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Alistair. “Your Private Dining Experience at the Bull’s Head Inn, Kingsburry”
Harry. Gosh, are we having an experience? 

Sucking in a deep breath, Emma flicks her wrist on the exhale and all the delicate buds sway gently, shimmering colors as they wave back and forth like hundreds of metronomes. Carefully, she weaves between the blossoms, lifting the color from one and replacing it with another at whim, until the flowers surrounding her path are nothing but multicolor swirls.

From the first chapter of Wait For the Moonrise by @lifeinahole27 as part of this year’s @captainswanbigbang

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The Signs As Moments I've Come To Know
  • Aries: How it felt to stand outside a venue and wait for a local show to start. The air smelling like cigarette smoke, but the loud music and bustling of the crowd outside somehow seeming just right.
  • Taurus: Late nights inside a friend's house. The way her dog would come sit by me and her kitchen floor had a heating system in it. The sound of her laughter when the pizza guy arrived.
  • Gemini: Sitting in Dunkin Doughnuts till the place was nearly empty. Taking off my shoes and running up and down the perimeter of the store, all while talking to people I knew all too well.
  • Cancer: Christmas morning as a small child. The thrill in my stomach when I could feel the outline of a toy beneath it's wrapping paper, and the disappointment when I pulled clothes out of a box.
  • Leo: Middle school musicals. The sense of togetherness the show would bring. Running and getting cheese fries from next door between rehearsals. The smell of Play Dough hovering in the left wing of the stage.
  • Virgo: Sitting with my best friend in an alleyway after dark. Listening to her play guitar and watching her tune it. Heeding her concerns, remembering her words. And never...ever forgetting them.
  • Libra: The leaves falling from the trees on the first morning of October. The togetherness they form, all atop one another regardless of color or form. The comforting familiarity of the Autumn; the "harvests."
  • Scorpio: Frequently spending time with a boy- a boy who didn't say much, but had blue eyes that could cut through glass with a mere glance. Our friendship. What he taught me, and the wolf-like nature he always carried with him.
  • Sagittarius: The opening of a turbulent Winter. My first encounter with the one I love- or first since the first words we had ever spoken to one another. The spark in my stomach when I realized tonight was another night. The sense of adventure about every corner as blankets of snow covered the Earth which was now mine.
  • Capricorn: Rushing out of school. Practically running across the street and straight into my front door. The triumphant walk to the fridge. The way it felt to take a huge bite of pasta for the first time that day.
  • Aquarius: Sitting in my friend's bathroom and dyeing my hair the color of a galaxy. Washing it out in the tub. The odd feeling of another friend running her toes down my back, and how that made me cringe. The purple-pink ombre which left stains on my hands- but stains I didn't mind one bit.
  • Pisces: Dancing around a movie theater playing Pokemon with those so close to me and only pausing to walk home. Naming my Pikachu, my Ralts, even my Ratata, all after the company I had been so lucky to find.
Vampire Knight {Sentence Starters}
  • "I won't run away anymore, so don't cry."
  • "You are the beginning of my world and everything in that world."
  • "You can eat those. I'm fine with this one."
  • "After we turn around, the next time we see each other, I will kill you."
  • "Shoot me. You're afraid of me, aren't you?"
  • "I want these gentle hands, and this kind smile, even though I should not want such a thing."
  • "It's all right, for now. ____ will eventually come to me."
  • "Both of us understand, but neither of us will say it."
  • "Having to deal with you all running around screaming "kya kya kya kya" every damn day-!"
  • "Why do you always look so sad whenever you're with me?"
  • "Not yet, but that day will eventually come. Kill me by your own hand, then."
  • "I've been afraid that you would hate me if you knew the truth."
  • "Hey, what's your blood type?"
  • "We are doing something that is forbidden. No one must find out about this."
  • "I couldn't tell you the truth before."
  • "Shut up! I'm not afraid of what happened ten years ago."
  • "The world is dyed with the color of blood. It will never be able to go back to the way it was before."
  • "Then why didn't you kill him first? Perhaps you sympathized with him?"
  • "It would be a problem if you die now."
  • "I've let you live this far because you've been useful."
  • "Being like this makes me feel like we've returned to the old days somewhat."
  • "I just want ____ to be able to laugh from his/her heart."
  • "There is no need for you to sacrifice anything."
  • "Sometimes, forgetting is a type of happiness."
  • "I’ve always been alone. The only one that can bring warmth into my life, is you."
  • "You have stopped opening your heart to me."
  • "If my only option I have is to lose you, then I would prefer death instead."

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