i didn't know if anyone had done this yet

  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: Yes, you love sormik, we know, you love sormik so much, it's the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love sormik, we KNOW you love sormik, you fucking love sormik, okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE SORMIK. WE GET IT.
You Get To Go To Hogwarts

‘Cause now you get to go to Hogwarts,

Now you get to go to school,

Now that you get to go to Hogwarts,

I hope you find that swimming pool,

Off to witches and wizards and magical beasts,

To goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts,

It’s all that I loved and it’s all that you’ll see,

At Hogwarts, Hogwarts,

Man, I’m glad you get to go.

anonymous asked:

how is planning his departure disheartening? he'd have to be an idiot if he didn't plan ahead, you can't just pack your bags and leave when you're under contract with sm (or any company for that matter) i can only imagine what sm would've done to him if they'd found out about what he wanted to do, it's obvious he had to keep it as secret as possible... and yet we don't know, will never know if he talked about it with anyone in the group, so...

It’s not disheartening because he planned ahead. It’s disheartening knowing he chose to wait until 8 days before the first concert when he was ready to go even before the comeback, when it wouldn’t have hurt them as much. It’s disheartening to know that he behaved like there was nothing wrong around fans and around members for an entire month. It’s disheartening to know that he easily recorded interviews telling fans to come see him at the concert knowing he will not be there. As for whether the members knew about this beforehand, I think their reactions when the news broke out speak for themselves.

I understand he has his reasons. Like I said, when big decisions are made, people are hurt along the way. But I have feelings for the people involved, and I’m sorry but I can’t just say “well, whatever, it had to be done.”