyun mentioned lee jonghyun as one of his closest celebrity friends in his connection cloud on “monthly live connection” this week. he also mentioned him on blue night in august, and another time in june. here’s a gif of them hugging (a jonghyun looking super tiny) for good measure.



  • BLUE 
  • DELTA 
  • ECHO 
  • OMAR SY 

BLUE: guys 

hey guys 

did you know that the same guy directed road warrior and babe 


what if they were the same movie 

DELTA: so it would just be some car chases but with pigs? 

CHARLIE: this sounds boring 

ECHO: i’d watch it if it had raptors 

i like to support movies with good representation for raptors 

DELTA: and motorcycles! 

BLUE: okay, so there are raptors on motorcycles and they chase babe for two hours 

like we are chasing this pig right here 

and then it has a happy ending 

they eat him 

RAPTOR DAD: you can’t eat the pig blue 

BLUE: but why 

RAPTOR DAD: because i have a clicky thing and i said so 

CHARLIE: that’s not even a good reaso– 

RAPTOR DAD: ::click click click:: 

CHARLIE: how does he do that 

RAPTOR DAD: i brought you some rats 

maybe you can watch mrs. frisby instead 

BLUE: ugh fine

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maybe something about how you got him a present related to something he loves and he's extra excited because he didn't realise you even knew he liked the thing idk i just saw you're doing blurblies and i wanted to make a contribution

thank you, audrey my love (miss u)

i guess i’ll make this kind of like a preference type thing??

okay so ashton loves music I MEAN THEY ALL DO but ashton is obsessed with old rock bands and p much all types of music so you’d get him a bunch of old vinyls and a record player and when he unwrapped it he was so happy and surprised because he had never told you he liked all of these bands and he knew you had never heard of a lot of them so if he did mention them or play them in the car he figured you had forgotten and he would be so excited and he’d pick you up and kiss you and spin you around and put you down and be like “CAN WE LISTEN TO IT NOW???” and he’d hook everything up and you two would just lay in bed together and listen to the records and your head would be rested against his chest and you’d be on top of his one arm but that didnt stop him from air drumming at some parts and singing along and you had decided that there was nothing better than this moment right here im so wow that emo ouch

calum isnt that open with his interest i mean you know he likes the bass and music and doing the dirty to the weeknd but everything he loves he kind of plays off as if it’s not a big deal to him besides you of course so you knew he liked soccer/football but you never knew how much until you heard he and luke talking about it so you booked a flight to the uk to see liverpool play manchester united, luke had helped you get good seats so you decided to let him come so calum could talk about the game with somebody who actually understood so you’d go to show calum the present and you’d be all excited and he’d be like “what is it babe?” so you’d hand him an envelope and he’d just give you a confused look before opening it and reading the tickets and he’d just look up to your smiling face in shock and look back down and he’d be too shocked/excited to form words so he’d just be like “babe?” because he couldnt believe that you had done all of this for him and you’d get nervous and ask “do you like it?” and he’d be like “i love it! i just can’t believe it! thank you!” and he’d keep kissing you so then when it was time to go he and luke would be all dressed up so you got a liverpool jersey to wear to the game and calum would love seeing you in it and mumble in your ear that he wants you to wear that later tonight while he fucks you (WHOOPS) and so you’d get to the game and he and luke would be all into it and he’d put his arm around you and kiss your temple and mumble “i love you so much” and you wanted to burst with how happy this made him (heLP )

so my beloved lucas theres no question that he’s an introvert like michael and he so badly wants everyones approval but he feels judged wherever he goes so you decide to take him on a trip to some island where no cameras or fans will bother so you two can just be together and young and in love and go out and get drunk without anyone bothering you or laying around on a beach without any pictures coming out because he does like to go out sometimes but he hates that everything he does is documented and you can tell it’s wearing him down so he’s at home and he facetimes you one morning to see what you’re doing and you feel so sad because even though he’s home he still looks exhausted and you can tell he’s not himself so you ask him “how would you feel about taking a trip just you and me?” and he sighs and says “thatd be lovely, baby, but wherever we go we’ll be followed” and you smirk and tell him to check his email and when he sees the plain tickets he gets so excited and smiles all big and says “i guess i should start packing” so you guys get on the plane and go and no one knows where you’re going because the tickets are under your name and you get there and nobody bothers you, but you had another surprise for him and thats stopping and seeing green day perform in concert somewhere and he’d be overwhelmed because “how did you know this is exactly what i needed?” and you’d smile as he held your hand tightly and whisper “i know you better than anyone” and he’d nod and never let go of your hand throughout the concert and you two screamed the lyrics at the top of your lungs and you watched him get lost in the music

last but not least my sunshine michael now everyone and their brother knows he loves video games its no secret so you’d want to do something even more special for him so you’d be facetiming while he was on tour and he’d have four days coming up that he’d be off but it wasnt worth it to fly home and back and there was only three people michael cared about as much as the boys and that was his parents and yourself so you and his parents had decided to fly out and get a really nice place to stay at just all four of you during those four days and you’d also see his concerts before and after the break there was nothing more important to michael than his family so you’d be facetiming and tell him that you and his family were going to come see him for that break because you knew he was home sick and his face would light up and he’d smile that smile where he looks so happy that he could sneeze OMG I LOVE THAT SMILE anyways he’d keep asking if you were serious and you’d be like yes omg michael and he’d be so happy and excited and when you finally got there with his parents he would hug them and wouldn’t stop hugging you and touching you because you were actually there and no matter how much he loves video games there’s nothing like having his six favorite people in one spot at once so that night after the concert when you got to the place you were staying and laying in bed he’d kiss your cheek and say “thank you so much for this, baby, this means so much to me” and youd smile and kiss his nice plump soft lips and nuzzle your head into his neck where you’d plant small kisses and mumble “you’re welcome” before falling asleep in his arms (ouch)

anon requested: tumblr/internet friends AU

“It’s just a blog, Dean, what’s the worst that could happen?” That’s what Sam said when he convinced Dean to join tumblr. They had gotten into a whole big, dumb argument about how it’s missing the letter E and Dean didn’t think that made any sense, which was his whole basis for not joining. Sam decreed that a bad reason and forced him to at least ‘give it a shot’. So that’s what Dean did, he gave it a shot.

He picked a url with “impala” in it and made a blog. It was pretty boring, because he didn’t know how to make the layout all fancy like other people and frankly, he didn’t care. Then he started following some random blogs that tumblr made him choose from. It was all pretty run of the mill, muscle cars, pictures of pie and other delicious foods, classic rock tribute blogs, the kind of stuff Dean liked. Then he found his way onto some blogs that made gifs of scenes from his favorite movies and it all kind of spiraled out of control after that.

Dean couldn’t even begin to explain how he ended up following Cas’s blog, because he couldn’t remember how he found it, to start with. The guy posted all kinds of stuff, deep poetry, pictures of amazing things in nature, sometimes there’d be a fish for some reason, or bees. He also had interesting taste in music. And then it happened. While doing some meme survey thing, Cas posted a picture of himself, upon request of an anonymous ask. Dean remembers that, because he stopped strolling as soon as he saw it and wondered who the celebrity guy was. When he scrolled back up and saw that Cas posted it and tagged it “gpoy” Dean had to do some googling. It turned out that “gpoy” wasn’t some acronym of a show he hadn’t heard of, it meant that the picture was Cas himself.

The guy was ridiculously hot. 

The two of them had been what Dean learned was called “mutual followers” and they had talked a few times about music. They both reblogged each other’s posts and Dean had kind of figured the two of them to be internet friends, as it were. He had no idea that the interesting guy on the other side of that blue tumblr background was a magnificently attractive man.

He opened up Cas’s blog and read the “about” page once more, checking again exactly how far away this guy lived. It would only be a five hour drive to get to his state. Dean and Sam had gone further for concerts before. It could totally be doable to get there and meet him. Then Dean realized he had to pump the breaks for a second there. So instead he went back to the photo of Cas. He clicked on the little bubble to reply.

“Holy shit, dude.” 

Okay, so it wasn’t his most eloquent reply to a post ever.

It must have worked though, because soon the little “1″ appeared over his inbox icon.

“Is that a good thing?”

He hit reply.

“Holy shit yes it is. Damn, Cas.” Then he clicked on Answer privately.

Dean sat staring at the inbox icon, waiting for a reply. Five minutes later it popped up. He refreshed his inbox. 

“Thanks. :) Hey, do you have skype? You should add me.” 

He did have Skype, because that’s how Dean and Sam kept in touch when Dean was away at college. A reply was sent with his username and email address, because Dean wasn’t entirely sure which Cas would need to add him and wasn’t entirely sure how to do it, himself. Dean could take apart an engine he had never seen before and put it back together no sweat. But he was at a loss using these things like Skype and SnapChat and Instagram. 

A minute later, Skype was making noises and Cas was chatting with him. His profile picture was the same image that Cas had just posted on tumblr. Did he just change it to that? Dean quickly checked his own and cringed when he realized it was a picture of himself making a really dumb face at Sam, when Sam set up his Skype account. Great.

Cas: Cute picture, Dean

Dean: Yeah, yeah. My little brother took it.

Cas: You’re pretty good looking, even when you’re making faces.

Dean: seriously?

Cas: Yes.

Dean: you’re right, I’m not bad

Cas: haha, you should send me a serious one sometime

Dean: really?

Cas: Absolutely.

Dean: I’ll get right on that.

And he did, right that second. What transpired after that wasn’t something Dean would talk about in the most open fashion. There was a surprising amount of flirting, an eventual video chat, lots of laughing and joking around, sharing of music and by the end of the call, they were checking google maps for exactly how many miles away from each other they were. 

Next time Dean spoke to Sam, he might actually thank the kid for telling him about tumblr. Meeting Cas might be worth the week’s worth of gloating from his over-sized little brother.