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Stuff I've Actually Heard People Say
  • "Yeah, I just stuck him in the microwave."
  • "My friends and I have planned a murder for after school. Any tips?"
  • "You have another arm?" "Dude, everyone has two arms."
  • "It's simple, you just gag them and throw them in the trunk!"
  • "To heck with paleontology."
  • "Can you imagine if Velociraptors had wings?" "Well, actually-"
  • "Suh dude." "Same."
  • "Guard it with your life." "My knife?"
  • "First, you need have no life, Second, sell your soul to Adele."
  • "Feet; they're hands for your legs."
  • "Wow, those sure are some nice fish scales on your facial protrusions." "You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet."
  • "It's not even good garbage."
  • Teacher to the class: "Guys, I'm sorry but uh... my dog ate your homework." *Passes back chewed-up papers*
  • "Bros before toes."
  • "Woah, Dude, is that Harambe on your lock screen?" "Dude, that's my dog."
  • "Can you imagine just walking up to someone and slapping them in the face with a piece of meat?"
  • "Hey man, got any gum." "Nah dude, I'm about to kill myself." "I'm not sure how those are related, but okay."
  • "You're made of good dirt."
  • "Stop breathing so much."
  • "All my drawings look dead inside because I am dead inside."
  • "I didn't have lunch this morning."
  • "I have a strong desire to make dictators dance."
  • "Is this revenge for the octopus at the fair?"
  • "Embrace your inner childhood." "Embrace? You've got yours in a headlock!"
  • "Make sure you have Target popcorn at my funeral."
  • "And fill my coffin with glitter."
  • "I put the 'fun' in funeral."
  • "Oh my gosh, someone is going to get punched in the throat."
  • "I could do math in the time it's taking this light to change."
  • "We were both crying; it was fun."
  • "It's Halloween! Merry Christmas!...Wait."
  • "So like, if a centaur got arrested, would you handcuff its' legs?"
  • "Yeah, and I like the smell of farts."
  • "I stuffed your heart in my pencil bag, so I won't forget."
  • "Life sucks, but at least I have my Poptart."
  • "I want to build a mirror out of spoons."
  • "Joke's on you, I don't have a soul."
  • "Boy howdy do I like eating leaves off the ground."
  • "I'd rather be burnt toast than frozen bread."
  • "When I die, bury me in a Hefty bag... but make it a pretty color."
  • "I just got a great idea." "Dress up as Batman and beat up ____?"
  • "Plan B: Cry"
  • "Oh yeah, the guy with the head on his neck."
  • "I just choked on an oat."
  • "You're a substitute for a good friend."
  • "Dude, I once dropped a breakfast burrito on the garage floor, and I still ate it."
  • "We never go stale. Unlike our jokes."
  • "They speak American."

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I think we should send out another psa about checking your spotify settings and making sure everything under 'local files' is turned off; I didn't even know to do this until just now, so that's three days of non-stop streaming wasted :(

oh no ): okay!! PSA

when using the application for spotify, go to ‘local files’ under ‘your music’. DELETE any data that is there, so it looks like this:

then go to ‘edit’ -> ‘preferences’ -> and scroll down until you get here:

turn OFF all of those toggles.

you can also use the web player, and you shouldn’t run into issues.

we still have several days to make up any streams lost!! i’m sorry that happened ): i hope you still stream. i appreciate your efforts!!

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My friend and I went to a zoo (that I don't wish to disclose) that we didn't know was not AZA accredited until after we went. The animals seemed generally okay, and there weren't any outward signs of problems, but there weren't many info plaques and they seemed to have a LOT of cheetahs, and there were those coin operated pellet feeders, which made us suspicious. When we got home we looked up stuff about it and we found some articles about sketchy incidents that occurred there. (1/2)

It was the first time I’d ever been to a non-AZA-accredated facility and I feel incredibly guilty over paying entrance fee and supporting them because enough of the stuff I eventually found about them made me not want to. The website for the zoo was professional and sleek, and so was the actual zoo’s outward appearance. The animals did not display behaviours that worried me, but now I know to look for the AZA seal, I’m still worried I’ll be fooled again. How can I make sure I’m not? 

Well, that depends on why you feel fooled. Is it because they’re not AZA, or because you feel like their public front was covering up something bad, or because you just didn’t know what you paid to support?

Here’s the thing. AZA accredits the ‘best’ facilities, in the sense that they’re accrediting the more monetarily stable urban zoos who can afford to sink a ton of money into all the myriad requirements you need to get that accreditation. Yes, with that you get a pretty decent guarantee that a facility is following all the best practices and guidelines for animal care and welfare and education and conservation involvement (except, y’know, everywhere can have issues and I know of places that do). However, as much as AZA would like you believe that there are only two categories - “AZA” and “burning dumpster fires” - that straight up is not the reality of the field at this point. A facility not being AZA tells you some things about it, but it doesn’t tell you everything; they could not have the money to partake in conservation efforts to the level that AZA requires, they could be in the middle of the multi-year process of improving with the goal of being accreditation, or they could even have been previously accredited and chosen to split from the organization over politics or policy differences. I know examples of all of these in real life. So what becomes more important is really what other accreditations they might have and why they’d choose what they did… and as a member of the public, honestly, that’s really hard to parse and you’re not likely to be able to find access to that information. 

So. What to do from there? If you want to go, go. Google it first next time - but even with that, you have to figure out what lens anything you find has been filtered through. Look at how old events are, look for patterns of events, try to find alternate sources with a different spin and see how things are presented before deciding to believe anything. See if it looks like anything you don’t like is recent, see if older things appear to have changed, that sort of thing. It’s important to remember that the zoo field has grown massively in the past couple of decades and that ethos of animal management is still evolving so things that were issues in the past are not guaranteed to be practices still in place today. 

If you decide to go to a zoo you’re not sure about, do exactly what you did. Look around critically and ask questions about what you see. Talk to the staff and see how you feel about their responses. Ask them about accreditation status and why they made the choices they do.  You can’t learn everything online so, honestly, I think visiting in person is the best way to decide if you want to support a facility in the future. 

I don’t know if you got duped, without knowing the facility. If you saw a nicely upkept public side, animals that didn’t appear to be displaying behavioral problems, and the only things that were uncomfortable were history? Probably a pretty good chance you ended up at a decent facility. 

(Cheetahs are one of the big endangered species conservation projects that is managed outside of AZA control, and their population is booming in captive settings recently, so I’m not surprised you saw a bunch). 

My favourite part of The Last Jedi was either when that one spaceship lowered a spiral staircase as a ramp, or when the Infinity War trailer happened.

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Hey! I've just finished watching Sense8 and I couldn't help but feel dissapointed that the Wolfie&Kala scene where Wolfgang hugs half naked Kala under the sun (it's all over the fandom's tumblr as a picture) didn't seem to be in any of the scenes. Just like the scene where they look up the sky in the christmas special trailer. Am I missing something or are those scenes deleted or something? :(

Yeah. We were all looking forward to these scenes and were VERY disappointed when they weren’t in the Christmas Special.

Pretty sure this scene

from the trailer got deleted and “replaced” by this scene

We also didn’t get half-naked Kalagang under the sun, but I still have some hope this scene might be in a later episode.

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The first person I came out to was a girl I was dating for 2 months. Once I told her she got mad and didn't want to look at me, rarely did she talk to me. The day we broke up she called me a liar and a player. Now you would think this has destroyed my hope of ever finding true love. But you'd be wrong. This is a message to your followers who are having a hard time finding someone to connect to: Don't give up. Those who don't like ya aren't good enough for ya any way.

yeah exactly! don’t waste ur time with those who only want to harm you. seek out people who will care for you! it can take quite a while to find love but it is possible!

-mod rosie


Happy birthday to my favorite anon, @monidon!!! This is an Eruri piece where they end up adopting the Shiganshina trio. <2500 words

“Did you change your tie again?” Levi asked him.

“Um. No?” But he had. It was a habit he took part in when he was preparing for something that made him especially nervous.

“The kids won’t care, Erwin.”

“I know.”

“That color looks fine,” Levi said and used the tie to pull Erwin down to his level. He pecked a kiss on his mouth. Erwin smiled.

“Thank you, Levi.”

“Let’s go.”

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i tried to think of a context for the sweater + bun combo and what i came up with was light having to go home and see his family during the yotsuba arc and insisting on L not looking like he just rolled out of bed (since he’d obviously have to come along with him) so have some gay trash

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I think the vine is unimportant because Louis didn't actually say he was gay. What I find interesting is the reaction to it. ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate is trending worldwide on Twitter. I have not seen one negative comment about Louis being gay or anything. This may be a shift in the whole '1D will lose fans if Louis and Harry come out' narrative. Seems promising.

Hm.. so #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate is #1 trending Worldwide (7:48 AM GMT) meaning there is 313 K tweets already.

I looked at the reactions and you’re right, there wasn’t any negative one. THEY CALL FAKE FANS THOSE WHO WANT TO LEAVE.


And the more the update accounts speak up, the more people will change their minds.

What if Centipeetle and the Cluster fused? They’d make this awful mess of limbs, Clusterpeetle.

I chose to make Centipeetle’s appearance dominant in the fusion because it’s likely that Cluster would just be enjoying the stability that the fusion would bring, leaving all of Centipeetle’s thoughts and feelings that make her look the way she does dominant.