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Turn: Washinton’s Spies + Greek Gods

Greek || Egyptian || Roman

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@ all my mutuals. I will never reblog one of those “the person I reblogged this from is beautiful” or “reblog this if you actually enjoy following me” posts because I hate them..so much. But please know that you are all beautiful and of course I enjoy following you!!

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question about the post u reblogged about racism in writing: what did jkr do? i genuinely dont know sorry skdjdh

i mean just like generally the issue of house elves being a stand in for enslaved people but the house elves just naturally want to do work + serve and have attributes that make them more likely to be in service positions (which, if you take that as a metaphor for black people who were enslaved ,,, YikeS), the allegories in the fantastic beasts films with muggles and nazism where the muggles actually did hunt down and kill wizards, so the wizards (the nazi gridlewald wizards) technically have a reason to want to subjugate muggles + muggle borns (the jewish people in this allegory) - for more on that you should listen to the episodes about fantastic beasts from @ohwitchplease (a fortnightly podcast where two professors read harry potter with a critical lense and also make me laugh a lot). really you can listen to all of their podcast episodes they’re great.

there’s also this which isn’t quite the same but still: http://nativeappropriations.com/2016/03/magic-in-north-america-part-1-ugh.html

plus i can get into a LOT more with jkr and how she continues to ride a train of bullshit. like remus lupin’s werewolfism being an allegory for people who are hiv+ is the result of a man who has that disease literally breaking into a child’s window and physically assaulting him. or her bullshit on people with disabilities in the wizarding world. or her fetishizing one of the only black characters (who is a CHILD) in the series. or like her weird white feminism which is even pseudo white feminism and can barely meet the lowest of bars. and i’m probably forgetting a myriad of others but anyway these are not new things or even sometimes specific instances from her she just REFUSES to ever admit she’s in the wrong or could have handled things better which is why she just constantly irks me lmao

Until Dawn Headcannons
  • Update #2
  • Matt: To me he seems like the kind of guy who adores Marvel/DC/ Superhero movies. Why? I have no idea. But I can't help but imagine him at Halloween being the most excited (behind Josh of course) and just dressing up as whatever superhero he can think of. Ever since he was a child he's been doing it and can even talk the others into joining him in a group costume sort of thing. (Ex: Mike as Batman, Matt as Robin, Emily as Catwoman, Jessica as Harley Quinn, Josh as The Joker, Chris as Riddler, and Ashley as Poison Ivy) On his Tumblr is ALL SUPERHEO stuff. Not even kidding either. (Some can be other funny stuff, but mostly Superheros.) He reblogs a lot of Chris' stuff and Jessica's.
  • Bonus: Total dog person. Power bottom. Tall (5'11)
  • Chris: We all know Chris is a huge nerdy boy who can't get off his phone to save his life. So I think he has a Tumblr (Let's say they all do actually). He's the one who secretly has one, no one knows he has one, but they all follow him without realizing it and always try to talk him into getting one so they all can follow him. He just rolls his eyes and says 'Maybe some time bro.' And they never once find out he has one. On this he reblogs the shit out nerdy stuff he likes (Video games, TV shows, Movies, etc.) and a lot of relationship bull crap that he insists is he thinks is stupid but has a secret love for corny/cheesey things and because of this blog he reblogs a LOT of it.
  • Bonus: He is SO a Dog Person. And I could see him a bit on the chubbier side, just not like, huge. Tall (6'2)
  • Josh: Just like Matt he adores Halloween, maybe a bit more than Matt. By a bit more I mean he goes crazy when it comes to decorating and his entire house becomes one huge haunted house every year and he pays people to actually hide around his huge house and scare people in the middle of one of his infamous Halloween parties. Sometimes he gets so into decorating that he actually forgets to dress up once October 31st comes and goes to get a last minute costume that he always somehow, in such little time, makes look fabulous, even more than Chris's which is usually just cardboard on his chest and he calls himself a knight, so it's easy to outdo him. Hard to outdo Jessica and Emily though, they both go all out. Josh's Tumblr is just full of Halloween shit all year round with the occasional favorite TV show posts/Couples. (Hannigram 5ever)
  • Bonus: He is SO a Cat Person. And I can see him being slighter taller and thin. Also; Power Bottom/Top. Tall (6'4)
  • Jessica: We all know that Jessica is the Queen B, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, all that. SO of COURSE she would have an Instagram. I mean seriously, if we follow along with the stereotype she DEF has one. But! Her Instagram is a bit. . .different. I feel like Jessica is a cosplayer and actually enjoys dressing up like her favorite characters, doing make tutorials, all of that. I can see her being the Fangirl of the group and swooning over ships and head cannons and whatever the new trend is on Tumblr or Twitter. And she sends Emily Anon love all the time without revealing who she is.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Average (5'6)
  • Emily: 4.0 Bitch. She is a know an all, as we can see in the game. But I have a feeling she is actually a bit insecure but tries to hide it by false confidence and knows that she isn't the best but is always trying her hardest. (Strict parents, perhaps?) She constantly posts on her Twitter and Tumblr new fashion ideas and life hacks which Jessica reblogs the hell out of. She reblogs the hell out of Jessica's make up tutorials all the time and always puts a heart in the tags.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Tall-ish (5'8)
  • Ashley: Ah yes, the girl I wish I didn't relate to but I do. Except I'm way funnier just sayin'. She is a writer as said in the game. So I can imagine her, Sam and Jessica getting along famously, all three of them work together on a lot of projects and Ashley, being the writer will write fanfictions for Jessica and have Sam illustrate them for her. Her Tumblr is full of fanfics, reblogs of her favorite couples, and art Sam has done for her fanfics.
  • Bonus: Cat person, Short (5'2).
  • Sam: I can see her being an artist, and she, like Ashley and Jessica, absolutely adore shipping and head cannons of all sorts and will always read Ashley's work and reblog them for her followers to see and then she normally illustrates the hell out of whatever couple Ashley had written about. And of course she also posts vegan recipes and how to keep healthy and selfies of her climbing trips. On another 'secret' blog of hers (Josh totally found it) She draws pictures of her friends in different couplings, her favorites to draw are Josh/Chris and Ashley/Her. When Josh found that blog she threatened to beat him up if he ever tells anyone about it. (Chris secretly found it and using his fake blog loves to reblog the stuff)
  • Bonus: Dog Person. Average height (5'5)
  • Mike: I can totally see Mike being a theater buff, fighting for the role to play as Romeo in the school reenactment of Romeo and Juliet (Whom of which he always gets Jessica to try out for) I can see his Tumblr being full of nerdy/cute things from famous plays and characters in those plays. He reblogs the shit out of Matt's stuff and without realizing it, Chris' stuff. He sends Josh a lot of prank ideas as well which of course he helps Josh with to do to the girls and/or Chris.
  • Bonus: Cat person. (idk why. . .it fits) Tall (6'6)
  • Beth: I can see her as more of the athletic type of girl. She is always trying out for the school teams and has done every sport there is. She's not the biggest fan of Halloween but loves to see Josh so excited about it. (Though when he hides skeletons everywhere and screams SKELETON WAR she hates his guts.) Her Tumblr is just full of sport life hacks and how to keep healthy. She reblogs a lot of Sam's Vegan recipe posts and Hannah's intellectual/serious posts.
  • Bonus: Dog Person. Tall-ish (5'8)
  • Hannah: Hannah I can being a huge nerd, but the really serious kind. Her blog is full of feminist ideals and how to be equals, she believes everyone should be treated the same not one person is better than the others. Her blog involves a lot of political ideas and how the world should be working and dissing the economy on several posts. She posts a lot of things that can actually help people and always lends a hand to her followers when asked a question. She reblogs a lot of Sam's climbing posts, and some of Josh's silly posts.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Tall-ish (5'7)
  • Mike/Ashley: Very very rare pairing. But I believe the two of the mare actually pretty good friends behind everyone's backs and Mike constantly compliments Ashley's writings or acting skills when she helps him practice while everyone else is busy or doesn't want to deal with his over dramatic crap. It's a platonic relationship, they go out for coffee a lot and listen to one another go on and on about their days, actually listening to one another.
  • Sam/Ashley: I ship it, everyone should ship it. My head cannon for these two would be that they are constantly bickering about something small and everyone always makes them make up and kiss/hug. Samantha has the biggest crush on Ashley but because Ashley supposedly likes Chris she backs off a bit and just fantasizes and draws. Ashley of course likes her back and wishes that she could tell her but her parents are homophobic and she's too scared to come out. Sam's parents know that she is a lesbian and accept her for who she is.
  • Chris/Josh: For these two I can see them accidentally being together. Everyone actually believes the two of them are together and every time they try to get with a girl the girls asks 'Why?' and 'Aren't you with Josh/Chris?' which confuses the fuck out of these two babies but they insist they're not but no one believes them. I can see them just lying around, drinking, playing video games and sneaking kisses to one another every once in awhile, always insisting no homo until one day it goes full homo. Also, they are both meme loving shits and scream JOHN CENA to one another all the time, or whatever the most famous famous meme is at the time. (Josh walked around with a 'Promblem?' mask on for 3 months until Sam finally ripped it off of his face and destroyed it.)
  • Mike/Josh: These two are constantly pranking one another, there is no boundary and sometime they can hurt each other from the prank but they do it all in fun, neither of them are upset with the other, they just try to find a way to one up one another. I can see the two of them hanging out and actually comparing problems and helping one another solve them and being really good friends.
  • Matt/Mike: 'If I had to choose a dude' Is what Mike likes to call Matt, making the other boy always glare and flip him off while Mike whispers 'I love you' to him. I feel like they'd have a great back and forth to one another and always keep each other on their toes, always waiting for the lighthearted insults from the other. I can see the two of them being the douchebags at parties that jump off the roof into the pool while holding hands and then complaining about things together. (Ex: Emily, Girls in general)
  • Mike/Jessica: Like in the game Mike cares more about Jessica than anything it seems and would do anything for her, but I see them more in a brotherly love way? Like, I adore them together but I can also see them just acting like brother/sister. Still one of OTPs, but I can see them like that. Mike constantly gives Jess flowers and candies and snuggles with her whenever she asks or is in the mood and just worships every part of her like he would die without it, emotionally and physically. I can also see him being the one to fix her hair if she's tired or there's no mirror around for her to fix it herself.
  • Mike/Sam: Even though they are different in almost every way I can so see them together or (like Jessica) in a brother/sister type way. I adore this pairing as well and like them in any way really. I can see the two of them making plans to go climbing together and do dangerous stunts that the others are too chickenshit to try. They secretly cuddle when the other is feeling vulnerable and feel like it's something personal that the other's shouldn't know about and are content. None of it ruins anything so they don't see the point. They care about each other's well being.
  • Josh/Sam: These two I have a small head cannon for; They are best friends due to Hannah, meeting they instantly hit it off and Josh may hold some feelings for her but she has told him on various occasions she thinks of him like a brother. He doesn't mind. She realizes they have a connection, but knows it would never work due to her feelings for Ashley and Josh's for Chris.
  • Chris/Sam: These two of course joke around constantly and are always pushing each other's buttons and making terrible jokes (mostly on Sam's end) and are the people who can go from playful to serious in an instant during their conversations. They sometimes talk about deep, personal matters that Chris tries to shy away from but Sam pulls him right back in, knowing this was important for both of them and in the end they leave feeling relieved and thankful for the other.
your hair was long when we first met

MCU, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanoff, inspired by this post that basically just said “Natasha giving Bucky a haircut while Steve sketches them” and I just couldn’t resist?? (or read @ AO3)

Natasha runs her fingers through Bucky’s damp hair, nails scratching lightly at his scalp. Bucky is relaxed, eyes closed, and she repeats the gesture, his long hair tangling with her fingers. Finally she picks up the comb, smoothing out the tangles with steady, even movements.

Steve opens the sketchbook in his lap, already settled against the shower door as he watches the other two. He keeps quiet as he begins sketching, the long, easy strokes of his pencil nearly identical to Natasha’s as she finishes combing out Bucky’s hair.

The scissors glint on the bathroom counter, a sharp silver that matches the spiral binding of Steve’s notebook and the smooth surface of Bucky’s arm. Natasha picks them up carefully, and Bucky finally opens his eyes, staring at their reflection in the mirror.

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I didn't become a 1d fan until after Zayn left, so I don't know as much about him, but I'm confused by all the hate he gets. Are ppl just pissed he left the band or?? There are so many larries on my dash hating on him :(

Hey! So I just reblogged a post I wrote and that my main hoes @mellygrant and @aaronbutterfield chimed in on which you can find HERE.

I do not understand why people hate Zayn. Especially people who look at everything that happens to Louis and Harry and go, “THIS IS WRONG! LIES ALL LIES!” but then look at Zayn and are like, “Yep! Seems legit. 100% organic and tr-ue.”

It wasn’t as if Modest! sat down one day, looked at One Direction and were like, “You know what? Fuck you guys. But fuck you two in particular,” at Louis and Harry. As far as I’m concerned they are all in a storm of fuck. I would love to time travel like twenty years into the future and google “One Direction tell all” to see what the actual fuck has been going on. 

I know certain things that have happened behind the scenes due to working in radio for a bit and because London is a very small world when you…eh I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a total snob…but when you go to certain kind of events there’s a pretty typical group of people you encounter and things aren’t as hush hush secretive as 1DHQ would have you believe. 

The other reason that I’m 100% convinced that no paps are stalking the boys when they go shopping for food or to Starbucks is because I used to work across the street from where Liam lived and I saw that hoe all the time, both shopping for food and in a Starbucks, and never was there ever anyone around to photograph it. Not even myself because that’s weird as hell and I don’t agree with taking photos of people that are unaware that you are taking them. I don’t like it when people do that to me, so treat people as you’d like to be treated and all that. 

ANYway, on that note, if I were in a boyband and then possibly/maybe forced to quit as a stunt and then thrust into the cold world of entertainment on my own whilst my boyfriend was still in said band I was forced to leave (Ziam is real…read this if you love death and dying) then I would appreciate people being like, “Oh shit. This fool is being played like whoa.”

So yeah, I do not hate @zayn in the slightest. Quite the opposite. I loved Mind of Mine, so the silver lining is that we got a bomb ass record out of him. I heard his new single the other day (don’t worry about how I got it, I just did) and I really liked that as well. It actually seemed like it could’ve been on Four or MITAM which would highly suggest that he doesn’t hate 1D’s style of music, as his print persona would suggest. 

When I see people on my dash saying things that bum me out I just unfollow them. And I would expect people to do the same to me. Tumblr is amazing because you can literally create your own personal experience of it depending on who you follow. If someone is stressing me out with their posts I’m like, “Not gonna look at that anymore.” Simple! Then I follow like five dog blogs and seventeen pug blogs and happy days! I get like a spike of whatever the love hormone is straight to my heart when I see a photo of a dog, so I’d much rather see that than see someone making rude ass comments about Zayn, which I think are all highly unwarranted. 

So do yourself a favour, unfollow people being rude and follow @handsomedogs …aka one of the best accounts ever if you love dogs. xx

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My friend (who is, admittedly, an anti, but we manage to make the relationship work lol) reblogged a post the other day with other high profile management companies that also have really shitty and barely or non functioning websites. Have you seen that one? I took it at face value and didn't look to much into it, which was lax on my end I know, but it kind of made me think a little less critically about FS's site to be quite honest.

Yeah, I had several people forward that to me with less than charming messages.  The point that they continually, and without fail, miss is that is just one part of the entire shady package.  

If Full Stop was out there with Jeff & Tommy having active and fully public twitter accounts (Jeff isn’t active, Tommy’s is private and mostly just tweets about Hillary Clinton) promoting their clients and their company (which is not referenced on either of their Twitter accounts OR their LinkedIn) and maybe an active Snapchat or Instagram for the company, but no functioning website, I wouldn’t give it a thought.

But they don’t. 

They don’t have anything. 

If you google “Full Stop Management,” you know what comes up?  Some old articles from March, @business-direction, and two different twitter accounts that may or may not be legit, but are certainly not active. That’s probably why I got an email from a Biloxi casino trying to book Meghan Trainor last month.

Googling “Harry Styles management” is worse, it brings up articles from February talking about him splitting from Modest.

Google “Meghan Trainor management” and you get her old management, The Atom Factory. 

Now Google “Christina Aguilera management.”  Azoff is in the first result.  Then Google “Azoff Music Management.”  You don’t get a website, but you get information on Irving, an address, and if you click on the second link, a phone number.

Anti’s can say what Full Stop is doing is normal all they want. It isn’t. Sorry.

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So what was the "joke" Chris Rock said? I didn't get to watch the awards

So, I don’t know as much as say @bnaz who I reblogged that post from might know, but the gist of it is, during his introduction for Cate Blanchett, and the movie Carol ( which took years to make and produce, like 20 years into a screenplay, took blood, sweat, tears, and lots of homophobia and hardships.) He made a remark that reduced Carol to lesbian pornography.

‘It was the third best girl-on-girl film I’ve seen this year.’

A WONDERFUL MOVIE, is now equated to nothing more than girl on girl pornography, is now equated as being a movie that only existed so guys could ‘bate to it without getting called out on watching porn.
Because its definitely not more than porn.
I mean, why else would anyone watch a movie with lesbians/LGBT+ women in it?

And this is nowhere. No one is talking about it. Google it, and you will see people praising him, for speaking out against racism, sexism, and homophobia in hollywood, the media, EVERYWHERE, (which is good, its nice to get these social issues out in the air, talk about the real problems of them) but then he commits an act of sexism and homophobia (specifically, lesbophobia, as he was being homophobic towards gay women.) And no one cares.

2016 my ass, apparently nothing has changed.

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Okay you know what? I've asked you about this before but you didn't fucking answer. Why do you feel the need to be ableist? All those bpd posts you keep reblogging aren't for you. Stop reblogging them, you do not have bpd.

I honestly don’t even remember reblogging a post about bpd and I can’t even find the post you’re talking about. maybe the original poster was talking about their bpd but I didn’t KNOW it was about that because they didn’t mention it IN the post. so don’t assume what I think. I’m not ableist I’m aware of personality and mental disorders and have never looked down on them. maybe kindly tell me which post and I’ll be glad to delete it.

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Well, i didn't know i was "stealling" jobs, so i say <sorry>.

Personally, I accept your apology. But, I’m hardly the one that needs it–if you would like to apologize, please apologize to the artists’ whose art you were reposting.

Yes, what you were doing is called “reposting” artwork. And there is a huge difference between reposting and reblogging (which is what you should do).

Now, if you’re confused as to what the difference between the two is, I will explain.

The difference between “reblogging” and “reposting”


When you’re scrolling down your dash and you see a post you like and want to have on your blog, you find the little arrows at the bottom right of the post.

You then click those arrows and come to something that looks like this:

As you can see, you can add comments and tags, just as if you were making your own post. More importantly, you want to click that blue button at the bottom right corner.

That is reblogging and it is acceptable and appreciated!


When you’re on Google or any other internet site, and you see something you like, you save it to your computer.

And then you go back and upload it here on Tumblr.

And click that little blue button that says “post” in the bottom right corner.

That is called resposting, and it is not acceptable or appreciated.

It is considered “stealing” as you’re taking someone else’s work and putting it on your blog without crediting the artist.

But, you know, what if you’re not on Tumblr? What if there’s no reblog button?

If you see a picture you like somewhere else on the internet and want to put it on here, you must first find the artist and then ask for permission to upload their art. If, and only if,you are given consent, then you may post it (while crediting them of course).

Do not repost.

Use the reblog button instead.