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So I didn't even realize Dove and Thomas were together until recently, I seriously thought Thomas and China were. The two of them act so coupley and they're so close. There's this one video where they're in one of their kitchens and Thomas puts like oil in the pan and it's just them giggiling and trying to figure out why the pan is smoking so much. When i found out they weren't I was really dissapointed and I totally want them to be together. #Thina ((I couldn't come up with a better ship name))

Yasss another shipper!! You know I really like #Thina as their ship name, it fits.
They are so cute together it hurts knowing they are not dating lol. I know it’s not going to happen, but my dream is that one day they will get together (and I secretly hope in D3 to get them even more close)

where i am on holiday, there’s like, mostly Americans here, and in the 3 days I’ve been here so far i have come to 2 possible conclusions:
1. Americans are better at friendship than the British or
2. I need new friends
because I have seen no less than 5 pairs of American friends, perform what are essentially miniature photo shoots of their friends to get them a quality insta photo or snapchat video, and my friends have literally never, and would tell me to just take a selfie




“See if you can figure out why they call me Four,”


the moment after i got to tell Avi i loved him || Pentatonix Sydney 2016

  • Ok so I just came across that same dumb ads who made a video just telling at Nash, JC and cameron. So basically I just wanted to say that what he does happens all the time and that it's not fair for Nash to get all this hate because he doesn't deserve it. Other youtubers do stuff like this and never get hate for it and never had other youtubers make a video just hating in them not understanding what they meant. For example (and I love and watch these youtubers by the way) Kian lawley. He made a video actually two videos like Nash's and said his OPINION in what he likes about girls. Jc has made a video of his own saying his OPINIONS on what he finds attractive about girls. He never got hate for it and stupid crap for it. The rest of O2L did one many other youtubers have made one. Mathew Espinosa (close friend of Nash) has recently made a YouTube video on how to be his gf where he's making ridiculous thing for you to do in order to be his gf only to be comedic. So this guy just sits in his bed and only points out that Nash said 'girls who have hair no wax it shave it no' and he sits there and says 'who the fuck are you to tell girls to shave themselves for you?' And then he calls JC Nash and cam assholes saying who would want to date them? Honestly I'm not being bias evacuee I know what Nash said could have been offensive to other people but then he (guy who made a hate video to Nash) points out that Nash's audience is very young girls and he shouldn't be saying this stuff so girls change themselves for him which is true but what he doesn't see is that if the audience is 'sooooo young' would they actually have a chance with nash if they are as young as he says them to be? And he doesn't understand when's Nash or JC or cameron meets someone they don't look at their arms and check for hair and if they see it they'll just not be interested. No because obviously appearance makes you attracted to someone yeah but the personality counts as well and Nash clearly stated so many times over and over just be your self. In the beginning he calls all of them (Nash, JC and cameron) assholes. He thought when Nash said I like a girl who can entertain him immediately meant something sexual and didn't show the second part of what he said 'like if she's not boring' then JC says 'is entertaining in a boring situation' he then starts to swear and say 'who the fuck would actually go out with these three assholes?' And later then say 'who the fuck do you think you are? After saying all this bullshit and then to say be yourself? No what the fuck is wrong with you. You obviously don't see that your stupid because you can't comprehend all the shit you just said' first of all he's Nash Grier ok and yes he has a very large female audience in love with him but we're obviously not that dumb to change every single aspect of ourselves just for Nash JC and cameron because odds are we won't be that special someone in their lives. So don't sit on your bed and hate on Nash because I bet you're only making thins because everyone else is giving Nash hate. You just like to join the crowd and follow. You don't have your own opinion and you just sit on your bed restating shit that's already been said about Nash. And you don't think Nash JC or cameron see this shit? They do. Nash had to delete his video for all of this. I found nothing wrong with it. When I first watched it I was like ok I have a little arm hair but I didn't really care because what is the chance I'll ever be Nash Grier's girlfriend? I hope Nash sees this and feels a whole lot better about his self because he did nothing wrong he actually did this to please us . We wanted to know it's not like he thought 'this will make my fans feel bad let me make a video saying the thing I look for in a girl and have super high expectations' he did this for us. He loves us and he would never hurt us same with JC and Cameron. JC loves his O2L fans and cam loves his MAGCON family. So don't sit there and say shit you don't understand. I hope this changes peoples minds and perspectives on Nash and don't hate him for this. Don't say you've lost all respect for Nash because he is still just a boy from North Carolina living his dream and to put him down and say you've list his respect just really tears him down. (Please help me what this to nash so he sees it and share to everyone you know.)
Swan Queen fandom
  • I just want to say thank you to swens and many of you here in tumblr for giving me hope and showing me this wonderful ship. When I started watching ouat I had no idea that this existed. I found out about this fandom after I watched season 3 not so long ago, and it just makes my life better. I am constantly amazed by the fics, the art, the theories and everything else. The way you stay positive and you hope for the best, making funny posts and beautiful videos. I can't believe that only a few months ago I didn't have any of this to brighten my days and make me feel part of something amazing. I would have never thought swan queen was going to be so important for me and that you guys would make that posible.