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I need a Otayuri fanfic that have a couture designer Otabek and a young model Yuri, is my dream

omg I like that idea so much. I am always on board for any kind of photographer/couture designer and model kind of AU. 

I can see Yuri contacting Otabek saying I wanna model for you and Otabek being like Um isn’t usually the other way around? me contacting for models? and Yuri being Yuri is like Do you know how many designer wants me to wear their things, Altin? and I chose you!

So Yuri sends him some pictures from his portfolio and Otabek might lost himself a few hours searching for the name Yuri Plisetsky on Google and okay wow, he wants that man to model his clothes so bad. 

So they set up an appointment and they finally meet and he is even more beautiful in real life. All long limbs and long golden hair and bright green eyes lined with perfect eyeliner. Otabek ends up staying up all night after Yuri left, sketching new pieces of clothing inspired by him, showing his lean figure, his long, long legs, the defined muscles of his back and arms. He picks some purple fabric because he knows it would do wonder to the color of Yuri’s eyes.

And Yuri keeps showing at his studio unannouced, giving his opinion on cuts and fabric and colors and Otabek really wants to be annoyed by how bossy he is, but he likes the way Yuri’s pale cheeks turns pink whenever Otabek says his ideas are good, or how amazing he looks in the stuff he designed for him. 

Or when he answers right back whenever Yuri tries to be sassy and bossy with him. Otabek likes how his eyes gets wide with surprise before his face goes adorably red.

And Yuri texts him. A lot. Most of the time, sending ideas his way, but sometimes cat videos as well, sometimes selfies too and really, Otabek isn’t strong enough for the sight of Yuri standing in front of his mirror in nothing but very tiny pyjama shorts and a dark purple crop top.

And then Yuri, one time, shows up late at night, after one horrible day, and one horrible photoshoot and Otabek is still there, working in the dark and drawing in his sketchbook. Yuri looks exhausted so they just sit there in complete silence until Otabek asks him what he is doing here so late, the studio is empty apart from them. And Yuri says he wanted to see him. And for once, he looks soft and he smiles and laughs a lot and he shines really, really bright even in the darkness of the room.

He keeps touching Otabek, some tiny casual touch apart from the fact Yuri’s fingers are shaking a little bit, and he keeps biting his lip and his eyes looks almost feverish, his cheeks pink with something Otabek is scared to name.

And that’s when they kiss for the first time right?

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Hi. I read the article of harry doing mansplaining and I want to know your opinion about it. I can "understand" why some people may see his response as a way of mansplaining (at the end of the day he is a man and he's talking about how young girls are portrayed), but I wanted to know why you don't see it that way (I'm just asking because I didn't like how the article was written, and I talked to some feminist friends about it and they agreed he was doing mansplaining).

Mansplaining is when a man interupts a woman, to tell them something they already know, generally with less of a solid grasp on the subject matter than the woman they spoke over. 

What Harry did is 100% NOT mansplaining, because he was A) talking to another guy, who B) asked him a specific question about his fan base and C) was answering in support of women and girls. He was specifically celebrating the often-looked over and spoken-ill-of members of his fanbase and holding them up -  not as the fans you want to get past, so you can get to the real music-lovers, but the fans you should be greatful for, because of their vocal feedback and earnest support.

Quite frankly, fuck anyone who can read his answer to that question and not get that he was speaking from a position of genuine love and support, and with full enthusiasm and reverence. 

Deleted Scenes of Avengers Age of Ultron #12
  • Pietro: You didn't seen that coming?
  • Clint: I don't know how to say that but you didn't take a bullet
  • Pietro: Wait? What? (looking and seeing that he really don't take any bullet. What the hell?
  • (Vision arrives flying with Wanda)
  • Wanda: You're okay?
  • Clint: Hey, shouldn't you be protecting that thing?
  • (The city starts to coming down but really slow.)
  • Voice came from nowhere: I was proud, my babies are growing up, trying to attack superheroes.
  • Pietro and Wanda exchange looks and together: DAAAAD, not that again.
  • Magneto arrives flying: but what they do? NO, they don't united with me, they first unite with Hydra and after with a ROBOT. A ROBOT. just to irritate me.
  • Pietro: Dad, it's not...
  • Magneto: Don't start,Young Boy. You wanted to died from bullets, you know how humiliating would that be? THE SON OF THE MASTER OF THE MAGNETISM diying from little parts of metal.
  • The other avengers who arrived and Clint: O_O
  • Magneto: And Wanda, you did it worse. With all your power,I understand your brother, because his powers wouldn't allowed him, but see even that android knows. (point to vision) What I didn't wrong when I raised both you
  • Pietro and Wanda: You don't raised us.
  • Magneto: Because you mother din't say that you exist. That's why you making this....putting this knife in you father heart and twisting it. dishonoring all my history and our ancestry BE A HERO OR A VILLAIN, I DON"T MIND. BUT NOT USING A CAPE? WHY?
  • Wanda: DAAAAAAD, we already discuss that, capes aren't pratical.
  • Magneto: I shouldn't take you to watched the Incredibles
  • Wanda: but Vision cape is pretty (✿◠‿◠)
  • Vision: Thank you (▰˘◡˘▰) I'm sure that you would be magnificent with a cape too.
  • Wanda: (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
  • Magneto: WAIT? WHAT? WHAT IS THAT? MY LITTLE GIRL, MY LITTLE ROMANI PRINCESS. Pietro, where are you when that thing was happening? You should be watching your sister, not putting yourself in danger.
  • Pietro: Old Man , I tried but she have a thing for metal guy with cape, must be genetic.
  • Magneto: Yeah, he is metal, I can crushed him if he hurt her. Could be worse, at least he have a good style.
  • Clint: Now I can question, What happened with Ultron and the City?
  • Pietro: Dad is grounding the city, but what you do with Ulltron?
  • Magneto: I making he dances like that pinocchio scene, it's pretty funny. But the city is not the only thing I'm grouding today, You two, no more avenging for one month.
  • Pietro and Wanda: BUT DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

And, turning towards Enjolras gently, he said to him, “Will You Permit It?”
Enjolras shook his hand with a smile.

The drawing is a bit old, but this was something I’ve wanted to do forever so I did it anyways :)
That being said if anyone has any suggestions for more of these hit me up! Because I love doing them, but I don’t know what to do next

More Flip-A-Flap Drawings Here

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Mr. Gillen, what were your thoughts on Agent of Asgard? I know it likely didn't follow how you might've planned it to go (since you didn't write it) but were you happy with the way Loki's story went and was written?

It’s be a mistake to think I had anything like a plan for Loki after where I left him in Young Avengers.

I left Loki in a place at the end of YA where someone could run with him, any way they choose. I consciously try and write my runs so they don’t necessarily demand anything from writers who follow me. If they don’t like it, there’s nothing that insists they have to use it. Knowing that we wanted to do a Loki: Agent Of Asgard-esque book, without any specific details about its plot, my destination point was always “Here is Loki who has understood some of his shit and can operate as a lead in ethically grey-styled story.” Everything else was meat if they wanted it, but could be ignored to do their own thing if not. The latter wouldn’t displease me. The former always delights me. Being a writer with cheerily low self-esteem - otherwise known as “a writer” - I pretty much assume all my peers hate my work, so it’s always a surprise and a joy when someone does it.

(Recently, see also Sinister-is-a-species in SECRET WARS.)

I was very happy when Al got the book, as he’s a friend and someone whose work I adored. I was astounded by how much he chose to write it as the third act to Loki’s arc. And it really is the third act. As much as he builds its own thing, it’s a logical and beautiful extrapolation of where he inherited Loki. He even uses the line I dropped at the end of my editorial note in the last issue of JIM, y’know? (”Write your own happy ending”).

In short, I thought Al’s solution to the paradox we posed in SIEGE: LOKI was inspired. I thought that when Al described it to me in the LSCC hotel bar (the same place which inspired much of issue 7 of WicDiv), and I thought that when it saw print.

I think I tweeted that Al deserved some kind of award for “working in a shared universe writing” for Agent of Asgard, and I’d stand by that. Fascinating to see him do all that while making it his own.

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[1] You know what? It's amazing how Arakawa made EdWin and RoyAi parallel but also very different. I mean, the guy seems so self-assured and confident and full of spunk but deep inside they are having a hard time making peace with their pasts. Then there's the girl who'll always look out for him, call out on his shit, and would always know him better than anyone else. I remember those 2 separate episodes, Winry telling Ed not to die and Riza telling Roy not to die and I think it's just so cool

[2] how Arakawa made them similar to each other. But then again, they are also very different in a way that EdWin’s about the beginnings of young and innocent love while RoyAi’s all about stability and devotion. It’s amazing. Arakawa’s amazing.