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A Word To The Sherlock Fandom

Over the past two weeks I have read some truly angry pieces by a very upset Sherlock fandom. Usually, I would counter this with lots of Moffat praise and wait for the wave of anger to subside. But this time, it has become a matter of showing respect to the LGBT+ community. So for once, I am going to address the issue before I move on with my usual blogging routine. 

For Those Who Don’t Know What The Anger Is About…

In a nutshell, what it boils down to is that the episode The Final Problem gave its viewers the impression that the show might be over for good. And if that really were the case, it would mean the relationship between Sherlock and John would never have become canon. And the hints that were planted throughout the show would have been all in our heads. 

Now let me start by making my position on the matter clear: I firmly believe in a romantic relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I believe in it when watching the BBC series, I believe in it when reading the original books, I believe in it even after having watched The Final Problem. I believe. 

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I also strongly believe that Gatiss and Moffat have actually read the books and that they cannot possibly have overlooked all the subtext that hints towards a John-Sherlock relationship. And finally, I firmly believe that the writers have every intention to include this relationship in the show, if they get the chance…

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Kerrang "Brian Molko - "My year", Dec '00
  • Kerrang "Brian Molko - My year", Dec '00
  • by Simon Young
  • 2000, How was it for you?:
  • 'It's not over yet! It's been work, work, work and hardly any Play. It's been a full-on emotional year.'
  • Album Of the year?:
  • "At The Drive-in's 'Relationship Of Command'. It's an amazing record. I heard 'One Armed Scissor' and managed to get a copy of the album before it came out. It's like a cross between Fugazi and Jane's Addiction. They're my favourite band and they harness energy and passion. It's all over the Place musically. It goes off on tangents and there's a rebellious spirit which I like. I also love the new Queens album, 'Rated R'. It's hedonistic and really fun. 'Feel Good Hit...' is my karaoke favourite.'
  • The must-have item of 2000 was?:
  • 'I've just bought an Apple I-book laptop. That opens up several new doors of entertainment. Never a dull moment. I check out the Placebo chat rooms and forums and have a bit of fun trying to find out what everybody thinks. It hasn't backfired yet!'
  • Where did you go on holiday this year?:
  • 'I haven't really been on holiday this year. We've done a whole bunch of festivals: Japan, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium. We never get the chance to check anv of the cities out. It's been a series of hotels and tour buses.'
  • Film of the year?:
  • "Boy's Don't Cry" It's shocking that that kind of thing happens even today , that people can be that backward. The fact that it's a true story makes it all the more heartbreaking.
  • Person of the year?:
  • "Anne Widdecombe for taking the legalisation of marijuana one step forward instead of backward, which was what she was originally trying to do.'
  • Wanker of the year?:
  • 'Me.'
  • Tragedy of the year?:
  • "What's going on in the Middle East right now. It seems to me that people there don't want peace and it's pretty heavy."
  • Personal high point of the year?:
  • 'The tour we're on at the moment. It feels like freedom from responsibility. It's th. most fun because you feel like a teenager all the time.'
  • Personal low point of the year?:
  • "I've had several, and it's all relationship based"
  • Worst Hangover of the year?:
  • After Mark Richardson (drums) from Skunk Anansie's 30th birthday . We went out and partied like it was 1997. I couldn't make it to the studio the next day. It was the last time I break danced too. It was a good party"
  • Weirdest fan request of the year?:
  • "It involved deflowering. No, I didn't"
  • Most famous person you've met this year?:
  • PJ Harvey. Outside Ladbroke Grove tube station by accident. Her drummer Rob Ellis worked on our new album.
  • Most embarrassing moment of the year?:
  • I don't get embarrassed about break dancing. None so far thankfully. I haven't been really embarrassed , it would be difficult.
  • Sexiest person you met this year was?:
  • 'I think Melissa Auf der Maur has to he one of the sexiest people in rock. It was a real shame because we were on tour when The Smashing Pumpkins played at Wembley. Typical.
  • Best band you saw this year?:
  • 'Queens Of The stone Age at a festival in Belgium. That was amazing. Nick Oliveri, their bassist, was naked and how he didn't get sunburn on his ass I'll never know. Sonic Youth and Einstfirzende Neubauten too. We had a studio outing and came back feeling really inspired.'
  • Best Song you wrote this year?:
  • "All of the songs we've written since the new album came out. They have to remain a secret, sorry.
  • Joke Of the year?:
  • 'I'm really bad with jokes. I would have to say Limp Bizkit.'
  • 'Big Brother': ace or arse?:
  • 'I unfortunately saw that programme. Arse. Complete arse. They should have axed the show. The fact that these people are becoming celebrities is disgusting. What's the point?'
  • What should Slipknot do next year?:
  • 'Go unmasked, and see if they can Pull it off without their costumes.'
  • Personal motto of the year?:
  • 'Fear of flying'. I usually have a few double vodkas before getting on the plane and after that, I'm still shitting it.'
  • if I could change one thing about 2000, it would be:
  • 'Peace in the Middle East.'
  • What would you do with Britney spears?:
  • 'Ignore her.'
  • My ideal Christmas present is?:
  • 'Mental stability..
  • How will you be seeing in the New Year?:
  • 'I'm not sure where I'll be. Somewhere exotic, hopefully. I definitely don't want to be in London. I haven't decided who I'm going to take yet.'
  • In 2001, I intend to:
  • 'Try to give up smoking, but it's not going to be very easy. it improves my voice, but I can't keep going on like this. I doubt it's going to happen, actually.'

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Want to know what I don't blatantly understand? How most of the money you earned was off donations, but you still afford things like haircuts and clothes. I doubt you really needed the money for your surgery as much as others did. If you didn't look appealing, I doubt many would have donated.

I only buy clothes when my clothes are damaged and when I do buy clothes I shop at places like Ross or thrift shops. I have a couple pairs of jeans but that’s because a tumblr mutual of mine sent me jeans. I have some clothes I fit, but most of my clothes I can’t wear cause they are really dirty and my dryer went out a few weeks ago.

I would be going to the laundromat to clean them, but it’s about 15 miles away and my household has one car rn. The fuel pump and battery went out on my vehicle so I’ve been walking to work(luckily it’s only a couple miles away) and Han and I haven’t been able to coordinate times when we are both off to get that done.

I get hair cuts because I experience a huge amount of dysphoria around not being able to wear my hair certain ways. But I only go to wal mart to get them done and I budget for it, about $15 every few months. I actually feel insanely guilty whenever I do get hair cuts so it takes me a couple of weeks to convince myself to do it because I feel really guilty whenever I buy things for myself. But I’m shaving my head tonight with some clippers i got so I don’t have to stress it anymore.

I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish with this. I have bills, I really don’t make money. I have been on my own since I was 17. I don’t have any family support because I come from an abusive household. In the last three years I have moved a lot. I have slept on floors. I have lived outside of my car and a backpack.

When I was in basic, my mom lost the place, and my grandma who’s affiliated with some shady ass people let those shady ass people know that no one was there so they broke in and stole everything. I didn’t have a lot to begin with. But I didn’t get to recover anything from the house. Things like blankets, pillows, 90% of my clothes, dresser drawers, my bed, a bunch of sentimental shit, some d&d books, ya know normal kid stuff that I had to bail on because I was being treated so bad at home I decided to live out of my car instead. I came back and had to live with my abusive ex and only was able to hold onto things like my pokemon cards(which I gave away to a friends kid this year) and my guitar and a backpack full of clothes.

Like. I couldn’t event make this shit up. I have a good life, but shit is tough. The only extra money I make goes towards food that food stamps don’t cover. The last thing I bought was something I saw on clearance so I could give someone I care about a Christmas present. Han and I aren’t even getting a tree this year because we can’t afford to get something that will be used for just a few days.

Like is that what you were trying to accomplish. Did you want me to let you peak into my wallet. I promise you won’t find a lot there. I actually lost $10 the other day and I’ve been really upset with myself about it because that was my little food allowance at work, so I could get chips or candy or whatever.

I was gonna say something sassy. I was gonna like go off. Cause you really don’t know my situation. And you don’t know how hard it’s been getting used to having to rely on other people for something so important. I’ve taken care of myself since I was a child and now this huge important thing is in the hands of other people. That’s fucking scary.

And I keep getting messages that say I probably don’t need it as much. Messages just like this. How do we define need? How do we build perimeters of, okay you deserve help? You can’t. You just fucking can’t. I wish I could help all of the guys I talk to everyday who experience dysphoria. I wish I could help them. I have like this dream of running a trans oriented gym and doing Fundraisers and marathons and stuff with pledges to raise money for people in the community in need. But I can’t do anything like that rn. I’m broke. I’m in need. I have to accept my situation and try to make it.

Whatever. Fuck you. I’m tired but I can’t sleep and I’ve been feeling shitty the last few days so here. I hope you like reading all of that. And I hope you like deciding after if I still need it. And I hope you like watching me still raise money because fuck you I deserve to be happy.

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Can you write one that's like they're living in different cities after graduation and they don't see each other until Christmas when Beca finds out that Chloe was serious about the experimenting thing and was dating a girl. Becs gets mad bc 1. Chloe didn't tell her even though they talk all the time 2. She realizes she's jealous but missed her chance. Angstyyy. Ily

Beca was in the middle of an intense battle between her fight instinct and her flight instinct. There were garlic breadsticks involved, though, so she bit down any urge to run and slip out of the bathroom window, deciding instead to throw an eager and entirely fake smile towards the two women currently walking into the restaurant. 

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