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[Part 1]So I have a confession and please don't get mad, just hear me out. I used to be a Wincest shipper, but ended up being a Destiel shipper even though I really didn't want too... all the hate going on really hurts me and last night's episode was very confusing for me, because on one hand I can see how the line + zoom can be Wincest, but I also see how it can be Destiel. The thing is... I actually feel it's easier to see it as Destiel, like rationally. Wile emotionally it's the other way.

[Part 2] Rationally I see Destiel because 1. I don’t think the world is ready for canon incest on TV. and 2. Dean wasn’t actually there when Sam died, he didn’t really “see” him die… The last time he actually SAW Sam die was at the end of season 5… On the other hand Dean actually saw Cas die in season 9 a bit more resent. On the other hand I see Wincest there ‘cause emotionally that line makes way more sense for Sam because of the contents of the episode,So I’m just here going back and forth.

Okay, let’s have a level conversation here, because I shall respect that you came to me rather politely and that really does count in my book! I rather like level headed Destiel shippers, and I’m sure such shippers (who are NOT Destiehellers) can appreciate and respect a level headed Wincest shipper. We’re all one big family.

So! Shippers love their fanon and ‘ideas’, but let’s take off our shipper goggles here and via doing that, right out the gate, let’s make one thing endlessly clear, yes? 

Dean is straight. That’s a level of pure canon that neither you nor I can ‘change’ just because we ‘wish’ or ‘think’ it would/could be different…because it’s not different. He’s straight, and we can’t look at someone stating their sexuality point blank in our faces and go all ‘lol you’re not really gay/straight/bi, be honest’, that’s not how it works. You can’t do that to somebody in real life, and you can’t do that to a canon character. If someone says they’re gay or bi, they’re gay or bi. If someone says they’re straight, they’re straight, and we have to R-E-S-P-E-C-T that. So again, right out the gate, shipper goggles OFF.
Dean. Straight. Canon.
Canon on screen, canon per the writers, canon per Jensen. Dean… Is straight as hell. Let’s put that at the forefront of everything else I’ll type from here on out on this reply, because at the end of the day we’re talking about what that scene on SCREEN literally meant, not what we WISH it meant.  

Destiel isn’t (and will never be) Canon, and Wincest (in the incestuous sense) isn’t and will never be Canon. Can we mutually agree on that because neither of us is delusional enough to insist otherwise? Yes? Wonderful!
Moving on—-

Now that we (and the show) have established that Dean is straight, then from there it’s literally obvious that no one is about to see incest happen anytime soon before our very eyes on a cable television show. 
Let’s establish something else, yes?
Loving someone does not mean you love them ‘romantically’. You can love your best friend, you can love your parents, you can love your siblings, and it can be purely platonic. You can also very much love your FAMILY more than you love your friends. 

Castiel is Dean’s friend (again, reference back to the whole Dean is straight thing, Destiel won’t be canon any more than incest ever will on screen). 

Sam is Dean’s family. And not just his family, but literally his ‘purpose’ in life: his reason for existing. “Look out for Sammy, boy!” 

Now then, since we’ve established that Dean is canonically straight, and have also established that love doesn’t have to mean ‘romantic’ love, let’s look at the line from the show about ‘the man you love dying’, and how there is no ‘normal’ after that, and from there take a closer look at Dean’s reaction to Cas and Sam’s various deaths over the course of the show.

Cas has died before. Cas has died many times, actually, and when he’s died? Just like it would if you lost your own friend, it hits Dean enough to be a little damp eyed (maybe a lone man tear) and hey, one time he even kept the trench coat as a memento. But has Dean moved on? Yes. Has Dean tried to commit suicide because he simply can’t survive with the thought of Cas being dead? No. Has he tried to beg Death or Demons/Angels to trade his life for Castiel’s? No. Has he ceased to be a fully functioning human being and folded in on himself in despair? …No. Not once. Not even a little. 

Conversely, let’s look to Sam. Much like Cas, Sam has also died before. Many times. And what happens every..single..time Sam dies? In canon, on screen, with canon proof to back it up, Dean loses his shit. From the Croatoan episode in S2 when Dean makes it clear he will shoot himself in the head if Sam turns into a Croat Zombie, all the way to s11 ep 17 Red Meat, Dean has shown that he literally cannot and (except for the one time he promised Sam otherwise) refuses to even TRY to function with Sam dead. He folds in on himself, becomes a shell of a man, craving either to die or to sacrifice his life and last breath just so Sam will live. There is no in between for him. 

And that, my dear Anon, platonic as it is on screen in canon, is love. A platonic love, but LOVE. A love so deep and condependantly unparalleled that to even suggest that Dean thought of Castiel when she talked about ‘there being no normal after the man you love dies’…makes zero sense what so ever. 

Cas dies, it hits Dean just as hard as watching Kevin or Charlie die does, but in the end (as when any one of his friends die) Dean moves on. It might hurt, and sometimes it hurts really badly, but he moves on and continues to live his life just fine.
But when Sam dies? DEAN dies inside as a result and his actions show it again, and again, and again, and again over the entire course of the show. 

There is no death, in ANY universe, that could send Dean into a Suicidal Spiral the way Sam dying does to Dean.

Dean is straight. But Dean loves his baby brother more than any other being in the universe, and to suggest otherwise (again, in CANON, with shipper goggles off), makes zero sense. Dean has never, and will never, put anything before Sam. He has never chosen Cas over Sam, would never choose Cas’s life over Sam’s life, Dean would let the world BURN to ashes if it meant Sam getting to live and the writers, creator, and J2 themselves have all emphasized how endlessly canon that fact is.

Incest has nothing to do with this conversation at all. We have to put aside our Shipper preferences, put aside Shipper goggles, and acknowledge what is real on the show PERIOD… Because to say ‘otherwise’, just makes the rest of the world squint their eyes at you, and wonder what show you’re even watching, you feel me? 

Dean is straight. Cas is his friend. Sam is his brother. If Cas had to die just so that Sam would live, Cas would be six feet under in Dean’s book, and Dean would move on. That’s canon, and you just have to look to Benny for proof of that. Dean’s BEST friend at the time, and tears in Dean’s grief filled eyes didn’t stop him from whacking the Vampire’s head off just so Sammy would have a chance at life, and then moving on with his life just fine without Benny.

When Dean thinks of the ‘man he loves’ dying, and how there would be no ‘normal’ after said man dying… No moving on, no will to live, etc? That person for Dean is and will forever BE Sam Winchester. His baby brother and his very reason for existing, his life’s purpose. There is no Dean without Sam. That’s canon. Just like Sam and Dean are canon soulmates. No shipping needed for it to be true.

End of story, my dear. 

I Do, I Do - Septiplier

…and side Brotp!PewdieEye? SepticPie? Whatever. Brotp of Felix/Jack.

Anyway. I dunno. I started thinking about this while I was talking to Elliott (I get a lot of my ideas during our skype chats these days) and I just sort of…wrote it down. This story basically just satisfies my need for the marriage!fic I’ve been wanting to do for a bit and also sates my desire for brotp!Felix/Jack. Besties forever, man. I’m all about that.

But yeah. I wasn’t originally going to post this because I just feel really weird about it, like it doesn’t sound good to me, but youtubeknight told me to do it, and i-dont-have-a-skull- also said she would like to read it, so here ya guys go, I guess.


“Why are you being such a bitch?”

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Alt. Finale: Jasper’s Death + Season 3 lost potential

Alright, I have had quite a few asks about what I think the deleted scene was in the finale that was changed. So, after many many weeks of not answering this, here I am doing so. In this post I write about the scene as well as the grander messages this scene would have had, as well as the City of Light had in general. These grander messages were lost this season due to how characters and situations were handled. One of the worst things looking back at this season is the potential that was lost due to decisions made. This season could have been amazing, but instead it fell short. Wayyyyy short. 

tl;dr: I think that Jasper committed suicide and it would make complete sense in the story and would have made the finale seem more complete. However, due to the backlash and the effect 3x07 had, they removed it because it would be misinterpreted and be seen as insensitive. If they would have dealt with Lexa’s death better and the show not been so ‘death porny’, Jasper’s death would have been pretty powerful. It would have been sad, but it would show how there were repercussions to ‘killing’ the City of Light – that Clarke couldn’t save everyone. She took away a pain reliever and antidepressant from someone who needed it. Not all people can ‘overcome’ pain, some people need it to be ‘eased’. This ending would have fall in line with the show and the grander messages about PTSD and medication. This show lost it’s way during the season which lead them to cut the one death that would actually make sense and mean something. They cut this scene because it would have been seen as ‘insensitive’. People would not look at Jasper’s death as anything but making light of suicide, even though it isn’t. Jasper’s death would actually have been the one death that would have actually made sense.

I think that there may have been multiple things edited out of the finale. I believe that these things edited out may have lead to the episode feeling incomplete and not true to ‘The 100’. I think the main thing edited out was Jasper committing suicide. Now, this death actually would have made sense in the story and would have been very powerful with a lot of underlying messages. It would have a very powerful message that touches on issues people with PTSD and depression face. An issue also touched upon would be medicalization of a person. Now, due to the way The 100 handled deaths this year, the backlash after Lexa’s death, and having sooooo many of them, I think they removed it due to the backlash they would have received. Even the people that have been hoping for Jasper to die, would have villainized the show even more for killing him. They wouldn’t look deeper into Jasper’s death and see how important it was. That it isn’t just for shock value – this death would have meant something. If the show would have not killed Lexa or handled her death differently, as well as other characters like Sinclair, Titus, Ontari, etc. this scene would have made the finale more impactful. It would have touched on the message that there is a cost to saving people – just like there was a cost to save the delinquents in season 1 and season 2. With the way the finale played out, there was no consequence for Clarke pulling the lever. Yes, she did get rid of the City of Light, but there was no immediate consequence. We saw people in pain, like Jaha feeling the pain of being shot, but it was mainly all positives that came out of Clarke pulling the lever. Which, didn’t feel like The 100. Not ‘death porny The 100′, no, season 1 & 2 The 100 that we all grew to love. 

I think that many people have speculated and concluded that the cut scene was Jasper committing suicide. Jasper when he “woke up” out of the City of Light we see that he is wrecked with a sense of loss and is overwhelmed with every terrible thing that has happened to him. He was crying when he said “she did it.” She just took away the only place where he felt safe and free from his pain. The ground isn’t the dream for him; it is a nightmare. Jasper hugged Monty after he promised that they will be happy again.While hugging Monty Jasper says, “I’m sorry, Monty.” Now, Jasper already apologized for stabbing Monty and Monty apologized for shooting Jasper, this “I’m sorry” I believe is about what he is about to do. What he is about to do he won’t be able to apologize for it – he will be gone. What happens next is we see Jasper secluding himself; this is something people often do when they are about to commit suicide. Jasper goes off by himself to get drinks. He refuses help even though he is clearly hurt and in pain from being shot. It isn’t just the physical pain that is hurting him – it is the emotional too. As Jasper limps off, we hear Raven, Harper, and Monty laughing in the background and Jasper smirks a little. The scene then quickly jumps to Bellamy helping Clarke up out of the chair. This scene with Jasper looks so unfinished. My bet is that after he smiles he is wrecked with a sob and he grabs a gun out of the back of his pocket and looks at it. We then hear a shot and Harper, Monty, and Raven come running to see that collapse on the ground dead – a bullet hole through his head.

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So I stumbled across your blog recently (really the whole sex worker side of tumblr) and I guess youd call me a swerf? But idk I've never agreed with how feminism treats sex workers but I didn't really know where to go to educate myself more. I see that you sometimes mention a future in which society no longer functions under capitalism. Do you have any resources you'd be willing to point me in the direction of about what are other options are? I am really glad I came across your blog! Thanks :)

On tumblr, I would recommend sexworkinfo, clarawebbwillcutoffyourhead’s masterlist of debunking bad sex worker research/end demand stuff, evolvingmatter all the time (seriously, nobody has the patience and clarity of this woman when it comes to breaking down what’s dangerous and effed up about swerf notions, she’s full time excellent), and even my own end demand and decriminalization tags.  Off tumblr, and I would really, really recommend getting at least a bit off tumblr for this kind of thing, I would start with Laura Agustin’s “Sex At The Margins” and Melissa Gira Grant’s “Playing the Whore,” both of which are super accessible reads, full of really solid research, and with a lot of material on sex work outside of the US and other industrialized nations (and in the former case, on migrant sex workers).  They’re also pretty quick reads — I got through Playing the Whore in about two days, much to my dismay.

When I talk about a capitalism free world, I’m usually talking about the fact that attempts to end sex work as anything other than a consequence of eradicating capitalism are a) unrealistic and b) more importantly, very, very dangerous to sex workers (because a) taking away our options without fixing the problems that lead us to trade sex in the first place is the opposite of helpful and b) most of the attempts to end the sex trades are themselves unsafe for sex workers, usually because they empower the state to commit violence against us).  I’m emphatically anti-capitalism myself, but I don’t envision a world that is ever free of trade (because, um,  short of unbreakable fully-automated robots providing all manufacturing, service and planning, we’re not gonna be doing everything ourselves), and I do believe that as long as there is trade people will trade sex, and I fundamentally do not have a problem with that fact.  (Especially since in a post-capitalist world where one’s access to food, shelter, medicine and material comfort is not held hostage to one’s “productivity” the choice to trade sex is a hell of a lot less constrained than it is even in the best of circumstances now.) 

 If you disagree with me there, that’s a discussion we can have, but it’s a much more theoretical, philosophical one about under what circumstances and for what reasons do I have the right to consent to sex (and my belief is that I am the best determiner of those reasons, whether it’s because I’m deeply in love, because my partner has a cute butt, or because my partner will give me something I want, like the opportunity to touch said cute butt, or a bunch of cash), than the argument I usually find myself having with swerfs on the internet.  I’m much less concerned with what radical feminists think about sex work conceptually, even when I disagree intensely with it, than with what they are doing to sex workers, here and now, as we speak, you know?  

If you have more questions, please feel free to drop by. 

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Woah, funny how you mentioned how crazy Riley went about Maya taking a necklace that was sitting there "for months gathering dust" just because it "didn't belong to her" I know it's not always about the ships, but that totally reminds me of how Maya kinda "took" (for the lack of better words) Lucas after he and Riley's romance had been pretty much stagnant for a while because Riley wasn't able to handle it all that well either.

You’re right, I wasn’t really thinking about ships in that particular instance. And I have to go through more eps before I commit myself fully to what I’m about to say, but…

I think it really ties into Riley as a character, and how she defines herself by things external to her. What others think about her matters more than what she thinks of herself. She goes beyond simply taking her parents as role-models, and literally says: “I think I’m unique. He’s Cory. She’s Topanga. But I’m both.” (GM C&T) - the latter part of that sentence kinda contradicts the first in my book (you can take from your parents; you can have some of their attributes and they raise you, but saying you are them is a step above). And I haven’t rewatched GM Father yet, but I remember thinking “chill out, honey” when Riley breaks a very sweet moment between Cory & Maya (who lacks a father figure) with: “Hey, he’s my father”, and “ You do know that you’re my father, right?”

Let me just say that I’m very *iffy* on the idea of people belonging to someone in general (like that doesn’t really do it for me in terms of romance); BUT I do agree that Riley subconsciously sees Lucas as hers in a way. She has a 8 year plan! And even when she questions her own feelings (Semi-Formal; she can’t say for herself how she feels), she clings to their “unoffical thing” because she’s still stuck on that idea of belonging together/to each other. However, once she finds out about Maya’s feelings - out of love for Maya (and understanding that she did the same), she steps back. But I don’t think she anticipated how quickly things would just click for Lucas and Maya (she underestimated, or overlooked, Lucas’s feelings for Maya, even though she had been noticing things over the course of S2). So that’s when she kinda freaks out (her heart breaks, really; it’s painful to watch). And now I hear in GMHS, they’re “sharing” Lucas (again, dude’s not an object!) - and this has Riley written all over it, in her misguided, well-intentioned way.

Basically, bringing things back to the Pilot, I think there’s a larger lesson to be taken away from this: it’s a matter of identity, and defining/discovering who you are for yourself and not according to/in relation to others. It’s an internal process. And then you are able to genuinely share yourself in a relationship, romantic or otherwise. When Riley achieves that, it will truly become HER world (and not Cory’s).