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some nyma icons cause she’s my geef and i’m so freaking excited that she and her banana hands are making a comeback <3

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Eragon and Saphira

This is a gift for @killushawn as a thanks for getting me into this amazing book series(and also because you’re awesome). It’s not much but it is what i can give, and dragons are always fun to draw so why not <3 

Take my trash gift, hope u like it Shawn 


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 Week Four: SF9 or Astro

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WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT AREA IN YUQUE with the caterpillar girl i've thought i'd seen everything!


you see this door? the one that’s locked and seemingly has no reason to exist?

turns out it isn’t locked if you have the station uniform equipped

this screen says 8 by default; talk to it so it says 13

go to where you’d find the other train

except now it’s a different train

welcome to industrial box desert, home to industrial boxes and caterpillar girls


“I saw her shadow wandering around the mansion while I was at an outdoor party at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It was truly frightening. I knew it was her just from the silhouette, but she doesn’t get to join many parties.”

“Almost like something from a horror story.”

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me: i love charlie, he is my son, he has never done a thing wrong ever

charlie: climbs all over everything—thus threatening to fall & hurt himself, chews on my cords and wires and feet until they bleed, complains to be picked up and then complains right after to be put back down after he’s bitten my chin and made a stealth attack to my eye, is currently about to knock over a birthday vase filled with fragile sea-shells whilst alternating with trying to eat my cross necklace


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Writer, archer, traveler, nicest person in the world, best writer ever, kindest most giving person in the Gintama fandom, having the greatest sense of humor, loving, thoughtful, sweet as strawberry milk = AERO WHAT AREN'T YOU????



I got MVP for being on fire for 56% of the match after this play. I’m proud of myself omg

My birthday is in about 4 hours and Alex, produced101, got me a new url so…

dxnghyuns → donghyun

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Dear Marco, have you read Ivor Davies' Beatles and me on tour? Is it any good? Too many books, too little time, no more money.

no my dear i haven’t, I’m still reading Lewisohn’s bible to be honest,..and I’ve ordered another book on Amazon, because every Beatles book you see looks like the must read book that will let you discover things YOU NEVER KNEW, and will show you pictures NEVER SEEN BEFORE, and you have to buy it cause you read the reviews and everyone is like “IF YOU ARE A BEATLES FAN YOU MUST BUY IT NOW!!! OMGG!!!” and there’s no return, you buy it, and after that little moment of excitement you always end up feeling a bit miserable, buying beatles books with no money to pay the rent