i didn't know how to end this so yeah sorry for the awkward ending

Megamind sentence pack
  • "Went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good."
  • "Things could be a lot worse."
  • "Oh, that's right. I'm falling to my death."
  • "My end starts at the beginning."
  • "I was eight days old and still living with my parents. How sad is that?"
  • "I set out to find my destiny!"
  • "And our glorious rivalry was born!"
  • "A much different fate awaited me."
  • "A baby! How thoughtful!"
  • "I was given an opportunity to better myself through learning."
  • "Evil is sent to quiet time in the corner."
  • "Being bad is the one thing I'm good at!"
  • "I was destined to be a super villain."
  • "(he/she) would win some, I would almost win others."
  • "You're fun."
  • "To count every second of you 87 life sentences."
  • "Looks like you're going to miss it, by several thousand years."
  • "I'd be watching you like a dingo watches a human baby."
  • "Hey, I love you, whatever!"
  • "The city doesn't pay you to loaf."
  • "You were right. I'll always be a villain."
  • "You got it, boss!"
  • "Who's your man?"
  • [shoots gun in the air repetitively in celebration]
  • "Who would I be without you?"
  • "And I love you, random citizen!"
  • "I kept it cold and damp, just for you."
  • "Would it kill you to wash the bag?"
  • "Actually, most of it comes from an outlet store in Romania."
  • "Please talk slower."
  • "Should've known you'd try to crash the party."
  • "We all know how this ends - with you, behind bars."
  • "Yeah, not panicking."
  • "You've fallen right into my trap."
  • "Still warming up, sir."
  • "The sun is warming up?!"
  • "Who's side are you on?"
  • "Could someone stamp my frequent kidnapping card?"
  • "Your weakness is copper?"
  • "First off, what a turn out!"
  • "All I did was eliminate the most powerful man in the universe."
  • "Let's just have fun with this, c'mon!"
  • "I understand you, little well-dressed bird."
  • "Is something wrong, sir?"
  • "Just think about it. We have it all...yet, we have nothing."
  • "Without him, what's the point...?"
  • "Perhaps we took him for granted."
  • "Are you happy now?"
  • "Are you ready to be a slave army? What do you need to know."
  • "Chicks don't like bouncy houses, they like clowns!"
  • "I made a horrible mistake."
  • "I'm not allowed to insult guests directly."
  • "If only the world had a reset button."
  • "I didn't know you had...feelings, are you okay?"
  • "I think we should run. Bye!"
  • "Oh, I'm too close! I'm genuinely scared right now!"
  • "I'm a villain without a hero!"
  • "For the greater good of bad!"
  • "You don't know what's good for bad!"
  • "There's a doormat here saying secret entrance!"
  • "It's called formal speedwalking."
  • "Oh, what fun!"
  • "Or I'm gonna find out what this weird looking gun does!"
  • "You're so fit! And...strangely charismatic!"
  • "You were right about that door being exciting!"
  • "Daddy's sorry!"
  • "Wow, a brave one, isn't he?"
  • "I'll call you tomorrow...partner."
  • "That was awkward for everyone, because you hugged him instead of me."
  • "Who is this man we've infused with godlike powers?"
  • "Use the forget me stick!"
  • "Wow, you look fantastic."
  • "So you're like...my space dad?"
  • "I'm your space step-mom!"
  • "No frickin' way!"
  • "Can't wait, l-o-l, smiley face."
  • "We don't want to battle our new hero in a dump now, do we?"
  • "[name] and I...were never a couple."
  • "It was the only name I could trademark."
  • "Who wants churros!?"
  • "You've fallen in love with [him/her]!"
  • "The bad guy doesn't get the girl!"
  • "I'll just pack my thing and go!"
  • "I usually just hear villains, have you been naughty."
  • "Are you crazy!?"
  • "We're like an old married couple!"
  • "I am extremely boggled."
  • "Why are you so evil?"
  • "Did you really think that I would ever be with you?"
  • "I only took the gig to get the girl!"
  • "Evil returns with a backhand!"
  • "En garde!"
  • "Speak, apparition."
  • "We're gonna die!"
  • "I knew you'd come back!"
  • "Well, that makes one of us."
  • "It mostly involves not dying."
  • "My death was greatly exaggerated."
  • "Going somewhere, besides jail?"
  • "You're not gonna be laughing for long."
  • "There's a benefit to losing. You get to learn from your mistakes."
  • "I finally had a reason to win. You."
  • "He's just not used to positive feedback!"
  • "You know, you look pretty good in white."
  • "You know, I like the sound of that."
by the skin of your teeth (part 4)

in a shockingly unrealistic and out of character move, Ford actually sits down and explains something. 

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What went down in Animan
  • Nino: hey Adrien I'm bringing it with the romance shenanigans
  • Adrien: ?
  • Nino: I've got a crush on Marinette
  • Adrien: OH GOD WHY
  • Adrien: she's the MOST TERRIFYING PERSON
  • Nino: so you think I shouldn't ask her out?
  • Adrien: no pls ask her out
  • Adrien: pls do it
  • Adrien: maybe that'll distract her from stalking me
  • Nino: ok imma ask her to go to the zoo
  • Nino: can you wingman for me
  • Adrien: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: hey guys!
  • Nino: hey so
  • Nino: *nudge nudge*
  • Adrien: ummmmmmmm
  • Nino: we were thinking of going to the zoo
  • Nino: wanna come along?
  • Marinette: by "we" you mean you and Adrien?
  • Nino: yes
  • Adrien: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: ok I'll come to the zoo
  • Marinette: but imma make it explicitly clear that this is solely because of the promise that Adrien will be there
  • Marinette: kk I'm out
  • Nino: see that? she likes me!
  • Adrien: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: ok Alya let's go to the zoo
  • Alya: this isn't going to become one of those plot twists where Nino and I end up together, right?
  • Marinette: no hopefully not
  • Alya: ok good
  • Otis: ok panther have some grub
  • Panther: grr, arg
  • Kim: I could defs beat this panther in a footrace
  • Max: objection, this carnivorous feliformia is capable of exceeding escape velocity as a means of averting the predation of lesser flora
  • Kim: you're saying that the meat-eating cat can run into space to stop small plants from eating animals?
  • Max: wait, you can translate nerdbabble?
  • Kim: yeah, I've got an internship as an interpreter at Starfleet
  • Max: whoa, that's really cool!
  • Kim: anyway imma race this panther now
  • Otis: bring it b***h
  • Marinette: ok Alya, so I'll wait on this bench, and you can hide in those bushes and talk to me over this earpiece
  • Alya: or we could use phones
  • Marinette: no today's kids won't understand that
  • Marinette: this is defs the better option
  • Alya: whatever works
  • Nino: hey guys!
  • Marinette: hey! did you bring Adrien?
  • Nino: he's hiding in the bushes talking to me on an earpiece
  • Marinette: huh
  • Marinette: why aren't you just using a phone?
  • Nino: today's kids wouldn't understand that
  • Marinette: fair
  • Marinette: now let's awkwardly sit on a bench not talking for a literal hour
  • Nino: yes let's
  • Kim: I DON'T KNOW
  • Kim: I THINK SO? JUST RUN!!!
  • Marinette: ok, awkwardness averted
  • Marinette: now imma lock you and Alya in a cage together
  • Alya: don't you f**king dare
  • Marinette: *f**king dares and also transforms*
  • Animan: HEY GUYS
  • Kim: *attempts to run away*
  • Animan: *pouncegreet!*
  • Ladybug: interception!
  • Animan: aw come on
  • Ladybug: oh hey are you Alya's dad?
  • Animan: yep
  • Ladybug: huh, you'd think that'd have come up at some point
  • Animan: nah
  • Animan: now imma eat that guy
  • Ladybug: no eating people, Otis!
  • Ladybug: we talked about this
  • Animan: did we?
  • Ladybug: idk but I bought Kim enough time to go hide in my house
  • Ladybug: I mean, to go hide in...some arbitrary house?
  • Ladybug: that you defs won't be able to find?
  • Animan: *transforms and flies away*
  • Ladybug: right, now time to go to my house to meet Kim
  • Kim: hey Ladybug!
  • Ladybug: hey guys!
  • Animan: hey so I followed you
  • Animan: bc it was the only logical course of action
  • Ladybug: oops I didn't think of that
  • Chat Noir: let's trap him in a bus!
  • Ladybug: how do you even come up with this stuff
  • Chat Noir: well we've got a bus fully animated from that one shot in Climatika
  • Chat Noir: so we might as well use it to lower the animation budget
  • Ladybug: ok solid plan
  • Animan: *follows them into bus*
  • Ladybug: YES IT WORKED
  • Animan: *becomes a dinosaur*
  • Chat Noir: OMG YOU'RE BARNEY
  • Chat Noir: I'M A HUGE FAN
  • Chat Noir: CAN I HAVE A HUG
  • Animan: *eats Ladybug*
  • Chat Noir: no! bad Barney!
  • Animan: I think you will find I am simply the worst Barney there is
  • Ladybug: I said, NO EATING PEOPLE!
  • Ladybug: *deakumatize!*
  • Chat Noir: yesss you're still alive
  • Chat Noir: *hugs Ladybug*
  • Chat Noir: you are a good Barney.
  • Ladybug: ???
  • Chat Noir: just go with it
  • Nino: so plot twist Alya and I ended up together
  • Alya: we really didn't
  • Nino: but we bought these donuts together!
  • Alya: no, I bought the donuts and you stole them
  • Nino: oh that makes sense
  • Marinette: btw Alya, your dad ate me
  • Alya: oh yeah he does that, sorry

Chenle High School AU!

  • Okay I know I haven’t POSTED anyTHing In FOreveR and I meant to write a mx thing because ya know,,,,, concert
  • *clears throat*
  • so uh yeah,,, stan china line
  • I will have a mx scenario out soon,,,,,,,,,maybe 

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Wow just kissing

Hes surprised how his parents still slept as Stuart crept back to his room, stumbling drunkenly through a dark hallway in a great attempt to sneak. And while the last crack of the door was shut he was even more surprised how they didn’t wake up from they yell that followed after.

Hell you scared him too.

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fl00wersss-moved  asked:

okie, so this is kind of a weird one, but the skelebro's crush denies their affection a little too harshly, and their crush's close friend (who has a crush on them) goes up to them and says "Hey, if they didn't see how awesome you are, then they aren't wroth it." how would they react?

I’m assuming for this ask that they don’t know the crush’s friend is interested in them.

UT!Sans: It helps. I mean, still hurts like hell, but it kind of helps. He may ask you to go get a “drown your sorrows” drink or two. He’s still pretty devastated but he’s trying to hide it, keep up his usual “eh, its whatever” front. The more alcohol in his system, though, the more emotional he gets until it finally spills over and his head is buried in his arms, mumbling about how he’s never gonna be good enough. “but hey,” he’s chuckling, a little manically. “maybe i’ll get em the next run through, right? cause this ain’t gonna last, ‘sall gonna be gone and i’ll be back to sellin fuckin hot dogs under a starsdamned mountain.” Is….is he crying? Yeah, you should get him home. Afterwards, he’ll be avoiding being alone with you like the plague. Until you approach him and tell him its okay (or maybe that you were too drunk to remember) he’ll chill out a little bit. Give it some time, a date is entirely possible. But he really kind of appreciates you stepping in there. Even if he wishes he could forget everything that happened immediately after.

UT!Papyrus: “THANK YOU. VERY MUCH HUMAN. I-” he sniffs, and shakes his head. “NO, AFTER ALL, I AM AND SHALL ALWAYS BE, THE G-…THE GREA-…OH, WHO AM I KIDDING.” He bursts into tears. Fortunately Undyne was close at hand for the confession, and assuming she’s been restrained from pummeling your friend, she helps you get Papyrus to her house, where the two of you bundle him in blankets and start the process of reboosting his ego. It takes all night, but he loves both of you for it. He shows up at your door the next day to thank you and offer to cook for you (which hopefully you politely decline), and while he’ll likely be wary of encountering your friend, the experience brings you closer. His affections will likely be swayed in your direction at some point. How long it lasts is somewhat up to you.

UF!Sans: (warning, mention of NSFW) He is not above asking you out immediately within earshot of your friend as a way to get back at them, to show how little he gives a damn about what they said. To hide how he’s feeling. If you say yes, he drags you to a bar, doesn’t talk much but aggressively makes out with you while pumping enough alcohol into him to numb himself while not getting drunk. After that its a quick and awkward hookup, you’re kicked out by Papyrus before he even wakes up, and then he never speaks to you again, trying not to think about anything to do with that night.  Assuming you don’t say yes…he probably won’t say much, mostly just grumbling some none to complimentary statements about your friend. Statements he’ll probably regret later because the truth is he still does care about them. Too much for his own liking. Still, though he doesn’t like you bringing up that night or even thinking about it, he keeps the comment in mind, and considers you a friend in a vague sort of way from there on out. Still, it’ll take more than that to break through his thick skull that you care about him.

UF!Papyrus: He’ll yell at you for having the presumption to comfort him and storm off. But, chances are if you have a crush on Boss, you were likely expecting that kind of reaction. Still, past all the blinding anger, humiliation, and sorrow, that comment sticks in his mind for some reason. For the next few days. Finally he shows up at your doorstep a week later and shouts something about checking some traps with him. And you’re not certain but you may have heard the word sorry in there muttered under his breath. Its anyone’s guess whether or not he’ll eventually reciprocate, but he’ll be trying to figure out why you said that to him for weeks on end, when he doesn’t feel like he’s paid you any particular attention. I mean, granted, he’s an incredible and intimidating presence to have around and everyone who sees him must be in awe of him to some degree, but….why would you-….OH.

US!Sans:…..to be honest, probably the only one who will try to defend his crush. Blue has more of a theoretical than practical relationship with love. No matter what they said, the only thing clear in his head is that you should be loyal to the object of your affections. So he’ll make excuses for them, hope they didn’t mean it, but they can’t not be worth it! He’s sure they’ll apologize. This isn’t to say he expects them to return his affections, but surely they can’t have meant those harsh words! He’s sure they’re a good person!….but as the weeks drag on, there’s no apology coming. And he doesn’t understand. Did he….did he do something wrong? Is he the problem? He can’t imagine that all this faith he had in them proved to be wasted. He shows up at your house, asking you dozens of questions about your friend, have they talked about him, what did he do?! It takes him some time to eventually come to terms with the fact that it may be them, and not him. And he will argue with you over this, but in the end, he appreciates you revealing the truth to him. However long it took to sink in. And this conversation brings you closer, reveals a more vulnerable side than either of you have previously shown.

US!Papyrus: “yeah, uh…..yeah. thanks.” his hands are stuffed in his hoodie pockets as he stares after them. Though you can’t see it clearly, he’s shaking a little bit. “uh….i…..kinda need a smoke. later.” And before you can say a word he’s shortcut away. You don’t see him for a week. He’s on a self-destructive downward spiral, basically living out of his bed, barely eating, not showering or changing his clothes, just lying back, staring at the ceiling and smoking cigarettes until Sans takes them away. Then he sucks lollipops, needing something, anything to suck on.  This isn’t a “oh, love of my life, why have you forsaken me”. Papyrus is a pretty chill guy about his crushes. If they had just said no, it might have stung a bit, but he would’ve been back to his normal self within a few hours and likely have remained friends with them. But the fact that there was so much venom in them, the fact that the idea of dating him was so repugnant that they felt justified slinging those words….it hurts a lot. And its not like his own self-esteem was that great to begin with. He doesn’t have quite as many confidence issues as Tale Sans but something like this can really shake him up. Still, with help from his brother and Muffet, he slowly starts working himself back up. He calls you up and apologizes for ditching, thanks you for the comment, and asks if you want to hit up Muffet’s some time with him. This isn’t…a date, per se, but he feels like he owes you something. And hey, you’ve always seemed cool. He needs to get out anyways. It’ll pretty likely develop into a good friendship, and even something more

SF!Sans: Like Red, he is definitely not above revenge dating the best friend, but the way he asks is aggressive enough to warn off even the thirstiest of Readers. You’ll have to talk him down a bit, but he’ll stop posturing once your friend is gone. He’s in a foul mood and though he won’t stop you from walking him home the entire night is going to be filled with many many rants. Don’t be too put off. Its how he processes, for better or for worse. But the truth is that he needs this to protect his own self-esteem. Despite how big his ego is, its also extremely fragile, and if he doesn’t immediately cut down anything that threatens to topple it its going to be a long night staring at the wall reassessing every life choise. If you manage to tough it out he likely asks you out in more reasonable tones by the end of the week. But walk forward with caution. It will take months (and that’s with a good level of communication) till your relationship stops being even partially about what your friend did to him. He does value you personally. He wouldn’t have asked you out if the only reason he cared for you was as a more supportive option than your friend. But he hasn’t had the time to move on or truly heal, and up until that week he never really considered you in a romantic manner. In all likelihood you will break up initially. But don’t rule out the possibility of a future relationship. 

SF!Papyrus: As always, he’s pretty quiet. He thanks you somewhat awkwardly, the two of you stand in silence for five solid minutes, and finally he walks off, murmuring something about Sans needing him home soon. The next few months are a sort of awkward dance between you. He gets over your friend pretty quickly. Yeah, what they said kind of hurt, but he wouldn’t have made the confession if he hadn’t rehearsed the wost possible scenario in his head at least 50 times beforeheand. Not like he hasn’t heard worse. Mostly from himself. He buries himself in his work with Sans for a few days and is back in the saddle in no time, maybe smoking a little more than normal. But he can’t honestly figure out why you said that to him. Yeah, you’d talked a few times. You seemed like a decent person, he didn’t mind hanging out with you. But in the end, weren’t they your friend first? And yeah, maybe they crossed the line enough to piss you off too, but he honestly doesn’t see what made you want to pick him up in that moment. He sees you around, talks a litttle more, starts getting to know you. He likes what he sees more and more, although he’ll be slower now to let his thoughts wander in that direction (which is saying something, because glaciers have moved faster than that boy towards a romantic partner). But he still can’t figure out  why the hell, five minutes after his heart getting run through, you immediately told him your friend wasn’t worth the pain. Finally, a few weeks after he surrenders himself to the feelings….the penny finally drops. He calls you and asks you to come over. You, uh….you two need to talk.

Q&A with Jay Park
  • Request: Can we have a Q/A with Jay as the bf. You are a singer as well, so basically you met at a concert :) and now you were friends before becoming a couple.. And it was SsamD who pushed both of you to confess that you like each other haha full of teasing pls
  • I hope you like it : )
  • ---
  • After watching Simon’s Q&A with his girlfriend, Jay wants to do one with you. Both of you are always busy due to hectic schedules - Jay with his label and you with your singing career. Luckily for both of you, Jay has found some time between his work and you were in Seoul for a press tour for your new album. So Jay asked you to come into the studio to do the Q&A with him along with Simon who will be asking the questions and doing the filming.
  • Jay: Simon, you can’t ask any other questions except the ones on the cards ok?
  • Simon: I know, I know. I've done this before so I should I know better than you, Park Jae-Beom. Ok, I'm ready. Action!
  • Jay: Aiight. Hello everyone, My name is Jay Park and I'm here today with my lovely girlfriend aka [Y/N].
  • You: Hi!
  • Jay: Just a hi, babe? No I'm here with my sexy boyfriend? I'm just messing with you babe so we're going to a Q&A today just like the one with Simon.
  • Simon: They like to copy me. Anyway the first question is where did you two go on your first date?
  • You: First date? I think we were both in your hometown, Seattle. Jay asked me to go this local Mexican place. The food there was amazing!
  • Jay: Yeah, we went to Luna Azul. Shout out to them. Go check them if you're in the area. We didn't do much after hey?
  • You: No, we didn't. It was raining that night so we went back to your house.
  • Jay: Damn right, we went back to my house. I pressed her buttons that night hehe
  • You: What buttons? I think you meant your PS4 controller babe because we played games that night as well.
  • Jay: As well...
  • Simon: Ayyyy TMI. Save those stories to the end.
  • Jay: Whatever man. Read out the next question.
  • Simon: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • You: We met at Justin Bieber's concert. We were both in same VIP room.
  • Simon: What did you think of him?
  • You: I thought he was a very cold person at first because he wasn't really talking to anyone besides his crew. But also, very imitating.
  • Jay: Imitating? Who, me?
  • You: You're right. Jay is like a very enthusiastic.. puppy. He may look like a cold person but once you start talking to him, he's very funny and sarcastic.
  • Simon: What about you, Jay? What did you think of [Y/N]?
  • Jay: I noticed her well before we all got settled in the room. I thought, wow this girl has a very pretty smile and also that ass!
  • You smack Jay on his chest.
  • Jay: I'm sorry baby. Seriously, her smile lit up the room. I was very hesitant to talk to her because I thought she already had a boyfriend. I mean, someone that good looking wouldn't be single.
  • Simon: And ahem who told you to go and talk to her first? Before the Biebs would ask her to go to his after party.
  • Jay: It was you, Simon. He purposely pushed me into her. But in seriousness, I'm thankful for that. Otherwise I wouldn't be as happy as I am today.
  • Simon: Aww too cute, Park Jae-Beom. You better mention me during your wedding. So what is the most romantic thing that he/she has done?
  • You: The time when Jay flew out to Taipei to surprise me on my birthday. I didn't know but when I left Seoul to go to Taipei, Jay was on the next flight out. But he didn't show up until my concert the next night. He surprised me on stage. I kind of hate him for that because I cried and it ruined my makeup.
  • Jay: Do you know how hard it was knowing we were in the same hotel and having to avoid you?
  • You: What was hard, Jay?
  • Jay: I can't say it because Simon is here.
  • Simon: I'm sure I know what I mean Jay. You don't need to speak in codes.
  • Jay: Anyway, I think the most romantic thing [Y/N] has ever done to me, well actually she usually does it when I have a shit day. [Y/N] always prepares a bath for me. You know, with those cool bath bombs and candles.
  • Simon: You in a bath tub? That's an odd picture. Ok, what are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • You: Jay's tongue!
  • Jay: My tongue?
  • You: You're always sticking your tongue out. It's so annoying when I want to take a proper picture. Like your tongue should stay inside of your mouth baby.
  • Jay: That's not what you wanted or said last night.
  • You smack Jay across the chest again.
  • Jay: Haha. And you have the bad habit of taking my jackets and caps. To make things worse, she would pack them into her bags when she leaves. It's fucking winter right now and all I've been doing is wearing layers.
  • You: Good. Wearing layers would make it look like your arms are big and muscly.
  • Jay: Hey!
  • Simon: Alright love birds. Next question what is your ideal date night?
  • You: I prefer staying in you know, just a home cooked dinner and Netflix is fine. Plus I get to show Jay how to cook.
  • Jay: Yeah. Given our crazy schedules, it is always nice to wind down and relax.
  • Simon: That's nice. We're nearly at the end of this, are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Jay: I've seen shit going around saying that I have a daddy kink..?
  • You: Ha!
  • Simon: Does he, [Y/N]?
  • You look at Jay.
  • Jay: Fo real tho, I don't.
  • You: He actually doesn't but when he's annoying, I use that against him which makes it worse sometimes and he would pun-
  • Jay: Aye baby don't give away too much.
  • You: Oops, sorry...
  • Jay: Also, I'm just going to straight out tell them this. I like seeing [Y/N] strip.
  • Your face was blushing and you could feel your cheeks burning up.
  • Simon: Okay, last question do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: There are many, right Jay? I remember the one with your song. I'll tell it. We usually listen to music when we um do it and there was this time when one of Jay's songs was playing. What was it again?
  • Jay: It was Do What We Do.
  • You: That's right. So apparently, the track was like the first recording Jay made and at the end, you could hear Simon and Gray talking. They were having an argument of what's better - dumplings or ramen. It was so weird hearing them because I thought they were in the same room as us. So awkward and I couldn't stop laughing afterwards.
  • Jay: Yeah and that was the last time we ever have songs playing in the background.
  • Simon: Aha, sorry guys. Okay that's all the questions, now say goodbye to your fans.
  • You: Thanks for watching this and I hope to do another one soon. Mwah!
  • Jay: Thank you and please go support my baby. Her new album has just dropped, go listen and buy it now! Peace! AOMG! Argh!
What went down in Antibug
  • Chloé: ok so imma be the most bourgeois person ever
  • Chloé: hey, maybe that's why that's my last name!
  • Chloé: huzzah for subtle social commentary
  • Vanisher: hey so you know those shoes you hate?
  • Chloé: yeah?
  • Vanisher: bye bye shoes
  • Chloé: NOOOOOOOO
  • Vanisher: and you know that photo of yourself that you kiss every night before going to bed?
  • Chloé: if you so much as breathe on that I will end you
  • Vanisher: ok maybe I shouldn't have gone there
  • Chloé: yeah stick to stealing shoes
  • Vanisher: ok can do
  • Vanisher: bye bye other shoes
  • Chloé: NOOOOOOOO
  • Ms. Bustier: hey so if Chloé's being haunted by some kind of magical ghost or unicorn or something, does that mean she won't be in class
  • Chloé: nice try, you can't get rid of me that easily
  • Ms. Bustier: dangit
  • Ms. Bustier: did your ghost/unicorn thing at least not follow you to class
  • Chloé: no she defs did
  • Vanisher: *does nothing whatsoever*
  • Chloé: um Vanisher can you do something?
  • Chloé: they're not gonna believe me otherwise
  • Vanisher: *suddenly does nothing at all*
  • Chloé: dangit you're cleverer than I thought
  • Vanisher: *punches Chloé in the face*
  • Chloé: AAAAAAAA
  • Vanisher: haha gotcha sucker
  • Tikki: um Marinette, should we do something?
  • Marinette: nah, she's just bothering Chloé so no biggie
  • Marinette: it's not like she's planning to use her invisibility to overthrow the mayor and take over Paris and eventually become ruler of the entire world
  • Vanisher: ooh good idea!
  • Marinette: dangit I thought I was gonna have a day off
  • Ladybug: so Chloé, pls explain in a few simple words what's going on
  • Ladybug: so Butler Guy, pls explain in a few simple words what's going on
  • Butler Guy: Chloé impersonated you in an interview and Sabrina botched it and got akumatized and I was Big Mustachio
  • Chat Noir: what was that last part?
  • Butler Guy: Sabrina botched it and got akumatized
  • Chat Noir: no, the part about Big Mustachio
  • Ladybug: wait, Chloé impersonated me?
  • Butler Guy: it's simple, me + beaglepuss = Big Mustachio
  • Chat Noir: do people actually say that name out loud or
  • Ladybug: this really isn't relevant
  • Chat Noir: no but it's hilarious
  • Ladybug: so anyway let's go find Vanisher
  • Vanisher: HEY GUYS
  • Ladybug: or maybe she can find us
  • Vanisher: that's the more likely possibility
  • Ladybug: so if you're the main villain then why was this episode called Antibug
  • Vanisher: I thought it was called Vanisher
  • Ladybug: nope sorry
  • Vanisher: wow, Hawkmoth is such a double-crossing jerk!
  • Vanisher: so I don't even get my own episode?
  • Vanisher: I have to play second fiddle to somebody?
  • Ladybug: yeah, to Chloé probably
  • Vanisher: excuse me while I go end Hawkmoth
  • Hawkmoth: and, deakumatized!
  • Sabrina: dangit
  • Ladybug: now I'd better go antagonize Chloé
  • Ladybug: *antagonizes Chloé*
  • Chloé: wait so I get to be a villain AND overshadow Sabrina's only akumatization?
  • Chloé: *transforms*
  • Chat Noir: oh noes
  • Ladybug: oh yesses
  • Ladybug: I have been waiting to wreck akuma Chloé for so long now
  • Chat Noir: but you're about to detransform
  • Ladybug: welp have fun fighting her
  • Antibug: bring it cat boy
  • Chat Noir: I didn't ask for this
  • Antibug: *wrecks him*
  • Marinette: wow I expected him to last a little longer than that
  • Marinette: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: so what do I do now
  • Marinette: is that a threat?!
  • Tikki: no, I was just describing Chat Noir's predicament
  • Marinette: right
  • Marinette: here have some cookies
  • Tikki: coolio
  • Antibug: so anyway Chat Noir, why shouldn't I kill you?
  • Chat Noir: bc you need to get my Miraculous?
  • Antibug: oh right thanks, imma get that first
  • Chat Noir: why do I open my mouth
  • Ladybug: I am here at a convenient time!
  • Antibug: no way is this plot that convenient for you, lemme check
  • Ladybug: psych, I'm not here at all!
  • Antibug: dammit
  • Chat Noir: and I got away
  • Ladybug: and now I'm actually here
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • Antibug: anti charm!
  • *marbles happen*
  • *giant freaking anime sword happens*
  • Ladybug: why are you laughing?
  • Chat Noir: bc it's hilarious
  • Chat Noir: do you see that giant freaking sword
  • Chat Noir: and then you're supposed to beat that with marbles or something
  • Chat Noir: you have the suckiest superpower imaginable
  • Ladybug: this isn't good for my morale, you know
  • Chat Noir: sorry
  • Ladybug: *beats the giant freaking anime sword using marbles*
  • Chat Noir: WHAT
  • Jacques the Pigeon: did you just throw a sword at me
  • Ladybug: sorry
  • Antibug: anyway now imma defeat you guys
  • Antibug: *is defeated*
  • Antibug: oops
  • Antibug: bye guys
  • Chat Noir: we're a team, right?
  • Ladybug: *walks by Chat Noir in slow motion to dramatic music*
  • Chat Noir: how are you doing that
  • Extreme Close-Up shots: *happen*
  • Chat Noir: what is this even
  • Ladybug: I don't know, it's hella awkward
Ashton Irwin |"It's darkness mate. You didn't see it? Someone has to take her out of it. She won't survive."

Count of words: 922

Warnings: None really. I don’t think is triggering or sad. Maybe cliche or fluff I guess.

A/N: I hope you like this. Pleas check out —>




Reader’s POV

I was never a happy person. Tears were always a part of my everyday life. Not because I was in pain. Not really. I didn’t care anymore, I didn’t even know what was hurting me. I had tears because I was feeling nothing. I was feeling empty; I guess. I was consumed by a darkness you could say. People often bullied me for that, saying how I’m even gonna make it to 21 years old. I actually believed them. I needed something to help me pull my self out of the darkness, but there was nothing; no one.

Even though I was emotionless, a part of me that felt was still there. It was away and it was consumed by this unfamiliar feeling for him; Ashton Irwin. I didn’t know much about him, I only knew his name and friends. That’s all. But what is this feeling? I wish I knew.

Today was Friday, I was obliviously waiting for the last period of the day to come but hours were painfully slow. On the third break of the day I started feeling something like an anxiety attac hitting me and all I could do was go somewhere no one could see me. The girl’s bathroom.

Ashton’s POV

The hours of school today were painfully killing me. All I wanted was for this torture to end so I could finally do what I’ve been waiting to do for the past 4 years. Ask Y/N out. She is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Her (color) eyes were so beautiful, like a (color) ocean. And her (color) hair were (length) and (hairstyle). She was just different and loving. She is also one of the realest people I know. 

It was the third break as I was walking towards the cafeteria I saw Y/N running towards the bathrooms. The boys were with me and her eyes took a glimpse of mine as she was painfully running. “Did you see that?” Calum commented scared of something I had no idea off. “What?” I asked confused as Michael got ready to fullfil me. “It’s darkness mate. You didn’t see it? Someone has to take her out of it. She won’t survive,” he said and my eyes fell to the floor as in a matter of seconds I was running furiously towards the bathrooms. 

“Y/N,” I called her name softly. “Y/N,” my voice was raised by a bit. Every few feet I was running my voice was getting louder till I reached the bathroom and walked in. When I did my heart instantly broke at the sight. Y/N was on the floor crying, losing her breath and conciousness. She looked like she had a panic attack or something.

Reader’s POV

“Y/N,” I heared my name being called by a familiar voice that gave me this weird feeling. It was audible more as a whisper than a shout though I was sure he was shouting.  And he was shouting. He was trying to help me?!?!  Yeah, that’s what he did. He was shaking me trying to snap me out but he couldn’t. My breathing was fast and I could not really focus on anything. 

“Y/N can you hear me? Y/N please.” He said still  trying to calm me down but he couldn’t. “Oh, fuck that,” he said and suddenly I was snapped back to reality as his lips where touching mine softly. When he pulled away he had a proud smile on his face. “Are you ok?” He asked his smile turn into a consern look. “Yeah… Uhm.. Great… What was that for?” I asked my voice slightly cracking. “I-Uhm, I heard that not breathing makes the panic attack go. It was the only thing I could do at that point.Sorry.” He said his eyes falling to the floor. “Don’t be!” I said. “You just saved my day! But why did you follow me?” I asked, that’s actually when realisation hit him that he was in the girl’s bathroom. “Right uhm. This is awkward-” “Or you’re a pervert.” I joked laughing. He laughed too. “Hey, not very nice (color of hair nickname). I-uhm. Calum asked if we saw something. Something about your eyes. They said something about darkness and how someone should take you out of it. Cause you want survive.” “WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING? THAT I’M NOT STRONG?” I yelled at him. A bit of rage from inside me showing. “NO, Y/N. I’m implying that you’ve been too strong for too long. Everything like this is tearing you apart. I cannot lose you.” He said his voice soft and loving. “What do you mean?” I asked and he laughed a bit. “What’s so funny?” I asked again. “Sorry, just, the song what do you mean came on my mind when you said that.” “Oh, ok.” I said and laughed a bit my self. “You know, today I was waiting for the day to end more impatiently than any other day. I wanted to talk to you. Y/N, I wanna help you out of the darkness. Would you like that?” He said and my eyes widened. “W-what?” I stuttered. “Would you like to be my girlfriend? I know you don’t know me that well but I know you more that well. So do you?” He said, a hopeful smile on his face as I gave him a genuine smile. The only one after years. “I’d love to,” I replied and all he did was hug me so tight. Enough that I felt he was killing me. “Ok, you are killing me now Ashton.” “Oh, sorry!" 

anonymous asked:

Do you think they really kissed? i didn't even know about karlie and taylor's friendship back in 2014 but i remember a lot of articles about them being bffs. there were pap photos, vogue cover, etc and suddenly it just stopped. and then i remember that weird insta photo that taylor posted on karlie's birthday...

Oh god pre-kissgate kaylor is such a blur at this point tbh. So idk what you’re aware of specifically? But in my view Kaylor history can be divided very neatly into two separate eras: BKG (before kissgate) and AKG (after kissgate) and both are going to inform my answer to your question. So the first part of this is a very basic Kaylor timeline and the second part is my actual answer. (This got long, I’m really sorry.)

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Brown Eyes: Tom Holland x WOC

Requested: This is inspired by the song ‘Brown Eyes’ by Beyonce Destiny’s Child. I actually love this song now so thanks to the anon that requested it! Just lots of fluff and you can click here if you want to listen to listen to it. Reader recalls the first time her and Tom meet. 

This is a lot longer than I thought…sorryyyyy!

You and Tom were celebrating your 4th year anniversary at a beautiful and quiet restaurant. You looked up and saw him string loving at you, “What?”

“Nothing just thinking of how lucky I am.” You blushed and shook your head. “I can’t believe it’s been four years.” You sighed and grabbed his hand. 

“I truthfully didn’t think you could put up with me for this long.” he said laughing. “I didn’t think so either but hey, look at us.”

He laughed and rubbed his thumb on your hand, “Remember when we met?”

“Oh no, please don’t-”

You smiled and started recalling how you looked up and saw a pair of beautiful brown eyes staring at you. 

You were waiting for you brother in to pick out a watch, “Why are we even in here?”

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Pregnancy Series - Part 5: Not Your Typical Love Story

A/N: I’ve been super busy this week so thank you so much for being patient with me!! I really hope you like this part, we get a small glimpse into the past! Let me know what you think! xx

Part One
Part Two

Part Three
Part Four

*15 weeks*

“So my mum and sister are coming next week and they really want to hang out with you, get to know you and stuff but I told them that I’d have to run it by you first…” Harry trails off; taking in a giant breath as he finally stops his nervous rambling.

“I want to talk with Liam,” You announce casually, not paying any mind to what he had just asked you.

“I- what?” He asks perplexed after a few moments of confused silence, “Where’s this coming from?”

“Well I’ve talked to Niall and Louis since the, um, incident,” You tell him, scooting a little closer to him on the couch as you attempt to explain yourself, “And they were very sincere with their apology, so now I think it’s time to speak with Liam.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” He shakes his head, closing his eyes as he nervously tries to think of a valid excuse for his disagreement.

“Harry,” You sigh, forcefully grabbing his chin and turning his face towards you, “You told me that he’s called you every single day for the past 2 weeks, I think we should be adults about this, babe.”

“Yeah but, what if things go wrong again,” He whispers lowly, his voice barely audible as he silently pleads with you to reconsider, “I don’t want things to get worse ‘cause I don’t want to lose either of you.”

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A/N: I posted this before but tumblr screwed up so I’m posting it again. 

Description: Phil isn’t sure what they are any more. Then he screws up. 

Word Count: 2K

Their situation is fucked up. Like… well and truly beyond what is normal.

Phil first met Dan four years ago. At the time Dan had a girlfriend. Phil can still remember the disappointment he’d felt at that. Dan was… everything he was attracted to. Smart, funny, sarcastic, quick witted… the fact that he was also very nice to look at didn’t help Phil’s immediate crush at all.

The first year he knew Dan was confusing. There were moments. Many moments between them. And Phil wasn’t sure if he was just projecting the feelings he couldn’t seem to will away on to innocent situations, or if there was actually tension between them.

They were glances amongst conversation when no one else was paying attention. Late nights texting each other well in to early hours of the morning. It was Dan always making sure he was sitting next to Phil and nudging him at every inside joke they had (because in that first year they shared so many jokes between them).

And it could have all been innocent.

But Phil wasn’t sure.

Then, exactly a year after they had met, Dan told him.

‘Emily and I broke up.’

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anonymous asked:

For the meme thingymajiggy- Midosaka? :D And if you want to do the character one too then Midousuji? (Sorry I thought I'd just make sure in case you didn't want to do loads of writing :B)

Dear Anon, thank you for prompting me to talk about my favorite ship and character. I also might use a few gifs because I have to many….


Send me a ship and I will tell you:

-when or if I started shipping it.

I didn’t ship them hard until Episode 5 of Grand Road. But damn, Onoda made that lizard into the dork he really is just for a little while and it was my favorite thing ever. One of my favorite moments, which doesn’t get any love, is when they’re about to part ways. They’re both so awkward and cute it made my brain explode.


Also, I honestly believed Onoda saved him on this night. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if the lizard stopped biking. Ugh…. Onoodle reached out to him and stirred his soul and it was beautiful. 

-my thoughts:

My thoughts basically are Onoda is the key to Midousuji’s happiness. Thank you czerwik​ for saying it so clearly that one time. I felt that way but I didn’t realize til they said it out right haha.

-what makes me happy about them:

They have more in common than anyone else since Mido is a canon closet mech otaku. I mean, they’ve already had a tiny anime argument while riding bikes together *squees*. I love their conversation dynamic. And their contrasting body and personality types. UGGGH fucking slaaaaay me. I love both these huge dork babies and them being together gives me all the feels. So, basically everything. @__@ Yeah.

-what makes me sad about them:

They don’t make me sad. They are pure joy. Wait…the only time I ever feel sad is when Mido is too mean to little Noodle in fic or in canon. But even then I kinda love the drama haha. And it’s usually only momentary. Like when Mido bumped Onoda into Imaizumi to slow him down haha. I was like, “NOOOO!! BAD MIDO!! BAD!! DON’T BE MEAN TO YOUR BOYFRIEND!!! *cries*” It was all strategy and he knew he wouldn’t get hurt. But still…. It scared little noodle…. Mido you so bad….
But 99.99% they don’t make me sad at all.  They give me life.

-things done in fanfic that annoys me:

Any oc stuff is the worst (like Mido having chill, yeah right), but I think that’s universal. Ok, when they make Mido or Onoda too clumsy…. I understand that they’re both awkward babies and don’t know anything (KYAHH! SO CUTEE!!!!) and Mido in particular is all gangly, BUT! *slams fist on table* Mido is instinctively a sexy beast and I have to roll my eyes at him bumbling around for too long. It’s annoying….  He has sex with the air all the time. I think he could figure out how to bone pretty quickly.

-things I look for in fanfic:

Huhuhu! First off I live in the Explicit category. That being said, Ic Mido (FOR FUCKS SAKE PLEASE THANK YOU). Onoda being a huge pervert, because you can’t tell me he’s not *falls over blushing*.  And both of them being overwhelmed and/or embarrassed at some point. *dies* Also, just them hanging out being nerds together is so wonderful. My favorite is Lizard Brain (they haven’t had sex yet but mido has sex with himself YAS). mamebo has writing for Mido down to an art ok. Also, ins91​‘s A Cast Shadow I enjoyed very much (they haven’t had sex yet). Go look under Mamebo’s works tho. Seriously.

-my kinks:

Mido finally using his tongue on little Onoodle (CAN I GET A FUCKING WITNESS). Onoda’s little butt *doki doki*. So I guess that equals ass eating lol. Other than that, I love them being desperate for each other and disappearing before and after races. Idk, honestly I just want them to be ic and to have a good time in a way that feels canon haha.

-who I’d be comfortable with them ending up with, if not each other:

Haha ummmm, I’m cool with shipping Mido with Ishigaki or Komari for fun, and Onoda with Imaizumi, but I really am only truly comfortable with them ending up with each other. I can’t see Mido being happy any other way. They’re my mothership ok.

-my happily ever after for them:

*cries* Ok, ugh….. So Mido has to go pro, because bikes are his life. I feel like Onoda doesn’t have to be professional it stresses him out so much haha…. But I think he would ride daily in a casual kind of way and support Mido 110%. Noodle could do something really simple and be really happy…. Maybe work at or maybe even own his own store in Akiba? And this is just me, but they need to somehow have a son… I’m not into mpreg, but dammit!! They need a baby *cries*!!! Mamasaka and Papasuji gives me life ok.  I’ll say science is the answer and they have a surrogate haha. 

Midousuji Akira

Give me a character & I will tell you

How I feel about this character:

I’ve never experienced anything like my fall for the lizard man. Midousuji Akira is my favorite character of all time. He has become my muse in a very real way and I have run the gamete of emotions with him. Honestly I almost stopped watching the show because he repulsed/freaked me out so much haha. But I had to draw him immediately and it made me soooooo uncomfortable. I fought it for a while, maybe a month or two, begging for help and calling it a problem, but it was already too late. Every time my pen touched paper or I turned on my computer on I was drawing Midousuji and I was so confused and upset at that point. I slowly warmed up because he can be so cheeky and cute haha, but I didn’t fully embrace him until GR Ep3. Now I feel completely sound in my love for the titan biker and relish in it, but it’s been a long weird road…..

All the people I ship romantically with this character:

Well, first it was Braces Kun because Nobu is so damn thirsty.
Then it was Ishigaki for a long time, bless.
Then Komari once I saw that sexy little waif of a boy laying his hands on Mido (manga) MY LAWD TAKE HIM NOW LITTLE BLUE FOX!! 
Then my holiest of motherships Midosaka.
And most recently, surprisingly, Imaizumi. Ok, but at the end when Imaizumi suddenly got super sexy and told Mido he was over him… I’ve never wanted them to be together more than in that moment lol. 

My non-romantic OTP for this character:

*shrugs* This is a thing? 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

That Mido is forever a seme. Everyone draws him bottoming and I just can’t see it. He’s a large thin man who is excessively dominate. I mean all the art is super sexy and I love it, but I just can’t see him letting anyone stick anything in his butt. There’s not enough chill in his body to let that happen. There is this one great Pixiv comic comic tho fufufufufu. It’s so perfect.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

I WANT HIM TO WIN A FUCKING INTERHIGH PLEASE!!!! I know he’s the main antagonist and he hates friendship and everything Shonen series stand for, but I need him to win more. He is a super badass cyclist and I need more of this happy monkey baby.

my het ship:


my fem/slash ship:

All my ships are slash……

my OTP:

Lizard x Glasses

my OT3:

Hmmmmm, that aged up Mido x Onoda x Imaizumi fic that mamebo did was too fucking amazing… I’ll go with that. But I really don’t have one that I look for in cannon. 

my cross over ship:

wat…. ummmm I’m thinking Haikyuu? Maybe Suga in an au where they were the same age and childhood friends… Maybe…. Mido needs a mommy and Suga is a great mom.

my kink:

do I even have to say anything…..

a head cannon fact:

Midousuji and Onoodle go to University together and Midousuji with long hair. THESE THINGS WILL HAPPEN OK.

my gender bend:

? Ummmmm yeah sure I’m down with fem Mido. I do prefer dicks tho, even on the most fem of characters.

anonymous asked:

hi! so you know my dad was reading this article that was talking about how some people think that hermione would have been happier if she didn't end up with ron and she could have done better than him, and it was a very opinionated topic and i remembered you love harry potter so i was like 'hey! i should ask her' so yeah, what do you think?

first of all, i’m dead set on this. sorry to everyone who doesn’t agree

absolutely not.

why should hermione be with harry? because he’s the main character? harry never thought of hermione in that way. never. but with ron and hermione, you could see the chemistry from the second movie (remember how hermione hugged harry like he was her brother, but felt awkward to do the same with ron, so they just shook hands? remember how ron nervously cleared his throat? yeah that’s a clue)

also, ”could’ve done better that him”. clarification: this isn’t against you, but against the people who think ron wasn’t worthy of hermione, that she was too good for him.

ron weasley dealt with his best friend being famous, and kept it to himself (until year 4 that is. but well, at that point it had all become a bit much for him). he had 5 brothers to compete with at home. he had a mother (no offense, i love mrs weasley) who valued academic success slightly too much, and he knew he couldn’t be the perfect student like his older brothers, percy, bill and charlie. he wasn’t the best in the family at quidditch either, not with the twins and charlie. his family was poor. he almost never had new things, almost never got what he wanted. he was teased by kids like draco malfoy about this a lot. did he complain?

he did not. he had the right to, but he did not. he supported harry through difficulties. he eased his concerns about not fitting in at hogwarts. he would sacrifice himself for the good of the magic world. remember, in the philosopher’s stone, he not only beat a chess game designed by minerva mcgonagall but also allowed to be taken in order to let harry and hermione go on to defeat voldemort. and that’s just a sample of everything he’s done.

without ron weasley there wouldn’t be harry potter as we know him. he may be the sidekick, but that doesn’t make him a lesser character. hermione was what he (i’m not objectifying her, i just din’t know how else to put it) wanted. she was strong, amazingly intelligent, courageous and god knows how many other things. he admired her, and even though he wanted to be with her, i don’t believe he really thought he’d ever be.

and they completed each other. look: hermione was an excellent student, ron an average one.ron was great at quidditch, hermione nothing short of terrible. and what about their patronuses? i’m sure you’ve seen how hermione’s is and otter, and ron’s a jack russel terrier, which is said to chase otters. 

conclusion: hermione was like harry’s sister. close, yes, but not in a romantic way. however, i’m not going to repeat all the small signs we had since chamber of secrets that ron and hermione would end up together.

okay, that’s it. rant over. but ”hermione could have done better than ron” is the worst argument i’ve heard. see paragraphs above.

i love jk rowling to death, but a tiny bit less for saying that she should’ve ended up with harry.

thank you for asking and sorry for the huge-ass reply. i’m just really passionate about this.

anonymous asked:

For 5 head cannons how about once the marauders reunite on the train before 5th year and holy shit has puberty hit them all

i have a little brother who is currently thirteen and is going through puberty, and i am realizing retrospectively how horrifying puberty is, bc you’re basically just a little monster. like, everyone in the world who has ever gone through puberty has a stage where they are just a human disaster. it’s just part of life, man, bc you got weird things growing on your face, new hair in new places, brand new, terrible smells, and your emotions are all out of whack, and it’s just the worst thing in the world, and you’re a monster. (if you’re reading this, and you’re currently going through puberty, please know that this too shall pass.)

so anyway, my point is, it is simply fucking delightful to imagine the marauder’s going through this, so let’s do some headcanons, yeah? 

  • i headcanon remus as being a faster bloomer than his friends, and consequently, he had all the gross changes a little sooner, so during third or fourth year, they’d all give him shit bc he was breaking out all the time, and his voice kept cracking, and he was just in general very hilarious to look at. but then comes fifth year at the platform, and they all meet up, and since remus started young, he’s already gotten over the worst of it, and is actually starting to boarder on the edge of being attractive, meanwhile his friends are walking disasters, and he revels in it. he shows them no mercy. he mimics every voice crack sirus has. he tries to play connect-the-dots with james’ zits. he makes fun of the way peter shaves his face. he is having the time of his life, getting back for all their tormenting, what an asshole.
  • sirius is the exact opposite. while fifth year is the year remus starts to get hot, it’s the one year at hogwarts where sirius looks the worst. (anyone 18 or over can probably attest that there are just some pictures of yourself during adolescence that you’d rather burn than look at–this is that year for sirius.) he was a very handsome kid, and obviously gets super fucking bangin’ once this whole ordeal is over, but fifth year he is just this really awkward height, has terrible mood swings, cannot for the life of him figure out what he’s supposed to do with all the new hair, and it’s just terrible, and he is Suffering. (i realize that harry sees sirius in the pensive as a fifth year, and calls him attractive, but i would like to point out that harry is also fifteen at that time, and so has a skewed perspective. if he went back to that memory a few years later, he would be like, “lol, sirius looks like a fucking nerd.”)
  • so, along with puberty comes hormones, and often times, hormones bring up sex drives, and young boys with hormones and sex drives have so. many. awkward. boners. this is something they all just sort of bond over. awkward boner solidarity. (like, on the train, lily stops in the say something to remus, and when she leaves, james is just very indiscreetly crossing his legs, and even remus can’t give him shit for it, bc he’s been there (is still there, esp sharing a dorm with sirius), and since he’s been going through it longer than his friends, he’s just like, “make sure you always carry a book with you, dude. i don’t lug anthologies with me all the time just bc i like to read, ok?”) 
  • omg, it’s been like, over a decade since i grew at all (bc when i was ten my body got to 5′2″ and was like, “k, that’s enough.”) so i might just be being kind of nostalgic here, but imagine the marauder’s comparing height. like, peter and james standing back to back, and arguing about whether or not james’ hair counts as part of his height since it always sticks up. (remus is taller than everyone, so he gets to be the official judge of height.) (he rules that james’ hair does not count, and so he and peter are about the same size.)
  • i almost ended this post without talking about their voices! blasphemy, that’s my favorite part. they meet up on the platform, and all sound so different, it’s hilarious. like, remus, who’s voice had already started to change, is even deeper, like how? james and peter have respectably low voices at this point, too. sirius is getting there, but it’s hard to take him seriously with the voice cracks every five seconds. (i’m sorry, i’ve latched onto late bloomer!sirius black, and i am never letting go. i love it.) they try to do a sing-a-long (bc, come on, the marauders are totally a friend group that would 100% sing obnoxious songs on the top of their lungs all the time for the enjoyment/annoyance of their peers), but it takes them a while to get back into the swing of things, bc their note ranges are all over the place. it’s kind of a tone-deaf monstrosity for a while, but then, it never was that pretty sounding to begin with.

the end! thanks! sorry it took me a million years to get to this!

also sorry that i got long-winded. i’m very passionate about marauder puberty, apparently.

anonymous asked:

I find it very hard to believe he didn't end season 3 in a way he is happy with and in a way that he would be pleased with should it serve as the series finale. Jacobs is not gonna stop caring about his show just because "he doesn't get to finish". He's not gonna ditch his plan. He's gonna resolve as much as he can. This is the tv business. Even if they begged him to do the show (I know they did) he knows how far the show goes is contingent on its success. You talk as if he's throwing a tantrum.

There’s a whole bit in IDF about doing your best even if you’re *cut off earlier than expected*. Now, I’m HOPING that’s just a nod to the BMW characters getting their new endings (especially Minkus, Harley, and Turner), but it could just as easily be a meta line about not getting to finish THIS story the way he wanted to either, and doing his best with the 22-44 minutes or so left to him between S16 and IDF. There are several lines to this effect.

When BMW lost Lee Norris due to budget issues back in the BMW days, Jacobs had the Minkus character literally poof out of existence. Turner was nowhere to be found for several episodes and then he randomly crashed his bike offscreen and spent his final appearance in a body cast, in a coma with no lines. Sometimes IRL concerns force you to give characters unsatisfying endings and Jacobs is no stranger to that. In the case of Minkus, he went for the funny but unsatisfying, and for Turner the tragic but unsatisfying. Jacobs himself has said time and time again that he didn’t like having to do that; that he REGRETS HAVING TO DO IT, but that’s simply the reality of the business at times. (See also: original Morgan, Harley…)

It would absolutely NOT be out of keeping with Jacobs’s body of work overall to take a dig (or several) at a network. He’s been doing that kind of thing since the nineties. He had Cory and the kid Topanga was babysitting do a whole bit about BMW’s IRL time slot change for S4 in 4x05, and that’s just ONE example. He also has a tendency to slip in digs at network-mandated “stunt” episodes (like crossovers), which he also slyly does in WoT3 in terms of Disney’s Monstober requirements (he also spent his pretaping speech at the WoT3 taping talking about how much they’ve hated having to do the Disney-mandated Monstober episodes). What I’m saying is that this guy has never ever had a problem being cheeky af in-narrative about network/IRL stuff. And it shows in IDF/Goodbye too (again, unless it’s all just a nod to the BMW characters who were cut off before their time which it very well could be).

Anyway, what I find suuuper interesting is the way both S16 and IDF lean very heavily on the concept of “guess what happens next based on what’s happened before.” It’s almost like they’re reminding you that GMW has a repetitive nature and if you’ve paid attention to the past…you’ll know what was going to come next even if they never get to make those episodes.

Unless they edit it out (which they very easily could), boy-oh-boy do they awkwardly shoehorn in a Texas reference in IDF/Goodbye. Despite how many people would like to believe that what happened in Texas is no longer relevant…it’s pretty clear the writers reallllly don’t want people to forget about Texas for some reason, and they have Riley say “we had the best time there” even though we all know darn well Riley herself didn’t really quuuuite have “the best” time in Texas overall. It ended pret-ty darn unhappily for her vs their trip to, say, Mount Sun Lodge (which I’m pretty sure gets no mention at all in S16/IDF).

It’s almost like the trilogy they spent more money on than probably any other episode(s) to date (aside from maaaaaybe IDF/Goodbye with its veritable parade of likely-expensive guest stars), which was their only “on-location” shoot to date, which was foreshadowed and hinted at well in advance, which was written by the showrunner himself and one of the original writers was like…intentional and important or something rather than a whoopsie they wrote by accident because a guest star who’s appeared in less than ten episodes got hurt three months after they taped it.

More important than the awkward Texas reference though (IMO) is the moment in IDF/Goodbye where we get the line (from Maya) “You don’t have to be smart to know what’s next. It’s Farkle.” Then of course you’ve got Farkle delivering lines to Riley that should’ve come out of the boyfriend’s mouth (but didn’t) considering the circumstances. It’s all very 👀👀👀👀.

So anyway: yeah, IDF/Goodbye COULD serve as frustratingly open-ended series finale if it absolutely had to, but pretty much the entire thing SCREAMS that they 100% do NOT want it to be. It’s almost like they’re playing chicken with renewal. 😳 There’s line after line about “not going anywhere,” and a couple of bits about getting cut short. If that stuff isn’t just a tribute to BMW characters who were cut off before their time then yeah: it’s dang near a meta-tantrum, and not an unreasonable one at that considering where the kids’ story (Riley’s especially) gets cut off if this really is an issue of Disney unceremoniously saying “sorry Jacobs, we know we begged you for this show, we know it’s been nominated for two Emmys and consistently brings in the biggest ratings on our network without requiring much promo…but GMW is just too expensive now so you’re done here, sorrynotsorry.”

I still doubt that very much, but I also absolutely do NOT discount the possibility thereof. It still seems verrrrry odd to me that Jacobs would risk ending the series with the kids nearly drowned out by guest stars considering the way he’s always emphasized that this is a show about the kids and not the adults, but at the same time I could 100% see him not wanting to lose the opportunity to “change history.” It’s something I yo-yo on a lot these days, tbh.

Now, I’m guessing you’re the same anon as the last three or four I got judging by your tone/writing-style and booooooy are you pressed: I’ve always said that if I’m wrong in the end…then I’m wrong. Maybe the show ends with S3, maybe it doesn’t. Hopefully it doesn’t. But until we know either way, I’m going to blog under the assumption that we’re getting a season four. I mean, I can choose to spend the next four months biting my nails and refusing to speculate, or I can carry on as before until we find out either way. I’m a generally hopeful person, so I’m going with the latter.

Having seen it for myself though: if the show DOES end with IDF/Goodbye…then what would’ve happened next is going to be PERMANENTLY up for debate because it’s extremely open-ended in terms of the kids. It’s pretty much written in such a way that it’s all highly debatable, and it’s very, very clear on that front. Like I said, there’s a big old song and dance about guessing what’s next based on what’s already happened and they make some pretty blatant callbacks to the specific “landmarks” they apparently want you to bear in mind on that front. If that’s how the show ultimately ends, then what would’ve happened next if they’d gotten an S4 is pretty much going to be debatable in perpetuity and legit NO ONE (I mean NO ONE) will ever have to “admit they were wrong.”

And I can’t decide whether that’s genius, cruel, or both. Obviously I lean towards both though. 😂

Suburban Dad AU 5/??

Hello~! Look! it’s a new part ^^ Thank you to keybangs for being my lovely helper, and fangirling every time I have you read stuff. Also bat-nerut who began this lovely thing~

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Jonghyun plopped next to Jinki, throwing his backpack into the chair next to him. “I have an idea,” he said, catching his breath.

“For what?” Onew asked, poking his head around Jinki’s, and resting it on his brother’s shoulder.

Jonghyun waved at Onew and took a deep breath before he explained, “So you know how we want our dads to get together? Well I was thinking, because our concert is tomorrow, we should have our dads sit together, and I was worried that that wouldn’t happen naturally, so we should get them to carpool, and that way they’ll be stuck talking with each other during the concert.”

Jinki scratched his head, “I don’t see how that would get them together, but it’s worth a try. I’ll ask dad if your dad can drive us to our call time, and then he’ll probably think to pick up dad and and bring him to the show.”

Jonghyun shrugged and went to explain, but the teacher cut him off, pounding out warmups on the piano.

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Nerdy/party Luke hemmings one shot.

Party Luke/nerdy

Uk schooling so at Luke’s age now he would be in his second year of college (same as myself)

To simply put It Luke was a nerd not just look wise but he was smart super smart. So when he asked you and your Bestfriend if you wanted to come to a party with him you were shocked.

Luke hung out with you and your Bestfriend everyday at college and you didn’t mind, he was fun to hand around and could take a joke but there’s one thing you and every other person In your college class noticed was his lack of sexual experience and relationships.
Of course this didn’t affect your friendship with him but it did make him easy to tease when on a sexual topic.

So when you and your best friend, Luke and his Calum are gathered round the table eating and the topic of blowjob came about an evil spark went through you.

‘So have you ever received a blowjob Luke?’ Not trying to be sex or seductive just slow and clear you watched his eyes widen and mouth drop slightly, not making eye contact with you but proceeding to eat his Oreos he responded to your personal question.

'Yeah I have’ his voice wasn’t assertive but weak and frail so of course you didn’t believe him.

So you looked over to your friend smirking whilst Calum held back a laugh.

'Oh yeah? Was it good?’ He just nodded if you looked closely you could tell her was thinking of a story for when we asked.

'How long did you last babe?’ Your friend trying not to laugh asked as she took a sip from Luke’s drink placing it back in front of him.

'Erm 2 hours’ that’s when it was confirmed there was no way anyone could last 2 hours on just a blow job no girl would carry I for 2 hours that’s for sure you thought as you cocked an eyebrow up motioning to Calum and Y/F/N to not say anything.

'Two hours Luke? That’s way to long for just a blowjob’. He froze and started to stutter.

'W-well ther-e was other things t-oo’ you had to pry you couldn’t let this go it was to funny watching him squirm.

'Like what?’ Calum was actually crying silent tears from trying not o laugh or say anything to he rested his head in his arms on the table.

'Like you know stuff’

'Did you finger her lukey?’ You ask tracing your finger up and down his thigh till he couldn’t take it and pushed your hand away.

'Yeah’ licking his lips he responded.

You just held your fingers up one at a time motioning how many he used, declining twice he nodded at three and you were impressed.

'Did she finish?’ You asked again interested in his answers you knew he was making up.

'No..?’ It sounded more like a question and that’s when you started laughing along with Y/F/N and Calum.

'You baby lukey you couldn’t even get her to finish.’ Pulling your back from under the table you looked at the time and told them you had to leave for your next lesson.

And that’s how you ended up I a sweaty club in town with a short lacy blue dress on with black vans, yes you were wearing vans to a club because for some reason they didn’t mind because it was some girl you have never heard of’s 18th birthday party not just a normal Saturday night clubbing.

you found Luke in tight skinnies and a flannel open with black T-shirt under you were surprised, he looked hella hot so hot you could have pounced him there and then.

Being the awkward self he was he payed you complement of 'that dress is a bit short I like it, easy access and looks hot’ you just took it as a complement anyway although it sounded like he was talking to himself and not you you didn’t ready care.

Several shots later and multiple JD and coke you were browsing for someone to dance with the only person taking your fancy was a socially inept Lucas sitting at the bar a few stools down.

Making your way over you pull him up and drag him to the middle of the dance floor ignoring his protests.

The song you didn’t recognise was bassey and loud really loud, Luke didn’t know where you out his hands during the awkward trying to dance staged to you put them lowly on your hips with your hands on top of his guiding your own movements.

Spinning around you pull Luke down crashing your lips to his chapped ones clearly he was shocked but hesitates a second and kissed back anyway, he was good a little sloppy for your liking but good never the less.

Soon enough tongues collided and hearts were thumping.

'Lets see what your fingers can really do lukey’