i didn't have wifi!!

i played butterfly soup today and i enjoyed everything about it!!! i laughed a whole lot and felt really good (and gay) throughout the story. 10/10 would recommend

@phichit-week day one: free day

(i am healed)


Summary: Sebastian Stan x Reader where the reader gives him a blowjob as he’s on the phone and has to stay quiet through the call (as requested by anonymous)
Warnings: smut (oral sex, fingering) | Rating: NSFW, mature
Word count: 1664

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Me: oh yeah now I’ve done it, I did everything on this game from using the pigeon on the trash to finding unused items, now I can finally stop obsessing over this and move on with my life

Hiveswap update: "Added missing item interactions"

Me: …

Me: oh no


This is my contribution to the fandom

Based on this by @a-kingdom-of-foxes cause they asked nicely


“Viktor was an isolated celebrity, surrounded by his fans by day and his loneliness by night. Yuuri was a mental wreck, scarred by his past failures and current status as one. When they met, the two of them were unsure as to what to call this foreign feeling at first. But soon, they would realize what they really felt for each other.”

What We Call Love by @anhasn

Posting my half of the yoi2k16 reverse Big Bang! This was tons of fun to make, and while I might have gone a little  overboard with the masks I think it still works with the pieces!

Thank you so much to those running reverse Big bang blog and for my fantastic partner for their beautiful fic!

anonymous asked:

hey i was camping for the last week and i didn't have wifi so did anything interesting happen with those two giants or no

nah there was vidcon and nothing rly happened except instead of the carefully planned out performances everyone else did for night of community dan and phil had a lovers quarrel onstage