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ALRIGHT, so of course I want to thank every single one of my followers for supporting me and encouraging me to stay on this blog, but below the cut are a few of the people I want to give an extra thanks to for multiple reasons. some of them have been there for me and calmed me down when i was in the middle of a panic attack, some have inspired me, and some have just overall been extremely kind to me. 

but before I get all sappy, I wanna give a shout-out to some of the people I follow, but may not feel I know well enough to write an individual thank you note to. these are the people that make me smile whenever i see them on my dash and who i’d like to get to know better. you guys are awesome.

@aftcrshocks . @alleyspat . @antagxnized / all ur blogs . @barbavior . @batbogeys . @bowstruck . @ccmmand . @chasejustice@citysaviour . @citystarlet . @clayformed / all ur blogs . @criedhard . @crimefright (extra shoutout bc of bpd bruce tbh) . @crownruled . @cyberyond . @darkslain . @deadwclking . @delacourre . @depravety . @dokkstjarna . @ensuespurity / all ur blogs . @gammamade . @hrimhvat . @ignte . @iindiscriminate / all ur blogs . @killsam . @kybercore . @lightdeath . @lovedfalling . @lunarlapis / @shadcwpreacher . @madegalaxy / @ccntrol . @magictricked / @berserkerage . @moranument / @vckarian . @murderfiend . @nihtwulf . @nonaziharlot / @sheredemption . @nxgotiator . @ofcoffinwood / all ur blogs . @oxfordlace . @peacemaiden . @purrsuasion . @redlocked . @refutured . @sacrauri . @sangauri . @saraqxeen . @sarraqum . @seelesdog / all ur blogs . @senthope / all ur blogs . @sinnermans . @slavghterbells . @snaremaker . @spareheiress / all ur blogs . @starbro . @thedestrcyer . @tosleighhutts . @valorslain . @vibraniume . @vnderoos . @vowedjustice . @vulnerose . @warcompass / @jedibetrayer . @wingshead  . @xaedificare

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favorite character meme: five relationships ♡ [1/5] julie & tyra 

my little girl’s all grown up. 

The Last First Time - ValueTurtle - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 7/7
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor
Additional Tags: Angst, Timey-Wimey, Hurt/Comfort

How many times does he have to walk away from her? This time, he’s decided, he’s going to at least buy her chips first.


“As long as there’s a path… nah, even if there is no path… we’ll keep moving onward in order to destroy Naraku! We’ll put on new shoes and keep going, ‘cause this adventure isn’t over yet!”

Dedicated to @kaze-ranna! As a very very late birthday present and to celebrate your new follower milestone c:

I don’t think… They know what the fuck they’re saying–

ain’t no body gettin’ healed bighit, we’re all just sad and broke af–

let us just burn in peace  o u o

It took a while for me to do, but here it is, finally!!~

Congratulations, Game Grumps, on reaching 3 million subscribers! You guys have grown so much ever since Arin and Jon started up the channel, and I can’t wait to see how much more the family will grow <3

Keep up the great work, and I hope to stay as one of the increasing 3 million until the day you all retire. c:

my  5  second  photoshop  masterpiece,  everyone ^^ —- no  but  seriously,  i’m  so  thankful  to  still  be  here,  &&  that  i’ve  come  this  far  with  a  blog.  y’know,  i’ve  been  on  tumblr  roleplaying  since  i  was  15  years  old,  i’m  now  20.  that’s  5  goddamn years  on  here,  &&  in  all  that  time  sylvanas  is  the  FIRST  muse  i’ve  stuck  with  for  this  long,  &&  i’ve  literally  been  to  every  corner  of  this  site,  in  all  sorts  of  fandoms.  so  honestly,  thank  you  so  damn  much. 

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Tried drawing all the Hyperions. Should I clean it up? Maybe I should slow down on these sketches and try making some cleaner stuff.

TF2 loadout/oc commissions

20 USD

-Fullbody fully colored (like in the first example) sketch (sorry there are no examples of those but I hope you get the idea from these)
-Additional character is 10 usd
-Max 5 slots (but really depends on how many want to commission)
-Can draw fluff (sorry no nsfw this time)
-I take payment only in paypal 
-If you have anything spesific pose etc. in mind don’t be afraid to tell me!
-If you have any written information of the character (like personality) I’d love to read it
-If you’re interested, send me an ask!

Also please do send me message if you ave any kind of questions regarding these! I don’t bite and I’m more than willing to answer anything!


1. taken!
2. taken!


Fanart of the latest chapter of cynophobia by olimarina,  I really liked this part of the story :’D

                                                    SO   THIS   IS   A      bit  c r a z y ,           right  ?          when  i  made  andrew,        i  had  no  idea  if  anyone  would  follow,           or  even  WANT  to  interact.          ALL   FOR   THE   GAME      isn’t  exactly  the  most  p o p u l a r  series  out  right  now          (      especially  as  it  was  self  published      &&      only  available  on  EBOOK  for  forever      )           so   i   had   no   CLUE   if   anyone   would   want   to   take   a  c h a n c e  on  my  ANGRY  SMOL.           add  to  that  a  visit  from  family,         constantly  being  AWAY  from  the  computer  to  look  after  my  grandfather,        &&    other  such  absences,         it’s  ASTOUNDING  to  me  the  amount  of  support  i’ve  received  already  for  this  blog.         i  want  to  thank  EVERY  SINGLE  ONE  OF  YOU  for  supporting  me  along  the  way.           truly,           you  all  are  a m a z i n g .           this  list  is  by  no  means  everyone,           just  some  of  the  PEOPLE  who’ve  truly  made  me  love  the  decision  to  make  this  blog.            i’m  SORRY  if  i’ve  forgotten  someone,           please  know  it’s  not  my  intention      &&      know  that  i  love      &&      appreciate  you  all  so  much  !

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If I were a month: April
If I were a day: Tuesday
If I were a planet: Mercury (bc I’m tiny af)
If I were a god or goddess: Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way B)
If I were a sea animal: TURTLE ((nah, i’m not cool enough i’d probably be a jellyfish))
If I were a piece of furniture: Refrigerator
If I were a gemstone: Grossular  ((i’m fucki ngcrying wtf kind of gemstone is that?? it’s me tho))
If I were a color: Gray
If I were an emotion: Perplexed
If I were a fruit: Lychee
If I were a sound: Paws clicking on tile
If I were an element: Sodium ((someone be the chlorine to my sodium ;D))
If I were a place: History museum
If I were a taste: Sea salt
If I were a scent: Chai tea
If I were an object: Circuit board
If I were a song: Left Brain Right Brain - Bo Burnham
If I were a pair of shoes: Cruggs

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