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So, if you didn’t know, Funko made The 100 Funkos! This would be exciting but if you haven’t noticed from the above image, they whitewashed the only characters of color they’ve included.

I made a chart to show Bellamy, Raven, and Lincoln’s skin tone in similar show lighting vs. their Funko Pop tones. I included Clarke for reference in how light she is and how her Funko Pop is similar in color to Bellamy and Raven’s. And I included Doctor Strange to show how even though his actor is white, his Funko Pop was still more brown than Bellamy and Raven, and just as brown as Lincoln.

If you’d like, you can also send this image in an email with a message of concern to contact@funko.com or retweet it on twitter here.

Break Dance tomato son aka Nathanael! Outfit inspired by @i-am-an-apple ‘s Version [x] Go check it out <3
I have no idea how grafitti works and if it’s even okay to spray initials or names? *shrug* 

Break Dance AU as always by @starrycove

Tell me your worst procrastination story!

I’ll go first.

One time in college, I flew to visit my friend in another country during reading week (the week before finals that you’re supposed to spend studying). I was set to come back to school the night before my final, which I thought was a take-home final. On the last day of my visit, we went out and got really drunk (her fault… probably). Next day, I drag my hungover ass to the airport in total agony, get to my gate, sit down, open my laptop to study for the first time and realize that I had been mistaken. My final the next day was in class. Not take home. And I had not studied at all. And I was too hungover to function. Well, I thought, I guess failing isn’t the worst thing in the world. There’s a first time for everything.

My flight was delayed, and I ended up not getting home until 9pm. Still hungover, I begrudgingly stayed up most of the night trying to scrape together what I could in hopes of pulling off a miracle. After all, I’d spent years honing my procrastination craft. Don’t fail me now!

I went in the next morning aggressively ignoring my classmates. The last thing I wanted to hear was how hard they had been studying. The professor passed out the exam, and as I flipped through it I realized, holy crap, I can do this! I don’t know how I am possibly about to get away with this, but I am! 

As I walked out, I heard a few classmates remark how hard they thought the exam was. I couldn’t believe it. I ended up getting an A- and my favorite story of my entire academic career. Thank god for my insane BS-ing skills.

So, since I’m procrastinating right now, what are your best procrastination stories?


Vanoss and Del have been together a while,
one day child!Evan just pop out for no reason…
hope u like this (°ཀ°) I can’t stop………..   in Pixiv