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GLEE MEME: Eight Friendships
2. Kurt Hummel & Brittany S. Pierce



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I really respect + appreciate your post. I appreciate that you understood where people felt the need to protect a victim + also that you apologized for what you saw as your own mistakes. It was such a horrible situation and I think the current situation in Hollywood in unmasking abuse (and particularly the Lena Dunham situation) really added to the situation. I didn't know what to think honestly. I had no affiliation with anyone involved but it just made me feel very sad and afraid. best wishes

Since you sent me this ask, I’m going to take the opportunity to share the process to getting to the post I made.

On Thursday, I knew my side of the story and I knew I wanted to be sensitive to perpetuating nasty rape culture ideas with any response I made. So I reached out to trusted friends to vet my original post

Then in the wee-hours of Friday morning (for me), I had a difficult conversation with someone I’ve chatted to a bunch about really intellectual things but that I wouldn’t have considered a friend (meaning we had no real relationship beyond this space). And they came to me and pointed out that while my post was in the right direction, it was still perpetuating nasty rape culture ideas that it shouldn’t be, particularly around standing up for our friends. And I promise you, my first responses were super defensive and looking for a way to absolve myself. But we kept having the conversation. Later on Friday, I made this post as a result of some of that conversation.

Then on Saturday, I felt like I’d been punched in the gut because there was Lena Dunham talking about false accusations. And Lena Dunham is The Worst™. So for me to see her echo the very statements I’d made on Thursday made my skin crawl. So I went back to my intellectual companion and a couple other trusted friends (who are outside the immediate issue). And continued having a discussion about really difficult stuff. 

So the end post is a result of a whole lot of conversation with my intellectual companion who gave me the space to work through my complicated feelings but also kept pushing for me to understand my place in the larger narrative and what all of this means for victims and survivors in general. Two other friends helped me parse through my feelings on it as well.

I say all of this to say, nuanced discussions don’t happen in a vacuum. And I am incredibly grateful to my intellectual companion and my friends for continuing to push and still give me space.

how to draw tsukiko watanabe :

- it’s all in the hair
- body = stick, hair = floof
- hair = 80% of total body mass, VERY HEAVY, she gets carried away by it
- bonus point : she’s ugly but her ears are cute and she can move them independently of each other
- yes I did say she had no typical werewolf trait but Tsukiko moving her ears when she’s worried or surprised makes me happy let me live

So, today has  been a day from hell. The BF discovered that he’s lost his driver’s license, all his medical insurance cards, voter id, AND … wait for it …. HIS SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. All. at. once. 

So, in theory, someone could have all they need to steal his identity. And he doesn’t know when it happened – last we saw those items for sure (because I saw them) was in Sept. 


And, to make it even better, to get into the SSA website, or the credit reporting agencies, YOU NEED YOUR FUCKING DRIVER’S LICENSE!  So, he’s managed to lose the things he needs to get the other things he’s lost. 

Awesome job on that. 

I have a massive headache. I’m so done.

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me: okay time to work out for real

me, realistically: -spends five minutes looking at lipsticks from nyx-

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You seem too happy and unaffected about all this...

lol come on, you guys have been asking me the same question repeatedly even tho i’ve already answered twice. there’s like 4 new ones just sitting around in my inbox. no matter how many times you guys ask me, my answer will always be the same. i’m sorry if it isn’t as exciting as you were expecting it to be. astrid is just gonna be busy with her new job and a lot of other things. and no i’m not making it up, and yes we do talk still. so yeah, this is the last time i’m gonna answer stuff related to this. ヽ(°〇°)ノ

also, of course i’m sad she won’t be participating in the fandom anymore, geez. she’s mostly who i talk to about stuff and she’s a really good friend. i’m pretty sure even you guys can see that. she’s always supported me ever since i made this blog and joined the fandom– but then again, i’m not gonna make a fuss about her wanting to level up irl. her career and her personal life takes precedence over tumblr~ let’s all just wish her well! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚☆

if doctor who wasn’t like a million seasons long and slightly exhausting to go all the way through i’d probably rewatch it like,,,,, every day

hey remember when riko ranked momoi’s boobs as five out of five melons or w/e her ranking system is because that was Very Gay

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Woke up to mixed feelings today. Found out that the creator of Rurouni Kenshin is charged with possession of child pornography. That being said, the first source to come up with this is Kotaku, and I am honest to god not sure if I trust the source.

I did some investigating and it is reported on Anime News Network. They’re a lot more reliable and trustworthy than Kotaku since ANN IIRC makes a point to distinguish between loli/shotacon and fictional shit and real things. Unfortunately…. 



happy late birthday to @vulpes–vulpes


  • Ravenclaw: *crosses something off their to-do list*
  • Ravenclaw: Look at me being productive! I deserve some time to relax.
  • *To-do list still has 51 undone items*
  • Ravenclaw: *anxiously ignores them while sipping tea*