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He felt like throwing up.

Jett was dead.

Jett didn’t deserve this. He was kind, sweet, just wanted to sort his way through the voices –

No…he’d wanted to die.

Elwin supposed he could understand that.  He did. But he still felt guilt bubble in his chest because he hadn’t stopped it, just like he hadn’t been able to prevent Freddy from getting hurt, just like he hadn’t been able to help anyone he cared about –

He hadn’t saved Jett. He hadn’t been enough to console his friend, to cheer him up even a little bit.  Hadn’t been able to soothe that desire for death even a little bit – and to think he’d called himself Jett’s friend?  Ha – ridiculous, friends didn’t let friends die!

That’s what the new little voice in his head was saying, at least.  He was inclined to believe this one.

He supposed muttering responses to voices in your head while walking down the streets of Salem wasn’t the best way to reduce suspicions – or the best thing to keep himself from running into someone.  Hindsight is 20/20, of course – he plowed right into someone.

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8 things you probably didn't know about TVD

#1 Damon and Elena weren’t supposed to be a couple.

The author Julie Plec didn’t have such a plan, but the fans influenced on her decision.

#2 Damon and Stefan Salvatore should be Damon and Stefan Whittemore.

#3 Have you ever paid attention to the titles in the season?

Each episode in the fifth season was named after the film. Gone Girl, What Lies Beneath and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

#4 Paul Wesley almost didn’t get the role of Stefan. Can you imagine someone else playing him?

#5 Ian Somerhalder has never wanted to be a good guy and he wasn’t satisfied when Damon became completely softened.

#6 The blood from the show is edible.

#7 Ashley Tisdale almost got the role of Elena.

Now I can’t imagine anyone else but Nina Dobrev in this role.

#8 Klaus Mikaelson was supposed to die much earlier in the show.

Authors of the series liked Joseph Morgan so much that they left him the entire season, but in the end he stayed much longer.

The sensation of cold finger tips on his face awoke him from the depths of slumber. As Luke opened his eyes he was awarded with the sight of his beloved, hair disheveled from sleep, shirt askew exposing his shoulder. He leaned forward placing sweet kisses from his loves’ neck up to his lips, pulling back a bit after hearing Ryan giggle.

“You know, I don’t understand why you still wear that damn eyepatch,” he sighed palming his cheek and running the pad of his thumb softly along the scar on and around his right eye. 

“Baby, we’ve been over this-“ 

“Yeah, I know, Luke, I just…” pouting he looked away and continued, “It sucks that I can only see all of your face when we’re alone.“ 

"Look at me, Ryan,” he paused, only starting up again when he caught sight of beautiful hazel eyes. “The guys think I’ve lost all vision in this damn eye, hell, most of ‘em think I don’t even have an eye…" 

He reached forward and around to the back of Ryan’s head to tug gently at the hair there as his face slowly heated up. 

"I…If I told them that my cat got pissed at me and accidently scratched my face, they’d never lemme live it down…" 

Ryan smiled despite himself, here his man was, right hand to the leader of an underground gang, face flushed cherry red, embarrassed to all hell. He pulled himself closer to his face, kissing the scar. 

"The, great and mysterious, Cartoonz,” he stopped, giggling slightly, before continuing, “thwarted by a cat." 

Inspired by this amazing fanart~ https://yandie106.tumblr.com/post/160435960931/ohmtoonz-office-style-wearing-classy-and-elegant
hamilton characters + things boys at my school have said
  • hamilton: if i could write the essay in one night, you could at least grade it in one week
  • burr: the only time i stay in my lane is while driving
  • mulligan: *after borrowing my reading notes* you wrote get drunk in here, and honestly same
  • lafayette: i personally identify with the third estate
  • laurens: turtles are legit!! almost as legit as me.
  • jefferson: i didn't understand the reading, probably because i didn't read it.
  • madison: (what are you eating?) a cough drop
  • washington: that's unsafe.
  • eliza: *after watching me struggle slightly to open my water bottle* need some help there ?
  • angelica: (it wasn't a good time for women back then) it still isn't ??
  • peggy: why didn't you put my name on the title slide?
  • philip: so are we gonna fight now or later cause both work for me
  • maria reynolds: it's cause im hot, i know.
  • james reynolds: fuck bitches get riches!!!

Noora // You lose

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The amount of hate tho this season was crazy. Being shady is one thing, but these queens were downright rude.. I h8 Valentina SO much, but patronizing her by clapping for a different title is BEYOND unprofessional. And I wanted Shea SO BADLY to win but after every single rude comment she said to everyone(including people who didn't come for her) I simply can't support her. Bullying and shade are totes different

lmao idk why you wasted your time typing this into my ask box when you obviously know where i stand on this. and now ima have to tell you why this is stupid. so here we go. first of all, them calling Val out for being fake af once they got off the show is not bullying, them changing the title of Miss Congeniality to Fan Favorite is not bullying. what is bullying is this 

and all the other disgustingly racist shit that’s been spewed at Shea because of Valentina’s fans. Second of all what fucking rude comments did Shea make? the reunion is literally there for calling people out for shit they said or did on the show, talking about drama that happened on the show and getting shit off their chests. and guess what? literally everyone did the same fucking thing Shea did. Why are you not saying you can’t support Trinity anymore after the things she said to Peppermint? why are you not saying you can’t support Sasha anymore after all the lil faces she was making? why are you not saying you can’t support Farrah anymore after calling Valentina out for being a shitty friend? I’ll tell you why, because you didn’t like Shea in the first place and you can’t handle a black person being anything other than docile. 

Everyone said shady shit tonight, none of it was bullying. y’all really need to learn the difference if you’re gonna talk shit. your fake ass reasoning on why you don’t like Shea anymore just shows how you really feel, and why you feel that way aka Blackness. 

and obviously if EVERY SINGLE one of those queens were saying the same shit, and clapping for the same title change and you can only comment on Shea?? baby you’re racist and that’s it, period. please reevaluate your comment and stay up out my inbox. 

me whenever Yuri on Ice music plays

In Regards to Love: Agape

In Regards to Love: Eros

Minami’s Boogie

Shall We Skate?

Terra Incognita


Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent”

L'homme arme


Theme of King JJ

Yuri on ICE

and finally Duet: Stay Close to Me

Who is Kuroko Tetsuya's first love?
  • Kagami: This is unusual... Why on earth are you here?
  • Aomine: This is a public restaurant where people can come here...
  • Kise: You guys are fighting again... Kurokocchi! How are you!?
  • Kuroko: Hello, Kise-kun, Aomine-kun.
  • Kagami: Seriously. Don't sit with us.
  • Aomine: Like I said, this is a public restaurant, we can sit wherever we want.
  • Kagami: This is the first time I heard such a thing!
  • Kuroko: Let them join us, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami: ...
  • ---
  • Kise: Hey, hey, over here, Midorimacchi!
  • Midorima: This is troublesome. Why do I have to join you guys?
  • Aomine: Tetsu said it's like a reunion. Though, all of us agreed not to invite Akashi and Murasakibara.
  • Midorima: Because they lived far away from here... And why is Kise here?
  • Kise: I have a gig around this area-ssu!
  • Midorima: So... what's going on?
  • Kagami: Well, I was the one who suggested it... May I asked all of you?
  • Everyone: Hm?
  • Kagami: Who was Kuroko's first love?
  • Kuroko: !!!
  • Kise: Eh?!
  • Aomine: ...
  • Midorima: Stupid...
  • Kagami: All I want to know is who was it?
  • Kise: I bet it was me! Because Kurokocchi was my personal trainer when I first joined the club. Also we spent a lot of times!
  • Midorima: Wouldn't be clear if Murasakibara was Kuroko's first love? They do get along pretty well when it comes to snacks.
  • Kuroko: I used Murasakibara-kun for snacks testing. No feelings included.
  • Aomine: So Murasakibara is out.
  • Kise: It wouldn't be Akashicchi, right?
  • Kuroko: Well...
  • Kagami: Are you somewhat have a fetish for red haired dude, Kuroko?
  • Kuroko: How rude. Akashi-kun wasn't my first love either.
  • Midorima: Would you just tell us then?
  • Aomine: Hey, Midorima, why are you so eager about knowing it?
  • Kise: He's expecting it to be him!
  • Midorima: I was not!
  • Kuroko: Well, sorry Midorima-kun, it's not you either.
  • Midorima: ....
  • Kagami: So it's between Aomine and Kise?
  • Kuroko: Exactly... well---
  • Aomine: Was it .... me?
  • Kise: No-ssu! It was me!
  • Aomine: Don't be ridiculous, Kise! I was Tetsu's partner.
  • Kise: So?! I was Kurokocchi's underclassmen.
  • Kagami: Would you guys stop it? It's bugging me, Kuroko. Would you just tell us?
  • Kuroko: Can't be helped it.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kuroko: It's Nijimura-senpai.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kuroko: Nn? What's wrong?
  • Midorima: W...why Nijimura-san? Why him?!
  • Kise: Who? Nijimura-san? Why him?!
  • Aomine: I was ready! But didn't expect to be that devil dude!
  • Kagami: Who was that?
  • Midorima: Teiko's former captain before Akashi got the title. An upperclassmen of us.
  • Kagami: Ou... Wait?! Aomine, why are you entering the ZONE?!
  • Aomine: Must... Hunt... Nijimura...
  • Midorima: ...
  • Kagami: Where are you going?!
  • Midorima: My lucky item for today is Nijimura-san. I must get over where he is and hunt him down.
  • Kise: Do you even know where he lives?
  • Midorima: Takao can take care of it. Well then.
  • Kagami: ... Kise, I'm surprised you weren't--- what the fuck?!
  • Kise: Kagamicchi, it's just once in a life time... so, let me use this tray and hunt him as well.
  • Kagami: You're scary... Kuroko, stop them.
  • Kuroko: I doubt I can. The only person who can stop these three is Akashi-kun.
  • Kagami: Call him then!
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun just sent me a mail and he said that he will hunt Nijimura-senpai as well.
  • Kagami: How did he... Ack?! You were there all along?!
  • Akashi: I cannot missed this once in a life time reunion. If you'll excuse me, I have a senpai to exterminate.
  • Kagami: ... Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: Do you want to watch a bloody scene, Kagami-kun?
  • Kagami: You fucking started it! Now fix it!

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You can’t just continue to do this to me. I still can’t get over how amazing this is, but more importantly? I think this may be the first fic where I couldn’t stop smiling because of the author - knowing that it was you who was writing this. You’re too cute. God, I can barely breathe right now because my heart grew ten sizes too big and I don’t know what I did to deserve you.

I need a moment or two but in the meanwhile…

Everybody, please go read this healing fic.

It’s KMV but very, very sweet and precious and it’ll make your day.  

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Hello, I love your writing. Can you please do #14 with the Uni prompt. Also I submitted a prompt request last week, and I don't know if you wrote it and I missed it, or if you haven't gotten to it yet. I hope that didn't sound rude or that I'm rushing you. I'm sorry if it does.

Hey, friend! Do you remember what your request was? I have a few still waiting in my inbox that I haven’t written yet… If you let me know which one, I can bump it up though and no worries, it’s not rushing me, I definitely need a kick in the pants sometimes anyway! ♥ If I did post it though, you can check here

Extra long one for making you wait for your other request! 

title: Are You Still Watching
pairing: nalu
rating: K+
words: ~2100
summary: Lucy needs a break from her overbearing father. What better way than watching Netflix over someone’s shoulder at the library? (prompt from here)

Her father has Lucy on a leash even halfway across Fiore and it’s a little unsettling to the outside eye to see that he calls her the exact second glasses are supposed to end with a demand worded as a request. He only lets her go to school, really, so he can flaunt the fact that his daughter was getting a business degree to take over for him. Something to brag about to his friends.

It was strange, really, how she went from only worthy of marrying someone and granting him a grandson to the actual heir to his business. She doesn’t quite know which one is better, really, because at least as a baby-making machine she was left to her own interests, as far as though interests didn’t interfere with matchmaking. 

Now, as an adult, she’s stuck under his thumb worse than ever and it’s only the creative writing classes that keeps her going. Maybe it’s not polite to admit she’ll skip out from under his thumb and out of school the moment she can’t take them anymore, but she figures if he can bully her into attending school, she can damn well take a class she actually likes.

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Spells - A Hogwarts AU

Part 2

Fic title: Spells
Part title: Damn Gryffindors
Part: 2/?
Rating: T
Fandom/s: Miraculous Ladybug, Harry Potter
Pairings: *slams fist on table* you’ll have to wait and see
Summary: Quidditch training, last-minute studying and tiring fights over who-gets-what-training-time leads to sleep deprivation. And if there’s anything that makes Marinette’s mouth less filtered, it’s sleep deprivation.

And that’s why she’s in the stupidest situation she’s ever been in in her life.

Part 1

read it on ao3

If there was one thing Marinette and Chloe agreed on, it was that Quidditch was ten times more important that grades.

“You have a Charms essay due and you’re still going to go train?” Sabrina’s face had never looked so incredulous.
“Our first game is this Saturday, and you actually expect us to write about spells?” Marinette swung her broom over her shoulder. “That’s crazy.”
“We have our O.W.Ls this year!” Sabrina snapped. “They’re the most important exams we’ll ever take in our life!”
“Sabrina, think about yourself for two seconds, and just stop talking,” Chloe flipped upside-down, combing her hair into a ponytail. “Because if you say one more thing Marinette will hit you over the head with her broom.”
“A stylish way to go out, Sabrina, feel lucky. The Firebolt 3000 would make a fabulous murder weapon,” Marinette winked.

“Okay, let’s go,” Chloe tightened her hair elastic and picked up her broom. “Hopefully Gryffindor isn’t down there.”
“Priorities, Chloe, priorities. We’re playing on Saturday, not them, so surely we’ll get the pitch.”
“I just heard Alix talking about how she wanted to train today.” Chloe pushed open the door and they headed down to the pitch.
“What are you going to do if Gryffindor is there?” Sabrina hurried after them, trailing behind.
“Tell ‘em what I just told Chloe,” Marinette tucked her ponytails behind her neck. “And if they still refuse to leave, then we’ll get permission from Slughorn.”
“And if the Hufflepuff team is there?” Sabrina almost tripped over the hem of her robes trying to keep up with the jogging girls.
“They’ll hurry out when we get there, they don’t like trouble,” Chloe replied. “Adrien’s not one to argue about priorities, but he knows we will. He’ll leave pretty quickly.”

The light was fading quickly from the sky; pink and orange streaked the azure, cloudless atmosphere. Marinette flung the doors to the Quidditch pitch open with flair, scanning to see if any rivaling teams were already there.
“Damn Gryffindors,” Marinette growled. Gryffindor’s red-and-gold robes stood out brightly against the sunset.

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What’s A Ghost’s Favourite Fruit? 

by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (4404 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan
Additional Tags: Halloween AU, next to you, haunted house au, Dark Forest, Dry Humping, Mild Peril, accidental violence
Series: Part 4 of Next To You


Harry was starting with surprise at every tiny thing that happened - bursts of air around their ankles and hair, a noise to their left, Louis flipping his hair out of his eyes.
“Mate.” Louis whispered to him over his shoulder. “Relax. It’s all fake.”

Niall drags a reluctant Louis to a haunted house, and he decides to look after the frightened curly haired boy who ended up next to him in line.

Upon a Midsummer Night's Dream.

He had been waiting a while, and had begun to doze off.

Whenever he was greeted with a bolted door of his friend’s doing, Firebrand usually shuffled to the chamber’s window, perching himself onto the sill and waiting patiently for his eventual return. Sometimes Galleth’s return was swift, as he would anticipate meeting with the gargoyle once again during the twilight hours. Other times, Galleth would be so preoccupied with his mission that he would not return until the first rays of the sun, leaving them with little time to socialize…

Tonight appeared to be one of those nights.

As Firebrand moved himself about so his wings and his rear were comfortable for rest, he could hear the sound of a door opening and closing. Curious, but slightly apprehensive, the gargoyle swung himself over to the shadowy part of the castle wall, and clung tightly onto the stone in case it was anyone but Galleth.

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OMG the ask box is open! I wanted to ask this a year ago.. There's this fic I once read but I don't know the title and I couldn't find it anywhere even though I went through hundreds of fics. I remember that in the fic Baek and Chan were friends with benefits and they liked each other but couldn't admit it and then Baek got jealous because he thought Chan was dating Junmyeon while he was only being tutored by him. Also Baek didn't like to have sex on Chan's couch. Maybe you know what fic it is?

omggg did u just ask for one of my fave friends with benefits fic of all time? haha it's I’m An Asshole, And You’re Kind of Needy by iheart_chanyeol! srsly this fic is life I’d never get tired of reading this otl so much love for this fic 💕 also do check out iheart_chanyeol’s stories they’re all so great I’m really a fan 😍 

- Admin Elle ♡