i didn't have to be asked twice tbh

anonymous asked:

My apologies, I sent the body type anon. I didn't even think twice before sending it. I have a more appropriate ask though, who would get really deep into the lore of stories? Like, who would seriously look into symbolism and all of that in books/movies/cartoons? And my apologies again for my last anon.

No worries ,lovely. I’m happy you came back so nicely tbh. I was ready for a butt ton of hate lmao. Love this new ask btw!

Watches/reads once and never goes back: Bakugou, Tsuyu, Aoyama, Shouji

Lives and breaths for extended universe content: Iida, Momo, Izuku, Mina, Kirishima, Kouda, Satou, Sero, Todoroki

Is currently writing Aragorn/Boromir fanfiction and theory posts about how it can all happen: Kaminari, Tokoyami, Oijiro, Jirou, Uraraka