i didn't know i had this until now

When you’re small and highly sensitive so you cry when your boyfriend falls asleep


Ludwig: … That was you?! Why do you always do this to me?!

Iggy: Because it’s funny, Mr. Pompous McSaltwig!


I mean, damn I can’t even right now. I didn’t know I had a type until I saw Jensen Ackles for the first time.

Jensen is 110% attractive all day everyday.

These are the single most attractive pictures of him I have ever laid my eyes on.

Those green eyes, that hair, that scruff, those arms, those shoulders, that body. Good Lord Almighty.

I have so many feelings about Bi Joey.

Like when I was a kid there was even less representation of bisexual people than there is now, so I didn’t really know it was a thing, didn’t properly understand, until I was at least 18, and only got really properly comfortable with it - and therefore myself - in the last 2 years or so (thanks John Watson and the Sherlock fandom).

I wasn’t a proper shipper, but I grew to like Puppyshipping. The problem was it seemed like you basically had to ignore the canon with Mai - which is what fics at the time mostly did.

But coming back to fandom post DSoD as an adult means I can have a whole different perspective on it, and everything clicks into place so comfortably. Like I can have Joey crushing on guys and have him be all ‘I got your flower, go get him honey’ with Mai, and it’s just been a really relaxing experience.


Kisumi and a macaron-covered cake

Happy birthday, Kisumi! 


The last thing she expected was to see another human in the Underground, as Frisk trekked through Snowdin with am armful of Iscream, but when she got over her initial surprise she realized that it wasn’t exactly impossible. Why couldn’t someone else fall down here? Maybe they were someone from her neighborhood, which had surely by now been spreading rumors of how she disappeared. 

… She just didn’t know how anybody could get past the Ruins.

Right now she was a bit at a disadvantage, her arms occupied by snacks, but she faced the child quickly. “You! What are you doing here?” She barked.

❝to thine own self be true❞

He bowed his head; hands clasped together. Although he appeared to be praying, he was plotting. Hired to kill a priest- this wasn’t an average hit. Throughout all of the drug use, the murders, the brutality, Dante Ballard had never laid a hand on a servant of God. Belief had never allowed it until now.

Knowing what the father had done wrong, even though this act was deplorable and sickening to a man as screwed up as Dante, he was having doubts. Because surely this would be the last straw; this would create a permanent seat in hell just for him.


LWD & SKOP CHALLENGE » day 1 | one parallel

     “There’s a difference between courage and pride. Believe me, I’d sleep better at night knowing she had a bodyguard.”
     “She is alone a lot,” I say. How can she not be brave? She’s willing to face the swarming paparazzi and media-hungry press by herself every day.
     “Yes, but that girl would rather carry her own Taser than let someone else defend her, all to prove a point. So when she meets an adversary twice her size and in a much larger quantity, she’s going to realize that some battles are best fought with a sidekick.” 
     “Oh,” I say, finally understanding, thanks to his superhero analogy. My sister is not a team player. She’d rather do things on her own. 
     —Addicted for Now, chapter 55

     His soulful amber eyes rise up to Moffy. “Will you stay with me?”
     “I’m your sidekick, Summers. I wouldn’t leave you for the world.” Moffy extends his hand.
     Xander grabs hold, and they both stand together.
     —Some Kind of Perfect, chapter 55


✧✧T - E - A - M - N - A - T -S - U✧✧

OK I know we’ve had an update since this, but I haven’t really seen anyone on here talk about it so I figured I would bring it up.

The ball smacks something twice. How? My best guess is that Dmitri, assuming he IS a spectral, got in touch with his spirit and used the heightened perception to hit the ball and slow it down before coming back to the real world, where the force of the ball has significantly lessened so that when he hits it again it doesn’t hurt as much. That sort of explains why you can see two blurry legs around his actual ones (much like what happened to Isaac when he did the same).


The King's Request
  • The King's Request
  • Aislynn Price

So I finished reading the AMAZING (like seriously) An Expected Journey by the AMAZING (like seriously) mariejacquelyn and I just had to write a song based on it because holy crap that was one of the most beautifully written, funny, heart-wrenching things I’ve ever read in my life and uggghhh just so many feelings. Seriously please go read it if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

Lyrics here 

Some of you may recall my post from last week analyzing Emily’s character and drawing a conclusion that, contrary to the popular fandom belief that she’s simply full of herself and believes she’s better than everyone, Emily is actually extremely insecure and simply masquerading as confident to hide that insecurity.

Well, today while watching my brother do a “different choices” run, he had Josh pick Emily as the person he dislikes the most in the group. Dr. Hill says, “Ah, a bit too bitchy for your tastes?”

And then, interestingly, he says…

“Often a LACK of confidence manifests itself as over-confidence. Think about that.”

This just further reaffirms my analysis of the writers intending Emily to be merely putting on a front of cockiness. In my original post I even said, word-for-word, that people with low confidence “may also adopt a false bravado, fake confidence, so that people won’t be able to tell how little they actually think of themselves and abandon them or treat them poorly. This tends to backfire, and oftentimes the person will still end up alienated because others around them find them cocky or narcissistic.”

(Another interesting tidbit - after this line Dr. Hill goes on to compare Josh and Emily. He says, “Is that not just a little bit like…you?”)

Emily is much more complex than many fans give her credit for. I’m glad the writers included a line like this for people who say they dislike her the most.

Perfume to release new single “STAR TRAIN,” Nakata anniversary comment

Perfume have announced a new single entitled “STAR TRAIN” for release this autumn. The track will serve as the theme song to their upcoming documentary, WE ARE Perfume -WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT, which will show in Japanese theaters on October 31st. “STAR TRAIN” came from a direct expression of the members’ feelings to Nakata. Further release details will come at a later date.

It was also noted that the previously unrevealed day four of the trio’s anniversary concert series PPPPPPPPPP will just be an advance screening of the tour documentary exclusively for members of PTA.

Nakata additionally made a very rare comment for Perfume’s anniversary:

“Congratulations on the tenth anniversary of your major debut. These ten years passed in the blink of an eye and, though it may seem like many things changed about us, nothing really did. Let’s also join forces now so that your latest work will become your best work.”