i didn't get the lips right

Jaehee gets a call from jumin who's desperately looking for help
  • Jumin: Jaehee ohthankgoodness you picked up
  • Jaehee: Well, of course Mr. Han, it's my job. Also, you texted me and said it was an emergency, what is it?
  • Jumin: I-I'm shopping for MC and I don't know what to get
  • Jaehee: Excuse me, did I hear you right?
  • Jumin: I'm looking for a gift for MC I- please help
  • Jaehee: Oh um, MC and I discuss makeup a lot when we hang out, it seems to be her passion, so maybe if you got her a lip-
  • Jumin: Ah! I know what to do?
  • Jaehee: oh I didn't say what shade y-
  • Jumin: I'll buy her a Sephora location! She'll love it! Thank you jaehee
  • Jaehee: waitthatsnotwhati
  • *Jumin Han has ended the call*

but like…,,,,,,, i mean… . ,.,,, they’ve kissed, right? like, being friends for that long? going to college parties, getting drunk, doing stupid dares? them? these boys?

like….  …,, i can feel the dumb decisions emanating off their scrawny, hormonal bodies

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For me, the best destiel scenes are the ones we didn't see. There must've been so many.

YES, BUT THIS IS SO TRUE! Like, hear me out for a second; the amount of canon Destiel moments that we haven’t seen on the show but we’ve gotten confirmation that they did happen. Because I think about this A LOT!

✗ “We’ve talked about this, Cas. Personal space.” That very first talk about personal space, and Dean patiently trying to explain this to a clueless angel that’s right there in front of him, chest to chest, probably staring at Dean’s lips a little while Dean stares straight into Castiel’s eyes and tries not to get lost in them.

 “I prayed to you, Cas. Every night!” Like the deleted prayer scene that we got from season 7, all of the moments that Dean prayed to his angel in purgatory, even though he never got a reply. 

✗ The fanfiction gap in 9x06, first it was night, but then it was day. What happened during all of those hours? What did Dean do to comfort his angel? Where did they sleep? Wherever it was, I’m 110% sure that they were in each other’s arms because the entire episode just shows them aching for each other. 

✗ ENDVERSE!DEAN AND ENDVERSE!CAS. That messed up relationship that they had going on according to endverse!Dean? Yeah, I would have loved to see that. 

✗ Cas showing up in front of Dean, NAKED AND COVERED IN BEES.

✗ All of the times that Castiel has watched over Dean while he was sleeping, considering Dean’s “How many times do I have to tell you?”

✗ That first moment when Castiel saw Dean’s soul in hell just before he saved Dean and raised him from the pit.

✗ Dean and Castiel shopping at Hot Topic together to get Claire that Grumpy Cat for her birthday.

✗ All of the moments they spent together at the bunker at the beginning of season 11 when Cas was staying there; surely he got out of that room every now and then. 

JUST all of these moments that we missed out on. 

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“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified,” rhack

ABO is perfect for this and Rhack is perfect for this.  It’s a recipe for angsty disaster and I’m not sorry.  Also not sorry that it’s kinda long.

At first, their relationship had been one-sided.  Rhys, despite society’s views on his endotype, had climbed the corporate ladder at Hyperion through hard work and dedication (absolutely not on his back, thank you very much).  His motivation had been partially to catch Handsome Jack’s eye, but mostly to show up those knot-headed alphas in the coding department.  And he’d succeeded.  From there, it had been…casual.  Clandestine x-rated meetings with the CEO had quickly given way to more tame dates to the movies or to fancy dinners, however, and that had, in turn, scored Rhys a position as Jack’s personal assistant (and boyfriend, though Jack never said as much aloud).  Rhys felt things were right on track, actually.

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ok y’all so like. I don’t think you understand how E X C I T E D i am for this request like this shit is right up my ally LET’S DO THIS

Jisung: Kisses with Jisung would be sweet and short. They’d have a sort of playful feeling to them, just like him - he’d like to tease you by kissing your cheek, your nose, your chin, etc, but never quite hitting your lips. Your first kiss with him would have a very similar, lighthearted sort of feel to it. It’d just feel natural. You two would be smiling and laughing (as you always do when you’re with him, of course) and he’d look at you and just feel this wave of affection. He’d lean in and kiss you on the cheek first (probably something that he would regularly do from the start of your relationship), and then, ever the gentleman, he’d ask if he could kiss you on the lips. It wouldn’t quite be a peck, but it wouldn’t be too long, either, and he’d still be smiling when he pulled away. He’d know how to start joking and playing around again right away so it didn’t get too awkward. 

Sungwoon: Sungwoon can joke around and be a bit sarcastic a lot, but I think that he would take relationships really seriously, so kisses with him wouldn’t be taken lightly. There would be a lot of emotion and meaning behind every one of his kisses. Your first kiss would be really sweet and sentimental, the kind that you read about in books. He’d take you out on a date (I think he’s a classic dinner and a movie kind of guy), and he would walk you to your door when he dropped you off. You probably would have gone on a couple of dates by this point, so he’d already be developing strong feelings for you, and he would just honestly tell you how he felt. “I have a lot of fun when we go out together. I really like spending time with you… It makes me happy when we can be together like this.” He’d pull you in for a kiss before you went inside, and it would be that much more meaningful to you after hearing him tell you how he felt. 

Minhyun: Minhyun is your classic gentleman; he’s another one who puts a lot of romance behind each of his kisses. There would just be something very smooth about the way he kisses, something that would make you want to keep going back again and again. He wouldn’t kiss you until you were officially a couple, not just after going out on a date or two. He would be the type to surprise you when he asked you out, showing up at your door out of the blue with chocolate and a bouquet of roses. He’s known for being a cool guy, and I think that side of him would make an appearance here as well - he’d keep things pretty short and sweet, just asking if you’d like to be his girlfriend/boyfriend. After you said yes, he’d kiss you for just a bit shorter than you’d want - you’d practically be following along after him as he pulled away and he’d just laugh. He’d love to tease you like that.

Seongwoo: Seongwoo’s favorite thing about kissing would be the flustered look on your face when he pulled away. There is nothing that he would love more than seeing you embarrassed, so he’d do it as often as he could. Seongwoo would be kissing you all the time. From just a peck to long, drawn out kisses, he would kiss you as often as he could, and almost always on the lips. The first kiss with him would just seem so natural, you almost wouldn’t think anything of it. He would want to be as close to you as possible at all times, so he’d be right next to you, just cuddling with you on the couch. He’d start teasing you - one of his favorite things to do, really - and he’d just smirk at you when he saw you starting to get flustered. He’d just go right for it after that and kiss you on the lips, telling you how cute you are once he pulled away, and then laughing at the way your face turned red (and going in for one more kiss because he just couldn’t get enough of you). 

Jaehwan: Kissing is something fun to Jaehwan. It’s not something that has to be overly serious, it’s not something that has to be perfectly romantic and cute… if he wants to kiss you, he will. As long as you both enjoy it, he thinks, there are no guidelines or expectations that have to be followed. He’d honestly probably kiss you right after he confessed to you. He’s not a very serious person, and he’d try to keep his confession playful too as to not make it too awkward for either of you. He’d make it seem casual, just offhandedly mentioning that he thinks you’re pretty cute or that he wouldn’t mind being more than friends. He’d check for your reaction first, and if you seemed to feel the same, he’d just kiss you right then, probably following it up with some sort of comment like, “There’s plenty more where that came from,” to make you laugh, and would definitely at least kiss your cheek again after that. 

Daniel: Kisses with Daniel would be the type that would leave your heart fluttering for hours afterwords. It would always be clear when he wanted to kiss you - he’d just have this intense kind of look in his eyes as he looked at you, gaze switching between your lips and your eyes before he finally would kiss you. Your first kiss with him would be no exception to this. He’s someone who would enjoy being in your company even if you weren’t really talking or doing something exciting, so the two of you could just be laying together and cuddling. He’d look over at you and just take in the sight of you next to him, and he’d know then that he absolutely had to kiss you. He’d look you in the eye for a while before he did decide to lean in, and the whole thing would just feel incredibly intimate. He’d snuggle up to you again after that, and it’d pretty much feel like your heart was about to burst from that. 

Jihoon: Sort of like Jaehwan, I don’t think that Jihoon would place a whole lot of weight or importance on kissing. A first kiss wouldn’t be a crazy big deal to him. He’s someone who likes to take things kinda slow and go at his own pace, I think, so honestly, you’d probably be the one to initiate it. You’d wait for a little bit, unsure if he was going to do it eventually, but after you had been dating for a while, you wouldn’t be able to help yourself and you’d ask if you could kiss him. He’d probably be taken aback by you initiating it, but he’d think it was cute that you asked, teasing you lightly by saying something like, “You couldn’t hold back anymore, huh?” But of course he’d indulge you, and you’d never feel a softer kiss. Jihoon’s kisses would always be so gentle and his lips would be unbelievably soft against yours, and the little smile he’d give you as he pulled away would be enough to melt your heart. 

Woojin: I think that Woojin can get embarrassed pretty easily, and I definitely think that the whole idea of relationships and whatnot is pretty new to him. As such, he really wouldn’t know what he was doing - he would spend a lot of your relationship just trying to figure things out, and kissing is no exception. He’d wait for that picture perfect moment before he tried to kiss you. You’d just be looking at one another and he’d feel like the moment was just right so he’d go in for a kiss. It would be so awkward - you would bump noses and everything, and his face would never be redder in his life than when he pulled away, but he would still have this wide, goofy grin on his face. You’d both be laughing, kind of embarrassed at it, but you’d be so incredibly happy. Woojin’s kisses would definitely be clumsy - they wouldn’t be awkward, though; always just endearing. 

Jinyoung: The best way to describe Jinyoung’s kisses would be pure. He would always be so careful and gentle with it any time that he kissed you, and all in all, the experience would just be so overwhelmingly innocent and gentle. Your first kiss would be the kind that comes to mind when you think ‘puppy love’. You’d be going for a walk together, hand in hand. Everything about the moment would be picturesque; you wouldn’t be talking, just enjoying one another’s presence as Jinyoung swung your hands between you. When you looked at each other, both with pink cheeks, it’d be so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you - he’d give you the fastest peck on the lips before straightening back up. It’d take a moment for it to set it, but once it did, you’d both just start smiling like idiots, holding a little tighter to one another’s hands. 

Daehwi: It wouldn’t take much to fluster Daehwi, and I think this is at least doubly true in the case of relationships. Even just holding his hand would have his heart going a thousand miles a minute in his chest. He’d be aware that he was always acting so shy with everything, so he would want to be the one to initiate a kiss - he’d want to try to take the lead for once. His feelings are easy to see, honestly - you’d probably know what he was thinking as soon as you saw him with his red cheeks and sweaty palms, but you’d let him do things his way anyway. It might seem a bit awkward when he did it, like the wrong timing, but it’d be the sweetest thing. It’d be sweet and short, and he’d be so flustered after he did it - you’d have to kiss him again to reassure him, and he wouldn’t be able to take the smile off his face after that. His kisses would always be sweet.

Guanlin: Honestly? There’s no way that Guanlin’s first kiss wouldn’t be awkward. He’s the type to have it planned out perfectly and dramatically in his head, and he knows exactly what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. Once he puts the plan into action, though, it doesn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped. He’d end up missing your lips or something of the sort, but still playing it off like it was no big deal - it’d be better to leave you in charge in the relationship. As much of a cool guy as he tries to be, honestly, he’d be like a kid in a candy store once you kissed him first. That gummy smile would be on his face in an instant and he’d just start giggling. It would be the cutest sight in the world, you’d just want to kiss him again and again.

  • Pathologist: *enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *examining a body*
  • Pathologist: *rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock: *still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist: *sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist: *frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock: *looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly: *enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock: *steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist: ...

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I really want the K

so a few days ago, i held a poll asking if people would rather a steamy K or an angsty one.

results were overwhelmingly in favor of steam

don’t think this quite lives up to the hype, but oh well. sorry about that.

(mildly inspired by)

also thank you to @sadrienagreste for the original inspiration!!

6: Gentle Peck

There were times when Marinette thought that perhaps, maybe, possibly she’s spent too much time with Chat Noir.

Like whenever she slipped up and said, “You’ve gotta be kitten me!” or, “Oh, that’s pawful!” because Chat used cat puns so often she’d forgotten what the real words even were.

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We’re Home, You’re Drunk (M)

Originally posted by cutemins

» taehyung x jungkook (vkook)
» 5.1k
» Exhibitionist ficguy ends up yanking him onto the sofa andfucking him raw into it
» warning: smut 

Bitter sweetness was all that ran through Taehyung’s mind.

Why was he officially the biggest idiot to exist? He’d let Jungkook leave again without saying anything about this crush that was growing.

Yes – very unfortunately – Taehyung had the biggest crush on his younger and instead of being normal about it, he kept quiet and left Jungkook to be completely oblivious. Wait – no. Taehyung did make it kind of obvious he liked Jungkook because he’d stood outside the bathroom door one day when he was sure that Jungkook was doing more than showering and multiple times had Taehyung imagined what Jungkook’s hand would feel like stroking him.

Obvious indeed, but only to himself. Taehyung wasn’t even sure right now if he wanted Jungkook or wanted Jungkook.

The tall boy looked like he’d be great to cuddle up to at night but that wasn’t the thing that Taehyung creamed his pants over. Oh, it was something completely different that starred in Tae’s wettest and most dirty dreams.

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AJ and you seemed to have a silent conversation as you stared into each others eyes.  You finally look away, tears threatening to blurr your vision, when a hand encircles yours. It was soft and warm, reassuring almost, as if the owner of that hand sensed your desperation. "Y/N, I want you to promise me something," He whispers, his expression utterly serious. "I know you didn't mean what happened back there, but you clearly want to talk about something. So, whatever it is, just come out and say it.","It's nothing, It's just that things were getting a little," I paused, silently staring into my favorite sky blue eyes, "But we’ll eventually just work it out." "You really mean that?" His lips were turned up into a tiny smile, as he held me tightly to his chest. "Yes, I do." You whisper, capturing his lips into a kiss that felt just right.

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(1)I really want to know what happened to JM's fingers and really really want to see how the members especially JK reacted but they didn't let us know *sighs in disappointment*. Anyway I kinda feel like BV staff is trying to hint us something, like you know, put the caption "feel familiar" when JM grabbed Jk's butt, then the scene where JM swiped st from JK's lips and they even put a caption there (not necessary), they just give us subtle moments here & there like "I know u guys will get it" kkk

(2) because I think they should feel weird when they heard JK called JM baby right? because that sounds unusual for a younger guy to call his hyung baby, but they still include it in the behind the scene and put that scene at the end like “something for you guys you’re welcome” and like “this is how we make you feel thirsty for our BV show muah hahaha”. Anyway just something in my headcanon I want to share with you. Have a nice day! Love you!

honestly jimin’s fingers themselves didn’t change, they’re still short and stubby, it’s just jimin decided to start doing hand workouts or something and got like major veins and muscles in his hands, leaving everyone shook to their core. aef;j if bv staff were doing that that would be the slyest, snakiest thing lmao. but idk if they are, i feel like it’s pretty common editing in the kpop community (doesn’t stop me from having the headcanon that jikook r slowly coming out tho lolololol). And thank you, i hope you have a nice day as well!!! (even tho it’s acutally midnight for me lol)

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a/b/o - omega cas/alpha dean - someone comes onto cas and dean sees it and reacts (bonus points for dean growling like a bamf)

Dean had just left to go and get some pie for them. Two seconds he was gone for, and when he comes back, with a cherry pie and an apple pie in his hands, as well as some burgers for Cas, the sight he sees is nearly enough to make him drop the food. 

But it’d be impossible for the food to drop, when his grip clenches around the flimsy plastic a moment later. His hold is tight and it’s enough to make the packaging buckle, but he’s still mindful of the food that lies within, for his grasp doesn’t dent the plastic enough to reach the food. 

‘So… what’s your number, pretty? Maybe you and I could get together some time and have some fun. I’m sure your heats are lonely…’ the asshole trails off suggestively, and Dean can see his hand come up and rest over Cas’, that’s still holding the handle of their cart. 

The mention of Cas’ heats - the cycle that Dean and Cas are counting towards, in the hopes of starting a family together - erupts a growl from Dean, a fearsome primal sound that makes several people turn their head, and then instinctively back away from him. 

All except the douche that’s still got his hand over Cas’. 

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scorpius/rose (hp) “Well this is awkward…”

A/N: okay so here’s the deal: i wrote this whole fic, was one second away from publishing it when i realised i never actually included the quote you sent, aka the entire basis for the fic. i literally just forgot. so i’m sorry, anon, this is a fic centered around your prompt, without actually including said prompt. forgive me i’m trash. 

Their first kiss isn’t what she expected. She’s not really sure what she expected, (after all it’s not like she’s particularly experienced in the area of kissing) but it certainly wasn’t that.

Rose isn’t stupid. She’s read about kissing, she knows how it’s supposed to work. And she’s not deluded either- she knows it’s never perfect the first time. 

But still.

When Scorpius asks if he can kiss her, in that timid, yet unwavering voice, it comes as a surprise. For a few seconds she loses her voice to disbelief, wondering if her ears are working properly. After all, they’ve been tiptoeing around each other for so long that it feels like she’s forgotten how to walk normally- both figuratively and literally. 

Once she’s recovered from the shock she says yes (Of course she does, it already feels like she’s been waiting a lifetime for this moment, it’s not like she’s going to wait any longer now is it?) 

And so they kiss.

It’s short and it’s messy and Rose really wishes she was paying more attention whilst it was happening because truth be told, she’s kind of forgotten what it felt like. What she does remember is the moment their noses accidentally bumped- how she’d just been about to say ‘sorry’ when Scorpius’ mouth met hers, awkwardly grazing his lip with her teeth and staying like that, as if frozen, in all the moments before Scorpius pulled away. 

She remembers the details but she doesn’t remember the feelings. And to be honest, maybe that’s a good thing, because the urge to ram her head into a wall is strong enough as it is. 

It sucks. It sucks because Rose has been waiting so long for this moment- they both have- and now it’s ruined. 

She knows they should have waited, carried on tiptoeing just a little longer, then this whole situation could have been avoided. Because now- now they’ve gone and messed it up before’s there’s even officially anything to mess up. 

Rose can’t even bear to look at Scorpius. She kind of wishes she could just melt down into the earth and never be seen or heard from ever again. Her face seems to be flaming and she won’t even let herself imagine how red it must look- not to mention her ears. (Rose picks this moment to use one of her Dad’s favourite curse words against him- it’s his fault she most likely looks like a tomato right now. Stupid Weasley genes.)

“Rose?” Scorpius says after a considerable time lapse, his voice hoarse. 

Rose doesn’t look at him when she says, “Yes?”

“Can we uh.. Maybe forget about that? And-”

“Yes.” Rose cuts in before he can finish. “I’d love to forget about that.”

“Oh. Okay.” He sounds disappointed and Rose frowns.

“And what?” She asks, feeling guilty for the interruption.

“And uh… I was just going to ask if maybe, you’d, uh, want to try again? We don’t have to but I just thought…” Here he trails off and avoids meeting her eye.

Rose blinks. She’d thought they’d lost their chance, missed their train, fell on their faces- whatever you want to call it. But Scorpius, well, Scorpius doesn’t seem to mind the fact that their kiss had been nothing short of terrible. 

At first she hesitates. If the first kiss didn’t ruin it, what if the second one does? What if the second kiss is worse? What if, what if, what if…

Rose doesn’t give herself time for the doubt to enter her brain, (or rather, anymore doubt,) but instead leans in and kisses Scorpius, just like that.

She doesn’t give him a warning and she doesn’t give either of them time to worry about it. She just kisses him- and he kisses her back. 

This time, she focuses on feeling the kiss- really feeling it, no thinking involved. The wave of euphoria and giddiness she feels when their lips touch settles deep in her stomach and refuses to leave. This is better, she thinks afterwards, this is how it’s supposed to feel.

And yes, maybe it’s still an ounce awkward, and no, maybe it’s still not perfect- but it’ll do.

Besides, the expression on Scorpius face after she parts her lip from his tells her that they’ll have many, many more chances to get it right. 


Well I guess Jealous!Mark had a pretty valid reason to smack that head..

Muke! Clingy Pt.2

Part 1

Words: 1.8K

Warning: Smut

Requested: YES SO MANY.

Summary: After what happened last time…Luke has been ignoring Michael….dun dun dun Also most of this was written by @madaboutmichael who you should follow because she’s amazing!!

*Michaels POV*

It had been a week. A week since Luke told me. I still didn’t know how I felt. It wasn’t something that I had eve thought about. Sure the fans ship us and we’d had interview where we’d been asked about it but I just wasn’t sure. I had thought about it, over this week that is. Luke went from clingy to completely avoiding me and it was pissing me off.

Me and Ashton were sitting by the pool in the hotel as we had it to ourselves. Luke went out with his girlfriend, yes after what happened Luke was still with her and I don’t know why since he said he loved me. Maybe I’m a bit jealous but you would be to if the person you loved admitted there feelings and then went back to there plan B. Wait. Do I love Luke? No, I’m not gay I’m defiantly into girls..but that night with Luke..No. I sighed running my hands through my hair. Why was this so difficult.

“Whats difficult?” Ashton said whilst squirting sun cream into his hand. I didn’t realise I had said that out loud. I thought of telling Ashton my problems because he’s always been like a older brother, a agony aunt, but decided against it.

“Nothing” I mumbled taking off my t-shirt.

“Is it Luke?” He asked, I shot my head up looking at him questionably.

“W-what, what about Luke?”

“The fact he’s completely in love with you and you’re confused”

“How did you know?”

“He tells me everything”

“Oh” I sighed looking into the pool.

“So, do you love him?”

“I don’t know what love is”

“Well, Love is when you can’t get the other person out of your head, when you love everything about them all there insecurities and imperfections. When you’re completely draw to them and being without them hurts, now I’m not a genius but I know Luke feels that way and this week has been hard for him” Ashton stood up making his way inside the hotel, just as Luke walked out. He was wearing his blue swim shorts with black flowers on. He look so pretty. He was hiding away his tummy as he got into the pool slowly. He was such a beautiful human. I walked over to the other edge of the pool sliding in. Luke was doing laps and so he passed me.

“Luke” I whispered as he got close to me

“Yes Mikey” he said turing around from swimming away

“Why have you been avoiding me?” I asked, he swam closer to me and wiped his wet hair back away from his face.

“I thought that would be what you wanted”

“Why would I want my best friend to avoid me?” He sighed and looked at me with glossy eyes

“Because thats all I’ll ever be to you” he spoke softly whilst playing with his hands underwater. I leant against the edge of the pool just admiring him. His blonde hair flat against his forehead. His blue eyes looking into the pool which made his eyes more vibrant blue. Not the ordinary sky blue, or the colour of the paint flaking off of the old shed in the back of the field, or even the little flowers that spring up by the side of the road. His eyes were blue like the sea, crystal clear blue- shimmering and crashing and churning. Looking into his eyes you could hear the waves falling against the shore, see the foam flying into the air. His eyes were blue like the sky right before the sun disappears- dark rich indigo, with specks of wild colours here and there. His eyes were blue like that warm wool sweater that you put on when the air gets that chill- comfortable, warm, familiar. His eyes were that kind of blue. The blue that I was in fact in love with.

“You’re so much more to me Luke”

“W-what?” he stuttered biting his lip and looking at me whilst his lip quivered

“I’m in love with you Luke, I didn't realise at first but Ashton described love and I couldn't help but think of you”

“R-really?” he said letting go of his lip and letting a tear run down his cheek

“Yeah” I smiled, my heart fluttered and he returned the smile and swam up to me placing his hands on my shoulders kissing me. This kiss was different to last this was filled with so much more passion as the fact we both admitted our feelings.

The kiss started to get heated making my member below start to tingle causing me to twitch under Luke’s touch. He must have noticed my sudden movement because he smirked into the kiss as his tongue found mine and glided against it earning a moan from me.

This past while when Luke has been ignoring me, I labelled him as shy and timid when it came to expressing how he felt about us. I think I’ve changed my mind right now. In this moment Luke was dominant and needy. His hand slowly found it way into the waist band of my shorts. Wrapping his long, thin fingers around my throbbing cock. He was teasing me and I loved it. I need him. Not like any other times me have had oral and anal sex. I need him to make love to me, both of us showing each other how much we mean this.

Detaching my lips from luke who whined at the lose of contact however he was now pumping my hard cock quickly in my shorts trying to pull them down. As much as I would love him to fuck me right now in the pool we can’t just public display when Ashton was lurking about.

It was my time to tease “Not here princess” Luke blushed at the pet name I had given him knowing that’s that turns him on. Luke removed his hand from my shorts, then licking my pre cum off his fingers before shoving it into my mouth forcing me to taste myself. It oddly tasted so good which only made me even more horny.

It wasn’t long before we made our way through the house struggling to keep our hands to ourselves. Making it the first bedroom we passed. Locking the door behind us knowing Ashton could walk in at any moment.

I was then pushed onto the bed, landing on my back with Luke straddling my hips, slightly grinding on my now visible erect cock. “Right there baby” I moaned groggily, feeling my breathing hitch loving how Luke makes me feel.

Skipping the foreplay. Our sexual desire too strong for delay. Luke and I was always stimulated enough to jump right in.

Flipping me over on the bed Luke spread my ass cheeks so that he had a clear view of my ball sacks. He grabbed them and started rolling them with the palm of his hands as I reached to pump on my cock.

“NO! Mikey baby, tonight I’m making you feel good, just lay relax and enjoy the pleasure as I insert my huge cock into your ass, sending waves of orgasms though your long beautiful body” I rolled my eyes in pleasure loving the sound of Luke trying to seduce me with his dirty talk.

Before I could react he shoved his large member into my back end. My body jolted and tightened. My eyes squeezed shut as my ass adjusted to his length. Luke was pacing himself gently riding into me, his balls slapping against my skin. I winced in slight pain, Luke slowly stopped pumping into me.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Am I hurting you?” His once dark eyes were full of lust were not soft and back to their normal crystal blue dazzle. I sucked in a breath. Nodding my head slightly

"I’m adjusting to your length bab-I mean luke, it’s been a while since we last you know” I trailed off feeling embarrassed, I could feel a slight blush creeping on my pale cheeks.

“Call me babe, don’t be embarrassed kitten, I’ll go slower just tell me when it feels good yeah?” Again I nodded softly as Luke inserted his length back into my ass as he slightly creased my ass cheeks in the process. I looked at Luke through my eyelashes watching him put his middle finger and index finger in his mouth as he sucked them to make them moist, then rubbing them over my whole before he penetrated my ass again.

The pain was now lessening with each thrust and I was move over powered with waves of pleasure. “L-lu-kkee right there. Yes fuck me in the ass like that” a sensation flushing over my whole body as he slapped my ass again this time with force. I was sure he was going to leave his handprint. His thrusts got sloppier and sloppier as I reached my high. “Babe I’m going to cum” my stomach knotted as I reached my climax orgasming over Luke’s stiff cock. I couldn’t control my moans of pleasure, Luke sucked his thumb before he put it into my mouth to stop me from moaning too loud Incase Ashton heard us but even his thumb couldn’t stop the moans from escaping

“Shhh baby, we’ve got to be quiet”

I was a moaning mess, laying limb under Luke as I finished cumming multiple times, he also release all his juices into me.

I didn’t want to be the one receiving all the pleasure and wanted to somewhat return the favour. Luke pulled out of me and started tugging on his own cock. I nodded my head and bit my lip getting down in front of him gently stroking his long, hard erect penis before I took as much of him as I could in my mouth, bobbing my head forward and back, moaning as I tasted the left over cum from his last orgasm.

Luke’s legs started to give in as he was reaching his high, I was starting to take him all in my mouth, gagging but composting myself adding pressure to his penis as I sucked and swirled my tongue around his tip.

“Fuck Michael, you take me so good” he grabbed the back of my head, tangling his fingers in my hair gaining control of my movement, back and forward. Back and forward.

I felt his penis throbbing in my mouth, preparing myself to swallow his load.

“IM GOING TO CUM IN YOUR MOUTH FUCK!” He screeched. I didn’t remove his member from my mouth wanting to swallow his juices. He released inside my mouth. I removed his cock from my mouth and slowly pumped out his high.

After we were finished, we lay on the bed naked tangled in each other’s arms whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. We heard a knock on the door and a twist on the doorknob.

“Hey guys, I went out for an hour with Calum,  I’m going to head to bed, it’s been a long day” he shouted through the door

Wait Ashton wasn’t here this whole time. Did he know what happened between us? I’m thankful he left for a while because tonight was the best night of my life.

“Now Princess, i’m going to make you feel good ok”

“O-ok” Luke stutterd. I kissed his lips and down his smooth pale body. 

anonymous asked:

How would Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Kuroo, and Kenma comfort their partner after having a nightmare about them leaving (breaking up with them/going somewhere far away)? **p.s this blog is the best thing to see on my dash! keep up the good work!!!**

(Oh my, thank you so much for your nice words, dear anon. We hope you will continue enjoying our posts. Btw, extreme fluff alert!)

Upon seeing his significant other so distressed, Sawamura would immediately pull them into a hug and gently stroke their back, letting them hold onto him as long as they needed. When they told him about their nightmare, he would tighten the hug, placing his head in the crook of their neck and stay in this position until their shaking would subside. He would then pull away just enough so he could catch their gaze. His eyes locked firmly with theirs, he would, in a serious voice, tell them: “I need you to listen to me very closely now. This was just a nightmare. Nothing else. I’m here. And I’ll stay here, right by your side. I have no intention of leaving you. I love you. And I will say it as often as you need to hear it, and I will hold you as long as you need me to.

Sugawara would listen attentively to his significant other as they told him about their nightmare, giving their hands a reassuring squeeze whenever they choked up and needed a moment to compose themselves again, while concern shimmered in his eyes. He would be truly overwhelmed they cared so much about him that a nightmare of him leaving had put them into such an agitated state. When the last words had faded away and the only sound left was the ticking of the clock on the wall, he would pull them into his lap, the tips of their noses so close they almost touched. He’d wipe away their tears with his thumbs, before picking up a blanket and wrapping it around both of their bodies. He’d press a soft kiss to their forehead, and then look them in the eye, while a soft smile would grace his face. “I know this nightmare really upset you, but it was just that: a nightmare. I love you, and I will not leave your side. You are so precious to me, I can’t even imagine life without you by my side, so forget about that terrible dream and show me one of your beautiful smiles instead.

Asahi would be completely unable to cope with seeing the person he loved in such a state. He’d hold their shaking hands in his, which were trembling just as much, before placing them on their shoulders, cupping their face, and going back to entwining their fingers, while he listened to them telling him what they had dreamt. It would pain him greatly to know he was the cause for their agitation, even if not directly, and his face would be like an open book, his emotions clear for them to read in his expression. Yet, when they had finished, he would surprise himself when the words that left his mouth sounded nothing but firm, almost forceful: “Something like that won’t happen. You mean so much to me, there is no way I would leave you just like that. Ever.

The fact that Tsukishima’s significant other would get so worked up over a nightmare when he was right here, beside them, would make him let out a little, irritated sigh. It wasn’t that he’d be mad at them, or think they were overreacting – he knew how real certain dreams could feel – but the fact that even his strong arms around them didn’t really help to cease their trembling would make him feel somewhat helpless. And he didn’t like that feeling. Not one bit. So he’d pull back slightly and press his lips on theirs, almost a bit too fervently, to take their mind off the nightmare and bring them back to the here and now. With him. When he could finally, slowly, feel them relax, he’d break the kiss just long enough to murmur against their lips: “This is better. Stop worrying about bad dreams and focus on only me. The real me.

It would break Oikawa’s heart to see his significant other so distressed, and even more so when he would find out the tears were running down their face, because they had had a nightmare of him leaving. He’d pull them close to his side, kiss their damp cheeks and leave a salty taste on their lips, when he pressed one kiss after the other on them, in the attempt to calm them down. He’d run one of his hands through their hair, while he’d hold their waist with the other. When he felt they had overcome their initial shock after waking up from such a horrible dream and slowly regained control over their senses, he would softly whisper: “See, I’m here. You can feel me, can’t you? It was nothing but a nightmare, but this here is real.

Kuroo’s significant other might be a bit apprehensive to tell him about their nightmare at first, even as he would keep asking what was wrong while he was grabbing their shoulders and looking at them with sincere concern palpable on his face. They’d be afraid he might laugh it off with his often so easygoing manner and tell them they were overreacting. But since the uneasy feeling just wouldn’t go away, and their body kept trembling while it became harder every minute to hold back the tears threatening to spill over, they would eventually tell their alarmed boyfriend what it was that had made them feel so distressed. Immediately, they would realize how wrong they had been about him, as he wouldn’t scold them at all for taking the nightmare to heart, but he’d actually be really understanding. He would plant little kisses on their face as he held them in his arms, stroking their hair and back, and when they finally relaxed under his touches, he’d say: “You don’t need to worry, there’s no way in hell I’d ever let you be my one who got away.

Kenma would be at a loss of how to deal with this situation appropriately, the thought of ever having to tell his partner he wouldn’t be leaving them never even having crossed his mind. He’d shift around nervously, his eyes only occasionally finding theirs, and he’d chew on his bottom lip so hard, he’d surely have sore lips the next day. However, he’d understand he would have to do something, anything, to take away their fears, and so he’d open his arms a bit awkwardly, letting his significant other fall into them. The hug would be a bit stiff, but his partner wouldn’t mind, as the fact he tentatively wrapped his arms around their back would already be quite bold for Kenma. In a quiet voice, he would eventually say: “It’s alright now, isn’t it?

~ Bekki

SQW Day 3: Insecurities

Four days. That’s how long she’s been avoiding Regina. Four long, agonizing days spent berating herself, moping, rationalizing… and yes, definitely mentally replaying the last time they were in the same room together, alone, crossing lines that they had no business crossing. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep it up, keep dodging phone calls, ignoring texts, driving the long road out to the town line just to try and quiet her mind even for a second.

She’d kissed Regina - or had Regina kissed her? They’d kissed each other, their magic sparking in an elaborate dance before fusing into one long current that ran between them, indistinguishable as separate entities. True love magic - Emma wasn’t stupid, she knew right well what it was. Regina had pulled away from her mouth, her eyes hooded with desire, and breathed her name into the soft skin of her neck as she nipped there, pulling her closer, closer…

And then suddenly Emma couldn’t breathe. She’d run away, because of course she had. Because while she was no longer with Hook, his parting words months earlier were still lodged pretty tightly in her brain. She hadn’t broken up with him because of Regina - Emma hadn’t even so much as mentioned her name - but that didn’t stop Hook from using her as a scapegoat for Emma’s decision to leave him.

“You think she wants you? You may be a princess by birth but you’ve never quite been able to leave that little orphan girl behind, have you? I don’t mind a little desperation myself, but the queen? Keep dreaming, love.”

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  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *running upstairs; furious* JOHN! JOHN!!! *tries to open the door but is stopped by the chain*
  • John & Euros: *stop snogging; hurriedly getting dressed*
  • Sherlock: I saw what you were doing through the window! I saw what you were doing to my sister, now get out here!
  • John: *panicking* Um, so, listen, we had a good run. What was it? Four? Five months? I mean, t-that's more than most people have in a lifetime! So, good-bye, take care, bye-bye then! *kisses her and tries to open the window*
  • Euros: *amused* What are you doing?
  • John: *still working on the window* Oh, I'm going on the lamb.
  • Euros: *rolls her eyes; pulls him to the door* Come on, John. I can handle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *trying to open the chain*
  • Euros: *bats his hand away; opens the door, casually* Hey, Sherl...what's up, bro?
  • Sherlock: *spots John; chases him around the living room*
  • John: *scurries to hide behind Euros*
  • Sherlock: *gesturing* What...the hell...are you doing?!!
  • Molly & Mrs. Hudson: *running upstairs* Hey, what's going on?
  • John: Well, I think, I think Sherlock knows about me and Euros.
  • Sherlock: *fuming* I thought you were my best friend, this is my sister! My best friend and my sister! I-I cannot believe this!
  • John: *defensive* Look, we're not just messing around! I love her. Okay, I'm in love with her.
  • Euros: I'm so sorry that you had to find out this way. I'm sorry, but it's true, I love him too.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *happily* My best friend and my sister! I cannot believe this *hugs them both*
  • Molly & Mrs. Hudson: *breathe a sigh of relief*
  • Sherlock: *gestures at them* You guys probably wanna get some hugs in too, huh? Big news!
  • Mrs. Hudson: *smiles* Awww, no, it's okay, dear. We've actually known for a while.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* What?! You knew? *to Molly* you knew and you- how could you not tell me?
  • Molly: *bites her lip* Well, w-we were worried about you. We didn't know how you were going to react.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *happy again* You were worried about me? You didn't know how I was going to react? *kisses her*
  • Mrs. Hudson: *ushering them out* Okay, all right, wnow that's all over, why don't we all clear out of here and let these two lovebirds get back down to business?
  • Sherlock: *stares at her*
  • Mrs. Hudson: *rolls her eyes* I'm just saying words, dear. He's *points at John* doing your sister.
A ship by any other name

Or: The one where Tony finds out about fandom…

Sprawled out on the sweeping curve of the huge couch on the common floor of the Avengers Tower, Bucky was sipping from a piping hot cup of coffee, absently eyeing the news on the screen across the room, when noises from the kitchen made him shuffle up straight so he could glance over the back of the couch. And then he did a double-take, unable to make sense of what he was actually seeing.

In the middle of the kitchen was Steve, plate of eggs and bacon clasped in one hand, the other flailing around in an attempt to get a good grip on Tony, who was… Well, trying to climb Steve like a tree, by the look of things, waving his phone around in one hand while clutching at Steve’s ridiculously wide shoulder with the other, sweatpants-dressed leg trying to hook around Steve’s hip for leverage. Stubbornly clinging on like a baby monkey even when Steve finally managed to deposit his breakfast plate on the kitchen island and could use both hands to pry the engineer off himself.

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athenrys  asked:

AU- Darcy somehow ends up answering an ad for an assistant for Barton Farms, an independent farm which produces artisan food specializing in honey and merino wool, because of college loans. What the ad didn't day was how gorgeous and funny the owner was. Plus he keeps telling her "as you wish."

Darcy’s not sure how to take this job interview. It seems to be going decently well, considering the girl interviewing her is maybe a year out of high school, and keeps looking off into the distance at her friends out working with the livestock. She’d introduced herself as Kate and that she was the community outreach specialist for Barton Farms, a trussed up title if Darcy ever heard of one.

All Darcy wants is a job that gives her a couple of hours after she’s done with classes and on the weekends. Beer and iTunes money, and getting outside seems like a grand idea as well. It’s just supposed to be working the farmers markets. Darcy can make change and smile and she is a good cook when she has access to such things as a kitchen.

Anyways, Kate’s practically a child and yet when she says, “Yeah, sure you’ll work. Come one, you should meet Barton.”

Okay, every time she’s heard people talking about Barton Farms in town, they made it sound like it was one of those small looking farms that’s secretly owned by Con-Agra. But there’s actually a Barton. And what a Barton he is. Darcy’s never had the hots for her boss before, but her boss has never had arms quite like his either.

“Darcy, I’m glad you’re around,” He tells her one Saturday morning as she’s stacking up jars of their honey for the fifth time, “It’s good for bees-ness.”

God help her, she finds his sense of humor endearing. Her crush has been building on ridiculous since the day she started.

She’s been around about two months when she blows off a gen ed required class, one of many that she’s put off until her senior year, to ride next to him in a pickup truck traveling to a Healthy Living Fair put on by one of the local community colleges.

“I’m glad you were able to come, Darce,” He started shortening her name a couple of weeks ago and it still makes her heart skip. Clint says her name differently than how he teases Kate with a multitude of nicknames, she thinks,  and he smiles at her crookedly.

“It seems like it could be a good time,” Darcy doesn’t add that she had to bribe Kate with letting her know where the super secret hideout that the farmhands use when they are trying to get away was so that she could spend time alone with her boss. Because she’s a hopeless case, “Even if it’s a long ride.”

“It’s nice to have the company, especially if it’s you. I like you” Clint says, and then pales. It’s almost funny how he tries to backtrack, “Shit, I mean, shit. I was gonna…”

“Well, I am a good employee,” Darcy decides to give him some grace, at least because he’s amusing her.

“No, I mean. Fuck, Kate said I should just…I should have waited until after we were done today so this wouldn’t be so awkward,” he babbles before he clears his throat, “I like you, Darce. In a way that a boss shouldn’t like an employee. And if this is a problem, I won’t do anything to act on it. It’ll pass.”

“What if I want you to act on it?” Darcy says quietly.

Clint veers the pickup onto the shoulder of the country road and puts the truck into park, “What did you say?”

“I’d be okay if you wanted to act on it,” she bites her lip, “And not in a skeevy way?”

“I totally respect you as an equal,” Clint says.

Darcy unbuckles her seat belt and kisses him. They don’t miss the fair, but it’s a very near thing.

anonymous asked:

Can you like do some angsty bechloe please???????? Like maybe "I broke up with you for your own good" from Chloe? (I love your mini fics they are amazing and yeah you're great thanks)

Two and a half days. 

The longest they went without talking was two and a half days. 

It’s like a game Beca plays with herself, to see how long she could step back before she can’t resist the pull to send a text. Sometimes, she stays radio silent just to see how long Chloe can last, to see what random part of the day Chloe chooses to share with Beca because she has nothing else to say but simply wanted to reach out. 

Because even when they pull away, the force they have on each other grew stronger. The radius does not decrease the attraction. The relationship was proportional, and Beca finds herself wondering if Chloe knew this basic fact of the universe when she sat on Beca’s bed and pulled away for the last time. 

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