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Lonely prince Noctis of Lucis asked the Astrals for a friend…

…So the Astrals sent him an hyperactive gunsman with passion for destruction and chocobos.

Apologies for poor quality. I’m not an artist, but this had months in my head and had to put it down some way. Tumblr is also lowering the already low quality, but the joke’s what matters. :]

It’s all directly traced from the original Lilo & Stitch scene and adjusted into the characters. Except Gladio. I only traced the outline of Nani’s head and did the rest myself. 

I’m not supposed to have the time for this.
I regret nothing.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Filmography | Bent (1997)


Hollow Knight, coming February 24th! I’m super looking forward to this, as well as Night In The Woods, which comes out on the 21st.


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞


Coruscant, appearing in The Phantom Menace (1999), Attack of the Clones (2002), and Revenge of the Sith (2005), bears strong visual similarity to the futuristic Los Angeles of Blade Runner (1982). This echoing connects the two as places dominated by the profit concerns of large organizations, be it the Trade Federation or the Tyrell Corporation, and as a people who are collectively oblivious, apathetic even, to the plight of the artificially shortened clone trooper and replicant lives manufactured to serve their interests.

“Can I copy your Homework?”
“Yeah sure just change it up a bit so that it doesn’t look too obvious”


Criminal Minds Appreciation Week

Day 8, Free day: A tribute to the women who are more than their romantic interests (even if the writers don’t want to acknowledge it). 

                                     “I am the fucking gallery”

jieun is tired of your shit

Okay, I’m gonna say it: I’m not happy at all with the fact that the malec kiss in that teaser looks just like the others we got in 2a.

It’s like a continuation of the almost kiss in 2x07, with a sprinkle of the one from 2x06 on top.

These directors fucking suck when it comes to malec intimacy and it’s getting on my nerves. How freaking hard must it be to insert some freaking variety? Another angle? More passion? A wider shot? Them hugging while doing it? Anything?

There was more variety, emotion and detail in their first kiss in 1x12, than in all of those from s2 put together, and seeing as the actors are the same, the blame is not on them, but on those who direct and shoot those scenes. S1 had its flaws, but how malec was handled was not one of them, which is why it got a freaking award for it.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

/-This Is Not A Leak-/

♡ Happy to announce all copies have been sold out!!  ♡

This zine project started back in February and, while a bit delayed, I can’t believe it’s coming to a close! Despite the obstacles and the mistakes made, I hope everyone can enjoy this compilation all artists involved and me had the pleasure of putting together! ♥ 

I first wanna thank to all the artists that gave their best on their pieces! They’re talented, supporting and kind, and I hope that their love for YoI can reach you through the pages of the book! This project wouldn’t been nothing without them, they’re the core of it ♥ Go show them some online love if you’d still haven’t! (Check the credits in your copy or this link!)

Secondly I wanna thank @katsukifatale for taking care of all the packing and shipping, truthfully the worst phase of the whole project;; Without their help, this wouldn’t have been able to happen, so all the kudos, hugs and love to them as well! ♥

Next I wanna thank everyone who supported this project from start to finish, be it by applying to be part of it, purchasing the copy or just simply encouraging us with your kind words! Thanks also to everyone who gave me advice, tips and links to any resource I needed through the whole ordeal to make the zine happen! 

I can’t really thank you all enough for your patience and understanding!! I would have loved this project to end on a more smooth note, but believe me when I said I learned a ton of stuff and will avoid making the same mistakes in the future!

So now, what’s left for this project??

  • First, we’ll send out these last copies on Friday September 22th, hoping, as always, they’ll arrive safe and soundly!
  • Sadly, there won’t be a PDF available BUT: artists will soon be able to post their pieces online and do anything they want with them. So you’ll be able to see them soon, and if you want to support them directly, go purchase their pieces if they ever offer them as prints or any other product! ♥
  • If you receive a copy in bad condition, please contact us before October 1st, so we can offer compensation before the artist’s Pay Day! If you receive your copy after that date, we won’t be able to offer it (since it’s out of our control that the postal service and customs take more time than estimated for delivery).

I think that’d be all! I can only thank you all again, and… see you next project? ;)


Fangirl Challenge: [1/∞] Actors | Tom Hanks

“I’ve made over 20 movies, and 5 of them are good.”