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@lunlucy yoooo I’m the anon that thought your Lance with a backwards cap was hot

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This took me almost 9 hours to finish this and man my fingers were killing me :’) Also I hope my background is okay because I try to make it accurate as possible ; v ;

Lydia has admired Angelo when she saw the Orange Team in the Turf War on the big TV screen in Inkopolis when she was 11 (she’s 14 now).

When she saw Angelo chilling in Inkopolis, she felt really flustered seeing him and just wanted to go back to Ryen and Trent. She felt happy that she met her idol, yet flustered because she’s too shy to say anything to him.

(Note: Lydia is a sweet and innocent introvert, but when she’s in the Turf War, she becomes a really aggressive Inkling and tries to splat her opponents as much as possible)

More information about Lydia is right here.

Angelo © tamarinfrog / searching-for-bananaflies