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I’ve been the whole damn day thinking over and over again about what happened in Manchester. I just can’t even imagine how hard it must be going to see live one of your favorite bands/artists. You were waiting your whole life for it to happen, you go there all hopeful and full of joy and excitement and then you have to experience these horrible moments. And if you are lucky enough to just experience them and make it out of there alive.

Maybe I’m too sensitive and being too overdramatic or whatever you think because “I wasn’t there”, but music has always been too important to me. It has helped me through really hard times in my life and still does every day so it hit me really hard.

And it isn’t just the horrible moments there. Once you get home, you have to deal with all that you experienced. I don’t even know if I’d ever be able to listen to those songs again without being brought back to that day.

And I’m not getting to how the artists must feel, even if it’s so clear that they aren’t the ones to blame. How the hell do you move on and go back to do what you love after these events?

I’m honestly devastated.

I just made very, painfully slow discovery. I should’ve seen it sooner, I seriously should considering the amount of times I’ve spent pining over these two, but it just dawned on me today.

Kageyama and Tsukishima’s initial are reverse of each other.

Kageyama Tobio

Tsukishima Kei

TK <-> KT

I know it might not be a significant detail, but my shipping heart can’t contain this. It is so obvious yet I just found out about it and I am ashamed of myself. I am ashamed to call myself an avid tsukkikage shipper when this slight detail that could lead me to various of romance cliche plots slipped out of my keen eyes.

I’m sorry if you have noticed this for quite a while and be like ‘why the hell does she just noticed this now’ I know. I’m disappointed in me too.

Random Trollhunters Headcanons

Claire is the passionate-lipsyncing-into-a-hair-brush-while-dancing-around-the-room type (particularly to Fall Out Boy). Jim’s dancing hasn’t gotten any less dorky, except when slow-dancing (which he’s alright at).

The humans and trolls are still trying to find a quick way to communicate. They’ve tried cell phones (touchscreens don’t pick up rock, and no one sells anything with large enough buttons) and magical crystals (Claire’s started flashing during a test and she nearly got a fail for cheating).

Toby picked up sudoku from helping his Nana fill out the puzzles section in the paper. Blinky is thrilled to learn about sudoku, and Jim gets him a book of them and he nearly cried (he copies the grids down on separate paper so he can solve them without writing in the book).

Barbara Lake, when introduced to the trolls the second time, screams loud enough to wake the dead. Once she’s tried calming down, she nearly burns down the kitchen trying to make tea. Claire tries to explain but isn’t a huge help, because she gets distracted explaining things that sound incredibly dangerous (the hero forge). Weirdly, Barbara listens to Blinky the most. (She is also relieved to know where Jim’s moped came from).

Claire is objectively the worst at giving gifts, even more so than Blinky (who only gives informative things, but at least stays with areas of interest).

Claire is bad at judging when things are dangerous. She thinks having a staff that can teleport her means she can run directly into the middle of the fray. Jim is getting gray hairs.

Someone has to pick up a ranged weapon. Three melee fighters? Someone needs to be support.

Everyone expects Claire and Barbara to get along, being the only two girls in the group, but Barbara thinks Claire is reckless and impulsive, and Claire thinks Barbara is overprotective and doesn’t have any confidence in their fighting abilities. Obviously they still downplay their fights to keep Barbara from having a heart attack, but being underestimated is irritating.

Telling Barbara that Strickler was a changeling goes about as well as anyone could expect. She isolates herself in her room for a few hours and emerges with red eyes. Strickler is mentioned only as an absolute necessity for a while, before she tells them to stop coddling her, that’s not their job.

Barbara is initially unhappy with Jim fixing so many meals (he has a job that’s even more stressful than hers, and more physically demanding), but Jim finds it relaxing to tune everything else out and just cook.

Claire isn’t actually a great cook when it comes to the oven (which she and Toby agree is evil and hates her). As long as no heating is required, though, she rivals Jim. Cookoffs are deliberately kept to a minimum because Claire is competitive and Jim will willingly fail to make her happy (which she hates)

Toby likes crafting things with his hands. He’s tried several hobbies, including crocheting (his Nana taught him), knitting, sewing, and bracelet weaving. Everyone has at least one thing he’s made them.


“Every player feels the same pride about the fact that they’re going to be on the court, no matter whether they’re some genius or just a regular guy.”

Merry Christmas @yuri-o!!! From your Secret Santa (◠︿◠✿)

Okay one more post because too many people are shit-posting about this whole Samuel situation:


If you look for comments by Korean viewers of Produce about the line up a lot, like a looot, I’m talking A LOOOOOOOT of them are mainly just “where’s Samuel?” “Samuel isn’t there?” or simply just “Samuel ㅠㅠ” (that’s a crying emoticon)

so if SOME (not saying all, just SOME are exaggerating) people spreading shit could stop pretending that /all of/ Korea and knetz hate Samuel that would be really nice

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Can you post names of the best penetrable toys. All I know is bad dragon

I don’t know about which is best, but here’s penetrables!

Full size:

Small size:

Chapter 91 Thoughts

Last chapter: Titled, “The other side of the wall,” ends with a young soldier with titan powers pointing beyond the ocean, wondering about the enemy that lies ahead, questioning if freedom is even possible with so much despair on the horizon

This chapter: Titled, “The other side of the ocean,” focuses on those enemies there in the middle of a battle, opening up with a young warrior who is a candidate for the titan powers. There’s even some symbolism thrown in with said boy futilely reaching towards a bird in the sky, warning it to fly away with its wings (of freedom).

OK, so the symbolism is far from subtle, but it’s a nice touch. 

Really, aside from laying out some plot points, most of this chapter may as well function as a way to make the reader sympathize with the Eldians on the Marleyan side. Get everyone so immersed and sympathetic with these new characters, that when the inevitable clash between the Survey Corps and these guys happens, we’ll be conflicted rather than outright cheering for one side.

That’s the intention, but can the execution really deliver?

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project freelancer may have been intended to create a super-competent group of lone wolf soldiers, but the narrative wants you to know that no man is an island. it does this by only permitting the people who choose to co-exist with a group for a Just Cause to live, and killing people who act alone, whether for selfish reasons, just following orders, or pure misfortune.

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Hinata and Beruka Supports

So I wrote some supports between my first Fates husband and first Fates wife! Enjoy! Yay!


Rank C

Hinata: Hey, Beruka!
Beruka: …
Hinata: You look kinda lonely over here. Do you mind if I–
Beruka: No.
Hinata: You don’t mind? Sweet! Then I wanted to ask you something–
Beruka: I mean no, I don’t want company.
Hinata: Oh. Why not? I just wanted to talk to you.
Beruka: Why?
Hinata: I don’t know. You just looked like you were bored.
Beruka: Well I’m not. Can’t you see that I am busy?
Hinata: You polishing your weapon? It looks really cool! Can I see it?
Beruka: …
Hinata: I’ll take that as a no. And besides, can’t you clean your weapon and talk at the same time? I do it all the time!
Beruka: I’m not like you.
Hinata: That much is obvious.
Beruka: …Go away. Don’t waste my time with useless chatter.
Hinata: Urgh, fine. I just wanted to be nice, and you totally shut me down. See if I care.
Beruka: What is with the reverse psychology? It won’t work on me.
…Ah. He’s gone. Finally.

Rank B

Hinata: I’ve seen you fight out on the battlefield, Beruka. You’re pretty good!
Beruka: You again.
Hinata: Yup, I’m back! I decided I couldn’t leave you alone anymore. So we’re gonna be friends if it kills me!
Beruka: It may have to come to that one day…
Hinata: Hey, was that a threat?
Beruka: Why are you here, Hinata?
Hinata: Like I said, I want to get to know you!
Beruka: There is nothing to learn. I’m an assassin. I would kill you right now if that is what I was told to do.
Hinata: Whaaat? No you wouldn’t. We’re allies, aren’t we?
Beruka: Maybe for now. I suppose you are lucky we’re on the same side for the time being. If circumstances were different, you would be dead where you stood.
Hinata: Now that sounds like a challenge!
Beruka: What?
Hinata: If you’re so sure you can beat me in a fight, then we just have to put you to the test! You and I should train together!
Beruka: Absolutely not. I won’t fight if I am not ordered to.
Hinata: Oh really? Then I order you to fight me, Beruka!
Beruka: That’s not how that works.
Hinata: Okay, then who do I have to get to order you to fight me?
Beruka: You’re being ridiculous. I said I don’t want to fight you.
Hinata: Hrm? What happened to you saying you’d kill me where I stood? Getting cold feet? Are you really that scared of facing me, Little Miss Assassin?
Beruka: …
I’m leaving.
Hinata: Aw, I was just teasing! H-Hey! Beruka, come back!

Rank A

Hinata: Hey, if it isn’t Beruka! Here to take me up on my challenge?
Beruka: No.
Hinata: Oh.
Beruka: Why do you keep talking to me?
Hinata: C'mon, how many times do I have to say it? I want to be friends!
Beruka: What would a Hoshidan samurai want with a slum-born Nohrian like me?
Hinata: What does that have to do with anything? I just think you’re a good fighter.
Beruka: It means more than you can comprehend. You and I are vastly different, Hinata.
Hinata: We really aren’t though. Both of us serve a member of our royal family, right?
Beruka: …Yes. I have served Lady Camilla for many years.
Hinata: Same with me and Lord Takumi! See? We aren’t so different after all!
Beruka: You still don’t understand.
Hinata: Why not? What else is there?
Beruka: You’re an idiot.
You seem to have forgotten that I am an assassin. I have been ever since I was a child. Before Lady Camilla took me in, I learned how to fight and kill. I had no choice.
Hinata: So did I. I had a duty to protect royalty ever since I could walk. How does that make us different?
Beruka: Do you not understand what an “assassin” is? Do you not know what it means to be “slum-born”?
You fought to protect. Before Lady Camilla, I fought just to *survive*. I killed others so they couldn’t kill me first. I was paid to kill so I could avoid starving to death. The one man who showed me kindness fell by my hand, because that’s what I was tasked to do. I didn’t kill because I wanted to or didn’t want to. I had to kill because I had to live.
Hinata: Whoa. I…didn’t know you had to go through that. I’m sorry…
Beruka: …
I never want to see you again.
Hinata: Beruka…
Beruka: I…don’t know why I told you all that. But now you know. And now I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Goodbye.
Hinata: …
I don’t get it. She said there wasn’t anything to say about her past, but then she goes and tells me her life story. And she was wrong. I did learn a lot about her…

Rank S

Beruka: Part of me knew you’d be back, Hinata. And you brought your sword this time.
…You’re scared of me.
Hinata: No, I brought my sword because I really want to train with you. To be your friend.
Beruka: I have said all that needs to be said. There is nothing good about having a murderous puppet for a friend.
Hinata: You’re right, Beruka. Maybe I don’t want to be your friend.
Maybe…I want to be more than a friend to you.
Beruka: What?
Hinata: You somehow opened up to me. And now that I know about your past, I think you deserve better.
Beruka: …
Hinata: You’re a good fighter. And despite everything you said, you haven’t killed me yet. So there must be at least a little good in you.
Beruka: Th-That’s just because I haven’t been ordered to. I’d still kill anyone if I had to. Even allies. Even Lord Takumi. Even you.
Hinata: I see. Well when that day comes, I’ll give you a fight to remember. I’ll fight to stay with you, and to protect everyone else.
Beruka: Hinata…
Hinata: I really want to make you happy, Beruka. Please stay with me!
Beruka: …
Hinata: Whoa, really?
Beruka: Yes. I agree that it’s strange that I opened up to you so easily. I don’t understand it fully myself. And I am not certain that I’ve ever been in love, either. I have never known what love was.
Hinata: Until now?
Beruka: Perhaps. I don’t doubt that you can show me.
Hinata: So if I show you what love is, you won’t kill me?
Beruka: Heh. No promises.
Hinata: Wow, look at that smile! So cute! Now can we go train together? Please?
Beruka: Oh, fine. But don’t cry when I beat you.
Hinata: Hahaha! I’m rubbing off on you already! This is awesome!

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do you think ot5 reunion is till the endgame? i have read all your Zayn leaving stunt master posts. most of your predictions have come true. And what do you think of Niall's reply in the latest radio interview? the one that he said he didn't know whether it's ot4 or ot5. i started thinking about this stunt because of you. thank you.

Yes, I think OT5 is the endgame after the hiatus.  I think we were looking at it heading that way in March last year and then things got delayed… yet again. However, we’ve started a new round of reconciliation stuff that looks very promising.  You can check my slow but sure reconciliation narrative tag to see everything.

I think the question to Niall was planned just like the question to Zayn during IDWLF promo was planned, having Louis talk about Pillowtalk during the Brits promo was planned, and having Zayn and Niall briefly interact at the AMAs was planned.  They’re laying the groundwork so that people get used to the idea again.  They’re easing people into it rather than having it be a massive shock.

Of course it doesn’t sound overwhelmingly positive to have Niall say “we’ll have to see, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”, but in a situation where they’ve pretended for 2 years that Zayn was on the outs with everyone, they’re not going to just dive back in and say “oh, yeah, it’ll be OT5″.  

In this type of situation where normally someone wouldn’t mention Zayn or OT5 at all, bringing it up is as good as saying “stay tuned for this next”.  It was brought up because they wanted it to be brought up. There’s a change coming in the narrative that they need to convey and it’s not “no, this can never happen”.  As long as the answer’s not outright “no”, it’s as good as “yes” in this case.  They’re getting people thinking about it again on purpose.

I’m really glad to hear that you started wondering about the stunt because of things I said.  I know that there are some fans that won’t ever think twice about it, but if anyone has an open mind to seeing that shady stuff is going down, that’s all for the better.

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on the post about alex kissing maggie on the cheek and mon el and kara actually kissing: you can see in the scene that alex was unsure if she wanted to go for a hug or a kiss so she went with a kiss on the cheek, she didn't know if her father was going to be accepting of the relationship so she played it safe by kissing maggie on the cheek AND THEN, introducing her as her gf. what i love most is that maggie is super patient and lets alex decide whether she will hug or kiss her.

This ^^ 

still obsessed with @calicovu‘s kid mari au I can’t stop drawing it he l p. how does one resist the dad noir hOW

also I imagine their micky d’s trip would go like so:

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Hi! If I may intervene again in defense of GRRM, about the dothraki reblog: calling him racist is kinda ridiculous. EVERY Asoiaf popoluation is violent. Apart from the fact that not all the dothcharas are awful (Dany's followers are quite decent, and Drogo had his moments) and that the mongols WERE pretty ruthless (as ALL invaders), following this logic M is racist with white people: the westeros families are mostly greedy, powerhungry and intolerant. It's only a critic against human history.

Well, actually. 

This is something I could write an essay about - and other people have written essays about, but I figured that I could give you a short response.

There are a few important differences here, but the major one is in the fact that while the people of Westeros do bad shit, that’s not all they do - whereas for the Dothraki, the entirety of their culture is built around conquest, pillage, and rape. We do not see agriculture or art that comes from the Dothraki. Their culture is nothing but violence.

There is also the way that the respective cultures approach rape and violence - in Westeros things like incest, murder, and rape happen, but they’re not condoned, whereas for the Dothraki it’s public and celebrated, a central aspect of their culture rather than a deviance that happens (at least supposedly) behind closed doors. 

To put it very briefly: there is a difference between “this people is violent” and “this people is barbaric.” 

There are also distinctly different implications to presenting an Asian/Mongolian inspired group of people as violent and hypersexualized and showing white characters as violent and hypersexualized, within the context of racial stereotypes as they stand in our world.

Quoting from a book called Race and Popular Fantasy Literature: Habits of Whiteness: 

“One of the defenses against charges of racism levelled at Gritty Fantasy works is that they tend to show all cultures as savage and brutal. Good and evil is not demarcated as Western and Eastern because, the argument goes, such works refuse to construct moral binaries. If a work like Martin’s does not allow simple goodness to any character and demonstrates the failings of all societies, it nonetheless taps into Western literature’s long history of Orientalism. The Dothraki, for example, are slavers who engage, in the novels and the TV series, in public acts of sex and violence at weddings; this construct invokes orientalist imaginings of Otherness as sexually depraved. The medievalist, White Self may not be perfect, but the Eastern Other is invariably marked as comparatively worse because of particular cultural practices which are repellent according to contemporary mores.”

Also, it is worth noting that the “barbarism” of the Mongols has been, at least in some respects, exaggerated over time, and that their culture was a lot more complex than “marauding barbarians” - an image that we have in the first place because of the European narrative about the Mongol horde - the same narrative that Martin is drawing from for the Dothraki. (This is a good essay comparing the Mongols and the Dothraki.)

Whether or not George R.R. Martin is racist - and the post in question did not put it in those words, I don’t know Martin’s personal views and honestly don’t care - the depiction of the Dothraki in the books (and even more in the TV show) is racist.

Germany and America's coming out story
  • World Meeting changes topics to whether you're an ass or boobies person
  • *everyone is shouting their preferences*
  • Suddenly Romano: Hey Germany, I bet you totally like ass.
  • *everyone laughs, Prussia gives a knowing smirk*
  • America: Yeah, he does actually.
  • *silence*
  • England: You would know right?
  • *everyone laughs again*
  • Germany: Yes, he would know.
  • *complete silence*

SNAPE WEEK: Day 4: Favourite Relationship

“It is real, isn’t it? It’s not a joke? Petunia says you’re lying to me. Petunia says there isn’t a Hogwarts. It is real, isn’t it?” “It’s real for us,” said Snape.