i didn't know there was a better term for it i am sorry

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actually fun linguistic fact! Literally is not used as a synonym for figuratively anywhere - in non-literal contexts it’s used as a hyperbolic intensifier. There’s a post demonstrating the semantics I can show you. I’m sorry, this is my field.

oh, huh! i did not actually know there was a technical term for the other way it’s used, i just said “synonym” for lack of a better one. the more you know!

and you said you’ve got an example of the semantics? bc that actually sounds super-interesting

—also OH MAN WHILE YOU’RE HERE! i haven’t mentioned much yet! but i am super super excited! bc i found out they’re offering this one class next quarter that’s really hard to find/get into bc it’s not offered often but i need it for my english minor and it sounds so great so next quarter i’ve got two CPE classes, a class on LGBT+ lit (taught by the professor i loved so much last quarter), and a class literally called HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. I’M SO JAZZED.