i didn't know he was debuting


Close enough


It’s just the committee, you know? Yeah, since when do you listen to a fucking committee?

in Edward’s “apology” the way he talks about the ‘My thoughts on Kyla’ makes it sound like a totally different video. lol. 

I’m sorry but how does the discourse go from ‘Pledis did her dirty’ to ‘it’s difficult to debut if you don’t fit the standards’? last time I checked  people talking like how Edward did in his video are  the reason why these standards don’t change. 

Also why is he talking like we are a bunch of 13 yo that don’t know anything about the kpop industry and are scared to hear the “T”??? lol. 

anyways that’s the last thing about this issue. and Edward. 

  • Hyungseob: Do you think Euiwoong is still mad that we didn't choose him as the center?
  • Minki: No of course not
  • Jihoon: Yeah, he said he was fine with it
  • *During Eliminations*
  • Euiwoong: ..I will become cooler than the produce 101 debut group!
  • Euiwoong: See you at the top losers, I'm done with this shit show
  • Minki: *Glances over at Hyungseob* He might still be a little mad..

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you genuinely believe louis' not hurt he didn't debut at number 1 too? he's human and he has feelings. we should have gotten him to debut at number 1. let's not with all these excuses


I can’t remember another time when pretty much all parts of the fandom came together and did something in such a joined up way!

We gifted more than 10,000 copies of JHO - that’s £10,000 of people’s own money, plus the streaming, radio requests etc etc. 

Louis knows that we love him and that we’ll always support him 110%



your local cutie, kim sunwoo

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: you know what really upsets me about all this? It’s the fact that Yoongi is so incredible hard on himself and puts himself down so often even though he's one of the most humble, dedicated and hardworking people in this industry. he was sick, he was in the hospital for a couple of days and he cried because he couldn't perform and woke up in cold sweat because of the thought of letting fans down. he was SICK and his main priority was still pleasing us, reaching out to all of us. The fact that Yoongi wrote that and said that he wants to reach out to us as '24-years old Min Yoongi' and not as '24-years old Suga of Bangtan.' He wanted to tell his story as a person to another person, not as an idol telling a story to his fans. He wanted it to be more personal.
  • It makes me sad that he beats himself up over the fact that he couldn't perform on stage and called hiimself a 'very lacking person'. It makes me sad that he said 'I cried so hard even though I know I'd lose if I cried.' It makes me sad that Yoongi is so loving and caring that he went to Kobe during his vacation because he felt so bad. He said that he wouldn't be honourable in his eyes if he didn't go. He left without any plans and even though people tried to stop him.
  • He said that when he was 17 he did a performance where he could honourably look his only two audience members in the eyes. He said that after debut he wasn't able to do that. For the first time in HYYH, for the very first time in a long, long time he was able to look people in the eyes again. The fact that he couldn't perform the second day of Kobe hit him so hard that he lost that ability again.
  • It upsets me that Yoongi doesn't see that he has made the lives of so many people so much better just by being him and the fact that he keeps on apologizing for being sick breaks my heart in so many pieces.
  • He deadass apologized for not being a perfect humanbeing, he apologized for being a weak person that pretends to be strong.
  • He said that even though he doesn't have a religion, he prayed in Kobe.
  • He said that age, gender and religion doesn't matter to him. No matter what, we all occupy a large portion of him even though he enjoys being alone.
  • He said;'because I'm an imperfect being, I'll live out every moment with gratitude.'
  • If it doesn't hurt your heart just thinking about how Min Yoongi, the man who made 300 food and drink snack packs for a fan meet and HAND WROTE messages for EACH pack, thinks he's not enough and still imperfect than I don't know if you're human.
  • I just hope Yoongi knows he's an angel that needs to put himself first more often.
  • I love him so much

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"#it was all fine until he asked if jonghyun made it" Was your dad as heartbroken as we all were when he found out that Jonghyun didn't make it?

YES. Okay let me just give you some maybe too personal backstory:

I’ve been struggling with pretty chronic depression for a variety of reasons since high school and it was the worst when I was 15-17 when I started following Nu’est at debut. They’ve always been a ray of light and a source of comfort and levity to me that I turn to when things aren’t going well. My parents have always encouraged and supported my love for them because they know it’s helped me overcome a lot of tough times. I know it may sound silly that a group can do that, but they honestly mean so so much to me. 

So my parents know everything I know about the members because I always talk about them and I always show them videos and fancams. They think of all the members as extensions of our family and when I used to live in the dorms, I would call home and my father would ask how Jonghyun was doing every phone call. My mother also likes watching their variety with Spanish subtitles (her favorite is Dongho). My mom likes kpop in general ekrjlwekr she lost it when EXO sang Sabor a Mi.  

Anyway, this is getting too personal eklrjwlekjrwe- but yes he was pretty devastated because all this time he kept reassuring me that Jonghyun would make it every time we met up for lunch or dinner. rjewlrwelrj He felt guilty for reassuring me so much but no dad omggrejklwelkrerjkl My entire family is just too sensitive sometimes :’)

fcn 2: scary stories

One of Arthur’s recent “improvements” to the workings of OJS was his Book Trolley, a portable library which he had installed on an old refreshments trolley. It was filled with assorted books that - theoretically - the passengers would enjoy reading during flights, and genre markers were placed at irregular intervals to show what sort of books could be found.

Herc had been called upon to admire it on the day of its debut, and he had been doing so very convincingly, until he bent down in front of the “Scary Stories” section and asked, “Arthur, why is there a ‘Shaun the Sheep’ annual in here?”

With an expression that could only be described as sheepish, Arthur swiped the offending volume from among the Halloween-themed novels and said, “I think Dou– someone might have moved that from the Children’s section for a little joke.”

“Yes,” said Herc, “I wonder who.”

Shaun the Sheep was slotted in between two Enid Blyton omnibuses and nothing more was said of the matter, though a distinct chuckle could be heard from the captain’s seat.

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I just want to say that I stalk you on Tumblr and I love you blog. But I have read your last post, the one about Kyungsoo and his father. And I've been wondering the same thing since EXO debut. I don't know if you knew that by Kyungsoo was the only one in EXO who didn't mention his parent in "Thank You" section on their first album. As the matter of fact he never did that. He always thanks members and staff but never his family. (1)

And another thing, not until this year, he ever ever mentioned his parents. In the one of the interviews during “pure Love” promotion he said he will spend with them Moon festival. But he never went to his parent for any holiday. Always during Chuseok, which is te one of the most family holidays in Korea he is going somewhere alone, or with managers or with friends like last year, wen he went wit his besties to Japan. Isn’t this kind of weird? PS: I love you <3

Hi anon

First, I love you tooooo (you made me hug my laptop’s screen *whispers* i really did)

Now, about Kyungsoo’s family and especially his father, i feel like there is some tension between the two. At first, i thought that maybe his father didn’t want him to be an i-dol but then there is that letter D.O wrote to his brother in which he talked freely about his family and schedule without any restriction. So, the only thing that i can think about now is D.O’s romantic life.

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could you make a post about suho and jjong and their friendship? i see people talk about him and minho a lot and i know they're close (and i love them) but i don't see people talk about him and jjong. thye're best friends, right? i didn't think jonghyun would be close with someone so much younger than him

they’re not that much younger though! there’s less than a year difference between them in age, and i always thought it was pretty well known that they were close? he was known as one of jjong’s closest friends / trainee friends before his debut. (though he was being called by his real name at that point, of course, just like how hotshot’s timoteo / moonkyu was well known for being close to taemin for years before debut but obviously known as moonkyu then.)

it isn’t something that is discussed often but i feel like it has been more so than a lot of jonghyun’s other friendships if you space it out between the years. a few instances: suho referring to jonghyun as his best friend when he guested on blue night in march, suho mentioning being close to him and snsd’s yoona as trainees back in 2013, jonghyun listing him as one of his closest friends in sm on monthly live connection a few months ago, and suho “begging” jjong to show off their close friendship via jjong’s twitter back on halloween of 2013.and here’s some pictures for good measure:


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Hello my name is Lisa-Grace and I'm 19 years old. I am a new fan to big bang and I was wondering can you tell me something about them? Like tell me stuff I can't Google myself because I stayed up until 8 this morning googleing (stalking) them.

Ok, let’s get started!

Real name is Lee Seunghyun (also known as lil seunghyun because Top’s name is also Seunghyun)
B-day: December 12th 1990 (24)
Stage/nick names: V.I, Victory (Seungri is Korean for victory), Panda (because of his dark circles), Ri, flawless bitch(lol), Gwangju prince, Gwangju’s troublemaker (according to himself), Lord Seungdevort(unofficial), Lord Seungri(yeah i know), GD’s Panda bear(jk but he is).

From Gwanju, the makne of the group(youngest), vocalist and lead dancer, him and TOP are the visuals of the group according to himself, actor, songwriter, attention seeker(hah), incredible funny(weird sense of humor hahah…sometimes sexual), misunderstood a lot, people think he’s a playboy and what not (but he’s actually the nicest guy ever and he wants everyone to feel special, the best at fan-service, literally does everything for his fans (and we love him for that), he does whatever it takes to fulfill his goals, very close to not being put in Big Bang(check out BB’s documentary) but he proved YG wrong and earned his spot rightfully (Beast’s Hyunseung also tried out but he didn’t make it, it’s all good because he’s really successful too now and BB supports him (his personal fanboys lol)), was on Battle Shinwha before that (a reality show in the search of the next Shinwha but didn’t make it tho), has a solo career of his own besides BB (and he made beautiful music despite the fact that he didn’t get much time, GD helped with his first album), a master at languages (Korean (duh), English(it has improved a lot), Japanese (fluent), Mandarin(still learning). Loves being called cute (and tries really hard), he also likes being called sexy tho(like Top lol), incredible confident (he loves himself sometimes to the point of being cocky but can you really blame him???), very social (the others hardly have friends lol ok maybe GD has some too), loves it when vips say he’s their favorite in Big Bang, professional twerker, has amazing fashion sense these days, amazing dancer (has an academy where a lot of other rookies and idols attend and obv he’s the best, just ask J-hope), bought his mom a cafe (called AND.here), forever the victim of evil bitch YG (deep down YG loves him, the teacher is always the hardest on his best student), excellent MC (like Daesung), has a promising future as CEO (the next YG, he kinda already is), has a lot of idol friends but seems to be really close friends with FTIsland’s Jonghoon, was in a “girl group” named Wonder boys with Taemin(SHINee), Shindong(Super Junior), Eunhyuk(Super Junior), Jo kwon(2AM), loves to be on variety shows (esp Strong Heart), also been in Japan a lot and been on japanese variety shows, also wants to be a white horse(he was born in the year of the horse so he is a horse), practices Jiu Jitsu, loves taking selfies (when he learns a pose he will actually continue to do that until he learns a new one), has done musicals, business man (that’s why he’s the next CEO), if he wasn’t a singer he would be a recreation instructor(everyone else would still be a singer i read that Taeyang wanted to be a gag man tho but not sure if it’s true), hardcore Nyongtory/G-ri shipper(Nyongtory derives from Jiyong and victory), same person on and off-camera(he doesn’t give a fuck and speaks his mind so the other members usually have to be careful and watch his mouth, he used to be worse believe it or not). Seungri is a very transparent person so it’s pretty easy to find out how he is as a person. The others are more reserved.

Real name is Dong Youngbae
B-day: May 18th 1988 (27)
Stage/nick names: Sol, Bae, Youngbae, YB, “Yejungbu’s top fist/punch” (according to Seungri), sexy beast(unofficial), he is also called every variation of the word ‘hoe’, baebae, baeby, (also Taeyang is korean for Sun, because his passion will burn you, and because he’s hot)

From Seoul, second oldest, the main dancer and main vocalist, songwriter, sexy beast on stage and cute and cuddly off stage, he’s pretty confident but he’s also pretty shy by nature, also hard-working like Seungri but prob more of a perfectionist, judgmental bitch (he may not say things out loud but we all know he’s judging on the inside), ready to be a father tbh (just ask Tablo), really caring as well but doesn’t know how to show his feelings (he tries sometimes tho), instead he just fights them (esp Seungri, he’s loves that bitch but Seungri rejects him at times because GD owns his heart lol, poor bae just wants to be loved, luckily he has a gf now YAY!), the captain of the Baeri ship (my fave ship), was supposed to debut with GD as a duo but plans changed and they all (except for Hyunseung) became a part of Big Bang(but it’s all good because GDYB still happened), lethal smile (and cutest eye smile), also has a solo career besides BB (beautiful music as well), really good at speaking English (he’s Seungri’s personal English teacher), low key attention whore as well (he loves when fans pick him as their fave too and when they scream his name), good cook (the best cook among them all), loves kimbap lol, been in YGE since he was 12 years old, doesn’t really hang out with other idols (lol what a loser…i am kidding), does he really need other friends BB is enough for him, religious, only dream was to become a singer, was a child actor (he was so cute), has tattoos(i don’t keep a track of the amount), had a dog named Boss(RIP), he got a new dog that’s called ‘Homie’, good at maintaining his abs even tho he indulges in not-so-healthy foods, has killer eyebrows, considers Daesung his soulmate (because he’s the member that’s most like him).

Real name is Kang Daesung
B-day: April 26th 1989 (26)
Stage/nick names: Dae, Daesungie, angel, D-lite, dangerous kang (hahah), “Oryudong’s killer smile” (according to Seungri), sunshine, D-dae (because his hotness kills, ok no one calls him that but they should), also Daesung is Korean for succeeding/becoming big etc.(not 100% sure tho)

From Seoul as well, second youngest, lead vocalist, actor, will always lend you money, huge in Japan (the most popular after the emperor of Japan!!! and also incredible sexy to his Japanese fans), the cutest guy ever (he’s actually perfect), very brave, seems innocent but prob isn’t (yeah don’t fight me on this one), variety KING (i swear no one else is funnier, they can try but he will always be the best and we all know that), Born MC (so is Seungri, they’re really good at a lot of the same things actually and they’re both pretty successful in Japan too), also has a solo career (mainly in Japan), also fluent in Japanese , done trot music as well (these maknes are no ordinary maknes), loved by TOP, good listener and helps everyone else, he’s not good at opening up tho (i feel you Dae), he’s not really selfish and sensitive but at the same time a really strong person, religious, has amazing skin (please spill some more beauty secrets Dae!!), when he smiles your life will be improved by 100% (it’s science), the only one that doesn’t have social media (but luckily the others upload selfies with him so it’s all good), developed sociophobia and stage fright when they debuted because he thought he wasn’t as talented as his fellow member (luckily artist Gummy helped him overcome all that and became a close friend of his), has done musicals, even tho he has this reputation of being a smiling angel it’s also a defense mechanism,(he’s still a human being), scared of haunting houses, good at taking care of his health.

Real name is Kwon Jiyong
B-day: August 18th 1988 (26)
Stage/nick names: GD, ji, jiyong, “Little man of Itaewon” (according to Seungri), goat, goat-dragon, goat master, Dony’s loverboy(i am making up a lot of these nick names but we all know he is lol), (Jiyong literally means G-dragon G=Ji, Dragon=Yong, he was also born in the year of the dragon)

Also from Seoul, third youngest, lead dancer, main rapper, leader, face of the group, songwriter (he’s a genius ok, just look up all the songs he’s written), writes songs as often as i am on tumblr, most likely to become a dad first(he would be an amazing dad, and he knows it), fashionista (he attends a lot of fashion shows, so he meets all these designers/models/celebs, Karl Lagerfeld has given him clothes to not only him but his fellow members too (poor daeri tho, they only get scarves and shitty stuff tho haha), born celebrity (even when drunk just ask Seungri), into historical kdramas, loves to cuddle and sleep with Seungri and misses him like crazy when he’s away (we all know he does, lol he doesn’t even hide it), harcore Nyongtory/G-ri shipper as well (he literally always has to be around Seungri (he’s obsessed ok, he even said that he would date Seungri if the members were females lol), he’s an honest person and sadly he gets a lot of hate for it, one of the richest persons in South Korea (isn’t he the richest idol ever?, he has a a black card to prove it(is it a rumor? even so we all know he’s rich AF)), has nice legs, also has a solo career (you would think they would give other groups a chance but no, when they aren’t united their solo activities does really well on the charts as well), other than being in GDYB he has also been a apart of the subunit GD&TOP, he debuted first in Litte Roo'ra but after a few years the company decided to disband them, was an SM trainee for 5 years(obv that didn’t work out), trainee at YGE since he was 13(alongside Taeyang, that’s why they’re BROS FOR LIFE, he even wanted a tattoo in honor of their friendship but Bae was against it), debuted with BB in 2006, YG’s fave person(YG literally sees money when he looks at GD), besides knowing Taeyang since they were kids he knew TOP from school (they were friends too, RAP BROS FOR LIFE), their friendship was dead for a while but GD contacted him again when YGE was looking for talents, claims that he started rapping because of the Wu Tang Clan,  has a bunch of tattoos(again not sure about the amount), recently he opened his art exhibition called peaceminusone.

Real name is Choi Seunghyun (aka big Seunghyun since Seungri is lil Seunghyun)
B-day: November 4th 1987 (27)
Stage/nick name: TOP, T.O.P, bingu top or just bingu, (s)tahp (lol jk no one says that), Top gun(ok no one calls him that i just wanted to add it), the “Unmatched Beautiful Man of Jamshil” (according to Seungri)

From Seoul as well, a dance God according to himself, oldest, lead rapper, visual, songwriter, actor, got the stage name TOP by Se7en (doesn’t have a special meaning, just that’s he’s top in everything he does hah, also when you spell out top that’s how you pronounce it), used to be an underground rapper with the name Tempo, childhood friends with GD, later auditioned for YGE (rejected at first but proved them wrong the second time and also lost some weight(because they said he was too chubby) and got in), also has a solo career and like i mentioned he was a part of the subunit GD&TOP, loves Daesung to death (he’s what GD is to Seungri basically), these hyungs have an obsession with their maknes (poor maknes getting overly loved, no actually poor Taeyang who doesn’t have anyone to pair up with in the group, he’s still trying hard, Seungri will have to give in at some point.. i should mention that hyung means brother (bro to bro) if you didn’t know), attracted to chairs (chairs are sexy ok..jk he isn’t…sometimes i think he is tho…), highly interested in art (just look at topstagram), momma’s boy, actually very shy but really sweet and kind, very chill person but weird (but who isn’t???), really private person, awkward (but that makes him more lovable), they’re all jealous of his beauty (who isn’t??), not very good at expressing his love either so he’s more subtle (unlike Seungri and GD ahah…TOP isn’t always subtle tho..), which is why Todae(Top & Daesung) is so alive. 

Big bang always love to treat their fans so they have made a lot of kdrama parodies(just watch and see what happens, i don’t wanna spoil anything), they have also made Big Bang TV where we can see how they are in real life (or at least to some degree, they will be making individual TV’s this month too, they promised but where the hell is it?!?!?), Big Bang was considered to be named Diamond(thank God they changed it), T.O.P was almost called Mark(what…?), Daesung was Big Castle (WTF), Seungri was Sonic(sonic the hedgehog lol), Taeyang was Taekwon(apparently he did use that name for a while tho when he and GD were a duo), not sure about GD (that bitch spared himself). 

Hope this helped! 

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not To be /that/ shipper but im pretty sure taehyung has had a crush on jimin. even if he didn't identify as gay, he must have looked at jimin at least once and been like, "wow he's really pretty i want to spend the rest of my life with him." i mean the way he looked at jimin during their debut till like inu era was not platonic. jimin is hard to read for me but it's a possibility considering how possessive he can get over taehyung's attention.

not 2 be That shipper but like. i agree

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Hi !! I don't know if you already wrote this before (i'm a new follower) but can you write a baekhyun scenario where he confesses to a younger sunbae (she debuted before him but she is younger than him) pretty please ?? Thank you and happy new year !! <3 take care (i hope i didn't sound too weird)

Really, Really, Really~Baekhyun~ ▼

Ha, you don’t sound weird at all. :P I hope you like this scenario!

Baekhyun stood in the crowd and watched you carefully. It seemed that every time you got up on that stage, you blew everyone away with your incredible talent. Including Baekhyun himself.

As soon as the performance ended, Baekhyun stood up on his feet and was the first one to clap. He absolutely adored you.

“Thank you, thank you!” You smiled and waved at the crowd while walking backstage. You were extremely nervous before the performance, so it was good to hear that people liked it.

“So what did you think of that performance, huh Baekhyun? Chanyeol asked teasingly and hit Baekhyun’s arm. “I bet you were drooling all over her.”

Baekhyun frowned. “For your information, I did not drool.”

“Yeah, this time.

“Be quiet, Chanyeol!”

Chanyeol stuck his tongue out and patted Baekhyun’s back. “You should tell her about your feelings,” he advised. “It won’t be long until she gets a boyfriend, I almost guarantee it. And if that boy isn’t you, you’re going to be really mad.”

Baekhyun sighed and watched as the hosts found their position on stage, just before the cameras started rolling again. “When the time is right, I’ll tell her.”




You waved at the fans waiting outside at the arena and smiled. It was always very nice to see all those people coming out to support you. It warmed your heart to know that you mattered a lot to people like that.

“We’re here,” your driver announced.

You thanked him and stepped out of the vehicle, making your way to the stage. Today you would be doing a concert with EXO and SHINee, and you were beyond excited.

As you arrived backstage, you noticed that EXO were already doing sound check while the SHINee members hung out backstage and practiced a little bit.

You greeted the SHINee members and then went to go find a bottle of water. Once EXO were done with their sound check, you had to go up there too.

You opened the cooler, but were a little sad to see that there were no more drinks in there.

“There are so many EXO members, they barely left any drinks for us too,” Taemin informed you with a small smile. “I think Baekhyun took the last water bottle, if that’s what you were looking for.”

You pouted and closed the cooler. “It’s alright, I’ll run down to the store and buy one later.”

You stood with Taemin and started a short conversation as EXO wrapped up on stage. Once they were done, Suho ran up to you and told you the stage was yours.

You thanked him and complimented him and his members before running towards the stage. On the way, you ran into Baekhyun, who stopped in his tracks immediately when he saw you. “______,” he said. “Nice to see you!”

You smiled and nodded. “Same to you, Baekhyun,” you replied. “It’s been quite a while since we last talked, huh? Both of our schedules are just getting hectic lately.”

“Yeah, you surely are growing more and more popular every single day.”

You hit his arm playfully. “I can say the exact same thing for EXO. Everybody practically knows you now.”

“I wouldn’t say that. We’re still fairly new.” Baekhyun held up the water bottle in his hand and started playing around with it. “Are you excited for the concert?”

“Excited and nervous as always,” you answered and eyed the water bottle. “Are you planning on drinking that?”
He caught the bottle in the air and shot his eyes at you. “Why? Do you want it?” Before you could even respond, he held it out towards you. “You can have it if you want, I don’t need it.”

You chuckled and shook your head. “I saw you jumping all over the place during sound check, you need to rehydrate yourself after that.”

Baekhyun smirked. “So you were watching me?”

You bit your lip and began to put on the earpiece that one of the backstage managers gave to you. “I always love watching you on stage,” you replied truthfully. “You’re amazing up there.”

Baekhyun felt like jumping for joy at your words. It gave him some hope that maybe you returned the same feelings as him.

Which is why he finally built up the confidence to say what he said next.

“_______, I’ve been a fan of yours since the very beginning,” he began. “Not only of your music, but just of you yourself. The other members tease me about this a lot, but I can’t help but like you. Like, really like you. Like… Really, really, really like you. I was just wondering if maybe… maybe you’d like to be my girlfriend?”

You grinned and reached out to grab the microphone from Baekhyun’s hand. “I would love to,” you answered.

“Really?” Baekhyun’s eyes widened. “You’re not kidding, are you?”

You laughed and shook your head. “I really, really, really like you too.”

Baekhyun blushed slightly at the use of words. He couldn’t believe he actually confessed and that you actually returned his feelings.

Your manager told you to get on stage quickly for sound check, so you stepped forward and placed a kiss on Baekhyun’s cheek before running off. “I’ll talk to you backstage!” you shouted behind you.

Baekhyun couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot as he nodded and waved. He was completely dazed by the entire thing.

Once he reached his members backstage, Chanyeol could already read his expression. “Woah, Baekhyun’s got a girlfriend!” he exclaimed.

The other members went wild at the news. They already teased Baekhyun enough when they figured out he liked you. But now, since you were actually his girlfriend… They. Wouldn’t. Stop.

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Omg adiba I fell asleep in my ap stats class today and I had a dream yoongi was my sub but he made us call him mr bick ??? And then he didn't know how to explain the different sampling methods so he called jin and jin hung up on him after trying to explain how to take a cluster sample and yoongi was so fed up and had us watch their debut stage so he could make fun of jins pants falling


150515 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio
  • Topic - Teacher (May 15 is Teacher Day in Korea)
  • Tablo: Who is your teacher?
  • Gray: For me it is a hyung two years older than me. Now we're both doing music. Right now you know Girl's Day right? He wrote a song for Girl's Day.
  • Tablo: Oh! I thought Gray was going to say his teacher was Girl's Day.
  • Gray: No no no no
  • Tablo: I was thinking what kind of teacher would they be.
  • Gray: When I started music, he taught me how to use a music programme..
  • Tablo: Oh really?
  • Gray: Yeah. He was a sunbae in our school club, Choi Dok Wan.
  • Tablo: Choi Dok AN?
  • Gray: Choi-Dok-WAN
  • Tablo: Hmmm, Dokwan-shi!
  • Gray: He's a hyung called Choi Dok Wan
  • Tablo: Dok Wan!
  • Gray: Anyway, that hyung taught me how to use music programmes after coming back from the army at 29 years old.
  • Tablo: He also wrote for who else aside from Girl's Day?
  • Gray: Well... Who else has there been lately? To be honest, these days...
  • Tablo: You don't know?
  • Gray: Yeah I don't know.
  • Tablo: You have no interest?
  • Gray: Nooo! He's also working with someone from an audition programme.
  • Tablo: That's unexpected though, the teacher of hip hop producer Gray worked with Girl's Day.....
  • Gray: Ah, that's because when I was 25 I didn't have the confidence to do hip hop. I was 25 and to debut as a rapper at that age seemed too late. There were also lots of better people like when I listen to Simon D rap, I thought ahh I shouldn't rap.
  • Simon D: Don't be like thaaat
  • Tablo: There's a lot of (talented) people like that.
  • Gray: There is a lot. When I listen to Tablo... ahhh I shouldn't rap. So I thought I should write music instead.
  • Tablo: AHAHAHAHA
  • Gray: I just did it!
  • Tablo: You do well though!
  • Simon D: (laughs)
  • Gray: I'm just enjoying it, just enjoying myself and doing the rap that I can do. I thought about battles and if I'd get dissed as well and what I'd do. It's a scary thing!
  • Tablo: Ahahahahah worrying about disses before you get it
  • Gray: I thought that I wouldn't be able to handle that and producing is my strength anyway. However, I thought just producing would be financially difficult especially in hip hop
  • Tablo: Yeah, it's not easy
  • Gray: That was 5 years ago though, nowadays it's very difficult.
  • Simon D: That's true.
  • Gray: Even just 5 years ago, Shinsadong Tiger or Brave Brothers and those doing idol music earned a lot of money so I wondered if I should do that. Back then I joined a idol composing team with Choi Dok Wan, but back then I still didn't know anything.
  • Tablo: That's where Blink came from?
  • Gray: After that, the team totally failed and dissolved. (Everyone laughs) Dok Wan went on to make 'Expectation' and 'Female President' and I thought that for me I'd be wearing clothes that didn't fit so I returned to hip hop and became Gray. Back then I went by Lee Sung Hwa. Composer Lee Sung Hwa
  • Tablo: And now you're Gray.
  • Gray: I became Gray and 'Blink' happened.
  • Tablo: So there was such a behind story. But from our perspective this is a good thing because Gray can now show his type of music that only he can do. If he kept doing that kind of (idol) music, of course it would have still been good-
  • Gray: It would have failed.
  • Tablo: Nooooo.
  • Tablo: The music would still have been good-
  • Gray: It would have failed.
  • Tablo: AH STOP IT!
  • ---
  • Gray's requested song was GSD's Expectation lol

1992.04.06 happy birthday to vixx’s cute main vocal ken aka the wink fairy (∩_≺)

Knetz on YG artists vs everyone else
  • Kemy: *A rapper. Disses Bom, a singer (who can't exactly respond) for her depression*
  • Knetz: Wow Kemy is really good, all her points are valid.
  • Bobby: Calls out the bad idol rappers (who can respond if they want).
  • Knetz: He's getting cocky because he's in YG.
  • B.I: *Literally has nothing to do with his father's scandal*
  • Knetz: He should not debut, I will not support iKON if he does.
  • Bom: Used drugs that was prescribed to her. Didn't know was illegal in S Korea (About a year go)
  • Knetz: She should go to jail. She needs to apologize and self reflect (even 7 months later)
  • Taeyong: Scams people, steal from them and downright insults a person's mother.
  • Knetz: I'm sure he didn't mean it, he should self reflect for a little while.

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You know what else I've been thinking about? Steve didn't get anything from appearing on TXF. That's not an audience that appreciates EDM nor is it the people he expects to buy his music or go to his shows. He could've insisted Louis debut the song at a festival or big show Steve had booked to maintain his brand and give his own fans the exclusive, but he didn't. He went home with Louis just so the entire performance was about Jay at a place Jay held in her heart. I appreciate him so much.