i didn't know what his piercings were so i made them up

:D Soooo. @lhugbereth and I were bonding over our love of slutty bottom Noctis and this idea sort of spawned. So here is your obligatory teaser, because I’m good like that. 

Ignis and Gladio catch Noctis in a lie, and a very compromising position. Noctis is rather unapologetic and this doesn’t sit right with his retainers. There’s spanking and gagging in this teaser but uh. The actual story will have other things. Such things. (OT4, in various combos, Noct/Others)

If Ignis was being totally honest he felt a little badly about snatching Prompto from in front of the school, dragging him around the building and away from from curious eyes (Ignis was confident being dressed in the royal colors would ensure no one would come following them), and slamming him against the wall. It wasn’t very nice and Prompto looked like he’d just seen the face of Ifrit, as opposed to Gladio’s snarling visage, but when it came to Noct that couldn’t afford to beat around the bush. Not even with Prompto who they were both relatively fond of.

Besides it wasn’t as if he had physically done those things. Gladio had done the actual snatching and was the one glowering down at Prompto now, Ignis had just followed and looked as menacing as possible. Which was, judging by how Prompto was shaking and whimpering even when he looked past Gladio at Ignis, fairly menacing. Good to know.

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moratheexplorer  asked:

Hello! I was rewatching an episode of season 4 and I thought of something. I remember that Joss said that in the beginning he didn't know which of Buffy's friends was going to be revealed as gay. We know he chose Willow and that is awesome, but what if he had chosen Xander? How different the show would've been with a gay Xander? Would Anya be a 'boy-demon'? Or she is the equivalent of Oz? Would the Dark!Willow arc still be there but with Oz dying or a new male love interest? What do you think?

This is a very interesting question, one that I’d never thought of before. I noticed that the writers had been building up the arc towards Xander’s coming out, which wouldn’t have been surprising at all if you’d been paying attention (there were a lot of hints here and there.) I wouldn’t change Tara for anything in the world, though, so that makes it a bit hard for me to imagine what it would’ve been like to have Xander as the token gay character (because, let’s face it, there’s no way in the world they would’ve had more than one main character be gay…)

On the one hand, I think it would’ve been quite interesting because it would’ve affected the group dynamics and Xander’s arc in a very different way. Would have Xander come to terms with his sexuality as naturally as Willow did? Would have his internalized misogyny been addressed and, more importantly, resolved? Would have he been able to be in a stable relationship like Willow did? 

The thing is, it’s really difficult to predict what the writers would’ve done with Gay Xander, considering they had a tendency to write arcs/plots not exactly in line with our expectations - sometimes that was occasionally a blessing and quite often a curse…

On the other hand, I have a very strong feeling that one thing would have been completely different had Xander been made the Gay Character. Willow’s lesbianism was NEVER treated as a joke. The writers were very much aware that they were providing viewers with very much needed representation, and regardless of how the Willow/Tara relationship ended (their BIG mistake), they never actively made fun of Willow or Tara for being gay. If jokes were made, they weren’t at the expense of them. The writers weren’t making Willow the laughing stock because of her sexuality. Quite the contrary, she was so comfortable in her own skin and with her sexuality that she was confident enough to address it in a jokingly way. (”I think I’m kinda gay” “I’m a breast gal myself.” “It’s a total loss of control, and not in a nice, wholesome, my girlfriend has a pierced tongue kind of way.”)

Now, if Xander had been the Gay Character, I think he would’ve been the butt of every joke, and not in a good way, just because that’s how they always treated Xander as a character. That’s just how I picture the writers would’ve handled his homosexuality, and that’s something that wouldn’t have sat well with me. So for more than one reason, I’m kind of glad they decided to go the Willow/Tara route. 

There is one scenario that just came to mind that I would’ve loved to have seen, though: Buffy, Willow, and Xander talking about boys. :)

“Clouding My Mind” - Simon Dominic X Reader (Angst/Fluff)

Description: You and Simon have been dating for quite a while and attending his concerts was always fun, until your insecurities got the best of you and you started noticing the way Simon looked at his dancer. 

  • Word count: 2.538

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What about Aizawa becoming blind because he protected his class and the other Pro Heros didn't come fast enough?

//It’s nineteen minutes past two in the morning but it’s DONE. Enjoy, you sadistic buggers.

As Aizawa’s face was smashed into the hard ground a fifth time, he’d accepted the fact that no help was coming. Thirteen was injured – too injured to protect the children – so that left only him.


Noumu dragged him up once again by his tangled hair, and in the few seconds he had, he made eye contact with the horrified Deku (who was still recovering from the shock of him saving Tsuyu) and mouthed, Get them all to the gate. The boy didn’t receive the message clearly, however, and Aizawa managed, with the aid of sheer adrenaline, to fight against the force Noumu was applying to the back of his bleeding head. He braced himself on his one good forearm, minding the elbow, and pushed up, looking at Deku desperately.

“Gate! Go – everyone!” his voice was cracked and croaky, but the boy nodded in reluctant understanding before disappearing from Aizawa’s sight as his battle was lost and he was pushed to the ground once more.

“So noble,” the voice of Tomura pierced the heavy air. “Letting them leave while you stay here and die. However, you forget”-he pulled Aizawa’s face from the ground and closer to his own-“that Noumu is not the only villain here.”

Acting out of pure instinct, Aizawa used the support the two hands were giving him and arched his back to release his own. He then proceeded to take two lengths of his scarf and wrap them around Tomura’s neck, relishing in the surprise the one visible eye showed.

“Don’t…fucking touch my…students.” Each growled word was accentuated by a sharp tug of the scarf, and even as he was struggling to retain consciousness, his ragged breathing an indicator of this, he grinned. Tomura winced at the savage look, the bloodstained face and teeth a picture of pure malice, before fainting from lack of oxygen. Kurogiri soon removed him from the scene.

Even as he fell once more onto the concrete, Aizawa smiled.

Even as he was turned onto his back and punched repeatedly in the face, Aizawa smiled.

And he continued to smile as his he brought his legs up and kicked Noumu’s beak-like face. The damage he delivered was minimal – if existent – but the fact that the man could still move caught the creature off-guard. He rolled out from beneath it, noticing how the world had lost much of its colour, and used the arm that was not completely twisted and broken to bring himself to his feet. He collapsed as soon as he’d succeeded.

Noumu grinned as he made his way over to Aizawa’s motionless body. The Pro tried to move away, but found exhaustion had finally taken over him and his limbs were useless. His eyesight was dimming, a feeling of irritation at the back of his eyeballs and the surrounding area, but that wasn’t his main concern. No – his primary focus was the large foot approaching his mangled face at a rapid speed, but then it wasn’t a concern any more because it made contact and he was unconscious.

Mic had never activated his Quirk as quickly as he did when he saw his best friend’s lifeless body being shadowed by a giant, mutated villain. The noise threw it away from its target and he left it to be sorted out by the other Pros while he sprinted towards Aizawa, All Might a few paces in front. Lifting the bloody, broken body in a fireman’s lift upon reaching him, the latter carried him back to Mic, who was slightly behind due to his shorter legs.

“I-is he alive?” he peered at the mess of a face and almost burst into tears at the sight of it. “Shouta? Shouta, can you hear me?”

A brief moment passed before dried lips whispered, “Yamada? Are…they safe?”

“Yes,” tears were streaming down his face, a relieved smile gracing it. “Yes, all thanks to you. And you’re going to be fine. Everyone’s going to be fine.”

Dark eyelashes slowly fluttered open but there was no sign of recognition in the cracked, bloodshot eyes beneath.

“Yamada… Why can’t I see anything?”

“Thanks to your teacher, none of you were seriously injured. So make sure you all let him know how grateful you are when he recovers.”

Tsuyu approached the man desperately. “But is he okay? Aizawa-sensei – will he be okay?”

The man gave her a sympathetic smile and produced his phone from a pocket, informing them that the doctor had left a message.

He suffers from several fractures to the face and arms, and while he – luckily – got away with no serious brain injuries, the damage to Eraserhead’s orbital floor was too great, so the floor and rim of the sockets are fractured. Unfortunately, he has permanently lost his sight. I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do.

The class of 1-A was silent; some were crying. It was Iida who finally spoke.

“He’s lost his Quirk, then? Since he needs to look at the person…”

“Yes, that is what we must assume.”

“But why?” Tsuyu cried. “He just wanted to protect us. He kept fighting, even through all that pain… He doesn’t deserve this.”

Bakugou narrowed his eyes. “There’s no point in being sad for him – I think Present Mic is taking care of that – so all we can do is help him and let him know he’s not alone.”

The steady, quiet beeping of the heart monitor was the only thing breaking the silence of the hospital room. Present Mic sat on the plastic chair, staring at his lifelong friend through sad, watery eyes.

“It’s my fault, Shouta,” he whispered. “I should have arrived sooner. If I had, you’d still be able to see; you wouldn’t be in this bed-”

“The first long sleep in ages and you yitter on through it.” A deep, slightly muffled voice muttered jokingly.


“Mm. What’s on my eyes? Move it; I can’t see anything.”

Taking the cast-wrapped hand in his own, Mic sighed. “That’s the difficult part. You- There was a lot of damage to your face and head. Your brain’s fine, but your eyes… You’re blind, Shouta.”


“'Oh’? That’s it?”

The hero did his best to shrug. “What’s done is done. No point in being upset over it. Are the children okay?”

“They’re fine.” He shook his head. “So you’re not the least bit upset? You’re absolutely fine with this?”

Aizawa frowned beneath the bandages, the small movement creating no small amount of pain. “I suppose I’ll be upset about not seeing them all grow into great heroes… But I’ll still be there; I’ll hear them and be with them.”

Mic scoffed. “What about your Quirk?”

“I can train myself to use the scarf and stuff again, and maybe there’s a way I can use it without seeing whoever I’m using it on. Who knows? I’ll find out.”

“Aizawa!” All Might appeared in the doorway, concerned expression being replaced by relief. “How are you? Feeling any better?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” The Pro Hero smiled, thinking of all the faces in his class, safe and well. All it took was a small sacrifice. “It’ll all be fine.”

//Part two here

Body Mods - Why They Happen to Sensible, Upstanding Kids

I was recently asked something to the extent of ‘what is the appeal with tattoos and piercings? why would you do that?’ At the time I whipped out a few lack-luster reasons (self-expression, sex appeal, pain) which only seemed to confuse and baffle the curious party.

Frankly I appreciate someone asking. I, and many people I know, get looks sometimes that just scream ’why?’ but no one ever really asks. It is not like its a secret. In fact one could assume its quite the opposite. What? You thought I got my lip pierced but didn’t expect anyone to notice?

So thinking through this encounter and others just like it that never happened I was left feeling like I should give a more satisfactory explanation, or educated guess.

So why do decent sensible kids these days get body modifications? Why tattoo yourself? Why put holes in places where they don’t belong? The simple answer? Because I can. It may be a hold over from adolescence but there is a deep feeling of entitlement and rebellion when it comes to body art. It’s like screaming 'this is mine’; it is my body and I’ll do with it as I please. You can take your judgments and norms and stick them in any one of your limited apertures.

The society that we live in screams at us to do so many, often contradictory things: to conform, to stand out, to succeed, to be cool, to be straight, to be wild, to get laid, to be good, to be naughty, to be yourself, to be geeky, to be open, to relax, to work harder. We try so hard to stand out and fit in all at once. Our brains identify and categorize and label at astounding speeds. All these things that define us for everyone else and ourselves. I can wear a suit and act like a bitch and get respect, but if I put on pajamas and act like a bitch I’m a street kid - and chances are I will take on these personas.

But even so the whole 'your body is your temple’ thing still holds true. This body is mine - finite though it may be. If we take Descartes at his word it’s true that our body doesn’t really matter, it’s our mind that define us. But with so much input and stimulation and pigeonholing and changing personalities, it is hard to hold on to what being authentically you really means. Let alone explain it to someone else. However no amount of conformity, or judgment changes the body I exist in.

Body art is a way of claiming yourself. Yes, to those around you but mostly to yourself. It connects your thoughts, your existence, to your body. You look at a tattoo and remember talking about it, drawing it, looking at pictures, looking at colors trying to decide if this was 'you’. You remember that moment were you wonder who 'you’ are.

You look at a tattoo and you remember the pain. You remember the butterflies sinking like squirming rocks in your stomach while the artists preps the equipment. You remember all the awkward positions you were in. You remember the sound. You remember the feeling of burning and pain, and you remember the minute you let it sweep over you. You remember the minute your face relaxed into that pain and you just let it happen.

You remember when all your focus, all your thoughts, were caught up in the fact that this body belongs to this mind, that this pain was a plan, a choice that you made.

Sure there are lots of reasons why people get body modifications. They are attractive, they make you look tough, but mainly they remind you of you. They set you apart from all the other struggling humans on the planet. Sure lots of people have lip rings but this one is MINE. I claim my body and my identity for me.

If you have seen Memento maybe that will help you understand. The difference is that your not trying to keep memories from slipping away, you are trying to keep yourself from slipping away into monotony, or conformity, or simplicity. They have the power to keep you from feeling like a tree lost in a forest. Body art is a reminder that autonomy and free will exist within you. Why? Because they exist on you.


I Put a Spell on You

Hancock popped his last Mentat as he stepped into Goodneighbor. No need to ration them now. There’d been an issue with a group of Super Mutants making a camp a bit too close by and harassing—eating—some of the good folk coming in and out of his city. He’d personally went out to attend to the matter just so everyone knew he was back on his feet again after his “bender.” Scout had to go back up to Sanctuary to manage stuff there, but Nick had a possible lead for them about Shaun, and they’d promised to stop by Goodneighbor to meet up with him and get supplies before heading out. Hancock didn’t spot them hanging out with Daisy or kicking back on one of the benches out front though. He rolled the ‘tat beneath his tongue and sucked on it. Didn’t mean anything. Scout could handle themself out in the Commonwealth, and it might just be that they were already in the Old State House.

“Yeah, let’s just stand out in the cold like morons,” Fahrenheit said. “That’d be great.”

“Ah fuck off,” Hancock replied without any heat. “It’s good to be—”

Movement blurred out of his peripheral and then Fahrenheit shoved him behind her. She fired off a shot and there was a metallic crack, all before Hancock could turn and see what the threat was.

“This is a snowball.”

Scout’s voice. Scout. Shit.

“But nice reflexes,” they continued. “You should follow up on that promise to give her a raise, Mister Mayor.”

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Hi. Could you make me a Theo Raeken imagine in which he falls in love with y/n but he can't because he is working with the dread doctors but at the same time he can't stay away from her and she loves him too. They are at her house, just the two of them and he starts crying because the dread doctors said they would kill y/n if he didn't stay away from her and y/n conforts him and stuff? Lots of cuteness please

I’m sorry (Theo Raeken)

Theo had tried. He tried really hard to not fall for her. The girl with the charismatic smile, the contagious laugh, the beautiful soul, piercing eyes, straight A’s, and a heat of gold, a girl who seemed to have everything he ever wanted. He didn’t come here to fall in love. That wasn’t apart of the plan. But he couldn’t help himself.

After he had fell for her he did his best to avoid her not wanting to get her involved in the screwed up mess of his life. He didn’t make it far avoiding her because there was like a gravitational pull between the two. The feelings were mutual. Theo couldn’t give that up because it something he wanted. Something he craved. Something he knew he didn’t deserve but took the chance.

When he finally had the guts to ask her out and she said yes he figured that he could just keep her a secret from the doctors. That since she wasn’t apart of the pact that it wouldn’t matter. And he was right, for about four months he had kept her a secret. They had went on countless dates, they had movie night Fridays that specializes in cuddling, they had study dates, where one went you would usually get the other. They were stuck like glue. Everyone agreed that they were the cutest couple in school, always doing cute romantic things together not caring where they were. 

They were what everyone wanted until one night, the doctors had found out. They had threatened Theo that if he didn’t stay away from her they would kill the girl. That was his worst nightmare. He made his way to her house already in tears. This is the first time Theo had cried in years.

“Theo? Babe what’s wrong?” y/n asked when she opened the door.

y/n had previously known about the supernatural world seeing as her cousins were born werewolves, but even so Theo had kept her up to date with everything crawling in the night down Beacon Hills streets.

“I-I-I’m sorry.” he shook his head and sniffled, a lot.

“Come here.” she pulled him into a bone crushing hug and he held on tight. After a minutes in that position she pulled back and led him inside. They ended up on her bed with her rubbing his back as he continued to have quick unsteady breaths trying to calm down.

“Theo, you can tell me what happened.” he looked over at her and shook his head again.

“I am so sorry.” his breaths making the words sound like he was hiccuping. 

“Can you tell me what your sorry for?” she asked softly.

“They they told me t-that I had to-to stay away from you, or-or else…” he trialed off crying harder.

“Or else what baby?”

“They-they would k-k-kill you.” He cried into her shoulder as she held him.

“I am so sorry.” he mumbled into her shoulder. She shushed him calmingly.

“Hey, it’s okay.”

“No it’s not. y/n I have to break up with you.” he sniffled multiple times.

“Hey it’s going to be okay. I promise. One day when all of this is over you can come back to me okay?” he nodded as she ran her hands through his disheveled hair. 

“I love you so much.” his breath hitched.

“I love you too Theo.” she kissed his forehead since he was leaning on her.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with out you.” he started wiping his tears.

“You are going to do whatever you have to do then if you still love me you can come back, I’ll wait.”

“You will?” he asked shocked.

“Of course I will Theo, what we have is special and I’m not giving it up that easily. Besides you make the happiest I’ve been in my entire life. No one else would ever come close to that.” she said and for the first time that night he smiled.

“You’re really perfect, you know that?”

“No I’m not Theo.” she giggled.

“You’re perfect for me.” he said truly meaning it.

After about another hour of talking Theo finally left. Giving her one last kiss for now. He walked out of her house feeling nothing but sorrow but the moment he entered his house it had all turned to rage. He had broken practically broken everything in his room before collapsing and crying himself to sleep. 

I hope you enjoyed it :) Make sure you keep requesting.

NOTE: I’m sorry if I have yet to write your request! Some of them really pop out to me and I’ll write right away when others take me a while to think of something decent to write. So I’m sorry if I haven’t written yours yet I promise I will get to it. But for now keep requesting :)

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Hi! Are you taking prompts? I hope so, since you're an awesome writer and you write some amazing stuff. :) Here is the prompt, if you're up to it: Bilbo dies in the Battle of the Five Armies instead of Thorin. Thorin, in his grief, takes everything out on Gandalf (screaming at him and hitting him) and the old wizard takes it, feeling regret over how he didn't watch out for Bilbo the way he should have.

Thank you *bows. And this is late, but alas…

“No, oh no no no.”

Thorin has never heard the wizard’s voice so grieved and heart-broken. So he finds himself turning away from his badly wounded – but gloriously alive – nephews for long enough to watch Thranduil approach, followed by a second elf who carries a body.

Gandalf brushes past the dwarf sentries, ignoring even Thranduil solemnly coming to a stop. “We found him on the slopes of Ravenhill,” Thranduil says gravely, “I heard you were looking for him.”

His cool, clear eyes find Thorin. Abruptly, horror surges through Thorin’s battered body. There is only one member of his company not accounted for, only one they are still missing. But this cannot be, Bilbo came to warn them, and after that he must have gone back to Dale.

Should have gone back to Dale.

He never made it.

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Eddy! Holy ahit!! I just woke up and saw my ask!! I didn't even think about Clarke being the Brittana child!! So fucking brilliant, man! This is why you're my Fav blogger. God, Idk how to feel about this. We're playing with the unholy trinity of Lesbian power couples here and it's glorious, beat headcanon ever.

Thank you ! I’ve always mentioned how my head goes back to Glee ships everytime, but this a delicious mix that is far beyond my silly Glee whims. So today, while I was in therapy, I thought about this ‘universe’ and I came up with some headcanons.

If other people are looking for the origin, this is the Faberrittana / Clexa discussion anon and I came up with!

Okay, so, ahead:

Faberritana / Clexa Verse Headcanons

Originally posted by forgottencat


  • Brittana were on the Ark, they met there and fell in love. Now picture this: Brittana running in the hallways of the Ark when no one is around, hand in hand, singing silly songs. Because you know, Hallways™ is their thing.
  • Their first and older child is Sugar Motta, obvi.
  • When Clarke was born, the man who donated semen was obviously executed and she was sent to juvie being she a second child (like Octavia kinda) until … her final journey to the ground. Until this very day, besides being Clarke Lopez-Pierce, Clarke also likes to remember her ‘dad’, Jake Griffin.
  • Brittana are amongst the people who fight hard to Skaikru to get to Earth and eventually they make it and meet their daughter again.
  • Brittany had a lot of crayons on the Ark. She was an artist, but when Clarke was sent to juvie, she gave them all to her so that she had something to do while being down there. When she comes back to Earth, she is heartbroken to find Clarke too occupied with being a leader and saving everyone’s ass to draw anymore.
  • Bonus: When they come to Earth, Clarke is dating Finn, and Santana dislikes him so much, she constantly makes joke about his hair and his fuck-boy attitude; Brittany is more understanding, but also, partly shading, you know how she is. Santana makes Finn uncomfortable with sex jokes, let’s get real, she wants him to fuck off. Sugar approves, but she also kinda likes Finn, because she likes fuck-boys a bit.

Originally posted by bechloeaf


  • Okay, so Faberry are Grounders (Rakel and Kuinn). Rachel is from the Ice Nation. Her mom, Shelbi, is the Ice Queen and there is a lot of controversy because Rakel joined Trikru so that she could be with Kuinn. Shelbi did not approve because ya know, no coalition back then. (Optional, because I need to plot this better: Kuinn is a nightblood but THERE IS A REASON why she is alive still, but I gotta come up with that, ‘cause I’m tired now)
  • Or (Alternative Route) maybe Kuinn is the Commander and Lexa is just her daughter. For some reason I need to invent, Kuinn can’t be the commander anymore, so they take the chip off her without having her die because the Commander can be removed with an unanimous vote. Kuinn introduced this rule but in reality it was her little daughter that suggested it when she was a kid.
  • Kitty (Her real name is not Kitty, but they call her that because she is agile like a cat) and Marley (I gotta come up with a Grounder name, Kara maybe - lol) are Rakel and Kuinn’s seconds. 
  • Bonus: When she becomes the Commander Lexa joins the coalition to get the clans of her moms together. She even introduces the chance for members of different clans to have their union ceremony.

Originally posted by adcspirit


  • Okay, so generally, the Clexa storyline is the same as canon, only with the moms added and lol no Lexa dying. 
  • What changes is that Santana gets really pissed when the betrayal and she wants to go all Sector 6 on Lexa’s ass because she hurt her daughter, but then she figures her daughter is a badass and can handle it but oh, Clarke leaves and becomes Wanheda and Santana regrets not dragging Lexa. She and Brittany don’t see her for months and Sugar goes looking for her (Bonus: Sugar/Bellamy are endgame).
  • OBVIOUSLY Rakel is the one that sings the Grounder anthem when Clarke bows to Lexa. Like, this is obvious, I shouldn’t even have to write it because 1) imagine Lea’s voice on that 2) Rakel would never let someone sing at her daughter’s wedding. Bonus: Santana gets really emotional in this scene over Clexa, but also because Rakel’s voice, although she’ll never admit it. This is the Pezberry duets-challenge origin. 
  • Lexa has so many candles because Rakel found old albums of the Phantom of the Opera and it kinda went this way. Musical inspiration.
  • Lexa took her whipped from Kuinn.
  • Clarke took her sass and lack of chill from both her moms.
  • Kuinn hates Titus and she yells at him all the time, also she knows he is the one that taught her that love is weakness and she’s like, fuck no, my love for Rakel made me the strongest bitch in this joint.

Okay, this is it for now. @fearwanheda contributed to some of those, we’re talking about this meme right now haha. Definitely gonna come up with more and eventually some fic if I managed. (PS. sorry for eventual typos)

May we meet again.

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Can you make a Gray smut scenario where you two are friends and you're spending the night at his house . You didn't bring any sleeping clothes and he gives you one of his shirts and gets slightly turned on, so it ends dirty xD thank you author-nim ^^

„Seriously…can’t you stop working on music for a moment?“ You whined out loud, but Gray didn’t pay any attention to you. You were sitting on the bed in his apartment, with your legs crossed while your arms were wrapped tightly around one of his pillows. You haven been silently watching him working on a new song for about two hours now. You really didn’t want to disturb his flow, but it was getting too boring. You waited for him to show any kind of reaction, but he didn’t. He did not even move an inch. You let out a frustrated sigh and buried you face into the pillow.

What you didn’t know was that he actually heard every word you had said. He just chose to ignore you. He was only pretending to work on music, in order to distract himself from you. You two were best friends since childhood. But these days, his body reacted differently around you. He couldn’t think straight anymore whenever you were near him. His mind was playing crazy and his heart began to beat in an irregular fast rhythm. When you touched him, his whole body tensed up and he would feel a tingling sensation in his tummy. 

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TVD Villain Convention: Only the baddest allowed!
  • Held at Mikaelson Mansion in Mystic Falls.
  • Klaus: Well it is so nice to see so much pleasant evil faces all in one room.
  • Katherine: I don't even know why, I showed up to this lame shindig. Although I am the best looking person here.
  • Silas: Correction, sweetheart I am. After all I am the perfect male specimen.
  • Quetsiyah: It seems that the both of you narcissistic idiots are a match made in heaven.
  • Silas: Oh you're just jealous as usual.
  • Kol: I don't see what she's got be jealous about, in my eyes she's winning.
  • Rebekah: Put a sock in it all of you!
  • Elijah: What my lovely sister meant to say is that, dinner awaits us.
  • Katherine: Always the proper gentleman, Elijah.
  • Katherine then slips her arm into Elijah's and he escorts her to the dining room.
  • Silas: Go ahead you can say it.
  • Rebekah: Say what?
  • Silas: What you've been thinking since I walked through the door.
  • Rebekah: And that would be what exactly?
  • Silas (whispers in her ear): That the sight of me turns you on.
  • Rebekah: Oh please.
  • She begins to walk away towards the dining room, and he follows her.
  • Silas: It's ok the sight of me turns me on to.
  • He says as they take there seats at the long dining table.
  • Kol: Well look at that, now it's just the two of us left.
  • Qetsiyah: I'm glad that you are capable of observing the obvious.
  • Kol: You know I happen to have a thing for sexy sarcastic witches.
  • Qetsiyah: Watch it Original, I may not be able to kill you but I will make you suffer a million ways if you dare lay a hand on me.
  • Kol: Oh kinky, I like you even more.
  • Kol walks away before Qetsiyah can fry his skull, she shortly follows and takes her seat as well. Klaus takes his seat at the head of the table, and admires everyone. Damon speeds in and takes a seat as well.
  • Katherine: And who invited you?
  • Damon: I just so happen to be the first baddie to have ever existed.
  • Rebekah: Oh please.
  • Klaus: I believe you're mistaken, I'm the first baddie.
  • Damon: Nope your the original Baddie, and I was the first to start wreaking havoc, so I belong at this table just as much as you guys do.
  • Silas: Well actually I'm the original baddie considering I've been around since like the beginning of time.
  • Qetsiyah: Actually you were simply a fool, and since my revenge was the first, I would be considered to be the original "baddie".
  • Kol (winks): I always knew you were bad.
  • Qetsiyah: Of course you did fool that's the whole reason we're here.
  • Klaus: Frankly it doesn't matter who was here first, because let's face it I am the most evil.
  • Katherine & Damon: Yeah right.
  • Katherine: And what makes you so sure you're bad to begin with?
  • Damon: Um I've killed a shitload of people, all my friends included.
  • Katherine: Please, I pinned you and your brother against each other. Then i lied to you making you believe that I was stuck in a tomb for 120 years, while killing people in the process.
  • Damon: Trust me I think I remember.
  • Silas: That's nothing I left your brother at the bottom of a quarry to die over and over again. I devoured Jeremy Gilbert upon my resurrection, mind controlled little Bonnie Bennett while murdering her father. On top of that I also have a stellar death toll.
  • Damon: You know I'm staring to wonder why i haven't killed you yet.
  • Kol: The only shame here is that the Gilbert boy didn't stay dead.
  • Klaus: I think all of you seem to be forgetting that I slaughtered my own army of hyrbrids and drowned a mother all on Christmas night.
  • Qetsiyah laughs.
  • Klaus: And what exactly do you find so funny, love?
  • Qetsiyah: Well where do I start? All of you think you're pure evil, when you're not. Damon you think you're villain but drown your guilt in alcohol and will fight to avenge someone who did right by you. Katherine you may have pined to brothers against each other, but in reality you are a mother whose been on the run for years just trying to survive. Silas you're just an idiot who wanted to be with the woman he loved forever.The Mikaelsons are just one fucked up family who have mommy and daddy issues, and all yearn to be loved.
  • Klaus: You forgot one person love, yourself or do you think yourself better than the rest?
  • Qetsiyah: Well I'm just a women scorned. None of us are pure evil we have all been driven to do psychotic things because of love, and if you are capable of love then you are capable of redemption.
  • Kai strolls in and takes a seat parallel to Klaus.
  • Klaus: And who the hell are you?
  • Damon: That is a disgusting sociopath that just so happens to be on the top of my kill list.
  • Kai: I'm flattered Damon, really. And you can call me Kai.
  • Elijah: And what are you doing here, if you don't mind me asking?
  • Kai: Well this is the villain convention?
  • Rebekah: Yes, so once again what are you doing here?
  • Kai: Apparently I'm a sociopath, so I figured this my place to be. Plus I heard there was going to be free food.
  • Kol: And what evil deeds have you done?
  • Kai: Well i wouldn't call them evil, I call them fun. I slaughtered my entire family when I was young, and I plan on slaughtering a coven of witches plus I have this one girl prisoner, Bonnie. Do you know her? Anyways I get to torture everyday and I absolutely love the sound of her screams. Now please tell me you have some jam!
  • Everyone: ....
  • Damon: Don't you ever lay a hand on Bonnie again.
  • Kai: Damon you're letting your goodness show through. Besides I can almost guarantee she loves it when I grab her by the neck.
  • Kol: She does have a lovely neck.
  • Kai: Yes it's the perfect width, and it makes it all the more convenient for me to choke her.
  • Qetsiyah: I stand corrected, there is no redemption for him. For he is pure evil.
  • Kai: What are you talking about I let one of my sisters live, without a spleen of course but she's alive nonetheless. But I'll take it you're giving me the highest form of flattery and about that jam I was serious.
  • everyone: ....
  • Klaus: I believe I just found a best friend!!
unheard and sweeter

Immediately after his brother’s death, Lieutenant Killian is betrayed by his naval captain and sold to the dreaded Dark One, Rumpelstiltskin. Two years later, Rumple kidnaps the Princess of Misthaven and assigns Killian into watching her. Rumple may want the princess happy so he can use her heart for a dark spell, but Killian finds he wants her happy for entirely different reasons.

Lieutenant Duckling/Slave and Prisoner AU

Words ~7k   ❃  Rated T+ (For almost smut)  ❃   AO3 FF

It’s times like these that Killian is almost glad that he’s alone. This way, it’s easier. This way, his mother and his brother won’t be here to witness him locking the Princess of Misthaven in the loneliest, dirtiest bastille in the entire realm, damning her to a life of misery.

He knows it’s not entirely his fault, but it might as well be. After all, they are his fingers preparing to seal the lock. They are his hands that dragged her kicking and screaming from her castle.

Killian doesn’t meet the princess’ eye as he inserts the skeleton key into the cage’s bolt, officially trapping her behind steel bars and ending her life as royalty. But even as he avoids her gaze, he can still see her hands gripping around the prison’s bars. Her knuckles turn white from her tight grasp, her nails dig into her skin, nearly drawing blood.

“I hate you,” she spits out. The words come out small, barely audible and coherent through her murmur. He is still able to make out the words even though they’re laced heavy with rancor and loathing. He wishes he were deaf. “I hate you!” She’s screaming now.

Killian turns away, unable to stand near her when the abhorrence is radiating off of her like rays of sun. Too bright to avoid, too easy to get burned by.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do an imagine where Felix is living with you (instead of being thrown in jail) and you have to wash his hair for him since it was his first time taking a legit shower, but he didn't do his hair since he was scared of getting shampoo in his eyes after you told him to be careful with it?

[[ Hello my lovelies! Howabout some Storybrooke Felix. I really love writing Felix moments in the real world. :D Enjoy darlings! andpleaserequestmorestorybrookefelix.I just now realized I should have stopped after the shampoo but I couldn’t XD]]

You were closing up the library doors for the weekend when you heard a shouting from the docks and saw a flying ship. You stand there blinking as you had grown to learn the peculiarities of Storybrooke but never expected to see this with your own eyes.

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anonymous asked:

a Jack Maynard imagine where you're all gathering at Joe's flat before a night out as they filmed a video beforehand and one of them (maybe Oli or Joe???) knew you had a crush on Jack so they point it out like "Hey Y/N didn't you want to tell Jack something earlier on? I'm pretty sure you told me to remind you" so it awkwardly means you leading Jack to the balcony to confess your feelings (and I basically wrote this imagine myself lol but you're such a good writer I wanted you too!!)

Aha, it’s okay, makes it easier for me to know exactly what you want! However, I did make some changes.. 😅 

“Knock knock, enter enter,” I shouted, letting myself into Joe’s flat.
“Y/N!” I was engulfed in a wave of body spray as each boy had to have their own hug from me. Mikey gives the best hugs, no doubt about it, a proper bear hug, but once it got a Jack at the back of the pack I felt butterflies in my tummy as his arms wrapped around me.
After I’d said all my hellos, I disappeared into the kitchen to fix myself a vodka lemonade.
“So will tonight be the night, Y/N?” Oli asked, joining me and leaning against the counter. As I sipped my drink, I raised an eyebrow at him, causing him to laugh. “Are you and Jack gonna get together tonight?” The question made me almost choke on my drink.
“I knew I’d regret telling you.”
“Come on, you know Jack’s a chicken when it comes to girls.”
“And so am I when it comes to boys! If anything is going to happen, it’ll just happen. Okay?” 
“So never, then?” I rolled my eyes at Oli and went to rejoin the others in the lounge. The conversation got flowing along with the alcohol and eventually we decided, after a good amount of pre-drinks that would probably keep us going for the whole night, to head out into London.

It felt good to be out in the cool night air with bright light from streetlamps and clubs bouncing off the buildings that towered above us and be surrounded by such good friends.
“Hey, Y/N,” Jack said, suddenly appearing at my side.
“Hi!” I replied, inwardly kicking myself for maybe being a bit too overenthusiastic about his presence.
“Um, Oli said you wanted to talk to me. Something about a video collab?” I looked over to Oli who was staring directly at us and giving me a thumbs up. I mentally sent back a middle finger and a kick in the balls.
“Yeah, can we… can we talk in private?”
“Okay. We’ll catch up with you guys!” he shouted to the others. Together we took a left into a park and sat down on a bench beneath a streetlamp. Before I spoke, Jack cut in.
“This isn’t about a video, is it?”
“What made you guess that? The fact I wanted to talk in private or because Oli was giving me an obvious thumbs up.”
“Yeah, he’s a dickhead. He’s been on and on at me for ages to ask you out.”
“Same here,” I said, slightly laughing. “But I just said it would-”
“-happen in its own time,” we said in unison, smiling at each other. The silver glow of the old-style lamp post made all of Jack facial features stand out, from his clean cut jawline to his piercing blue eyes that stared directly into my own.
“Maybe it’ll happen now?” Jack said quietly, and it was only now that I realised he was holding my hand, delicately as though he was telling me I could pull away at any second. And how he said it was as though he was asking for permission for it to happen. I knew that now was the time and, not knowing what to say, I pressed my lips to his. His hand tightened it’s grip on mine while the other held my waist, and my free hand cupped his cheek. It was as though we were two pieces of a puzzle that had found their neighbour, fitting together so perfectly. 

keenveins  asked:



Lilac Petals - rubberdoop

Barry walks into the Grump Space, rubbing his hands together. It’s a little colder than usual today, which gave him an excuse to wear one of his particularly thick flannels. He loves the feeling of the fabric on his chest, his arms.

Unfortunately, the heat is on and he starts to feel the precursors of sweat. He sighs, wishing he could keep it on but reluctantly takes it off, leaving him only in his white undershirt. He untucks it from his jeans, wishing he had done laundry so he could have worn a Starbomb or at least something besides a plain white shirt.

“Hey Bear, can you help me with something real quick?”

Barry looks up in surprise, finding Ross standing there in the kitchen area of the Space, back turned to him, reaching into the freezer. He’s wearing a black hoodie with the sleeves rolled up. Barry walks over to him, standing a few feet back.

“What’s the problem, buddy? Problem with the ice maker or something?”

Ross hums a response, not turning around. Barry walks closer, trying to see what the problem is. He leans in, trying to look past Ross to see the ice maker. Ross turns around suddenly, his mouth open, obviously about to say something, and their faces are less than an inch apart. Barry blinks, taking a moment to look at Ross’ face. He must be flustered, because his face is fairly red. Upon further examination, he realized that Ross is wearing a hoodie, even though the heat is on.

“Hey, Ross. What’s up with the hoodie? It’s like a hundred degrees in here.”

Ross stutters, trying to squeeze passed Barry without answering. As he does so, he grazes up against him, and Barry feels something peculiar, something familiar. Before jumping to conclusions, he turns around and grabs Ross by the arm. He pulls him back to him, meeting Ross’ piercing blue gaze with his own. He puts a strong hand on Ross’ back, running his hand along the tell-tale strap that he finds there. Barry cocks an eyebrow and smirks knowingly.

“Hey Ross, buddy…are you wearing a bra?”

Ross’ face turns an even deeper shade of red and he stutters again. Barry brushes a few stray strands of hair out of Ross’ face, an look of interest on his face. Ross takes a few breath before finally responding, his voice meek.

“I just…I like the way it looks on me. It makes me look pretty. I didn’t know we were gonna turn the heat on today so I thought I’d be able to wear it under my hoodie without anyone noticing but Vernon turned on the heat and I -”

Barry raises his hand, motioning for Ross to stop rambling. He sighs, trying to stop himself from imagining Ross this morning, standing in front of a mirror, putting on a cute little bra, struggling to get all the tiny clasps in place, adjusting it so that it’s straight. Maybe he poses in front of the mirror for a bit, trying to find an angle that gives even the slightest impression of cleavage.

Before he realizes what he’s doing, he puts his hands on Ross’ hips, closing the small amount of space that remained between them. He slides his hands up, the fabric of Ross’ hoodie riding up with them. His fingertips graze the bottom of the bra and he runs the pad of his thumb over the soft fabric. Barry hears Ross catch his breath in his throat, and he suppresses a moan. His heartbeat quickens. He’s never gotten this worked up over something so trivial as touching a bra. But there’s something about the fact that it’s Ross that just drives him up the wall.

Barry spins Ross around, backing him up to the fridge. He pushes him against the door, leaning in close, hesitating for a moment before leaning in and kissing him, his hands still wandering. He pulls back, pulling the hoodie up and over Ross’ head, leaving him shirtless in only the bra and his jeans.

The bra is lilac, the top made of silk and the bottom decorated with lace petals. Ross’ arms shoot up to his chest, trying desperately to cover himself up. He tries to protest, but Barry won’t hear any of it. He grabs his wrists, pulling them down to his side. He takes a step back, taking in the gorgeous view in front of him.

“You’re right, Ross. You look so beautiful.”

(BBC) Robin Hood Season 1 Starters
  • Shh! Quiet.
  • We have won, and they should be ashamed
  • I shouldn't have said that.
  • When we get home, I'm going to eat roast beef.
  • I am going to cry. I'm going to cry like a baby.
  • In fact, I can feel a song coming on.
  • You know, it is lucky I do not readily take offense! You know, a smaller man would be offended! A smaller man would be wounded!
  • I love you. Have I ever said that?
  • I said no stopping! Why do you never ever listen?!
  • I'm not saying anything.
  • That man is a showoff. If there are no eggs left, I'm going after him.
  • How are you? I thought of you.
  • Don't worry, I can look after myself.
  • I don't care about you, I care about my father.
  • Are you really as naive as you seem?
  • You think you can pick fights with these people and get away with it? You think you can slight them in public?
  • You are a fool.
  • What is your crime?
  • It's more than we ever managed before.
  • Pardoning them? I will see them hang in the morning. You yourself said that we risk rebellion. We must have order.
  • These are not holy men. These people cannot plead the cloth. Get on with it.
  • I came last night to administer their last rites.
  • Will you tolerate this injustice? I, for one, will not!
  • Everything is a choice, everything we do! Grow up.
  • This...is a rescue!
  • You cannot go back in there. If you go back in and die, then I will die. Of grief. So you must come now, if only to save me.
  • It will be dangerous.
  • You still love him?
  • You cannot give yourself up every five minutes!
  • Is it all just a big joke to you?!
  • Is it all so serious to you?!
  • Nothing like a tragedy to bring out the do-gooders.
  • Women, how can they manage to hit that particular pitch that makes you want to pierce your eardrum with a stick?
  • I thought you were gonna slit me throat!
  • Underneath all that haughty, there's quite a bit of naughty!
  • We're going to give these a good horse whipping.
  • The thing is, I woke up and we'd both been robbed! And rather than wake you, I went off to catch the thieves myself. I chased them for days!
  • He couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.
  • Are you hurt?
  • Let them hang.
  • My brother's had more chances than he deserves.
  • Do you know the worst crime a man can commit?
  • Marry me. It is the only way. As Lady/Sir ___, I could protect you. What do you say?
  • You leave me no time to think. A moment ago you were going to hang me and now you want to marry me.
  • Is it so difficult to prove your loyalty?
  • So what about me? Will you...marry...me?
  • I will marry you
  • I have an apology to make
  • You seem to be short of friends
  • No! Stop! This is wrong. I can't take part in this. You will regret this. You will see sense and you will regret it.
  • They'll be so disappointed to know that underneath your fine words, you're just as violent as the next man
  • And look at you now, you're just a common outlaw. House and lands lost. Do you think I don't laugh every time I sleep in your bed?
  • Surely, you would have friends elsewhere that would take you in.
  • I thought you'd given up a long time ago. But, you still carry a torch for her, don't you?
  • Maybe in future, you'll think twice before painting your arm like a girl!
  • He can tell us all we need to know about the outlaws.
  • All right. So hang him, then. Make an example.
  • Life is a cruel mistress. Clean up your mess.
  • Some men find pleasure in giving women gifts.
  • I hate the cave.
  • It's dark and it's, you know, horrible.
  • My father treated the wounded on the battlefield. He said never lie to a wounded man.
  • You are not going to die and I have never lied to you.
  • This is not the time to argue.
  • Do not tell me when it is time to argue!
  • I say you are a fool when I mean you are a hero.
  • I love you, you love me, we all love each other. Drink the wine.
  • What do girls eat, anyway?
  • Bored now. Kill them!
  • I think we're gonna die.
  • Why didn't you tell me?
  • Your father will be safe; I have made provisions for him. You see, as my father-in-law he is protected. As my father-in-law.
  • You are cruel!
  • I have moral grounds! This man is a liar and a traitor and her heart belongs to another! Let her tell you that.
  • I am sorry but you are wrong. I know you mean well, but my heart lies here.
  • Get him out of here!
  • Do you take this man and this horse as your route out of here?