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The Signs As: Lyrics From Yoongi's Mixtape
  • Aries: "Shut the fuck up, assholes, shut your fucking mouths." - 치리사일사팔
  • Taurus: "I want to money to chase me but I hope I don't become the monster chasing only money" - Tony Montana
  • Gemini: "It's not that you guys who betrayed us didn't do it, it's that you couldn't" - 마지막
  • Cancer: "Still it seems like even if I don't know the secret to success, I know the secret to failure." - Give It To Me
  • Leo: "All ya fried rappers should be thankful I am an idol." - Agust D
  • Virgo: "My monster named success that I traded my youth for, he wants a bigger wealth." - 마지막
  • Libra: "Right I'm living so I can't die, but I don't have anything I want to do." - So Far Away
  • Scorpio: "It's been a long time since my everyday life became killing my passions and comparing myself with others." - 마지막
  • Sagittarius: "I was born from a tiger so I can't live like a dog." - Give It To Me"
  • Capricorn: "My seat is 'business' yours is 'economy', forever behind me kissing my ass." - Agust D
  • Aquarius: "I know it seems pathetic to not have a dream like everyone." - So Far Away
  • Pieces: "I hide myself completely like I've become a criminal." - 140503 새벽에
daily angst

All Yoosung ever wanted was a wife he could love and a kid he could spoil. When MC married him, and later gave birth to their son, he was overjoyed. On his kid’s fifth birthday, MC and their son died in a car accident on the way to the party.

Yoosung was the one driving. 

Reasons why the “Who Shot Robert?” storyline was gold:

  • Robert running down the stairs into the kitchen to yell “i’m not gay!” at vic and andy (followed by the first g8 sexuality convo rob has ever had, thank you victoria)
  • Robert listing out to the police all the people he’s slept with and the fucked up things he’s done before telling them he didn’t kill katie
  • the “mm whatcha say” moment when chas tells robert to just go and then he gets shot
  • coma rob sleeping for weeks
  • bernice bringing robert grapes in the hospital and him thanking her then not eating them
  • paranoid rob refusing to believe aaron shot him, the human embodiment of “that sounds fake but okay”
  • recovering rob stumbling around the town clutching his tummy in his pjs
  • rob and victoria living together!!!! victoria supporting him when everyone else despises his guts and for good reason!
  • “how could somebody who loved me do something like that” buddy we’re all wondering (also the first time he acknowledged to vic that he/aaron weren’t just fuck buddies!)
  • the ultimate parallel scene where andy and rob recreate max king’s death, good ol’ family angst and drama
  • when robert tells andy he’s over it and then goes over to fake hold ross up at gun point (human embodiment of “AND OTHER THING…”)
  • rob saying “chop chop, or should i say bang bang” while waving a gun like?
  • ross being lowkey in love obsessed with rob and agonizing over almost killing him (seeing rob every time he closes his eyes, getting drunk every night to forget….)

Saving the girl I love and the world at the same time? Feels pretty right to me.

  • what she says: i love agent kallus
  • what she means: Agent Kallus is one of my favorite characters, but his characterization before "The Honorable Ones" versus after "The Honorable Ones" leaves much to be desire. In Season 1, yeah, okay, he's not that different from every other obviously evil, cunning, arrogant villain, but I bought it because not gonna lie, I'm kind of a sucker for cunning bad guys that claim they're just doing their job but enjoy following it to the letter. Plus, I liked how earlier on, it was like the rebels were the hunted while the Empire were the hunters, with the Inquisitors and the 'ordinary' Kallus being the main hunters, and I was interested in how he was gonna fight Zeb and what exactly happened at Lasan. But then, Season 2 got pretty bad with Kallus since he hardly did anything besides standing around in the bridge of an Imperial cruiser, which the LSG had already said in promotional material for the show that they didn't want him doing that. And then "The Honorable Ones" showed that even though it's one of my favorite episodes because we finally get to see what makes him tick, his morality and knowledge of what actually happens is actually CONTRARY to what it seemed up to that point. What would've been better is if they had put more signs of Kallus's grey morality in previous episodes so that it would flow better. While yes, some things can be alleviated through novelizations of scenes, it sometimes isn't an 'expansion' on the scene and instead comes more off as something like a sloppy retcon/excuse, like when he kicked that Stormtrooper down in the pilot and then the novelization said that he was extremely angry so he wasn't thinking straight (though I don't know if the author was let in on what the plan for Kallus's character arc was, so it's possible he was just writing what he knew and assumed, but the SWR writers + LSG didn't say anything against it during editing...). While I also do like the irony with how he basically led like four Imperials who've gone rogue to their deaths, I do recognize that it's only ironic because he's literally become the opposite/antithesis of himself from S1-S2, since he's literally a STATE SEC AGENT so even if he didn't have anything to do with them getting arrested/killed, being a state sec officer that has switched sides + committed treason would've been ironic no matter what (though I'm not sure if this is an actual complaint or if I'm just nitpicking with this one, but regardless, I still like it, even though it's kind of expected considering the circumstances.) (the author for three of those characters didn't know about Kallus's character arc either, but you know who did). I don't like that because of the time skip, we've skipped how Kallus got from the ending of "The Honorable Ones" to where he is in Season 3, meaning they SKIPPED THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I'm torn between if he should live at the end of "Zero Hour", because if he lives, then they have a chance of giving him proper character development, especially so if they introduce the Mercenary/the Fool, and this plotline can also allow for more Zeb coverage that he desperately needs (in addition, we could get more bo-rifle fights, because I also thought that fight back in "Droids In Distress" was cool and that they should do more like that again), but then again, he could die to establish Thrawn's credibility and with that leaked picture, there's a pretty small chance of him trying to make his way out of the mercy of everyone on that ship. I'd still be up for a Kallus novel or comic or short story or something that delves some more into his character, though. So anyway, yes, while I do love Kallus, I wish they had done better with his character arc so that I could say with confidence that the stuff that happens to him was indeed on purpose and say that it is one of the best character arcs I've seen so far.

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Though, there is one thing that didn't sit well with me. Savitar said that Joe, Wally and Cisco pretty much banished him. But yet, he still wants to kill Iris (Who probably never did anything to him. Maybe she was already dead at that time). Either way, his ass can rot.

I thought that was VERY interesting. Savitar is gonna kill Iris to get back at the team for rejecting him because he’s not the real Barry, but the only reason Iris wasn’t there to welcome him was because he killed her… Because if Iris had the chance to come face-to-face with Savibarry, it would look like:

So, where does that leave us? This is why I thought Savibarry couldn’t possibly want to kill Iris, he just wants Barry to think she’s dead so he can take her for himself. But unless that’s the secret Savibarry is “keeping to myself,” it’s just another case of the writers not following through again.

Either way, fuck off, Savibarry. You’re evil and I can’t wait for you to evaporate.

All the characters got out of Starlabs tonight. We got to see the other sets. It was refreshing. Tonight’s episode was refreshing. Almost like I was watching S1 all over again.


                               Where there is kindness there is goodness
                                   and where there is goodness there is
                                                         m a g i c.

Werewolf Excuse No. 11
  • Lily: Where's Remus going? We have astronomy soon.
  • James: He's fine! He, well, he -
  • Sirius: He ate that nice looking chocolate pudding with ice cream earlier. I tried to stop him.
  • Lily: What?
  • Sirius: Didn't you know? Remus is lactose intolerant. He's not always strong enough to resist his cravings, though. It's not a pretty sight.
  • Lily:
  • Sirius: He accidentally managed to toot the tune of Celestina Warbeck's 'A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love' once.
  • Sirius: If he has dessert, closing the windows in the dorm, even in the middle of winter, is always a mistake.
  • Sirius: We know 7 different spells to help with fresh air circulation.
  • Sirius: Peter fainted when he walked into the bathroom after him one time.
  • Lily: Stop! I've heard enough. Poor Remus. Why he tolerates you three as friends I'll never know. I'm going before you can say anything else. I'll talk to Remus when he returns.
  • James: See you later, Evans.
  • James: What was that? Why didn't you tell her about Remus' sickly relative, like you were supposed to?
  • Sirius: I could have, but she has already seen through that lie and this was funnier.
  • James: Remus will kill you when he finds out.
  • Sirius: And I'll be laughing in my grave.

dw this week was wooo.whoooookay.it was like.okay.lots of bill,not too much nardole,cool looking monster.that scene were bill’s like heeeey lucius listen i only like girls and he’s like oh right. my bud victus here only likes men.good for you guys.i’m just normal i like both but how cool that you just like the one. like yeah that gate looked like shit and yeah their face paint was stupid and yeah the crow thing is a bit of a reach bUT. 

BuT. who even remembers that when the episode levels up like 30 rounds with that last scene.like what the fuck.what te fucke.

in case we forgot that pcap is better than literally everyone else.and the michelle gomez matches him to a fucking T. and all the sparks that were flying from their riDONCULOUS chemistry in that amazing scene burned my face off. 

so to recap,i no longer have a face,but next week missy is doing the adventuring and does anything else really matter beyond that? no. she has a hat. why won’t anyone just do a whole season with her as companion to twelve why don’t people know what’s good for them

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CS fucked up in the past w/o consequences so I should be used to the mess BUT she went too far with savitar sl. If Cisco didn't change the bazooka properties, SHE would be the one fulfilling savitar's plan, making him a god etc and fucking up everything & everyone forever. If not for HR, SHE would have a hand in killing Iris. Cisco asked her to come to her senses multiple times & suddenly now she decides to listen bc why? She should at least say sorry at the cementary, repent a bit maybe?

Exactly. And DP is out here talking about she wants more scenes with the West fam. I hope the Wests decide they want nothing to do with her ass. 

She didn’t apologize for anything because she is actually the most selfish character on the show and has been since day 1. 


“Gregory Peck is the most authentic actor of our time… Because he was willing to fight the studio executives when they didn’t want to take the risk, we have Gentlemen’s Agreement and its landmark exposure to anti-Semitism. Only because he wanted to play the part did they make To Kill A Mockingbird. Dearest Greg, to your generosity, I owe my career. For your courage and integrity, you have my deepest respect. For your friendship, your goodness, and your humor, you have all my love.” Audrey Hepburn

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"My only guess is so that the team can’t vibe Iris’ location, but that implies he always planned to keep Iris alive." How, though? If Cisco did somehow vibe'd Iris' location, Savitar would probably move her somewhere else. The team still had some time left to save her, but he sent KF to fight him. Everybody is basically busy while Joe is on the roof (Unbeknownst to Savitar, unless he knew about that and didn't do anything) and Barry meets him and Iris at Infantino Street.

Sorry, I meant after the fact. This is based on the theory that Savitar didn’t want to kill Iris, he only wanted to make Barry believe she was dead. Therefore he would need Cisco’s hands out of commission for good so that he couldn’t accidentally touch an article of Iris’ clothing and vibe that she was still alive or where Savitar was keeping her.

I honestly can’t wait until Iris is revealed to be alive, first and foremost because that’s my girl and even though I know her “death” was fake, damn that was painful to watch - but also because the few gross people who celebrated her death are gonna be so pissed and I’m feeling just petty enough to revel in it, tbh. Too many black women on TV have been undervalued and killed off with no chance of returning. It’s about time that one is deemed too valuable and rises from the ashes, phoenix style.

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I told myself if i didn’t touch the opening animation for a week that I would let this post automatically. However, the most recent incident with one of my fans and another tumblr user has caused me to realise that this is not my home, the crowd that I belong in. And so, this is my kind of resignation from the kill la kill fandom.

i’ve discovered that the kill la kill fandom is pretty mucha thankless fandom [then again, what anime fandom isn’t]. i give and give andgive… being in this community isn’t going to help me with my career. i'vebeen here for a year.

However, i do not regret how I’ve spent my time here.Honestly 2014 was the best year of my life. I’d never been happy every singleday before, until klk came into my life. And I’ve also learned so much to helpme with my art in the future.

But now it is time for me to move back to a more familiarcommunity, one that is not anime. And so I post this KLK AU opening, that isnot complete, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever complete it (maybe over the months during downtime). I would have if I felt that holding my place in theKLK community may have benefitted me, but it’s not.

I’m discussing with Bishironen to release all of the logs we’ve typed on the KLK AU for those who were actually interested in it. Here is the storyboard art for the opening, for incomplete stuff. Here’s the last few frames I had done



I was playing Mercy on Numbani on attack….

And this Genji kept showing up and I’m just going ‘FUCK!!!’

But….he didn’t attack me or anything. ESPECIALLY when he had the chance. And I legit said that I was confused in chat. One of my team mates said he was a pal. And I’m like ‘but…I’m a Mercy? Everybody loves attacking the healer’

And this dude said that it killed him attacking guardless Mercy’s. And I legit felt my heart ache because of that. Like…dude? I get harassed by everyone when playing Mercy and never getting much help from team. So for an enemy Gency to do that?


  • The Master: My dear Doctor, I'm here to assist aliens who want to invade the Earth. I'm not here because I heard you were stuck alone on a primitive planet full of apes and wanted to visit you or anything. btw, I brought flowers. But let's be cool about it.
  • The Master: And I stole some files from the Time Lords. But obviously I only did that for an ancient weapon I read about once. Not because I wanted to see you again or anything. Or because I thought you might enjoy some time-travelling or seeing a new planet or anything after all this time.
  • The Master: Hope you didn't mind falling from that radio-tower. I didn't kill you while you were regenerating, because obviously I have a much smarter plan to kill you once and for all. Not because you're new regeneration looks really pretty or anything...
  • The Master: So yeah, I did build you this city so that you can recuperate from your regeneration, but I should tell you that I sort of abducted your best friend and hang him from my ceiling. I'm not jealous. Kill you later...
  • The Master: Don't mind me, I'm not here to see you again. It's all about...uuhmm..stopping the Magna Carta. See, I got red hair and a French accent and a shapeshifting robot and everything!
  • The Master: Sorry, not sorry for pulling your Tardis off course. I didn't want you to miss the official school reunion. See - the Rani is here too! That's how official this is!
  • The Master: Okay, I sort of saved you from being executed by the Time Lords, but look at all the killing and betraying I did. So...still enemies, right?
  • The Master: Oh, you're new regeneration is young and adorable? Look at how young and adorable I can be.
  • The Master: Maybe I should tell you that I'm going to take over the human race, conquer the universe and create a new Gallifrey. You remember Gallifrey? That planet I didn't care about, almost destroyed myself, but you kinda miss? Yeah. That one. But that has nothing to do with you,
  • The Master: And I'm also going to shrink you and put you in a cage instead of killing you. For reasons, you know?
  • The Master: I heard you like humans - so all humans are me now.
  • The Master: Look at that bondage-chair. Just like in old times isn't it?
  • The Master: I'm so evil.
  • The Master: xoxo, your arch-enemy.
  • The Master: PS: No mixed feelings right?

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1. What book are you currently reading? (If you’re not a reader, what show/movie are you watching lately?)

Currently reading a few different books but mostly reading Crazy Rich Asians. Tv show I semi recently finished watching yoi and I keep rewatching random episodes whenever I have time. Not really watching anything new atm. 

2.  If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

1. Give me a metabolism where I will never gain weight. 2. Give me clear skin for the rest of my life. 3. Let me be Arashi’s manager but like without the stress of manager duty lol 

3.  Cite four books you consider your favourites, and why.

aghhhh i’m blanking on all books I’ve ever read. I read a book about a year ago but I forget what it was called. Basically it was about a lady and her family who gave up sugar for a year and how it changed their lives and it was really interesting. Bridget Jones’ diary is hilarious both book and movie and will forever be one of my faves. I really enjoyed itsuka tiffany de choushoku wo. It’s a manga which later turned into a drama about a girl who loves breakfast and she goes to different breakfast places in tokyo and I feel like I can mega relate because I love breakfast too haha. And I can only think of 3 books that were really good atm 

4.  As a child, what were your favourite pastimes?

Playing with my neighbour. We always were outside doing jumprope or chalk or playing hide and seek with the other kids on the street. Just classic kid games. Playing house was an all time fave as well (do kids even play games anymore or is it just their phone/ipad?)

5. What are your fandoms?

Arashi fandom and a tiny little bit of yuri on ice fandom. other things/people I like but not enough to fully join the fandom

6.  Are you allergic to something?


7.  Tell me two facts about your home country.

Canada is turning 150 in exactly a week. Poutine (when made correctly) is heavenly and yes that is a fact. 

8.  A character from a book/show/movie that shouldn’t have died?

MICHAEL FROM JANE THE VIRGIN OH MY GOD I AM STILL IN TEARS FROM THAT (I hope this isn’t some kinda spoiler for anyone who reads this)

9.  Favourite ship?

I have way too many. Top 3 at the moment are Victuuri, Ohmiya, Otayuri 

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I’m not sure. I’ve never been in love in general but I feel like I could fall victim to love at first sight because I can develop a crush on someone mega hard and mega fast. But I wouldn’t consider that as love at first sight though. Maybe if the right person comes along I might. But that’s only really based on looks isn’t it? You can’t fall in love with someones personality at first sight cause you don’t even know them. 

11.  If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be?

Probably like a travel blogger. Dream would be to simply travel the world and stay at posh hotels and eat delicious food and experience life in all parts of the world. 

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1. Is there any day from the past you would want to re-live? Why? 

2. What is something you’re very proud of?

3. If you could only eat one certain food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4. If you won 10million dollars, what would be the first thing you buy with the money?

5. Do you have any unpopular opinions?

6. Would you rather go far out into space, or the deepest part of the ocean?

7. Favorite food that’s only available in your country?

8. What people have had the greatest influence on your life?

9. If you were given the chance to live forever, would you?

10. Are there any cultures that fascinate you?

11. What made you start a tumblr account? :) 

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  • "Man. This place sure brings back memories for me."
  • "You broke out, didn't you?"
  • "Oh my God, is he dead?! Why did you put him in the car?!"
  • "Look at that majestic ass motherfucker."
  • "I assure you all that I will not embarrass myself like last time."
  • "Do not be alarmed! I’m about to be hilarious!"
  • "Oh no, he's hot when he's sad!"
  • "So I regain consciousness, there's cops everywhere, ____'s covered in blood, got an ice pick-"
  • "I think that guard you killed had a family."
  • "______, why are you getting naked?!"
  • "Okay, I'm coming in! Also, you're gonna need a new back door."
  • "I'd do anything to you. FOR you!"
  • "I guarantee that if I get out of this chair, you'll end up in one with wheels."
  • "Awesome! Wait, what just happened?"
  • "Isn't this great? It's just like when we were younger."
  • "I wasn't thinking about killing you."
  • "Why he touchin' my man? Where's he go with my man?!"
  • "You can do me! IT! It. You can do it!"
  • "That's right! I'm in charge now!"
  • "Come on, let me get them digits, baby! Let's make this a thang!"
  • "Oooooh, that's probably not good."
  • "Aw, it should be illegal to be dat fine!"
  • "This doesn't seem like the time for polka renditions of Kesha songs."
  • "Why don't you just be yourself and tell him how you feel?"
  • "And she tore through that chain fence like it was tin foil!"
  • "I'm working on a dream journal project about ab muscles for-- Biology."

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Do you have any headcanons about what kind of nightmares the Voltron crew get ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

M/G: Just break my heart why don’t you?! Hahaaha naw I love it give me the pain B)))))


➤ They have nightmares about what’s happening to their brother/dad

         ➣ Specifically, they have nightmares about Matt being made to fight b/c he’s definitely not a fighter

         ➣ Also dreams about the Galra killing their dad because he’s old and may not be good in work camps

➤ It’s always hard when they wake up, because they find themselves so incredibly far away from the two of them, and they don’t even know if their brother and dad are even still alive


➤ He dreams about never seeing his family again, and having all that taken away from him somehow. 

         ➣ Has a reoccurring dream that he’s attending his own funeral, but he’s there as a ghost and trying to convince his family he’s right there and okay

         ➣ Sees the immense amount of sadness he’s caused his family and watches him mom crying, unable to help her or console her

         ➣ Hopes to god it’s not a prediction of what is to come

➤ Wakes up with tears in his eyes and missing his family more than ever. He just wants to let them know he’s safe.

➤ Feels a little weird about reality after that (“Am I a ghost??”), but soon recovers after people say hello to him that morning


➤ Probably has nightmares about everyone around him being captured by the Galra, but he’s not strong enough to save them, or he watches helplessly while they’re tortured

         ➣ This is part of the reason he’s always training, always wanting to be stronger

         ➣ He’s secretly just terrified of losing everyone now that he feels like he’s part of a family


➤ Obviously has a ton of nightmares, which impairs his ability to sleep at all

         ➣ Avoids sleeping specifically because he’s afraid of what he dreams of

➤ His most horrific nightmares are about being experimented on by the Galra, almost feeling the pain of having his arm cut off and the nerves attached to his prosthetic arm all over again

➤ Will often wake up in a cold sweat after yelling in his sleep, and he’ll find himself trembling just from the memory of it

➤ Needs to just walk around at that point or train to keep himself occupied, because if he becomes stronger, there’s less of a chance anyone he loves or he himself will fall into Galra hands. 

         ➣ If he stays still or doesn’t do anything, he just delves further into his anxiety and fear.


➤ I honestly don’t think Hunk gets too many nightmares, if any at all

➤ If anything, it’s probably about food attacking him like the time the castle tried to kill all of them tbh

Goldfish cracker war
  • Pisces: *throws goldfish snack cracker at crush *hits scorpio
  • Scorpio: wtf throws one back *hits leo scorpio starts laughing
  • Leo: heyeyy you wont be smiling Once I shove my fist in your face!!!😠throws goldfish bag *all spills
  • Capricorn: calm down leo ... But if that cracker hits me I will kill you
  • Libra: it's just a small goldfish lol *throws it at cap
  • Teacher: who started this mess ?!!! I am not cleaning this up
  • Cancer: miss I saw scorpio do it
  • Gemini: you are all so childish gosh
  • Virgo: *stares at pisces I know you started this
  • Taurus: *looks up from reading book ...Wait what happened?! Who had the crackers?
  • Aries: miss I didn't do anything this time .
  • Sagittarius: y'all so dumb this is stupid
  • Teacher: well everyone has to help clean so pick up all these goldfish crackers I don't care if your late to your next class!!
  • *Aquarius was the teacher lol