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Hosoi Mieko’s Illustrations Anime OPs/EDs

  • me: "i'm so disappointed this show was just queerbating, it could've been-"
  • Straight Person™: "wow could you stop forcing your gay agenda everywhere if you want queer romance watch movies/series with canon gays :)"
  • me: "ah, such a good idea why didn't i think of it myself! which one should i watch first - brokeback mountain, brokeback mountain, or maybe even... brokeback mountain!"

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the one I remember most was Yellowfang who was one of those flat-faced-longish-furred cats and I think she was missing a tooth? and also she was a like smokey gray color which as a child was a very shocking revelation (I was picturing something more yellow)

I have heard a bit about yellowfang before!! She seems like a lovely lady here she is!

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oK so i know you have a lot of asks BUT . what will the (SF US paps & UF US sans) skelebois do if they would found out by accident their S/O (who's an artist) draws porn ? like hella good porn , the one you have to properly tag to find later cuz I t g o o d. Also the S/O tries to play it off cool but fails cuz they didn't want their skeleboyfriend , out of all their art , to see t h a t. (bonus if the skele was drawn in one of the pics 🌚👌) sorry for the long ask btw.

Thank you @fulltimeslave for letting me use these images!!! If you guys don’t know, we were on a discord server and they drew these pictures which coincidentally, matched this ask pretty well so they let me use them! Thanks so much babe, I love you! 

Swapfell Papyrus

It happened by accident. Rus would never intentionally scroll through your notebook like that, but once he saw the drawings, he couldn’t stop. Are those…pictures of him??? He’s blushing like mad because holy heck, you make him look so good, when you did even see him like that?? He tells you that he saw your drawings of course, he wanted to make sure that you knew that he never meant to invade your privacy like that. He still compliments on your skills though. 

Underswap Papyrus

Woah….He’s really impressed by your art! He..may or may not memorize some of the pictures for heh..personal purposes. He’s mostly surprised by how well you drew him. He may look cool and unaffected by those drawings of him, but really, he’s blushing like mad. They’re just soo perfect. Next time, please ask him to model nude for you. 

Underfell Sans

Oh god, Red is cracking up! Not that your porn isn’t good, oh boy, he’s going to use these later, but he never thought you had such talent and hid this from him! And shit, you even made him look hot. Like seriously, there’s no way he actually looks like this, in your drawing he’s like an Adonis.  Maybe next time, he can model for you….then as a reward, you can model for him too ;) 

Undertale Sans

Honestly, Classic is blushing so hard and he’s dying a little bit inside. He loves how you portray him so much, though he does give you tips on anatomy by giving you a demonstration. But really though, he’s impressed that you can draw porn so well and if it’s your passion, who is he to judge? 

I have drawn a podge

☾ HOLD YOU; a playlist for long distance lovers (and windie)

when all you want is to be next to the one person that means the most to you, but you’re thousands of miles away. 

hold you - nina nesbitt // new york - snow patrol // photograph - ed sheeran // your hand in mine - explosions in the sky // please don’t go - barcelona // beside you - 5 seconds of summer // nothing - lewis watson // friends - ed sheeran // ink - coldplay // the moon song - karen o & ezra koenig // if these sheets were the states - all time low // stay - lewis watson // glass in the park - alex turner // hello, i’m in delaware - city & colour // transatlanticism - death cab for cutie // x

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Hey I'm looking for a fic where d&p are hanging out with Louise and Darcy and then with the Sacconejolys(?) and Dan is holding Eduardo and Phil blurts out he wants one (I think) I didn't know which tags to look in so sorry if this would have been really easy to find on my own

Got It AllDuring backstage socialisation at Playlist Live, Dan and Phil come to realise what’s missing from their life together.

- Emily

jayswing96 said:  Which one is which? I know who is jack but I can’t tell who the others are. (I mean you tagged them but I can’t tell which is which)

OMG sorry, I never got around to answering this OTL

So, obiously, green hair is Jack. Guy with the red shirt, is Markiplier. Blonde one is Pewdiepie. One on the middle is Cryaotic. Thank you for asking :)

raven cycle anthology | safe as life | a richard campbell gansey iii mix { listen }

i.  DORIAN agnes obel | ii. MONSTERS you&me | iii. MEDICINE daughter | iv. LIKE DYLAN IN THE MOVIES belle & sebastian | v. IN A WEEK (FEAT. KAREN COWLEY) hozier | vi. LIFEFORMS daughter | vii. IN THE WOODS SOMEWHERE hozier | viii. LET IT TAKE YOU goldfrapp | ix. OBLIVION grimes | x. RIBS lorde | xi. BTSK ms mr | xii. LIVING DEAD marina and the diamonds


the scorpion rules ; erin bow

did you know, the man who invented the atomic bomb once said that keeping peace through deterrence was like keeping two scorpions in one bottle? you can picture that, right?  they know they can’t sting without getting stung.  they can’t kill without getting killed.  and you’d think that would stop them.

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Rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better.

1. Name: linsey

2. Nicknames: lins / linser / lawnzee

3. Zodiac Sign: pisces

4. Height: 5'3

5. Orientation: bi

6. Nationality: american

7. Favorite fruit: mango, raspberry

8. Favorite season: fall

9. Favorite book: percy jackson series

10. Favorite flower: roses

11. Favorite scent: the smell of the outside world when it rains, chocolate chips cookies, meat

12. Favorite color: black, pink, red

13. Favorite animal: wolf, cat

14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee

15. Cats or dogs: cats

16. Favorite fictional character:

17. Number of pillows and blankets you sleep with: 2 pillows, 1 blanket

18. Song you’re listening to right now: nothing currently but the last song i listened to was ma city by bts

19. Blog created: 2013…..yikes

20. Number of followers: 460

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One year of my blog post! 🎉🎂🎈

The wonderful @aredhel-of-thrawndolin tagged me to do this get-to-know-this-blog questionnaire (thanks btw :) ) and it seems fitting to do it on the one year anniversary of this blog! Here goes:

Name: Amy (which is actually kinda close to Timey, which is the nickname I gave myself for here, heh)

Nickname(s): Amoo, Buttons (because I have a collection of buttons that I put on various hats I own)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn ♑️ For the Chinese zodiac I’m a rabbit :3

Hogwarts house: Everyone says I’m a Hufflepuff, which is what I find to be very suiting, but the pottermore quiz sorted me into Ravenclaw so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gender: Female

Orientation: *Shakes magic 8 ball* 🎱 *triangle appears out of the dark purple waters of mystery* “Ask again later”

Favourite fruit: Peaches and watermelons

Favourite season: Fall/winter

Favourite book series: So far it’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, but this summer I’m starting to read Lord Of the Rings (finally)

Favourite fictional characters: Schmendrick the magician from The Last Unicorn, Hazel-ra from Watership Down, aph Finland/Italy/England/Canada, Tuuri Hotakainen and Reynir Árnason from Stand Still Stay Silent (a webcomic that I highly recommend you read. It’s a post-apocalyptic story happening in the Nordic countries with incredible art)

Favourite flower: Bleeding hearts and bluebells

Favourite colour: Blue, more specifically sky blue just after sunset

Favourite animal: Rabbits

Fav artists/bands: the Beatles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Who, Bob Dylan

Average amount of sleep: Around 8, less during the school year and more in the summer

Number of blankets I normally sleep with: it ranges from three or more in the winter to one in the summer

Last thing googled: Tutenstein walter. There’s a show I used to watch when I was little called Tutenstein and for whatever reason my brain thought of the security guard, Walter, and how he made me think of Tom Petty (a guy with long-ish blonde hair working as a night watchman - like the song “Nightwatchman” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Number of blogs following: 75

Number of followers: 52 (12 of them being related to Volkswagen and a couple of others not being very active)

Usual posts: Rockstars and bands from the 60s, occasional posts of nature and anything I find interesting or funny

Aesthetic: Psychedelia, shots of the sky being blue/pink/purple surrounded by trees/water/mountains, old but good quality photos of classic rock bands and people

Now comes the part where I have to tag twenty people, but since I don’t have that many that either haven’t been tagged yet or will really reply, here’s two:
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Edit: @murobrown if you want to do this as well feel free to do so! :)

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hey! I was wondering, I didn't see a tag for it in the library but I love linguist!bucky or even just Bucky able to speak a bunch of languages and I wanted to know if you had any fits like that? thanks so much!!!!!

there’s this post, which involves one or both of them speaking a different language. ill take this opportunity to stick my nose in here, basically

Ain’t No Grave (Can Keep my Body Down)

It’s six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don’t. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It’s very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps.

Language Barriers (Will Not Keep Us From Each Other)

Bucky got lost in Paris, France, when he was separated from his guide and translator. A Frenchman decides to help him out. They don’t understand a word each other is saying, but that’s okay.


“Are you goddamn kidding me?” Fury asks when Steve shows up to the rendezvous point in Fredericksberg with the Winter Soldier.

In Any Language 

“I’m right here.  I’m not going anywhere and there is nothing you could do or say to push me away, and if I need to learn how to say that to you in every language there is for you to believe me, then I’ll do it.”


Bucky works through a few issues of his time as the Winter Soldier with Steve’s help.  And a lot of sex.

Young Volcanos

At eighteen, James Barnes has mastered more languages than he can count on two hands. But when his homeroom teacher asks him to tutor SteveRogers, it’s like he forgets how to speak at all.