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late at night hurting thinking about how shao probably never loved anything but music until he met zeke

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i still don't understand how braven is platonic to people... like, bellamy SEEKS her out, no they haven't kissed (well really they have which is more than blakre) but bellamy isn't exactly the kind of pda. even when he was with gina they didn't make out or anything, and he kept his emotions pretty grounded. like blarkes honestly needed bellamy to run down those stairs and kiss raven for them to be romantic (while their ship hasn't kissed at all)

lmao what really gets on my nerves is the fact that even if he had gone down the stairs and kissed her, they would probably come up saying shit like “he wants to make clarke jealous!!!!!” or “aww he’s trying to practice for when he confesses his love for clarke #otp: i didnt pull the trigger”

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Mob au BTS reaction: You're taken, snatched off the streets as you're going to meeting them by a rival mob and are holding you for ransom in exchange for half of bts's mob's revenue. BTS cooperates (whether well or not, depending on the person) and do the exchange, but as the other mob goes to hand you back, they shoot you in the back, right in front of your s/o.

This was real rude anon. Mmmm whatcha say Sorry this took me so long to get out! I hope you enjoy! (and yes i did have to use Wings gifs hahaha)


He usually didn’t deal with this kind of thing. It’s not that he was useless with a gun but it wasn’t what he was used to. But this was you and he would be damned if he let anyone else take care of this. So he angrily tossed the bag of money at the kidnappers without even seeing you. He just wanted this over with, just wanted you back. A man pushed you forward and you stumbled since you had a blindfold on. Jin called out to you and you took the fabric off your face like he told you to. You started crying at the sight of him and ran to him, relieved that this incident was over. A shot rang out and you stopped in your tracks before sinking to the ground near Jin. More shots rang out as Jin fired back not hitting anyone or anything but rushing to you and covering your body with his until all the men retreated. He pulled you up against him on his lap and talked to you while trying to figure out how to fix it. “Jagi what did you get yourself into? I’ll make it alright, I promise.” You had to be okay, how would he live without you?

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The hood was taken off your head and Yoongi’s eyes met yours instantly and a flood of emotions went through the both of you. Though neither of you didn't show any of them. He had told you what to do in case something like this happened and you listened. You didn’t show your captors any sort of fear and he was so proud of you for it. Yoongi was on edge, his eyes never leaving your face. He threw the bag of money halfway between him and the guys that had you. Once the bag was in their possession they shoved you toward Yoongi. His stomach flipped and heart raced as he noticed you were trying not to run to him and stay calm. With each step his chest felt less heavy. He was focused only on you so when the gunshot rang out his body jerked. As you fell to the ground the men who took you retreated and Yoongi blindly shot at them as he rushed to you, dropping to his knees. “Y/N just hang on okay? Stay with me.” His voice wavered as he hovered over you. One of his hands rested on the side of your face while his free hand fumbled with his phone. He watched you gasp for air staring back at him with tears in your eyes. If you died like this he would never forgive himself, he never wanted this life to touch you.

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He had never been so terrified or pissed in his life and looking in your eyes he could tell you felt the same. In one hand he tightly held his gun and the other the money for your release. There was tension between him and the leader of the men that took you. Namjoon wanted you released first and they wanted the money handed over first. Against his better judgement and to just get this whole thing over with he threw the bag at them with a sigh. Now that his hand was free he held it out to you. The men let you go as they picked up the bag and pawed through it to make sure it was legit. When you reached him you grabbed his hand and he held it tightly. Namjoon’s eyes darted between you and the men and in an instant it all went to hell. Bullets started flying from both sides. Namjoon felt your hand go lax in his and you fell to the ground next to him. Getting hit in the chest he fell next to you, hissing at the pain as footsteps retreated from the scene. Namjoon’s hand found yours as his brain tried to focus on what to do and not the pain he was in. “I’m sorry Y/N…”

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He didn’t care how he got you back, he was going to do anything to get you safe again. Hoseok fidgeted, the only sign that he was on edge. His face wasn’t the one you were used to seeing, smiling and happy. He was deadly serious and uninterested in playing games. When speaking with your captors his voice was harsh and cold. You were shoved by one of the men behind you and you started walking toward Hoseok with your hands still tied behind your back. When you were halfway to him, he tossed the bag near you. He waved at you to hurry up and you obeyed, trying not to cry at the sight of him. You were inches from him when a shot rang out. His eyes widened slightly as you fell against him, his one hand grabbed his gun and shot out at the men who took you as they ran away with the money. “Jagi it’s okay… Just breathe.” He dropped his gun and held you up against him, his words were more for himself then you. Tears sprang to his eyes as he pressed a hand against your back to hold you close and attempting to keep you from bleeding out. 

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Walking half way between the men that had you and where he had walked in, Jimin dropped the bag of money with a thud. He then backed away slowly back to where he had started. Only after he was backed up did the men who took you bring you out. You had a busted lip because you had a smart mouth and Jimin’s eyes flashed with anger for a moment as he saw it. You offered a small smile at him as you were finally allowed to head toward him but he didn’t smile in return. When you were close enough he reached out and ran his thumb over your lip before glancing behind you. He couldn’t react fast enough and the kidnappers fired their guns. You stumbled forward before falling at Jimin’s feet as he got his gun out and took care of the threat quickly, stepping in front of you as he did though he knew you already got hit. He wasted no time trying to get out of that location, he knew he had to get you out. Picking you up off the ground he rushed to leave. “Y/N it’s going to be alright. You trust me right? I wouldn’t let you die right?” It was like he was convincing himself more then you.

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He was quiet and serious and so not the Tae you knew and loved. This was what he was like when he was working and you’d never seen this side of him before. You had to admit that it was scary. Tae kicked the bag of money across the ground, putting all his anger behind it. No words were spoken as the kidnappers let you go, shoving in you toward Tae as another man grabbed the bag of money. You were visibly shaking and Tae noticed, it only fueled his anger more but he stood still afraid to make the situation worse. He kept his eyes on the men and just kept sight of you from the corner of his eye. It happened in an instant and there really was no reason for it other then to hurt him and to cause chaos. He saw a gun being pulled and pulled his own. He saw you go down as the first few shots rang out and he rushed over to stand over you, calmly aiming at the men. Only two went down and the rest retreated so he turned his attention to you. “Y/N just stay with me okay?” His hands and voice were shaking as he pulled you up off the ground to get you help. 

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There was no way that Jungkook was going to handle this alone. The rest of the guys were outside of the building waiting. The men who took you weren’t going to get away with taking you. He was alone inside to get you having a gun shoved in the back of his waistband for easy access. He looked at you and your tired expression. It was clear you were slightly out of it hopefully it was just shock of the situation and nothing more. Either way it pissed him off. He kept his smirk on his face for appearances but it didn’t reach his eyes. He handed the money over to one of the guys that walked over to take it. And as soon as the guy was on his way back to his group you were let go. You stumbled toward Jungkook and ignored the man that passed you. He tossed the bag of money to one of the other guys and turned with his gun and let out a shot. Jungkook sprang into motion and you fell into his arms instead of on the ground. His muscles tensed as he thought about running after the retreating men but you needed him more. He held you close to him as more gunshots rang out outside but he talked to you in hopes of covering the sounds. “Jagi I’m so sorry. Just hang on so you can yell at me later okay?” He hugged you tightly while also trying to stop the bleeding.

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