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Hello Children, it’s Ask Game Time!

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Nickname: Ryan actually isn’t my real name, it’s just a nickname I go by since people always have trouble either spelling or pronouncing my real one (which is Orion, pronounced Oh-Ryan. Not that hard.) Really close friends and family call me OE (just the letters O-E), but really anyone can call me that if they want.

Star sign: Libra

Height: Hahahaha no (I’m too short)

Time right now: 11:46 AM

Last thing you googled: Koogi’s twitter (dont h8)

Fave music artist: I love everything but one of the bands I’m most attached to is Foster the People

Song stuck in my head: This damn thing

Last movie I watched: Uhhh Deadpool? Probably.

Last TV show I watched: Hannibal (I think I left off Season 3, Episode 4)

What I’m wearing right now: Haha what is fashion.  Faded blue jeans; Brown socks; Gray Hoodie (It says “Grad Class of 2016″), Black Beanie, and a chain around my neck with a cross at the end (I’m not religious, the chains just got sentimental value),

When I created this blog: About a week ago

The kind of stuff I post: All Voltron

Do I do asks regularly: Sometimes, I guess

Why did i choose my URL: Tumblr wouldn’t let me take the url I wanted (which was S/heith, without the slash in there)

Gender: I’m all man B)

Hogwarts house: H..H…Hufflepuff…..

Pokemon team: Uh, in the games or in Pokemon Go? In the games, my team usually consists of my Luxray (Baby), Jolteon (Goku), Espeon (Bandit), and Typhlosion (Judas), since I’ve had them all forever. I’ve never actually played Pokemon Go, but Instinct FTW

Favorite color: Red, Purple, and Blue

Favorite characters: Keith and Lance are at a tie

Dream job: I have no future prospects at all lmao, but if I could get a job teaching or doing studies for Sociology that’d be kind of fun.

Number of blankets SO MANY. I have a thick brown comforter that’s usually laying on the floor at any given moment. An even thicker, HUGE blue comforter with wolves on it. I sleep on top of a thin quilt and honestly I’m not even sure where I got that from. And one really fuzzy brown shawl with fur on the inside that I use as a blanket under the thick blue comforter every night.

Followers: 150?? Not much but again, this blog is still really new

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the scorpion rules ; erin bow

did you know, the man who invented the atomic bomb once said that keeping peace through deterrence was like keeping two scorpions in one bottle? you can picture that, right?  they know they can’t sting without getting stung.  they can’t kill without getting killed.  and you’d think that would stop them.


“Of course there are those that are exceptions. If one were to completely base morality off of this theory, some of our associates would be saints, which of course, none of us are.”

“Of course not. It just seemed like an odd thing to say. I guess we can’t know what makes a villain, really. Unless it’s just… the willingess to do wrong? I don’t know.” 

Which Bayern player would you date?

Take the quiz, and count your emojis.

What describes you the best?

♠️) Not very shy, likes to show off in all kinds of ways and has high standards.

♣️) Responsible. Puts too high pressure on themselves to always do everything perfectly.

♥️) Kind of sneaky. A bit shy but confident after a short time of getting to know them.

♦️) Warm and cuddly. Likes to take care of people.

💥) Kind of small. Party animal but can be sharp as fuck.

™) Likes to have fun and hates school. Loves holidays and warm weather.

✌🏻️) Is really smart. Wants to be with someone who makes them feel needed.

What describes your dream relationship?

♣️) I want a partner that makes a good and responsible parent, that always thinks of what is best for the kid.

💥) A relationship that lets us be really romantic sometimes, but sometimes just enjoy each other’s company by reading in the same room.

✌🏻) Me and my partner are on the same level. They never try to put themselves over me, and vice versa.

™) I want to be with someone that I can fight with and make up easily. A relationship that is stable enough for us both to know it’s ok to fight.

♦️) A marriage. I don’t want to date a billion people before I find the right one, I want to find them now.

♥️) A romantic relationship that never is boring. I want my partner to treat me as if I was a princess every day.

♠️) A relationsip with somebody who I can be proud to be with, and who will be proud to be with me.

What do you value in you friends?

™) Good and pure humour that you never get tired of.

♥️) The ability to be relaxed and chill. Not overreact or judge.

✌🏻) Respect. For you, for other friends, for anyone.

♦️) Friends I can be relaxed with. I normally don’t talk much when I’m sad and I prefer to be with my friends just to have a laugh.

💥) Different things. I like to have friends that are the same as me but also very different. Keeps thing interesting.

♣️) Maturity. Of course I want my friends to joke around and stuff, but after a while the childish jokes become a little too much.

♠️) I like friends who aren’t afraid of showing they like me. I can be friends with most people but I generally like when people aren’t shy to laugh at my jokes and show them they enjoy my company.

Pick a player to be friends with.

💥) Josh.

♠️) Mats.

™) Thomas.

♦️) Lewy.

♥️) Fips.

✌🏻️) David.

♣️) Manu.

Why do you support Bayern?

♣️) It feels like my home.

✌🏻) Tumblr got me into it. I just rolled with the flow and now it’s two years later and here I am.

♠️) The players are hot.

💥) It has got a spirit of kindness and respect that not many other clubs do.

™) Because I like winning. Bayern always win.

♥️) I just support any German club…

♦️) My family has always supported Bayern.

What is your taste in music?

♠️) The trendy stuff.

💥) Partly jazz.

✌🏻) Indie.

™) Rap.

♦️) Just very weird and unusual music.

♣️) Classical music.

♦️) Any music.

Pick a word to describe yourself.

♥️) Giggly.

♦️) Positive.

♣️) Honest.

♠️) Proud.

™) Funny.

💥) Stubborn.

✌🏻) Smart

What animal would you love to be?

™) …camel?

♠️) Tiger.

💥) Cat.

♦️) Dog.

✌🏻️) Bird.

♣️) Giraffe.

♥️) Snake…

Who is your favourite player out of these?

™) David

♦️) Thomas

💥) Manu

♥️) Mats

♠️) Lewy

♣️) Fips

✌🏻) Josh

I got the most…

…💥) Manuel Neuer

✌🏻️) Joshua Kimmich

♦️) Thomas Müller

♣️) Philip Lahm

™) David Alaba

♠️) Robert Lewandowski

♥️) Mats Hummels


Just a bunch of crazy teens during their awesome parties !!! (they end up deleting all the pics because they’re just so ugly)

Hey @prospt !! (ah your name doesn’t want to be tagged :( ) I was your Secret Santa this year !! You mentionned liking the beta OT4 and well, I was really happy to do something about them :) I went for a very selfie-feeling, something that made them look happy and “normal” (by this I mean not accidentally killing your alternate self or being possessed by tentacles gods) and stuff, because I thought it was a nice thing to do for Christmas ! I don’t know what they’re eating but it’s probably Good Stuff.

Here’s to @homestuck-secret-santa !! Have a nice day !!

Me at school today:

“Theeee hiiiiiiilllllllssssss are aliiive with the sounnnd of muusiccccc.”
“Do a deer a female deer. Re a drop of golden sun! Me a name I call myself! Fa a long long way to run! So a needle pulling thread! La a note to follow so! Te a drink with jam and breaaaddd. That would lead usss baaaack toooo do a deer…”
“So long, farewell! Auf Wiedersehen, adieu! Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you!”
“You are 16 going on 17 duh duh doo doo duh duh. Don’t judge me. I don’t know the words.”
“Did you watch The Sound of Music last night? Don’t answer that. I know you did.”

The New Recruit

After having clocked in, Tom made his way to the dressing room where he was quite hurriedly changed into the green costume that had become part of his daily routine. As they began to apply makeup, the naturally dark-haired boy couldn’t help but wonder about the new girl they’d hired just a few days ago. As Peter Pan, he could only hope they’d chosen a proper Wendy this time.

Minutes later, he was being escorted out, another escort meeting with them on the way, a girl trailing behind dressed as Wendy. So this must be the rookie. 

“Tom Riddle.” He simply stated as he fell into step beside her, not even bothering to look her way.

boldwithadventure said:((OOh, do you have a headcanon voice for Lang Su and your other muses? Maybe you should try voicing them!))

XD I mean characters I sound like…like voice acting. I can’t really voice guys unless I’m singing…I have their voices, and Su’s in game voice is like a fucking seductress.

I can try, but I don’t hear their voices. I think in their brain, but I don’t hear their voices.


The intensity of this particular scene in Purple Rain carved a neural pathway in my 10 year old brain (yes, I saw this R-rated movie in the theater with my sister and older cousins, and my parents were not pleased when they found out) deep enough to give me an understanding of something I was just one moment before too young to comprehend in any way, and it changed me forever.

This is not an overstatement.


Some shirt designs which you can now buy based on an old shirt of mine. One Direction shirt and Stockholm Syndrome shirt.

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