i didn't know what to title this

Cuddles are the best remedy

Words: 691

Genre: Fluff (that’s all I know how to write apparently)

Warnings: Dan swears a bit, but what’s new

Description: Dan wakes up feeling unwell, and it’s way too early for him to deal with this

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me whenever Yuri on Ice music plays

In Regards to Love: Agape

In Regards to Love: Eros

Minami’s Boogie

Shall We Skate?

Terra Incognita


Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent”

L'homme arme


Theme of King JJ

Yuri on ICE

and finally Duet: Stay Close to Me

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: Romeo is such an amazingly talented group, they’ve never once had a bad song and all their title tracks have been bops, their dancing has always been on point and they’ve always been so in tune with each other, I mean the choreo??? for Miro?? and Target?? they’re like the definition of the word synchronized, plus each member is so well rounded? and they’re super young but they work s o h a r d and do so well!! Plus they’re actual sweethearts, like the definition of the word, I mean they hang their own photocards in a shape of a heart on their walls,,, stan 7 hardworking talented sweet boys, stan Romeo

Kakasaku Mermaid!AU: “Murder at Sea”

Thank you to everyone who has been so patiently waiting for an update from me. I had a lot of personal issues to work through over the last few years and I’m finally in a space to be my old self again. I know this ship isn’t as active as it used to be, but I am proud to serve on this ship with the rest of you.

TW: Gore, violence, death.

There are a million things going through Sakura’s head as she points her saber out. Paramount among them is that she has no business holding a sword in her condition, the thought punctuated by another vicious tailspin of her vision. Her head throbs dully at her temples, nausea and exhaustion thick at her throat. She can feel her arm tremble slightly under the weight of its burden, but she has no choice in her mind. She walked out of a dining hall full of unconscious faces for some fresh air and stepped into a kidnapping-in-progress. She is in no condition to fight, but she’s the only one here who can.

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What’s A Ghost’s Favourite Fruit? 

by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (4404 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan
Additional Tags: Halloween AU, next to you, haunted house au, Dark Forest, Dry Humping, Mild Peril, accidental violence
Series: Part 4 of Next To You


Harry was starting with surprise at every tiny thing that happened - bursts of air around their ankles and hair, a noise to their left, Louis flipping his hair out of his eyes.
“Mate.” Louis whispered to him over his shoulder. “Relax. It’s all fake.”

Niall drags a reluctant Louis to a haunted house, and he decides to look after the frightened curly haired boy who ended up next to him in line.

54. not so lucky

Originally posted by faheej

Title: not so lucky

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Genre: Catboy! AU

Summary: Taemin always had a hard time trying to fit in in the human life. However, his longtime friend makes it a little bit easier for him.

What happened to my kitchen?!

Technically, she wasn’t a cleaning freak. Once you start living all alone and begin your life as an adult, you need to make sure everything is looking good enough; as if it was a way of pretending that you have your life together and that you aren’t working more hours than you’d like to admit. However, her apartment was never…dirty, she tried her best to make it seem presentable. But oh, what a fucking surprise when she entered her apartment and saw Taemin looking at her with his cat ears dropped slightly and flushed cheeks…she couldn’t say she didn’t expect it.

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when you message @mellifluous-melodramas a fic idea but she’s busy and isn’t replying and you’re low-key freaking out because what if the idea was bad oh my god someone please send help

I saw the front page of a paper today with the title “sex change rapist in female prison” and it got me so mad

Like sure this person abused two women and that is not okay - I’m not mad about that

What got to me though was the fact that people were mad about them being in a female prison after abusing females. Do you know how many men are in men’s jails and have abused other men? You probably don’t because you don’t hear about it. Do you know how many women have abused other women and have ended up in women’s prisons? No, and for the exact same reason

Why do people suddenly get angry when a trans person is in their space? It wasn’t that long ago people where outraged about a trans women being placed in a male prison - so why is it such an issue now?

If you’re worried about this “sex changed rapist” being a threat to other women in the prison then you should have that same concern about the men who are in jail with other rapists and the same for cis-women rapists too

This isn’t about the safety of women’s lives, this is about trans people not being allowed in their own spaces

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.


The moral: Ask and you will receive… eventually. 

Title: Helplessness

Kissing Prompt #5: Angry kiss
Summary: To say that Chat Noir would never forget the terror of seeing that man walking on Marinette with that knife in his hand, like that hunter from Snow White, would be the understatement of the century. 
Pairing: MariChat
Word Count: 3.5k
Rating: T for language (and kissing)
A/N: Oh. My. Lord. Please, just take this. I’ve been agonizing over this for months. I’ve literally partially written each pairing for the square and axed them out at least once because I didn’t like the way it flowed. 

Also: fight scene because I feel like it. Forgive me, for it’s been over a year since I’ve written a proper fight and I’m probably rusty. (The closest are a gladiator game that the main character watched and a giant wave nearly drowning the main character.) 

Oh, and have the angst and the rain for good measure. I’m projecting my own feelings over this prompt on the poor catboy. 


Summary: To say that Chat Noir would never forget the terror of seeing that man walking on Marinette with that knife in his hand, like that hunter from Snow White, would be the understatement of the century.

Prompt #5: Angry Kiss

I was screaming loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

-Fight Song, Rachel Platten

It’s raining. Of course it’s raining. How utterly cliché for it to be raining during an akuma attack.  

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I totally didn’t mean to spend my last 30-45 minutes before bed watching Drifters MMD videos but that’s what I just did and now the feeling of wanting to cosplay Yoichi and do some dances has returned

genji banzai

[Fic][Request] I’ll Tell You Later

Received this prompt some time ago:

I hope you’re okay with this, Anon~! And sorry it took a while–I kept changing my mind about things so that it doesn’t sound too similar to the other character-death fic I did.

Title: I’ll Tell You Later
Pairing: Jikook
Genre: Tragedy, Angst
Word Count: 1989 

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Kakasaku Flash Fic: “One Fine Day”

Title: “One Fine Day”
Summary: Kakashi comes home to a box on their bed.

Lots of baby feels right now, so something short before I go back to doing my translation homework. Still no mermaids because I know I’ll need a good three hours at least to write and that’s more than I have time for atm.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s post about his newborn child and this video.

He comes home to a small box on the edge of their bed. At this point, Kakashi is used to Sakura’s habit of gift-giving, but they’re usually less tangible. A massage or coming home to his favorite dinner, to name a few examples. But never like this. Never in such formal packaging.

“…It’s not my birthday,” he comments as he picks up the silver box. It’s light, and he immediately rules out most weapons. Some exploding tags, perhaps?

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you’re the apple of my eye

pairing: jikook???? who else????
word count: 385
genre: fluff fluff fluff cries

EDIT: lololol I forgot to add a summary ok but basically kookie is sick and wants to be babied by jimin

[title does not relate to the story in any way but this was written for @jiguknetwork‘s bingo event where I got the prompt “apple” hence the title choice lololol]

it isn’t often that jungkook gets sick.

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