i didn't know these were by you uvu

anonymous asked:

Hey, um I colored and shaded some of your sketches from your tutorials, and I was wondering if it would be okay if I posted it, but give you credit for the line art. I didn't know if you were selective about that kind of thing.

omg they were such small sketches how did you managE but sure go ahead ;v;

Anon:Hey, Sunny! :) Who is your favorite Beta kid??

eheh probably Dave but really, I like all of them uvu

Anon:How do you feel about johnroxy???? This is very important.

yess I ship it B) it’s also like teen Mom x Dad

Anon:Sunnyyyy I kept seeing your marstuck art and it inspired me to write mer karezi, well half merKarezi, Karkat’s a human. And I thought you’d like to know this is a thinggggggg

ahh that’s so nice! have fun with it <3