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And she looked so miserable around him. Those arms behind her back I still dream at night. So why was she behaving like that? I could understand then that they didn't want to make it official but why she was so unhappy? So not herself? God and we all saw her with David for god's sake! And maybe I am still angry at her but I feel really sorry for her that she is so blind if goes to men :/

I am not sorry for her because she is not forced into anything she makes her own choices and therefore has to live with them.
As she herself says she can do whatever the fuck she wants!
And I know I’ll get a lot of hater anons for what I say next but
That “I can do whatever the fuck I want” sentences is the biggest BS because you can’t that’s not how family, friendships, communities, workplaces etc function
If everybody does whatever they want we would live in a world of egocentric assholes.
You have responsibilities not just for your self but for your loved ones and therefore you can’t do whatever you want because all your actions affect the people around you. And if you are caring, kind and emphatic you will think about those around you before you go ahead and just to whatever pleases you…

I know it might be cool to just not give a fuck and just do things but that’s exactly why we live in such a fucked up competitive, selfish and egoistic society

Commission update

Hello ! I just wanted to update in case some of the commissioners were worried. I’m still working on them, I had to take a break cause I had a surgery but I’m back at it. 

The meds I’m taking are making me dizzy but it’ ok haha. The queue is of 34 commissions now!! Which is better than 47, like 2 weeks ago lol

I apologize for the wait and will do my best. 

Thank you for supporting me!!! ;v;

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Why did Cas go to stab Lucifer anyway? He knew it wouldn't kill him.. Did he just want a little revenge first?

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Literally the only real reason I can think of (ie. that isn’t explainable in that the plot could have been written in many another way to get to the ending with Lucifer and Mary in the AU and Jack born) is that it was done this way just so he’d get stabbed ie so we got our break up moment to further the Destiel plot and so that we would get a Dean / Sam Cas / Jess parallel with Sam dragging Dean away…

Ie. there was no real reason for it to happen except to make it romantic.

I’m living.

His Soldier - Part 6

PART 6! So glad that this is finally up! Again, thank you so much for the support this series has received. I hope my goal of making Tamlin even a tiny bit better in your eyes was achieved.  Now, onto the final part of His Soldier.  

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One question kept rolling around in Regina’s head. Why did Tamlin come searching for her?

In her eyes, she didn’t think she was that special to the High Lord. Friends, sure. But, normally friends don’t transform into beasts to try to find each other. So, why did Tamlin?

The motivation of the action was unknown to her. But, she was thankful for it because she got to kiss her long time crush. And, now, she was in his study with him. As Regina, not Liam.

It was Liam’s day off, so she was able to roam around as Regina for the whole day.

That bothered her, though. That she had to be a man to be a guard, and not a woman. She’s tried to bring it up multiple times, but she was always cut off on the end because someone needed to talk to their High Lord.

Then it hit her. Why not talk about it now? With that thought, Regina sat up straight, demanding Tamlin’s attention to be turned to her. 

He looked at her sudden movement, and inquired, “Is there something you need, Regina?”

“Yes,” she began. This was serious business, talking to a High Lord about how he ran his court. “I would like to know why women aren’t allowed in the Spring Court army.”

“Well, I never really thought on that. That’s how it’s been since the first High Lord of the Spring Court ruled, and maybe even before that. Why do you want to know?”

“Doesn’t it seem a little unfair that women can’t help protect our Court while mean can?” 

“I mean, I suppose. But, what do you want me to do about it?” Tamlin asks, spinning a pen between his fingers. Cauldron boil her, she hated that, and he knew that. It was one of the few things she couldn’t do.

He was teasing her. It wasn’t his fault she was cute when she was angry. 

“I want you to–Cauldron, would you stop that!” she yelled, steam seeming to come out of her ears. Regina was short-tempered, to put it mildly.

“Stop what, Regina, lo–” he cut himself off. “Stop what, Regina?”

Standing, Regina walked over to him, aiming to grab the pen. He quickly moved his hand away from her, which almost caused her to fall in his lap. Unfortunately, for him, she caught herself.

“Tamlin, stop doing that thing with the pen. You know I don’t like it.”

Deciding to tease her more, Tamlin started spinning the pen around his fingers again. “You mean this?”

“Yes, I mean that! Now stop it!” 

“But it’s so entertaining to watch you get mad over it.”

As he spoke, Regina formulated a plan. Leaning down towards Tamlin, Regina held his other hand, which was on the arm rest. “Oh, Tamlin~.”

His reaction was priceless, with his face heating up to match a rose’s red petals. “Y-Yeah, Regina?”

Bringing her face closer to his, she stopped just inches away from his lips. His hand set the pen down, and then went to grab her waist. That failed, however, when Regina grabbed the pen and slipped away from him.

“Thank you~!” Regina said innocently. Then her mood changed back to seriousness. “Now that we’re not distracted anymore, I want you to change how the army is run.”

“How so?” he asked. Tamlin was still beet red, which caused Regina to smile.

“I want women to be allowed in the army.”

Tamlin laughed, laughed, at that. If he saw the look on Regina’s face in that moment, he would have died. Right there and then.

“What’s so funny about it? Is my wanting to show my real self instead of Liam funny to you?”

“No, not at all, Regina.” He laughed some more. “But, it’s funny you should say that.”

“Why is it?”

“Because, I, uh, already have that in the works. Tomorrow, I’ll be announcing it.”

“W-WHAT?! R-Really?! Cauldron, this is wonderful, Tamlin!” Regina stood up and flung herself at him. She was truly happy about this. There was no reason to hide behind a facade anymore. 

Tamlin could only return the hug as her scent of roses and rivers hit him in the face. It was like the first time he had met her, but ten times better. 

Regina quickly let go, though, a blush appearing on her face. “S-Sorry. That was spontaneous.”

“No, no, it’s fine.”

Nodding, she sat in her chair again. “Um, I was wondering if…maybe…I could be beside you as you deliver the announcement?”

He was ecstatic at the question, but Tamlin kept his composure. “Yes, I think that would be wonderful. But, once the new law goes into action, how will you deal with the Liam situation?”

“I’ll either say I’m leaving or be honest with them. Probably be honest since I can’t wait to see their reactions.”

“I would pay to see that.”

Regina laughs. The two spend the rest of the day like that. 

When Regina leaves, though, she gives Tamlin a kiss on the cheek, and winnows to her personal bedroom in the mansion.

Tamlin starts addressing the Fae gathered in front of him. “Everyone, today I have a special announcement about the Spring Court army. From this day forth, women shall be able to fight along men on the battlefield.”

Cheering is heard from everywhere, with the occasional “Finally!” being heard over the excited hollering. 

“As your High Lord,” Tamlin begins again. “I have neglected one of the biggest changes that should have happened earlier than this. If it were not for the woman beside me, I would not be up here announcing this today. I apologize for making you all wait so long.”

Regina stands taller at the acknowledgement that she’s received. Attention has always been one of her favorite things, which really didn’t work well when she had to pretend to be a guy. 

“Thank you for your time. If any woman would like to join the army, please speak to General Killian or General William.” Tamlin steps off the stage, Regina beside him.

Once they get inside, Regina squeals. “Ahh! I’m so happy you did that. Thank you, Tamlin. Truly.”

“I was wondering, Regina, if you would like to be my first female general. I know you already have a lot on your plate as the captain of my personal guard, but I thought you might like teaching young women how to fight.”

“I would be honored, High Lord,” Regina curtsies. A smile never leaving her face through the entire thing.

Tamlin nods, then says he has to go tell his other generals. This gives Regina time to go tell her friends that she isn’t really Liam.

Winnowing in front of Quentin, Xavier, and Damien is one of Regina’s favorite things. It always scared them. Especially this time, since they don’t recognize her. Xavier even pulls his sword out.

“Who are you? State your name and business,” Quentin speaks in his authoritative voice. As captain of a tiny unit, Quentin knows how to be bossy sometimes.

“My name is Regina Elavaris, General and Personal Captian of High Lord Tamlin. Though, you three may know me as Liam Elavaris.” Regina grins despite her serious voice. 

“We don’t believe you,” Damien says. Of course he would say that. 

“Damien, look under my right eye, at the scar you gave me when we first practiced sword fighting with real swords. Xavier, remember the time I helped you on the battlefield when we fought Hybern? You have a scar from that time on your left elbow. Quentin, look at my right hand, then look at your left hand. Those scars are from our pact to never abandon each other.”

“Only Liam knew about that…” Quentin whispers, then adds. “I can’t believe it…We were all beaten by a girl!”

There’s an awkward silence, and then Xavier is laughing. Everyone else joins in, and Regina has tears running down her face once they finish. 

“I’m glad you guys aren’t mad about me not telling you.”

“We’re not. But, this certainly explains why you always refused to go to the hot springs with us,” Damien teases, earning a chuckle from everyone.

Regina then forces them all into a group hug. There’s all smiles and laughs and more smiles.

None of them expected the explosion to happen.

I just spent the past half hour attempting to photograph bats in my backyard but it was too dark and they were flying too fast to get a good focus on them with my camera. For a while I wasn’t getting them in any shots at all and I was starting to wonder if maybe the reason I was having so much trouble was because the bats were actually vampires in bat form and therefore wouldn’t show up in the photos even if I was pointing the camera right at them.


,,,, he’s back? (maybe)

jess is so relatable in The Baseball Episode. she’s just a woman with a slightly embarrassing celebrity crush who has no idea how to play sports 

orihime: *talks about how she was not afraid because she believes in her friends and they will save her, saying how six heart beat as one, continuing to explain how she realized why the others came for her, saying she would do the same if one of them disappeared*


me: ???¿¿¿??¿?