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The Houses as Teachers I've Had
  • I'm sorry that this is the most steriotypical thing you'll ever read.
  • Ravenclaw: 1. My english lit professor, who always got really excited and would go off on tangents for discussions, leading us all to an existential crisis at least once a week. Likes to pretend he's scary and aggressive when really he's a small walnut who really likes books. Randomly cut me off in a conversation because he decided to teach me how to 'punch men'. Likes to write books where he is always a main character because 'it's easier than actually going outside myself and trying these things out'. Literally trips over everything. 2. Another professor who was literally the king of oversharing and then would say things that were hysterical but would offend people who weren't understanding their irony. When people's logic didn't make sense, he'd keep following it until he twisted it to a humorous outcome. Also gave us all existential crises. Lectured about the correct way to live your life and when I asked what it was he went "hell if I know, I'm only making it up as I go along and hoping that when I die, God doesn't saute me".
  • Slytherin: 1. My high school English teacher. Loved me, hated everyone else, failed people who were shitty in general, favoritism like no other, liked to make people debate things out but didn't have a personal point to prove. Let things slide if she liked you, very sarcastic. If you said something stupid, she would threaten to shove her stiletto heel in your eye socket. Said she only cried once in her life, and it was when she was in college and her Shakespearean Verse teacher had a thick Jamaican accent, and she never knew what was happening. 2. My Spanish teacher from Mexico who was literally so chill all the time, and only disliked like 2 people who were always antagonizing him (he failed them and passed everyone else). Would say and do everything really dramatically and said ZORRO at least once per class. Complained about the price of bananas. Gave up in the last month and just made us watch Jimmy Fallon videos every day because 'Jimmy Fallon is the man'.
  • Gryffindor: 1. Skateboarded into my freshman comp. course every day, forgot to wear pants under dresses that were see-through, would make us read vague philosophical essays that she then used to advance her own personal agendas. Rarely ever taught, mostly just went on tumblr while everyone looked around frantically. Tried to convince us to raise our children genderless by giving them a name like 'turnip' and never telling anyone their sex. 2. History-enthused teacher who used modern analogies to explain american history. Was the most petty man ever, it was perfect. When 'sporty' guys in the class would refuse to participate, he would pull out a small basketball and his wastebasket, and every time they got a question correct on the verbal review, he would let them shoot. Sweet guy in general, would walk people to the nurse, authoritative and honestly ugh I love him he is my son.
  • Hufflepuff: 1. Math teacher who ever Friday brought in some kind of baked good or candy, had little songs she'd dance around the classroom singing, chubby and sweet little woman, really liked Bon Jovi. 2. An advisor I met with once only because I wanted to drop a class that I was failing who sat me down for four hours. She started crying about 6 times, read me a whole bunch of motivational quotes, kept reading excerpts of the bible, and randomly having us pray together
Unspoken rule

A little late to the party but here I am!

A million thanks to @bathtimefunduck for beta reading this.

You don’t mess with Lex Luthor’s group. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows that.

Everyone knows that they rule the school. They are powerful, smart, and liked by the teachers. Since most of them were in seventh year and had to study for their NEWTs, that meant a lot of students kept away from the library in fear of getting on their bad side. But that fear of Lex’s reputation didn’t seem to extend to his own family.

“Hey Lex, isn’t that your little sister?” Max asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey yeah, what is she doing with those freaks?” frowned Rick

Lex turned to look at the table they were pointing at and saw Lena sitting with five other kids of all houses.

That in itself wasn’t so unusual. The Luthor family believed in extending their reach as far as they could, and that was reflected in Lex’s own group of followers. After all, Max was in Ravenclaw, Rick in Hufflepuff, Leslie Willis and Siobhan Smythe were both on Gryffindor, and finally, Lex himself was in Slytherin, just like every Luthor had ever been, Lena included.

What was weird about Lena’s apparent group was that the kids seemed to be from different years, not just different houses, and the range seemed wide. Lex’s only follower who wasn’t in seventh year was Rick, who was in sixth, so Lena’s companions tickled his curiosity.

“Any idea who they are ladies?” he asked.

He knew that Gryffindor’s top bitches, and more importantly, ruthless gossips, Leslie and Siobhan would probably be able to tell him something about them. He wasn’t wrong; the two girls quickly started trying to one-up each other to see who could give him more information.

“That Ravenclaw boy is Winn Schott, he’s a pureblood but his father is in Azkaban for being a blood purist and attacking mudbloods. He’s also the only other second year there other than Lena,” Leslie said.

“The two older girls are in fourth year. The Hufflepuff is Maggie Sawyer, she’s a mudblood, and she’s dating the other Slytherin girl. Alex Danvers is a pureblood, her father was an Unspeakable for the Ministry, and her mother is a famous Potions Master. Alex herself is the most promising Slytherin since you, and she has the best marks in her year, although she’s closely followed by Sawyer,” added Siobhan.

“The two Gryffindors are firsties. Kara Danvers is a mudblood that was adopted by the Danvers recently. No one knows where she came from. I don’t know who the other kid is.”

“That kid is Adrian Rodriguez, mudblood too, and he knew Sawyer before Hogwarts. Something happened at the beginning of the year when he tried to follow Danvers Jr. up to the girls’ dorm rooms and the tower wouldn’t let him up, but I don’t really know the details. I do know he looks up to Sawyer and she considers him sort of a brother,” finished Leslie.

“Okay, anything else ladies? No? …what is it Rick?”

Rick suddenly looked excited, and he gave the two Gryffindors a smug look. “I know something you don’t!”

The girls glared at him, but Lex urged him to continue.

“Okay so, I used to live in the same town as the Danvers, and I was there when the little one showed up. And rumor has it, she’s related to Clark! You remember him right Lex? That older Gryffindor who was always getting in your way for everything till he graduated two years ago?”

“Yes, I remember him,” Lex said angrily, thinking back to his old rival. He turned back to his sister’s table and saw that the two fourth year girls seemed to be leaving in a rush. He turned his attention back to the little blonde girl. “So you’re saying she’s related to Kent? How so?”

“She’s his cousin, apparently.”

“Really now? How do you guys feel about going over there and introducing ourselves to my sister’s friends huh?”

They shared knowing looks and headed for the table with the four remaining kids.

Alex and Maggie hadn’t meant to be gone for long. In fact, they hadn’t even been gone for more than 20 minutes. They had seen Professor J’onzz leave the library and ran out to ask him to let them pair up for next week’s DADA teamwork exercise (“we don’t do well with partners, but I think we make a pretty good team”). On their way back to the library they had gotten a little sidetracked staring at each other, and that had led to some making out in an empty classroom. Eventually though, they started heading back to help their little siblings and their new friends with a transfiguration exercise that Kara and Adrian were having trouble with, and a charms essay that was baffling the second years.

Maggie opened the door to the library and nearly ran into Rick Malvern.

He shoved her aside and laughed “watch where you’re going mudblood! Hey there, Alex, if you’re ever in the mood for some better company than these freaks, you know where to find me.”

“Move Rick,” said Leslie.

Alex and Maggie shuffled to the side and watched Lex’s whole group leave the library.

“Bye ladies,” Max said, giving them a wink as he left.

Lex and the girls did not bother to look at them.

Once they were gone, Alex and Maggie let out the breaths they had been holding and were turning back towards the library when Maggie suddenly stopped short.

“Wait. Why did Rick say ‘freaks’ as in plural?”

The girls exchanged wide-eyed glances and turned as one to run inside. They went straight for their siblings’ table, but they stopped in their tracks when they saw that every single one of the kids was crying. Even Lena, who was trying to hide her tears to comfort Kara while Winn and Adrian hugged each other next to them. Maggie and Alex both started talking at the same time.

“Are you guys okay?”

“What happened?!”

“Was it Lex?”

“Are you hurt?”


A loud sniff cut them off, and they noticed that Winn was shrinking away from their loud voices. They exchanged another look and sat down.

Maggie hugged both Adrian and Winn and asked softly, “Are any of you hurt?”

They waited until all four of them shook their heads before Alex spoke from where she was wrapped around Kara and Lena. “Can you tell us what happened?”

The younger kids exchanged nervous looks, before Lena took a shaky breath and started explaining. “Lex and his friends, they, they came over and started asking questions. They said they just wanted to get to know my friends better but then they got really rude. They made fun of Winn, and they called Adrian names, and then Lex, he… he…”

“He what?” asked Maggie, trying to hold back her fury and indignation.

This time it was Kara’s small voice that answered, “He told me that I better stay out of his way if I know what’s good for me. And then he started insulting Clark, and then…”

“Kara, Kara calm down,” Alex said, stopping her sister before she could work herself and the others into even more of a panic.

Maggie nodded and said, “We get the picture. Come on, get up. We’re all going to the kitchens for a snack and then you can rest in my common room. You’ll be safe there, the rest of the ‘Puffs won’t let Rick near you, and none of the others ever goes there anyways. That all right with you?”

She received nods from Kara, Adrian and Winn, but Lena looked hesitant.

Alex, sitting right next to her, noticed and asked, “what is it Lena?”

Lena looked up at her with wide, scared eyes and whispered, “But it was my fault…”

Kara practically jumped up at that and said, “No it wasn’t! Lex came for me! If anything it’s my fault for bringing attention to the rest of you guys!”

“This was no one’s fault but Lex’s,” Alex interrupted firmly. “It was Lex and Max and Leslie and all of them, they are the problem.”

Maggie quickly nodded her agreement, but instead of commenting further, she got up and helped the boys stand.

“Come on, you’ll feel better after some hot chocolate. All of you will,” she said, looking warmly at Lena.

The group went to the kitchens, where the house elves loaded them with a mountain of snacks and a silver tray with never ending cups and hot chocolate. After that they headed for the Hufflepuff common room, where they went straight for the warmest, coziest corner, and settled on the couches. A few other ‘Puffs gave them curious looks, but a firm glare from Alex kept them away.

All of them except for James Olsen, a fifth year who was good friends with Maggie, and who approached the fourth years looking concerned. “What happened?”

“Lex and his gang happened,” answered Maggie.

“What did those idiots do this time?” asked a new voice behind James.

The three of them turned around and saw Lucy Lane, James’ sixth year Gryffindor girlfriend.

“Are they seriously picking on first and second years now? How low can they get?”

“Way too low apparently” Alex said darkly. She looked up and locked eyes with Maggie. She subtly pointed at James and Lucy with her head, and Maggie nodded slightly. Then she turned towards the older couple and asked “Hey guys, do you mind staying with the kids for a bit? We need to go back to the library for a minute. With everything that happened, Maggie and I didn’t have time to check out a book we need for our potions essay and we don’t want to leave them alone.”

“A book? Really?” asked James with an arched brow.

“Yup, a book. We really need it or Slughorn is gonna fail us,” Maggie jumped in to say.

“Seriously Sawyer? Danvers here is the kid of a potions master,” said Lucy, unconvinced.

“Ugh, don’t remind me. That only means that the teachers have higher expectations of me than they have of the rest of the class. If we do anything other than perfect he’s gonna fail us, or worse, my mom will find out!”

“You need to sort out your priorities.”

“You clearly don’t know my mom.”

“OKAY, let’s get back on track. Guys, we’re really just getting a book. Can you watch the kids or not?”

“Yeah, sure. Go. We won’t let anything else happen to them. You are really just getting a book right?” asked James, still unconvinced.


“Of course.”

“Fine. Don’t take too long!”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Thanks guys.”

Alex and Maggie left. Upon exiting the room, they turned to share a look.

“We are not going to get a book are we?”

“Of course not.”

“I just want to point out that they’re five seventh years and we’re just two fourth years.”

“Technically, Rick is a sixth year”

“You know what I mean”

“You don’t have to come with me you know?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re ride or die, Danvers.”

Finding Lex’s gang hadn’t been hard. Back when she was a first year, muggleborn Maggie had been captivated by everything at Hogwarts. She had always been polite and nice to the portraits, the ghosts, the suits of armor, the owls, and anything else that seemed even remotely sentient. (“They may seem different from us, but who am I to say that they’re too different? Is there even such a thing as too different?”) Because of that, she had a lot of unusual friends in the castle. Alex privately thought that the castle itself liked her (and how could it not? She was smart, tough, and so, so beautiful). It only took a few minutes of asking around to find out that Lex and his friends were in an empty classroom in the third floor. Luckily there was a portrait in the room that agreed to tell the girls where every older student was, and what they were doing. With that, the two girls made a plan and got ready to bust in and take as many of them out as they could.

“Last chance to back down Danvers. Are you sure?”

“Let’s do this. I’m okay if you are”

“Nobody touches my family”

“My thoughts exactly”

“On three?”

“One, two…”

At that exact moment, Mr. Filch was walking down another corridor in the same floor. When he heard a loud explosion, he brandished his broom like a weapon and ran towards the noise that was steadily growing louder. He saw smoke coming from a door at the end of the corridor, and in anticipation to catch a few students red-handed, he charged right in. what he saw in there was pure chaos. Spells and debris were flying everywhere, two girls were crouched down behind an upturned desk, shooting spells and hexes at two older boys and a girl that had taken cover on the other side of the room. Two more older students were sprawled on the floor not moving. As he watched, one of the young girls, a Hufflepuff based on her tie, started trading spells with the two other boys and turned her back on the older girl. The Gryffindor immediately sent a spell at her back.

However, just as Filch was starting to shake his broom and yell for them to “STOP THIS NONSENSE IMMEDIATELY…” the other young girl deflected the spell coming at her friend’s back and unintentionally redirected it at Filch.

The last thing he saw was a flash of red light before everything went black.

It didn’t take long for the story to make its way around Hogwarts rumor mill. By the next day, poor Kara was absolutely frantic, and she ran to find James hoping to get some answers.

“Madam Pomfrey won’t let me see Alex!”

“Kara, what are you talking about?”

“Haven’t you heard? Two fourth years attacked four seventh years and a sixth year, and all seven students plus Mr. Filch ended up on the hospital wing. Nearly-headless Nick says a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were the most injured, and they’re still in the hospital!”

“Okay Kara, calm down…”

“Don’t you tell me to calm down! I need to see my sister!”


“She was such a dummy! Why would she do something like that!”


“And Maggie too, they could have gotten seriously hurt! They probably did get seriously hurt! and…”

“Geez little Danvers, nice to know you have such faith in our abilities”

“Not now Maggie. What if they had to be sent to St. Mungo’s and… hold on, MAGGIE?!”

Kara turned around to see both Alex and Maggie walk up to her. Covered in bandages and limping a little, but with huge smiles in their faces.

“What… how… but Nick said…”

“That a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were still in the hospital wing? Yeah, we may or may not have gone a little hard on Rick and Lex.”

“But… they’re seventh years…”

“Yeah kid, but they messed with our family,” Maggie said.

The story spread like a fire. The fight was something everyone was talking about for days. The rumors kept getting crazier and crazier with every retelling. But one thing was clear:

You don’t mess with Alex and Maggie’s family. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows it.

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I was in the library today and there were these girls huddled around a computer so the librarian asked me to check if they were doing work (I didn't really care if they were or not but I was a bit curious too) and they were reading Impossible Year as some grade 9 English assignment so I just wanted to let you know you've reached a level where teachers approve your work for assignments and not even most books get that kind of achievement at my school




are you…??? are you serious??? that they were reading my fic at school??? WHY?? WHAT WAS THE PROJECT?? I’M SO CURIOUS I NEED MORE INFORMATION

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I'm sorry to interrupt, but my two cents. From the beginning I was OK with the idea that those rings were not actual engagement rings. I understand that Yuuri didn't mean it. But therefore there was no need for Victor to make a comment about their wedding. The creators constantly put them on 'different pages' and THIS is what bothers me. Sorry my English is really bad I hope you understand. And I want to know your opinion ;;

Hello and sorry for the late reply! My opinion regarding what Victor said about the wedding/engagement is included in my last post about the exchange of the rings (the one before this). Also, I actually think that Yuuri and Victor are often on “different pages” even within the show. I mean, there are a lot of misunderstandings between them, that in many cases could be fixed easily if they talked more about things. I think they do talk a lot (well they’re together almost 24/7) but probably not about the most important topics…

For example, Yuuri has been thinking that this would be his last season for basically the whole time, yet Victor never seemed to have that idea, which means that of course Yuuri never told him that until the end of episode 11. At the same time one of the reasons Yuuri got the impression that Victor wanted to return to the ice when he saw him watch other athletes’ performances is probably that Victor also never shared with Yuuri all his musings about his own career. Though I think that Victor had many changes of heart during the course of the series and might have preferred not to “bother” Yuuri with them since Yuuri is already anxious by nature. At the same time Yuuri has low self-esteem so he probably thinks his issues are his issues and he shouldn’t waste other people’s time with them. It’s like they are both trying to do something good for the other but failing at it because they’re using the wrong approach…

So what I mean to say is that, it makes sense that they sound like that in creators’ interviews because from what happens in the series it really looks like they do have communication issues.

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Yes that's the problem haha I didn't know how to word it. Im worried I'm pronouncing everything wrong !

When о is not under the stress, it sounds like а. Here you can find other Russian rules of reading.

When in doubts, check Forvo, the Pronunciation guide. Before Forvo, my husband and I often argued how to pronounce this or that word in English. We both love languages, so our debates were pretty passionate. Now we always check Forvo first - no more argues :) 

Seriously - Forvo is a wonderful multilingual pronunciation dictionary with lots of regional variations for each language. 

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I'm in English class writing poetry everyday. Our assignment is to write about those who broke your heart and how you could still love them afterwards. I was wondering how you would write that because your poetry is so beautiful and hits every emotion on the spot.

It wasn't your fault -I keep saying that to myself. I gave you my heart and you just didn't know what to do with it, how to love it. It was my fault that I loved you that much and that you were the whole world for me… I just couldn’t imagine anybody else to be it. It was my fault that I used to call you at 3 A.M. just so I could listen to your breathing while you were asleep. It is my fault that I still miss and love every single memory that we ever made together, but I can’t love you anymore because you are not here for me to love you. You are not mine anymore and yes that is also my fault.

P.S. This is how I would write it because this is how my feelings are expressing themselves but please do not ever blame yourself because you did nothing less than loving and carrying and you deserved just the same.

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Do you know why the English lines were sometimes kept in for the dubs? Like, when Knuckles says "HORA HORA HORA" while digging, or Eggman says "Yossh" when petting chao. I didn't think much of it as a kid but now that I know the language it's so jarring.

Sonic Adventure 2′s localisation is just terrible. One of the guys who worked on the translation (Klayton Vorlick) also worked on the one for Skies of Arcadia, which I hear was similarly mangled.

I’m not sure how nobody thought of translating the sound effects though. Ryan Drummond screaming Teria should’ve been obvious!

So I’m doing my final project for my English class right and and it’s a poetry portfolio so I’m doing an experimental poem where I took a very well known poem and translated it into 10 languages and then back to English. I used the road not taken by Robert frost and somehow one of the lines ended up reading ‘these facts are not registered in your house right now’ and every time I look at that line I start laughing again

  • mENTP: I was born in London
  • ISFP: Is that why you can do an English accent so well!?
  • mENTP: Naturally
  • ISFP: How come I didn't know this?
  • mENTP: *shrugs*
  • -later-
  • fENTP: So were you really born in London?
  • mENTP: No of course not
  • fENTP: Okay... So ISFP still believes you were? Why did you say that?
  • mENTP: I had to have a reason for why I can do my best accent so well!!!
Story time

So we have this system at our school where when a staff member thinks you’re doing something really nice or working really hard or whatever they can give you what we call a respect ticket and then you drop it off at the main office with your name on it and it’s entered into a raffle where you can win prizes like concert or event tickets or gift cards and stuff and so today I was in my English class which is my favorite class with my favorite teacher and we are working on our essays and literally the entire class I was listening to music and furiously trying to type the lyrics as they were playing in my ear because that’s a hard thing to do and I really wasn’t feeling actually doing work today and towards the end of class she comes over and gives me a respect ticket and she’s like you looked like you were working really hard today good job.
I was literally vigorously typing song lyrics the whole time and I wasn’t even trying to make it look like I was working
I did no work at all whatsoever

Ian Malcolm [Sentence Starters]
  • "Oooh, ahhh, that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming."
  • "You might show a little more respect, the man saved our lives by giving his."
  • "I'll tell you what you need, a good anti-psychotic!"
  • "No, you'll be back in five or six pieces!"
  • "Mommy's very angry."
  • "Yeah, but, ____, if The Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists."
  • "Yeah, three double cheeseburgers with everything!"
  • "Why don't people listen to me? I use plain and simple English, I don't have any accent that I'm aware of..."
  • "Just follow the screams."
  • "God help us, we're in the hands of engineers."
  • "No, you're making all new ones."
  • "Don't you mean extinct?"
  • "It's so important to your future that you not finish that sentence."
  • "Stories of mutilation and death. Were you paying attention?"
  • "So you went from capitalist to naturalist in just 4 years. That's something."
  • "Yeah, I know. They're a lot worse."
  • "You didn't earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don't take any responsibility for it."
  • "What you call discovery, I call the rape of the natural world."
  • "Hey, you want some good parental advice? Don't listen to me."
  • "_____ is the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas. And I'm gonna be there when you learn that."
  • "Gee, the lack of humility before nature that's being displayed here, uh... staggers me."
  • "I mean, it's not your fault. They say talent skips a generation. So, I'm sure your kids will be sharp as tacks."
  • "It's fine if you wanna put your name on something but stop putting it on other people's headstones."
  • "We should've stayed in the damn car."
  • "I'm taking the kid. If you really want to stop us, shoot us."
  • "No, I'm not mad - I'm furious!"
  • "The queen, the goddess, my inspiration."
  • "Cruel, but good word use."
  • "Hang on, this is gonna be bad."

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was it hard to choose a major in collegue? why didnt u choose something related to english/languages?

that is something I ask myself every single day ahaha… but anyway, I am latina, and I think those who have latino parents will understand when I say that the pressure they put on you / what they expect of you is insane. we tend to be very family driven and making our family proud tends to be a big deal (in most cases, at least) and I remember seeing their unimpressed faces when I considered choosing something related to english, so I immediately discarded it despite how I felt about it. now I know better, of course, but at the time I was still a lost teenager who just wanted to impress her family, and engineering seemed like something impressive enough, even if I only felt very meh about it ^^” I still love science though! I’m just not.. passionate about engineering lol

Anonymously message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

Jun ▶️ Sho

If we’re talking about 2016′s Sakurai-san’s, it should be Rio Olympics!

Even during arena tour, I’m sure there were many things that he had to study for, things he had to remember.

Once the live ended, he had to go to Rio to report… Just thinking about it, I know it’s really tough.

Of course I didn’t actually see him study.

Moreover, I’m not him so I probably don’t know the truth.

But because he’s Sakurai-san, he definitely enjoyed doing it, I think.

Oh and also, I have received souvenir from Rio (laughs).

Thanks so much for the beach sandals.

Also, thank you for the hard work!

Jun ◀️ Sho

When Matsujun came as a guest for Sakurai Ariyoshi The Yakai, he bought a bonsai.

When I heard that he really used it as a decoration, I was happy.

Even though it was planned for the TV program, the fact that he really bought it, I as well but I think the staff too, were happy.

Then, the concerts.

Including the meetings the rest of us didn’t see, and while shooting for a drama, creating the arena tour at the same time, it must have been very tough.

I thought it was very amazing.


Pairing: Reader X Taehyung
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Words: 3151 

Summary: She was a foreigner and he, who doesn’t speak her language, communicates with her by getting her, her favourite drink – Caramel Macchiato.

“Uhm, actually I don’t speak English. Sorry.”

Those were the words he said when you first met him.

You sat at the table next to the window while taking small sips of your warm caramel macchiato, lightly tapping your fingers on the table and looking out onto the busy streets of Myeongdong. It was around the same time of the year when you met him 5 years ago. It was during summer and it was raining heavily outside when you bumped into him.

“Excuse me, sorry, coming through!” You bowed politely to the people around you while trying to make it across the street before the traffic light turns red.

Just then, a stranger opened his umbrella in your face as he was exiting a shop, causing you to drop the laptop and Korean grammar books you were holding on to and fall flat on your ass. “Oh my God I’m so sorry are you ok is your umbrella ok?” You said in one breath while bending down to pick up your belongings before they were soaked.

“I’m sorry and… Uhm actually, I don’t speak English. Sorry.” was the only thing he said before he broke into a boxy grin.

**Then what language are you speaking right now??**

“Are you ok? Is your laptop ok?” He asked in Korean, while pulling you next to him, under his umbrella with one hand, and wiping the raindrops off your half-drenched coat with his other hand.

You nodded slowly, not really sure how you should respond (especially with your limited knowledge of the Korean language). Sure, you understood what he was saying, but you just didn't know how to reply to him in Korean.

“Are you going to the café?” He looked at you and pointed to the café across the street and you nodded again. He then slung his arm over your shoulder to keep you out of the rain and walked you to the entrance of the café.

Just when you thought he was going to leave after dropping you off at the café, he lightly pushed the door open and led you into the shop and took you to the seat next to the window.

“What would you like to drink?” He shrugged his coat off and sat down opposite you, handing you the menu once he settled down in his seat.

“It’ll be my treat, as an apology for umm.. opening my umbrella in your face.”

At this point, you had to admit that this boy, was pretty charming and he had the brightest smile you've ever seen.

“Um. Hello? I've already thought of what I want to drink, caramel macchiato!” He chimed and started waving his hands in front of your face after you ignored his question. You bowed a little before taking the menu.

“Two caramel macchiatos please, thank you” you handed the menus back to the waiter and turned back to the boy, only to be greeted with a cheeky smile.

“You sound like a native speaker, not bad.” He commented, the smile still plastered across his face.

Did I mention that he had the most amazing skin?

“Ah… T-thank you” You stuttered and smiled back, trying your best not to look like a creep.

“My name is Taehyung, what about you?” Taehyung held his hand out.

“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.” You took Taehyung’s hand in yours slowly and shook it.

Having moved to a foreign land filled with people who didn’t speak your language for college scared you a little… okay, maybe a lot, but everything changed when you met him. You met him at the café everyday afterschool and he would help you with learning Korean.

“No no, not like that” Taehyung giggled and hit you with the pencil he was holding in his hand. You frowned while rubbing the spot he hit you and kicked his shin under the table. “What’s wrong? 10 is pronounced as “십” and 8 is “팔” so isn't it  “십팔”?” (sib pal) 

“”십팔” sounds like “씨발(ssibal – fuck you) and that’s a bad word” He paused, trying to catch his breath before he continued laughing. “We usually say 열여 ”” (yeolyo dol)

“Stop laughing.” You glared at him playfully and wrote down the new word that he taught you on your notebook as he ruffled your hair.

Your personality clicked with him so well you found yourself hanging out with him every day, even on weekends and you learnt so much about him through the months, like how he didn’t like Americanos because they were “just bitter and watered down coffee” and how he always bit the insides of his cheeks when he was thinking or the way he furrows his eyebrows when he’s studying. You also found out that his house was only 5 minutes away from yours and you would always hang out at his place over the weekends to study and to play with his younger siblings.

“Noona do you like hyung?” You were playing hide and seek with Taehyung and his younger siblings – Taebin and Eunmi when he suddenly asked you the question. Taehyung was the “seeker” and all three of you hid behind the bushes in the backyard. “Eonnie, you like Taetae oppa, right?” You looked at two of them, a little taken aback but you managed to put on a playful grin and tickled Eunmi and Taebin.”Why do you ask that?” You pinched Eunmi’s cheeks and Taebin giggled a little before replying on Eunmi’s behalf “Because hyung talks about you to eomma all the time!” You blushed a little and continued attacking them with tickles.  Soon, the both of them burst out in laughter while trying to run away from you but you hugged them and tried to shush them. “Eunmi ah, oppa is going to find us if you are making so much noise!”

“HA HA HA! I FOUND YOU!” Taehyung came running towards us and swooped both Taebin and Eunmi up in his arms while grinning ear to ear.

“Taetae oppa, do you like Y/N Eonnie?” Eunmi asked while giggling in Taehyung’s arm.

Taehyung was your best friend, he was always there to encourage you when you felt like giving up and you could count on him. Once, he even thought that you had a crush on his good friend Jimin and he set the both of you up on a date.

“Y/N, you never told me you had a crush on Jiminie???” Taehyung sat on the sofa while looking at you with an unreadable expression which soon turned into a fit of giggles.

“Me? No I don’t.” You look at him, obviously unamused by his random assumption.

“Why not? Jimin is cute, and handsome and…” He paused, realising that you weren't even listening.

“Ayyyyyy, you don’t have to lie to me, I’m your bestf-friend right?” He choked a little at the word but you were too busy with your school work to notice him stuttering.

“I don’t.” You answered simply and he plopped down onto the floor next to you.

“Well too bad you’re going on a date with him tomorrow at COEX mall.” He laughed a little before turning away to walk to the kitchen.

“Yah Kim Taehyung I don’t like Park Jimin!” You whined and he just smiled to himself.

You grew closer to Taehyung day by day and soon, the relationship between you two became more than just a pure friendship. Both of you started to develop feelings for each other.

“Y/N-ah, are you busy tomorrow?” You could tell that he was nervous and was fidgeting at the other end of the phone call by the speed in which he was speaking at.

“I don’t think so, why?” You asked and prayed in your head that he would finally take the first step to ask you out on an actual date.

The line went silent for what seemed to be a good 2 minutes before both of you spoke at the same time.

“You go first.” You prompted him and he inhaled sharply before letting out a shaky breath.

“What is the 9th alphabet in the ABC song?”

“What?” You asked, confused.

“What is the 9th alpha…” Taehyung started again but you cut him off.

“Yeah I heard you. Its “I”, what’s this about, Tae?”

“Just go along with it please.” Taehyung paused for 3 seconds and continued.

“When you see a post on Facebook that interests you, what do you do?”

“Like it?” You answered, still not sure what he’s up to.

“Right. Who is Kim Taehyung?”

“You???” Your voice went up 3 octaves because of your confusion.

“Ok, can you repeat all three answers in a sentence now?” You could tell that he was practically holding his breath while waiting for your answer.

“I like it you.” You answered simply and he clicked his tongue, obviously annoyed.

“Yah, its I LIKE YOU, stupid.” He paused again and you interrupted the silence.

“I was going to say something before you did.”

“What?” Taehyung asked, disappointment evident in his tone.

“I wanted to tell you that…” You spoke slowly, teasing him.

“Yah, say it quick.” He started whining like a baby dinosaur and you laughed.

“Kim Taehyung, I like you too.”

And that’s how it all started.

You closed your eyes while reminiscing the good old times with him when you felt a gush of humid summer wind rush through the café as a customer opened the door. You picked up your now empty cup and walked to the cashier, ready to take the orders the customer had.

“Can I have 2 caramel macchiatos please?”

“2 caramel macchiatos” You repeated while smiling, keying the customer’s order into the computer.

You made your way to the bar next to the cashier and started pouring the milk into the pitcher, still deep in your thoughts.

You’d like to see yourself as the milk in a caramel macchiato. It has the most neutral taste in the drink; almost boring, but it brings the espresso and the syrups together, creating a nice and well balanced taste. Likewise, having the most neutral taste in the drink, it relies on other components like the syrups to bring out its flavour, and Taehyung, was the caramel syrup that added sweetness and “taste” in your life.

“I really like it here.” You sat at the café both of you frequented; even the owner of the café knew the both of you and gave you discounts whenever you bought a drink.

“Me too! We should open a café when we grow old and we can let our children be the baristas!” Taehyung held your hand in his and you could see his eyes sparkling under the sunlight as he spoke with enthusiasm.

“Woah hold on there mister, I never agreed to get married to you. And is this a proposal? Where’s the sincerity?” You stifled a laugh that threatened to escape your throat and poked his sides but he just smirked.

“I know you’ll get married to me, you’ll see. We’ll have a daughter named Sebyul and a son named Jungkook.” He clasped his together and placed them under his chin while staring at the ceiling, smiling at the thought of starting a family with the love of his life.

“I like the name Jungkook.” You laughed and continued talking about your dreams and his dreams in that café, where you first met him. He filled your life with dreams, hope and love and you loved him. No, you still love him, and you knew he loved you too

Once the milk was ready, you poured it into the little cardboard cups carefully before proceeding to pull the espresso shots.

Your relationship with Taehyung was like an espresso shot.

It was perfect at first, just like a perfect shot – foamy crema, followed by the body, and then the heart. It was sweet and intense.

But similar to an espresso shot, it becomes bitter when its being left out for too long, and that’s exactly what happened to the both of you.

“What do you mean that we have to break up and you have no choice?” You questioned, letting anger take over you.

“Kim Taehyung, how can you just give up on a relationship that lasted for 3 years without even trying?” You weren't thinking straight, just letting whatever that came to your mind spill out of your mouth like venom.

“Y/N, you know I tried, but this is the entertainment industry we are talking about. There are going to be rumours and rumours will soon start scandals and I'm just protecting you!” You knew Taehyung was right, but the anger and emotions you were feeling at the point of time had the better of you.

“Protecting me?” You scoffed and rolled your eyes, fists balled up at your sides while trying your best to keep your anger in.

“You mean protecting yourself and your career, am I right?” tears started welling up in your eyes but you willed yourself not to cry in front of Taehyung.

Both of you knew this was going nowhere and you knew very well that you were being irrational. You promised him that you’ll support him, his dreams and in everything he does when he told you that he wanted to be a singer, you were more than happy. And when he told you that he passed the audition, both of you had a huge celebration, together with his family. And then he told you that he had to move out to the dorms, you were disappointed at first, but you knew it was necessary, and you reminded him to not overwork himself, and to have his meals regularly.

Then now, he wants to break up. You knew you were being selfish for wanting him to stay by your side, but you loved him. Heck you still do.

You said that you’ll support his dreams and you weren't going go back on your words now.

You lifted your head to meet his gaze, only to be greeted by his pained expression, tears threatening to roll down his face, the face you were going to miss waking up next to every morning. The face you run home every day after school to, the face that gives you comfort in your darkest times.

“I…” You started to talk but you choked on your tears. You looked away for a moment before continuing.

“I wish you good luck on your career, I said that I will support you in everything that you do and…” You hiccuped and let a tear slip from your eyes before wiping it away with the back of your hand quickly.

You were about to continue but Taehyung cupped your face in his hands and wiped the tears that were now streaming down your face with his thumbs and kissed your forehead lightly, his lips trembling as its came in contact with your skin.

“Don’t cry. You know that I still love you. We’ll meet again soon, right?” He asked but you just forced a smile before turning on your heels, leaving him in the middle of the living room of your shared apartment, not looking back as you closed the door behind you.

You let the tears that you were holding back fall freely once you walked out of the apartment, and the cold December wind hit your face. It felt like you were being slapped by the harsh reality, but the pain soon turned into numbness.

You’ve always heard of stories of how people forget about where they came from after gaining fame, they forget about the people who helped them get to where they are, the people who they once loved, because all that mattered to them was money and fame. And you prayed with all your heart that Taehyung would be an exception.

“Don’t cry. You know that I still love you. We’ll meet again soon, right?”

It has been 2 years since the break up. You didn’t receive any texts, or calls from him. You thought you were able to move on but you were so wrong. How could you possibly move on from someone who you shared and even planned your future with?

You found yourself going to the café even more frequently than you did when you were dating Taehyung. The owner even knew about your breakup and no he didn’t give you extra discount out of pity but he promised that he would keep an eye out for Taehyung and tell you if he saw him, but you rejected his offer.

“Y/N, I am going back to Busan next week to be with my family, so I’m closing down the café…” The owner of the café told you, and you just looked at him in surprise, then you thought of an idea.

“Mr Shin, can I buy over the café? I mean, I made so many memories here and I’ll miss it so much…”

You bought the café and Mr Shin allowed you to pay him in instalments, considering the fact that you were his customer for the past 5 years. This place held too many memories you shared with Taehyung. It was where you first met him (Across the street, but close enough) it was where he taught you Korean every day after school, it was also where you had your first, and last date with him, both, over a cup of caramel macchiato.

You were too engrossed in your thoughts you didn’t even realise that you were done with the drinks and standing there, with a bitter smile hanging on your face while the customer was calling for you.

You walked to the counter, eyes still on the two cups of warm drinks in your hands as you handed them to the customer, but he only took one.

“The other one’s for you.”

Maybe if you hadn’t been so caught up in your thoughts you would’ve noticed that his voice was so familiar, the voice that sang you to sleep whenever you couldn’t fall asleep, the voice that you yearned to hear after a long and tiring day at school.

You weren’t ready to face him, but you looked up to see his face that you missed so much.

“How are you, Y/N-ah? I told you we’d meet again right?” His iconic rectangular smile flashed on his face.

“I missed you.” He said, and frowned when you didn’t respond.

“Yah. Aren’t you gonna say something at least?” He pouted cutely and you smacked his head.

“I missed you too.” You smiled and walked out of the counter and he pulled you into a hug which seemed to last forever.

Taehyung broke the silence while poking your cheeks playfully.

“So are we still gonna have barista kids Sebyul and Jungkook?”

[A/N]: Ok I lied about the word count for this scenario hahahah. It’s 3.1K, Not 2.7K. OOPS SORRY. 

Anyway, i really hope that you guys would enjoy this scenario (i spent a long long long time drafting and writing and typing and editing it) and I’m kinda proud of myself even though it probably sucked so badly. 

Tell me what you think about this story and maybe, (just maybe) I’ll write more in the future ;)


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The General Rules Of Existence

Artist: scofflawn (Art here!)
Beta: Eilie (I’m not so sure I should put their email here, but I’m sorry I’m so bad at keeping in touch!)
Word count: 14k
Rating: R
Warnings: slight smut
Summary: Dan is a complete mystery and Phil is background noise, And everyone just wants to escape the dead-end town they grew up in. High-school-ish AU.
Author’s Notes: Thank you for your patience, I hope this somehow makes up for my months of absence <3

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hawkwidow36  asked:

I know you overall didn't like high school (loved the vid btw), but I was wondering if there was anything you remember from high school that makes you happy. Or any point in your school life. Like maybe a performance? Thanks and have a wonderful day!

oh absolutely!! my two favorite things about high school were doing speech and debate and being in the drama club. loads of good memories from those things. also, i had two incredible english teachers that i still keep in touch with so. it definitely wasn’t all bad. :-)

anonymous asked:

I wonder if you can make a little scenario where the gf of Akashi tells him that her period didn't came and they discover together she is pregnant? Something cute please? thanks ;u; and sorry for my bad english

Of course (^_^)d and no problem. Your English is perfectly fine. Here it comes~

The last week was weird and confusing to the red haired former Teiko Captain. He didn’t know if he should send his girlfriend to hospital or not, when she kept waking up in the morning, running to the bathroom and the rest of the day feeling unusually sick or happy. Feelings were changing from one minute to another. One moment she was tried and all she wanted was to sleep and then the next moment she wanted to go to the swimming pool.

Akashi had no idea what to do, but [Name] did know.

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So this is a masterlist of both male and female names that you could actually hear in Russia. Those are the names that i've heard at least once and know for sure that people do use that name here(i, myself, am russian and i live in Russia my whole life). 60 female names and 41 male names. Sorry for any repeats. I'm notsaying all of those were originally Russian, but people do use them. I'm sorry if i wrote some of them in some weird way but for some i really didn't knew how to write them on english. Feel free to ask questions about those. Like/reblog if this was helpful!

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#137 Urges..
  • Louis: ...to touch you. He always has to touch you, whether it's just grazing your arm or full on curling himself into your body. There has to be something or he can't handle himself. You pull him to you in such a way that it hurts to look at you. And he wonders how he got so lucky, because you're so beautiful, and when he slides his hands around your waist, your cheeks tint a bright pink.
  • Niall: ....to cuddle. Niall has always loved to cuddle with you. His hands spread on your stomach, while your hair filled his nostrels, but they smelled like apples so he didn't mind. He wore as least as possible, which ended to be just basketball shorts. His legs slowly tangling with yours under the thick duvet, he'll sigh happily, sometimes pecking the back of your neck because he just loves this moment.
  • Harry: ....to remind you how beautiful you are. Just like every girl, you never actually believed the stupid little white lie that goes, "You're absolutely beautiful to me." Because quite honestly it wasn't true. "You're beautiful." He murmured against your lips, slightly grazing his teeth across your ear lobe. "Shut up." You pushed him off, trying to watch the program on the tv. "Not until you believe it." His bottom lip sprung out. Scooting closer to you once again. Placing his lips right by your ear, slowly sucking every fibre below your ear before whispering, once again. "You're so beautiful."
  • Zayn: ......to have sex with you. It was just the way you presented yourself, always. I mean he didn't even know your name. Just your ass in tight jeans and your breast. Which he had never seen before, but god damn he could imagine what they would look like underneath your close. And god, he was stalker he really was. Slowly undressing you with his eyes across the classroom in some English class that he has to take but he was on the edge of his teeth, mostly because he couldn't keep his eyes off you. Totally entranced in everything you were and yeah, sex with you sounded fantastic.
  • Liam: .....to kiss you. Yes, you were his absolute best friends but here you were with swollen pink lips that were always glazed with Chapstick or spit. Either one, and his eyes would never leave your lip. The way they mumbled embarrassing confessions or in the middle of the night. The only light was illuminating from the tv that caught the glint again making them look dark red. He just wanted to kiss you so bad. To feel such full, plush lips on his, and he could feel the butterflies erupt in his stomach just thinking about it.