i didn't include all the scenes i wanted to tho :(

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Is Sam gonna be cockblocking & third-wheeling destiel all season, tho(better than Cas going on wild goose chases & being tortured, I suppose)? B/c I couldn't help but feel like Dean wanted to recreate a sexy video with scantily clad women washing a car in hopes that Cas would drop by, see him all soapy & wet and... lend him a hand :)) Instead, Sam gets an eyeful & Dean has to act super natural XD Didn't Call Me Maybe include a carwashing scene?If so,it's pretty hilarious,considering Cas DID call

Listen it is totally normal to wash all the cars in the garage when you think you’re home alone with the guy you have a ton of unresolved sexual tension with while wearing short shorts. 

I’m not sure what it means when you do it twice because the first time didn’t work.