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“Everybody, on a different level, goes through good times and bad times and you have your fair balance. We aren’t the only ones in that kind of situation, and we shouldn’t feel so down. It’s not the end of the world. We’re very lucky to be where we are.”

Happy 30th Birthday Brendon Urie!

The Shallura angst that no one asked for. As much as I love the fluff, I also live for the angst.

Shallura; Something Sparkly

Shallura; Fireworks

Shallura; (Almost) Kiss

Shallura; Guilt

Shallura; Cry

Shallura; Giant Woman

i had to reduce the size with a website and it became faster ;n; buuut

hAPPY BIRTHDAY @mizunoir !! ❤ hope you’ll pass this day free of worries and with your loved ones ;v;

best smile in the history of ever.

Rhett would know. (x)


Attention, squad…