i didn't like previous one

[ M I R A N D A ] 🔴 [ B A D A S S . L A D I E S ]

((part of my geometry project))

bonus headcanon: Miranda is going through a serious mental- and physical training because she wants to protect her comrades - her friends. she wants to fight with them. with this training she’s able to raise her syncro-level high enough to reforge her innocence. it looks the same but she can remove the disk from her arm and use it as a weapon. if she throws the disk, sharp blades pop up on the sides and cut everything that comes in it’s way. with this, she can attack and protect at the same time, although it’s tough to do both, so she keep training her body and her mind too. ((Lavi calls her new move ‘the freaky frisbee’))

*slams fists on table* MIRANDA DESERVE MORE LOVE