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♡ ask-the-fighting-yowai ((Love your blog btw!!!))

He will not hesitate, bitch. Also thank you !! <3


Sharing my art with people and have it inspire/cheer them up was something I never thought I would ever be able to do, so thank you

My mom just got back from a business trip to China, and she brought me presents and I love them!


I mean. I’m just saying. It’s not like I was stalking anyone or anything. I only check like, ONCE a day okay maybe more than over the weekend but. I was literally just about to go capslock tonight and say something along the lines of “FOR FUCK’S SAKE PHICHIT UPDATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS”, but I figured I’d check one more time before I throw a tantrum in my blog.

Right. So there we go. I’m chill now. OUR BOY’S IN HELSINKI! (Lmao, that is pretty much the only useful thing about this post I am so sorry.)

To my fellow countrymen whom I thought to rely on during this period wherein we lacked news – really? We are still not over his abs? It’s effing 2017 guys, can you tell me where the boy is first before I get assailed by your thirst in social media jfc I feel so harassed

Bonus! MCM’s planned program for Worlds. Omg good luuuuuuuuck! That 4Lo is haunting me in my sleep is2g, but we’re rooting for you no matter what! 💙💛❤

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5. Into Shadows We Fall?

5: What part was hardest to write? // Into Shadows We Fall

This is actually easy to answer.

Chapter 4 - the sexual assault scene. It was crushingly hard to write, and for a long time, I couldn’t reread it. I couldn’t even reread it to refer back to it while answering comments for a while.

It was a mixture of the challenges of the scene itself (I worried a lot that people wouldn’t find Augus’ change of tack and his using comfort as a form of abuse valid - and honestly I did get like two or three comments/asks to that effect, though thankfully most people saw what I was trying to do and felt the impact), and also real life concerns about making the story that dark. I wanted to do it for myself, but I knew there would be some readers who wouldn’t stay through an event like that, and I questioned myself and second-guessed myself and grilled myself over it for ages.

For a long time I also went back and forth over how far things would go, too. I was pretty blocked on how much Jack should actually experience. I had to ask questions like: ‘what do I realistically think he can recover from in the length of the story? What am I trying to do/achieve? What will his PTSD look like? How will that intersect with Pitch?’ Idk, I angsted a lot over that scene, which meant I’d write two paragraphs and then have to walk away and grit my teeth over it for hours before coming back and writing another two paragraphs etc.

I reread it recently and I actually like the chapter. I mean I don’t like what happens, I just like how I executed it.

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I love Red and all your artwork! Especially loving all those super great sticker designs! Your style is so amazing and satisfying <3 Love them! Cant wait to see the set complete (You should consider doing the DLC companions too!) Love ya~ <3

Thank you so much! ^_^ Oh man, I totally forgot about the DLC companions! :O I really should do them too. I LOVE Ada. <3


I love actual space millennial Cassiopeia “Kitty” Ryder but the clipping on her eyes on some angles sometimes makes it hard to take photos/video of her 8( anyway I’m ~20h in now (I’m trying a thing where I don’t play every available waking hour of the day okay) and I’m having a good time