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Phone rings. "Hi, how can I help you today?" "Give me directions to your store." "I can try! Where are you coming from? Can you tell me your current location?" "Well obviously if I knew I wouldn't have to ask for directions." ... "hold on for one moment please, I'm gonna transfer you to mgmt and they'll be able to help you" (I didn't know how else to respond that wouldn't be just loud noises of disbelief and repetitions of the word "SERIOUSLY?")

Ptsd symptom
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> I twitch...<p/><b></b><p/><b></b> It happens when i think about certain things that have happend, could have happened, happened to someone else, or might happen to me... basically it's a mini freak out from when I think about anything that might trigger me <br><br> Its like this full bodied single convulsion that I can't stop...<p/><b></b> it used to be worse ... Before if i didn't say the word "no" enough times or loud enough... The random convulsive twitches wouldnt stop... <br><br> People laugh at me because they don't know how to react to the way i just flinched away from no one like I was about to get hit<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

I still can’t get over Emma’s tone in her voice when she’s fighting with Killian, when she’s pleading with him to confide in her, to remember that they do things together, that they need to stop hiding things. The way it goes up in pitch a little, and the way it wobbles a bit on the word ‘marry’.

There is just so much intimacy and so much raw emotion in it and she speaks so differently with Killian than anyone else and god the things it does to my heart.

In Which Archie, Having Been Rejected Again by Betty, Decides to Rat Out Juggie as a Gang Leader's Son to Hal Cooper
  • Archie: <storms into the Cooper home, foaming at the mouth> Mr. Cooper!!! You have a right to know!! Jughead is the son of a Southside Serpent!!
  • Hal Cooper: Young man, is this true?
  • Juggie: I can explain, sir....
  • Hal: Oh no need for that my boy! I just don't know why you didn't tell me. Or really, why I didn't notice how very like your father, you are....
  • Archie: <interrupting> How are you not furious, Mr. Cooper? His father is a criminal!
  • Hal: You do know we live in Riverdale, right? Where everyone's shady? But you know what else, you fatuous ginger turd?
  • Archie: I'm NOT fat!!! I got ripped after working for my dad this summer!! I play football!!
  • Hal: okay....you stupid, hypocritical ginger turd?
  • Archie: still don't really know those words, but at least you didn't call me fat
  • Juggie: It's okay sir, I'll explain it to him later...
  • Hal: Not sir, my boy, call me "Hal" or "Dad 2.0" as you young people would say, if you like!!! Anyway, AS I WAS SAYING....I knew your dad in high school, my future son-in-law....when I was a Southside Serpent, myself. Nothing to judge, there. Please stay for dinner, Jughead. Please leave and never return, Archie.

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🌠 ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


…I was going to show you a picture but…it’ll still look 100% like a shooting star on your screen…this…I’m being framed! This is a frame up! Is that a thing? Whatever, this never happened…!

Anyway…Jojooooo~! Things I associated you with~!

To be honest this feels a bit unfair…but I’ll try!

❀ . Flowers~! 

❀ . Clouds~!

❀ . The sun~! [[You’re actually why I started liking it more!]]

❀ . Rain~!

❀ . Rabbits~!

❀ . Mermaids~! [[of course, as the mermaid princess.]]

❀ . Hugs~! [[because you’re always so accepting, it’s like being encircled in a warm embrace!]]

❀ . Poetry~!

❀ . Sunflowers~!

❀ . Sunshine family! [[And their members, of course.]]

❀ . Sweetness~!

❀ . Forever~!

❀ . Happiness~! 

…I win!  (n˘v˘•)¬

The mountain is a mother
cradles you in arms of stone
keeping you safe
keeping you sane
a haven, a home, a temple.

The mountain is a father
protects you with its tumbling wrath
puts fire in your blood
and courage in your heart
a fortress, a kingdom, a city.

The mountain is both parent and child
bids you welcome when you return
stifles your screams
soothes your fears
a lullaby, a hearth, a tomb.

But he, he is the one you truly need -
wraps you in his loving arms
stills the tears
quiets the trembling
a lover, a friend, your One.

—  Erebor is Dwalin’s home, but without Nori he would never be able to bear the weight of it pressing down on his shoulders.
Seven and potatoes
  • Yoosung: hey seven, try my new dish
  • 707: hmm, what is this...?
  • Yoosung: wait. what?
  • 707: o_o this is... interesting. what is it???
  • Yoosung: it's a baked potato...
  • 707: a baked.. what??
  • Yoosung: potato
  • 707: o: a "potato"... neva heard of it. looks gud!!
  • Yoosung: r u srs rn???
  • 707: what??? is something wrong?
  • 707: I don't... bc i don't?? i told u, i haven't seen it before. this word is new to me... ?
  • Yoosung: seven, u're kidding me right??? u can't be srs
  • 707: Yoosung, I seriously have never seen a potato in my life. I didn't know what a potato was until you gave it to me. And I really don't know what it is besides food. I really have nothing else to say.
  • Yoosung: ...
  • 707: *takes a bite* TASTESs VerY STRANGe!!
  • Yoosung: .......... SEVEN
  • 707: What????
  • Yoosung: you need to leave right now
  • 707: What?? why??? i didn't do anything wrong
  • Yoosung: y-you... i can't believe my friend doesn't know what a fucking potato is...
  • 707: language...
  • 707: hey... don't say god's name in vain... :(
  • Yoosung: fuck you im leavin
  • 707: ... :( I just... don't know what potatoes r. y u gotta be like dis??? also... im not gay... but does jumin han is gay????
  • Yoosung: >:( stop tryna change the topic. i h8 u
  • - Yoosung has left the chatroom -
  • 707: LOLOLOLOL ^_^

wish tumblr as a whole recognized and appreciated Laura Jane Grace more like she’s such a fierce lady and I seriously admire her so much like she’s out there droppin’ track after track about her transgendered life but it’s still relatable even if you aren’t trans and she doesn’t use being trans as a ‘get out of jail free’ card I don’t know let’s all appreciate Laura Jane Grace I adore her


In which me and my filthy mouth are given access to a gorgeous calligraphy pen and it can make the ugliest words look so nice <3 

I’m in love

Edit: How could I have left off the one that started it all?

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Hi, so i follow you on my other blog, gayfeministdork. And I have read literally everything about the Stilinski family dysfunction, I actually have tried talking to like everyone about it because fan theories are great. Anyways, like I think it's funny how when the Sheriff first found out about the supernatural he didn't think Stiles was telling in the truth, totally writing him off. But now that he knows about it he ignores everything Stiles say to take the word of someone else.

I know and I’m glad there are more who see this pattern as well. Lots of fans love the Stilinski interactions, and I do to, but they’re not just funny, they’re actually kind of heartbreaking too. The fact of the matter is we have indications that the sheriff for whatever reason don’t seem to trust Stiles. He loves him, that is unquestionable. Still the sheriff seems to have a deep-seeded mistrust of his son and the things he says. Scott however he seems to trust wholeheartedly. 


Stiles: Trust me, they’ll let you in.
Sheriff: Trust you?
Stiles: Trust - trust Scott?
Sheriff: Scott I trust.

And like you point out - he didn’t believe stiles for a second when he tried to tell him about werewolves. In fact when Stiles tries to explain things to him the sheriff ignores it - unless Scott is present and can vouch for it. 


Stiles: Put her down? Dad, try not to forget there’s a girl in there, one that you’ll be killing. Come on, you aren’t back to not believing, are you?
Sheriff: I believe there are a lot of things I don’t understand yet. But that doesn’t mean that everything and anything imaginable is suddenly possible. Now, are you 100% sure that this is a girl and not an animal?
Stiles: Yes. Because Scott’s sure. Scott, you been listening?

Situations when Stiles is trying to convince his dad of something without Scott present, he never gets through to him. This is a pattern

  • In his bedroom telling him about the supernatural, Cora present
  • At the hospital, still trying to get him to understand, the sheriff yelling, stiles saying his mom would’ve believed him. Even the mention of Claudia - who they never talk about - sways him.
  • Trying to convince his dad that Barrow was still at the school, Lydia present, the sheriff disregards his warnings
  • Telling him they need to go to Mexico to save Scott, the sheriff is reluctant and don’t heed Stiles’ advice, punishes him when he gets home

I’m going to rant quite a bit on this topic so more below the cut

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I didn't want to interrupt the stream, but do you have any tips for someone who wants to start their own comic?

No worries mate! Tips for starting a comic:

  • Long as you know how the comic begins, and how it ends, you can start! You then work your way towards the middle!
  • If something doesn’t work when you’re writing a scene and it feels like you’re stuck, throw a wrench at it! Is the scene taking too long? Speed it up with explosions! Can’t get your characters to say the important words? Have someone else say or SCREAM it (if it works)
  • When writing a chapter/story, write a first draft. Don’t stop until it’s fully written, even if it seems like gibberish. Then once it’s done, go back over it, proof read it, make a 2nd or 3rd draft.
  • Show your 2nd-3rd draft to a friend you trust, ask them to proof-read it too, get feedback.
  • Have your character reference sheets ready to go (or a lot of refined drawings of your characters to refer to!)
  • Have a comic template ready for each page!! Then you can keep the sizing/credits/text consistent!

I hope that helps! (or makes sense)

This guy I matched with on tinder goes to the same college as me and earlier today I was in the hallway waiting to get called to pick my classes when I get a message from him saying “hey are you at school?” And I ignored it but two seconds later he fucking walked up to me and said “hello. By any chance are you Kevin?” And I was like……. Fuck so I said oh hey! I was just about to message you back what’s up? And he was like literally the creepiest guy I’ve ever spoken to he had a very deep, quiet and monotone voice and he was just standing there like hovering over me because I was sitting down and it got really awkwardly silent so I said yeah so uh I’m just here picking my classes what about you?? So he’s like “going to get lunch” and I didn’t know what else to even say so he goes “it was great to meet you” and I just said the same and he walked away but that was probably the worst experience of my life!!!! And also I noticed that he didn’t even blink once through that entire encounter it made me about 10x more uncomfortable idk how he just stared for that long lmao wtfff he was so creepy and like when we spoke on tinder he tried to rip me a new one because I used the word “nice” and he went on a long ass rant over how he hates that word since it’s not descriptive enough or something but literally it was texting he wanted me to write as if I’m putting together a college essay who does that??? God what a ride