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Do you find it ironic how Touka didn't want anything to do with Kaneki and how she is now?

Such is the beauty of character development, anon! At lot of Touka’s initial dislike of Kaneki (besides his initial human prejudice against Ghouls) was for the same reason as Ayato.

But for Touka (and I think also for Ayato, even if he would deny it), remembering Arata was a painful thing at first - it’s like Kaneki’s existence was rubbing salt in her open wound. But while he repelled her on the automatic assumption that he couldn’t live up to Arata, he also intrigued her on the possibility that he just might. That fledgling interest is part of why Touka saves Kaneki from eating Hide. Thenceforth, she constantly tested him to see when he would break and prove to be a different person than her father was, so she could leave her hope buried and continue as before. But he didn’t break.

Touka began to hope again that there could be a kind, warm and fundamentally Humane person in her life who cared for her, and her annoyance with Kaneki evolved into admiration. The people at Anteiku were kind to her, but Kaneki helped her even when she was breaking Anteiku rules; he had her back when nobody else did, and she felt the import of this very deeply.

However, eventually Kaneki did break. Kaneki was not like her father. Having been so careful before she decided to put faith in him, only for that faith to be unravelled so soon afterwards, Shironeki leaving her behind had a huge emotional impact on Touka.

So when they next meet, having had an illuminating conversation with Hide, Touka understands Kaneki a whole lot more. She no longer sees her father in him - instead, she sees herself. 

She sees a child who lost a parent at an early age, and another who meant the world to them. She sees a young adult seething at the injustice of the world and trying to protect the people who matter to them through violent means, biting off a chunk far larger than they can chew, and shutting themselves off emotionally for self-protection. Kaneki is not the only one who’s scared of being alone. The reason Touka understands Kaneki as well as she does is because they’re so similar. And it pisses her off. When Touka punches Kaneki on the bridge, she’s venting just as much frustration with herself as with him. His struggle against Aogiri is an expanded mirror of her struggle with the CCG, and she is determined to get him off the dark path that landed her with so much regret.

It’s because of their similarities, not their differences, that Touka is so determined to save him. Saving Ken Kaneki is just as much about saving Touka Kirishima for her, and if Kaneki can return to Anteiku - if Kaneki can have a home - so can she. 

I went into a super-meta trance on this one, so to briefly answer your question anon: yep, there is a certain irony in that the qualities of Kaneki that drew her away are the same as what drew her in.

  • Paul: John, be honest, how to you feel about me?
  • John: shut the fuck up

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Do you think Lyanna would be happier if Renly or Stannis was the eldest Baratheon? Stannis feels very Northern and would never abuse or cheat on her. Renly plays the chivalrous part well so the betrothal looks good even if the marriage isn't.

You know, there is a theory in fandom that Lyanna didn’t want to get married, period. But my reading of her is that she is a romantic idealist, though with a more down-to-earth perspective than, say, Sansa. I think she’d still push against her father agreeing to a betrothal without asking her first regardless of the identity of her betrothed, but she wouldn’t go to extreme measures like running away with Rhaegar to escape the marriage.

I’m not sure about Renly, simply because an eldest!Renly would be a completely different person that the one in OTL. He’d be groomed as the heir and sent to foster with Jon Arryn as a child, resulting in a completely different person than the charming and good looking but ultimately hollow and selfish character we meet in canon. But I don’t know if the betrothal would happen in the first place. The betrothal happened in OTL after Steffon died meaning it’d be Renly’s choice to propose it or not, and Renly is gay and has two brothers to pass the Stormlands to. He doesn’t have to marry if he doesn’t want to. And even if Jon Arryn or whoever tried to convince him to marry, he probably wouldn’t go with a betrothal at that age. Meaning that Lyanna would already be betrothed or even married by the time he starts considering it, if he ever does.

Now, Stannis, he is the best choice. He wouldn’t be the hardened and embittered man we met in canon, and he and Ned would be two peas in a pod back in the Vale. He’d probably also make the betrothal, perhaps at the behest of Jon Arryn as I don’t know if he’d share Robert’s pressing need to make Ned his brother by marriage, though he’d surely recognize the excellence of the match on both the personal and political fronts. I can just imagine Ned waxing poetic to Lyanna about him. Would she be happy with the betrothal right off the bat? Hmm, depends. She might see Ned’s introverted and awkward nature in him which might endear him to her. Or she might be disappointed by how unimpressive he may appear to be. I mean, she is still a young girl with romantic ideas, even if she’s more realistic and pragmatic than most. I like to think that she’d ultimately see Ned in him, and I know she’d appreciate his sense of honor and justice.

Whether that would translate to a happy marriage though is anybody’s guess. Yes, Stannis wouldn’t abuse or cheat on her, but a non-abusive marriage is not exactly the standard Lyanna should aspire to, neither is it synonyms with a happy marriage. Stannis is still a Westerosi man and still shares his society’s view of proper lady conduct as much as Rickard Stark, and even Ned, do. His dutifulness vs her free spirit might also be a source of trouble. Their mutual stubbornness would make for some epic fights. But I think there would be enough common ground between them to build a connection on. Or so I’d like to think.

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Ok this might just be me but I don't like the way Sam didn't come clean on everything about the brits. Is he waiting for mom to come clean on the colt and he also says the brits took out the alpha last I checked sam did that with the colt. So how is dean going to find out about this secret sam is keeping mick going to drop that bombshell

Hey dear!

I think that may be a pivotal revelation that the writers may keep off for a bit still as it would make a perfect opportunity to truly and completely cause the rift between Dean and Sam and Mary to get even wider and possibly send Dean over the edge and cut ties with them.

The narrative so far has been framing everything surrounding the BritMoL and disagreement and betrayal existing between the Winchesters in a way that only makes sense to be resolved by Dean not conforming to anything the BritMoL do, but sticks to his own guns. Everything else would not just be terribly out of character for Dean, it would also make literally no sense storyline wise. The ending scene of last episode spoke volumes in that regard. Imo the current set up only makes sense to be resolved in proving Dean right in a multitude of things that will happen further down the line regarding who and how the BritMoL are. Sadly enough though, I think Sam and Mary may only see how right Dean was all along when Dean pays a horrible and painful price for their misplaced trust in the wrong people.

I fully expect that from now on the narrative will show Dean butting heads with the BritMoL and Sam and Mary almost on anything and that culminating in a moment where there may be a scene in which Dean will say, alright, we said we’d be out if I said so, no let’s go, but Sam then may choose to stay with Mary instead of keeping his promise to Dean - the whole Colt thing could factor in very well in such a scene too, because it is the ultimate object here that both Mary and Sam have failed to come clean with Dean about - and well, the fact that Mary had valued the Colt more than her sons lives at the time will have a definite lasting effect on Dean. I think it’ll kill him. Not literally of course, but he’ll shut down completely and may slip into a mindset which is even harder for the BritMoL to evaluate or control. So I fully expect the BritMoL to suggest that they need to “reform” Dean, meaning they may try and do something similar to Dean as to the other hunter who happened to work with the Alpha vamp and was “dealt with”, in a way that is “not pleasant”.The question then is, will the BritMoL be open about that? Or will they do that behind Mary and Sam’s backs? Because if they torture Dean and brainwash him or whatever else they are doing to him and Sam and Mary would know about it and wouldn’t interfere I don’t think the show could ever redeem any of them. The much more likely option therefore I assume will be that they may let Sam and Mary believe that when Dean walked out on them (possibly after a blowout in which the Colt will play a part), Dean truly left, but he really didn’t but got captured by them, because they knew Dean was too much of a danger to their operations.Therefore I think Sam and Mary may accidentally realize that the BritMoL do some horrible things to Dean and that may cause them to finally see just what these dickbagf from Great Britain are truly made of.

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I was talking with someone about Rowena in that episode and how flirty she was with Dean and what COULD have happened, and I realized something. Wasn't there a gap in there for some possible Dean/Rowena we didn't see? Now I'm looking very differently at her comment about Dean calling her if he starts to remember anything!

Oh dear… I mean, I don’t think that little of Rowena that she would have taken advantage of Dean in that situation. She, of all people, understood that Dean was not able to consent there. Especially in light of Catriona’s speech to her. Rowena has been in a place of absolute destitute desperation, and Catriona and her family had looked down their noses at her and turned her away. Rowena had even offered herself to ALL THREE OF THEM, implied in a sexual way.

CATRIONA: I remember you… a rag doll all huddled up on our doorstep. I swore I could see the fleas nibbling away at whatever the hell was left of that dirty little body of yours.
And still… still you thought you were worthy of our magic. And when we disagreed… Oh, how you begged– how you threw yourself down and… offered yourself… to each of us.
Boyd almost took you up on it, too. But I told him it would be cleaner with the pigs.

THIS WAS THE SITUATION ROWENA KNEW SHE’D BE CONFRONTING. The fact that she’d once offered herself as what amounts to a sex slave to this entire family (Catriona included), but they’d even rejected that offer, made out of absolute desperation for shelter.

Rowena had recognized Boyd’s body. Dean had KILLED Boyd. This man who’d decided that yes, IT WOULD BE BETTER TO FUCK A LITERAL PIG THAN TO OFFER ROWENA SIMPLE SHELTER.

So, no. I really, really really REALLY don’t want to think that Rowena would’ve done anything with Dean there. Because if anyone knows from what it feels like to be violated when in a completely vulnerable place, it’s Rowena.

Rowena’s comments to Dean that we DID see offered us a HUGE amount of insight into her character. I wrote a bit back in October about why I love Rowena, and I think that’s relevant here, too:


But what Rowena was afraid Dean might remember? And what I imagine he DOES remember but is too much of a gentleman to say? Is this, after she hands Dean the doll to play with and tells him a story:

ROWENA: Once, a beautiful witch was, again, run out of her homeland by those pompous, self-righteous, murderous hooligans. You know them as the British Men of Letters.
She sought refuge with a family of witches. All she wanted was a roof over her head and a safe place to hone her magic. Yet, they threw her out like… like common trash. They said she wasn’t up to snuff.
DEAN: Aw, these witches sound like dicks. I think you got plenty of snuff.
ROWENA:  You can really remember nothing, can you? What a gift not to recall the things you’ve done.
DEAN: What have I done?
ROWENA: Oh, you’re a killer, Dean Winchester.
DEAN: Wait.. I kill people?
ROWENA: Scores. But… but… though you may be a stubborn pain in the arse with the manners of a Neanderthal and the dining habits of a toddler, everything you’ve done, you’ve done [rolls her eyes and makes a gagging face] for the greater good
DEAN: Oh, and that’s supposed to make it okay?
ROWENA: I wouldn’t know. You help those other than yourself. But me? I’ve done horrible things and I told myself it was fine. It was the price of power, and power’s what matters, right?
Then I met God and his sister, the two most powerful beings in the universe, wasting it on squabbling with each other, and I thought if… if they can’t be happy, or at least satisfied, how can there be any hope for me?
DEAN: Why are you telling me this?
ROWENA: Because I know you won’t remember.

This is her confession. This is what makes her vulnerable. THIS IS HUGE INFORMATION. And she’s never been able to tell ANYONE this before.

It hearkens back to the confession she made to Crowley in 11.10 when she was trapped with the Witch Catcher and FORCED to tell the truth. But I think she’s been dying to tell SOMEONE all of this for eons.

And she’s also just a little bit afraid that Dean MIGHT remember it. Because it’s human. She’s just as scared and human as the rest of them. Knowledge is power.

So no, the idea that anything more happened there between Dean and Rowena is absolutely repulsive to me. Sorry.

But I do think Dean will remember, and this will help in 12.13, the next episode that will focus on Rowena and her family issues…

I am over you. Or at least I’m trying to convince myself that I am. It’s possible that I still think about you once in a while and wonder why we didn’t work. What did I do wrong? Why can’t you look at me when we’re in the same room? I thought we were becoming good friends. Good friends don’t treat each other like that.
—  9:20am thoughts// you didn’t even say bye

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I was rereading masquerade and I had a thought, what would happen if yuuri didn't run away with viktor when he did? Like, viktor would have to step up as leader eventually and then if the plan was to put yuuri in charge of his side what would they do? Would they like get married as leaders because then no one could stop them orrrr

I don’t really know to be honest, there are too many possibilities and what ifs to think about if things went that way. Even if they both ended up as leaders of their respective organisations, if they revealed that they were together it would still be seen as traitorous given all the bad blood between the families.

It’s not something I’ve put in the story, but I see Victor’s parents as very much loved and respected by their organisation and associates when they were still alive, which is why Yakov is still in the picture, he loved them both so much he was willing to raise Victor and teach him all he needed to know in order to continue the Nikiforov name. 

The only reason they made peace in the first place was because it was counter productive for both families, there were too many deaths, too much loss, and it was dragging the rest of the underworld down so much so that other groups started to intervene. 

So they’ve been neutral since then because if war started again it would be just chaotic and messy as it was before and neither side is stupid enough to let that happen, but they only really started dealing with each other when Victor and Yuuri started talking/dating. 

Pretty much there would be mutiny from Victor’s side even if he was the leader, and same for Yuuri too, just because his parents didn’t end up dead, doesn’t mean many other loved ones weren’t lost. Why do you think Minako isn’t married/has someone in Masquerade?? It’s quite possible her husband/partner was killed by Victor’s parents, but I will let people think about that one before I decide to spoil any more of the story haha. 

I don’t see them getting married in Masquerade-verse at all, they don’t need marriage or anything like that to solidify their relationship or their feelings for each other, a marriage certificate would pretty much just be a useless piece of paper in their eyes. 

Anyway, even if things ended up going that way and they ended up both as leaders, the shit would have still hit the fan XD

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My thoughts about Lucifer getting his wings back: in next to last episode, when Lucifer appeared in Chloe's house and she said a joke about tying a bell around his neck, for a split second I actually thought "Holy shit, it looked like he flied over there" And that's a thing: in s1 I had this little theory that Lucifer didn't burn his wings, but the fake ones. If i'm not mistaken, he never actually said he burnt them. Even when Mum asked about them, he said he cut them off. I find it curious.

HMM. This is very interesting. Especially since I think you’re right that they didn’t have an exact duplicate of the wings by accident, and that we never saw what happened between Lucifer finding the real set at the auctioneer’s house and smoking on the beach when Amenadiel turns up. It IS possible that he burned the fake set as the ultimate way of convincing Amenadiel that he would never/there was no actual way to get him back to hell. However, Maze later refers to cleaning up his mess on the beach, and has one of the feathers from Lucifer’s wing that she heals Amenadiel with after he is stabbed in 1x13. So she has to have been near the real ones somehow, and she likewise seems convinced he destroyed the real ones, so if not, it’s something even Maze doesn’t know.

I do believe we are being set up for a misdirect/reveal on the wings, and that since Lucifer kept them even after he cut them off the first time, it would be incredibly hard (and probably incredibly painful, physically as well as mentally) to destroy them for good. I have also never bought that the flame from one human cigarette butt can permanently destroy angel wings, so I have always been waiting for them to come back somehow. I do think that that could happen in the finale, and as noted, it’s how Chloe finds out the truth about him – by seeing him with his wings rather than his devil face, at least at first, and I need it.

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what is your opinion on the ursa/ozai shippers? I really don't think that they ever loved each other, it was an arranged marriage and even the comics establish that ursa didn't want to marry ozai

Let me start with my two assumptions/headcanons about Ozai before I delve into this.

  1. Ozai was never psychically abusive towards his wife.
  2. Ozai never raped Ursa.

Now… I personally ship Urzai, based solely on the small context we are given in Zuko’s flashbacks.

I don’t think it’s too far outside the realm of possibility to say, based on the show, that both Ozai and Ursa cared for each other as much as the next person would in an arranged marriage of ten or so years. I’d even wager a guess that their marriage was content.

However, I can understand the viewpoint that Ursa didn’t want to marry Ozai if I consider the comics. The Search establishes a relationship with Ikem and an obvious strife when she learns of her arrangement with Prince Ozai. That being said, as with every other character outside Aang, the comics recon everything we know about Ursa’s character in order to fit this plot driven story.

You may asked what we know about Ursa, so I have listed a few characteristics here:

  1. She was strong and independent, as she maintained a dignified and respected air and she raised her children to be intelligent, confident, and diligent.
  2. She was kind, as she showed a generous spirit towards the life around her.
  3. She was protective, as she murdered a Fire Lord to defend her son.

Now, what do the comics tell us of Ursa?

1. She was property. As is Bryke’s usual tactic in the comics, Ursa is no longer her own woman, nor is she allowed to speak out against her situation.

2. She was manipulative. Ursa, with the knowledge that Ozai read her private correspondence, included falsified information in a letter to elicit a response from her husband, thereby endangering her son. 

3. She was unloving. She chose to forget both her children to live happily with her ex-lover. As a mother, her children should’ve been her priority, but they were not. Ursa was unwilling to sacrifice her life and her happiness for them. 

The comics even go so far as to take the same woman who committed treason in order to save her son and turn her into the kind of woman who willingly left her children behind with a dangerous man. She knew Ozai was dangerous, yet she still chose to abandon Zuko and Azula to his whims out of selfish concern for herself and Ikem.

It’s sad really, how easily Bryke destroyed was was a complex, dynamic, and proud character, just to fit a plot.

But then again, that’s just their game:

As the comics unfold, this same scenario happens with every strong female from the show. Katara. Toph. Suki.

It’s almost as if the comics are an alternate universe and you need two ways of describing the characters: comic!katara, comic!toph, comic!suki versus show!katara, show!toph, show!suki.

Katara, who was once so strong and independent, becomes nothing more than Aang’s girlfriend and walking puppet.

Toph, who was once well-spoken, educated, and fierce, becomes nothing more than loud.

Suki, who was once a proud feminist and stood out as her own women, becomes nothing more than Katara’s replacement… because God forbid Katara care about and talk to Zuko.

Even Mαi, and yes we all know that I hate Mαi for her treatment of Zuko, but had the creators shown some interest in the powerful women from the original cartoon, perhaps Mαi could’ve had some proper character development.  Perhaps she wouldn’t be an even worse version of the apathetic, amoral girl she was in A:TLA.

Originally posted by thedarkesthour13

Please do not misconstrue this statement as me believing she is a good fit for Zuko, with or without development. In no universe is an amoral woman and match for an extremely moral man. I simply believe Mαi should’ve been given a decent story line in which her motivations become her own and are no longer centered around someone else’s redemption (i.e. ‘I love Zuko more than I fear you’ - not a very good reason to commit treason).

In general, it seems to be within Bryke’s taste to remove any and all development - or not even allow development - simply to fit a plot. It demonstrates a lack of creativity, a lack of respect for characters, and poor planning. I don’t know if it’s something against women, something against women of color in particular, or just the fact that Bryke self-inserted themselves into the story through Aang…

But overall, it’s extremely disgusting to me that every woman of color from the original show was reduced by two white males to be nothing more than caricatures of their former selves.


Just in case there are still people out there who don’t believe we Germans have some kind of humour.

So if you want some second hand embarrassment or just have a bad day - this video is always good for a laugh!

First Impressions PART 6

Catch up?

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Pariring: Reader x Bucky

A/N: This is it! Im thinking about an epilogue but im not sure, as always let me know what you think, requests are always open!

“Kill her.” The words were full of hatred and confidence, a dangerous combination.

You felt your eyes go wide at his words, anyone else would have seen your expression as fear but it was mostly shock. Some how Bucky had forced his way passed the programming. You didn’t have time to think about it though. Bucky’s hand released your throat before smashing into the agent at the door’s jaw. You watched the plates in Bucky’s arm change position as he prepared to fight. The man slammed into Bucky’s torso but he tried to stand his ground. “I SAID RUN!” Bucky screamed through clenched teeth.

 You pushed through the door and looked over your shoulder. The fight looked intense but the other man was unarmed and unprepared for the force behind Bucky’s punches. It wouldn’t be long before he was unconscious. 

You tried to figure out where you were as you walked down the long tunnel leading from the room. It was dark, almost like you were underground. The tunnel split off in opposite directions, you could hear footsteps coming from the branch to the left and made the snap decision to go right. There was a set of filling cabinets just passed a door and you used it for cover while you waited for the sound of Bucky’s escape. 

As the footsteps came closer you were able to make out two voices. Both spoke English with no hint of an accent. Americans. Great, more people from home that had joined the wrong side. The voices sounded young. They drew closer without stopping to head the way you had just come from. You peered out from behind the drawers. 

That was most definitely the wrong move. 

One of the men made eye contact with you and you sprang in to action. You were able to take them out fairly easily. They were not very skilled in hand to hand combat and once you disarmed them they were sitting ducks. You picked up their weapons and headed back for Bucky. He should have made it out by now. 

Freshly armed, you made your way back down the corridor quicker and less careful than before. When you reached the door it was quiet with no signs of Bucky. You pushed the door open and found him slumped against the wall across from the man he had been fighting. There was no blood on the body on the floor but a quick glance told you that he was dead. His form was far too still and you couldn’t detect the sound of breathing. You turned to Bucky, fearing the worst. You crouched down beside him and pulled his face up to inspect. There was a cut on his forehead and a faint bruise blossoming under his right eye. He was awake and when his eyes met yours he looked away. 

“You should go, Y/N.” 

“Not without you.” You responded tenderly. 

“Do you see that man? I didn’t mean to kill him. I didn’t. I swear but he started saying all these things and I- I lost control. I’m not stable enough to be around people.”

 “Buck, he was trying to kill you. No one could blame you for defending yourself.” You grabbed his hands and pulled him to his feet. “Now lets go.” 

Bucky almost seemed reluctant to leave as you pulled him through the corridor when it came to the split you tried to pull him to the right but he insisted on going left. You looked at him as confusion colored you expression. His face was hard and unreadable. “I’ve been here before.” He said as he pulled you along beside him. 

It wasn’t long before you reached a hanger. There were several large air crafts but Bucky pulled you to a smaller, more sleek jet and helped you climb in. “Hurry, they’ll be here any minute.” He climbed in and strapped himself into the pilots seat. It was a long and quiet trip back to the New Avengers compound. 

You had so many things running through your head to sort out that you couldn’t form a coherent sentence. By the time you had reached the base you decided where to start. “So, that’s why you left. Your words showed up.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He snapped.

 “You had just come back! How was I supposed to know if you could handle this kind of thing?” 

“Maybe you should have let me decide what I could handle?” That comment shut you up. You climbed over the side of the jet with Bucky’s help and walked quietly inside the compound. Steve was waiting just inside the door. You walked right passed him and made your way to your room. You noticed Bucky did the same but headed towards the gym. Steve followed his troubled friend down to the gym. 

You continued walking, passing everyone without so much as a glance in their direction. When you got to your room you curled up on your bed and closed your eyes. Bucky’s blue eyes stared from behind you lids, cold and unfeeling. Two emotions you’d never seen from him yourself. Tears were  dripping from your eyes before you knew it. You didn’t know what kind of man he was. Hell, you didn’t know him at all and here you were crying over him. The hurt in his eyes after you found him in that room was enough to bring you to tears, even without this bond you could feel his terror and sadness. Bucky tried to free himself from the person they had made. He didn’t want to kill, yet there he was. Sitting across from the corpse of a man killed with too much ease. 

All of this was your fault. If you had spoken to him sooner he would have never left. His words would have been something simple. Now he would have those words on his skin forever. A constant reminder of the horrible things he had been through.

 A new wave of sadness swept through you before you heard the soft knock on your door. Steve opened it and sat on the edge of the bed. He reached out and combed his fingers through your hair as you violently sobbed into your pillow. He let you calm down a bit before he spoke. 

“This is an awfully big mess, isn’t it.” He stated in his calm and caring voice. “That’s the understatement of the century” You retorted, sniffling and wiping your face on the sleeve of your shirt. 

“I think you two should have a talk.” 

“I tried. He’s so mad at me. He’s right to be. If I wasn’t such a coward he wouldn’t have left in the first place. He wouldn’t have those awful words on him forever. How could he ever forgive me for that?” 

“Trust me, Bucky cares for you more than you know. Right now he’s mostly disappointed in himself. You guys can work through this. You are going to have something worth fighting for one day and you will never forgive yourself if you let it go now.” Steve stood up and left you alone with your thoughts. 

After a while you got up and took a shower, hoping to wash the day off your skin. The water sent a stinging sensation through the cut on your head and hands. You could feel several bruises forming on your skin. 

You stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your hair and slipped into a stark white robe. You stepped into your room and noticed Bucky’s figure sitting on the edge of the bed. You tightened the knot on your robe and pulled the towel from your hair. You sat down next to him and began drying the ends of your hair. 

“I’m sorry.” Bucky’s voice came out as a gravely whisper. 

“Bucky, you shouldn’t be sorry. I should have told you.” 

“I understand why you didn't” He turned and met your eyes. It was obvious that he had been crying, your heart broke. “It had to be terrifying to find out The Winter Soldier was your soulmate.” You shook your head. He was completely missing the issue at hand. It wasn’t who your soulmate was, that kept you from saying anything. It’s that heart stopping feeling of possible rejection. It was the fear of some other force deciding who you should be with for the rest of your life. It was the fear of the pull you felt even now. “You know, I didn’t think you would ever exist for me.” Bucky started. “Because I’m out of my time. Steve met Peggy before I was captured. Their first words were embedded in their skin for 70 years. When I first started getting my memories back, I remembered Steve showing me after he saved me from HYDRA the first time. I looked myself over and realized I had been captured before meeting my soulmate. I didn’t think I would get this. And then, today, when those words showed up, I panicked. First, because of what they were and what that meant. I kept thinking about what cruel God would do this to me. And then I thought of you. I was hoping that even without a soulmate I could find someone to care for, it was a crazy daydream that kept me going while I was in hiding. I was hoping that maybe I could have that with you, but those words, they killed that hope. Thinking back on it now, It was my fault. If I hadn’t had the fear of HYDRA in my brain maybe those words would be different. If I wouldn’t have run, maybe they would say ‘Hey Buck.’ Or 'Pass the popcorn.'” Bucky said with a sad smile that faded quickly. “But I did and now you’ve been hurt because of me and you saw what I did to that man.” 

“Bucky! Stop. You saved my life. If any of this is your fault then it’s mine too. I wasn’t scared of who you were before. I was scared of a soulmate. Of losing my choice. My free will.” You saw Bucky’s face as your words hit home. You wrapped your arm around Bucky’s shoulders. 

“Can I see it?” He asked politely. You knew exactly what he meant and you showed him your ankle. His thumb traced the letters. “I know you’re scared of this, but maybe if we take it slow. If it feels more like a choice, it might work?” Bucky asked hopefully. You nodded and reveled in the feeling of his hands on your skin. It was an innocent touch but it felt right.

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You made Chiaki even cuter! I didn't think it was even possible! X3 I kinda wanna see an ask blog about her now, but I don't wanna impose on you.

Awww thanks anon! I’m glad you think so! I love Cheeks so doing an ask blog for her would be a lotta fun but idk how long my interest would hold for an actual blog. Tell ya what tho, If you wanna ask her questions on here that’s fine just specify! I’ll make some drawn replies and if people like it enough I’ll make it a semi-regular thing or something ^^


Sebastian on Chris at Weibo (x x)
The first question, based on the comments, is: who’s more handsome, Chris or you?


Walking into class after working the morning shift is like, “yes, hello. I know I have espresso splattered all over me and that my shirt is stained with steamed milk and various flavors. Just ignore the stench that is seemingly ingrained into my skin for all of eternity and pretend I don’t look half as bad as I actually do.”

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Of course, he’s the first to find her. Then.. did he possibly see her transformation? Though it was so fast… Could he possibly help her turn back!? Was that way too much wishful thinking!?

Well, she’d just have to make it clear that she was the cat! Yes! But much is easier said than done. What would she do normally that a cat would still be able to do…? Wink

Heckie, she can even still sparkle! But honestly … that’s probably not going to tell him anything. && What’s more, why is she such a f a t cat, anyways!? That and an insatiable need to be patted was really making her mad! Her pleasant expression has changed to one of irritation. “Mreow!”

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Hey, could I have the evidence that Tsukiyama, Uta, Nutcracker, Hsiao, and Shousei are LGBT? I want to let my friends know. They'll be really excited!

(this is for all anons in my inbox with this question)

Tsukiyama and Uta: please reread the manga (so many people have asked for a specific instance for Uta (besides eating dick lollies, even though he was literally sucking on a dick; how much clearer can you even get) that I’ll remind y’all about Uta flirting with both Shirazu and Urie).

Mayu (Nutcracker): remember her French-kissing that female investigator? Before that Mayu was like “you’re really pretty”. Usually complimenting someone and then kissing them implies attraction (and then Mayu ate her tongue, oh well).

Hsiao: please refer to this ask.

Shousei: please refer to this post.

As for people who want “100% confirmation”: we won’t have it. We definitely don’t have 100% confirmation that anyone is straight, either, but that doesn’t stop anyone from assuming so. On the same basis we shouldn’t dismiss those words and actions as “joking” (since Ishida doesn’t joke about LGBT matters in a harmful or demeaning way; among other things, he used to read yaoi, so I don’t think he would).

  • Ruvik: I want to talk to you about child support, Sebastian.
  • Sebastian: What child? We never had a child together. It's not even physically possible without some major adjustments of some kind.
  • Ruvik: How could you
  • Ruvik: Talk about
  • Sebastian: Weren't you the one that put him in terrible conditions?
  • Sebastian: Shouldn't you be taken to court for child endangerment?
  • Sebastian: And WORSE? Multiple counts of murder! What kind of parent are you?
  • Ruvik: Honey no I didn't mean it.
  • Sebastian: I don't want to see your face around ever again.
  • Ruvik: Honey-
  • Sebastian: Out.
  • Ruvik: [Sadly phases the fuck away]
  • Sebastian: I didn't think that would actually make him leave.