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okay legit question: what do you think is the difference between aizawa's disdain for heroes that choose the spotlight as opposed to stain's ideals? what differentiates them?

Hiya Nonny!

I have a short answer for you, and a Very Long answer.

Short Answer is the obvious one: Aizawa doesn’t kill. He may dislike certain people, but he will not let it cloud his judgement, and he’s never gone out of the bounds of the law. If you check the Vigilantes spin-off, he even shows up in there as the stern and strict hero who is very much against that whole vigilante thing.
Stain, however, does kill. Rather a lot. It’s his whole thing. It’s how he makes his point.
This makes him a villain, and Aizawa a hero. But that’s probably too obvious of an answer. So let’s get into it.

The Long Answer.

I think, and I’m sorry for putting it like that, that you aren’t asking the right question when you say that Aizawa has a disdain for heroes that take the spotlight.
Aizawa’s best friend is Present Mic. You've… seen Present Mic. His superpower is that he’s loud and flashy. Aizawa is also on friendly terms with the likes Midnight and cooperates gladly with Lemillion and that dragon lady.
All big, flashy heroes.
So I don’t think it’s fair to say that Aizawa hates or feels scorn for heroes that like to be in the spotlight. No, what he hates, is the spotlight itself. Specifically, he doesn’t want that spotlight to be on him.
He’s an underground hero for a reason. His fighting style, his quirk, they require villains to either not see him coming, or to not know what he’s planning. The shadows are his best friend.
Going on late night tv to talk about his love life and his favourite food would legitimately put him and his work, his strategies, at risk.
Canonically, what he hates is not so much the heroes, but the Media.
The media’s job is, in part, to show things that don’t want to be seen, and you can assume that this is one of the reasons he has such a hard time with them. He’s an introvert being pushed in the middle of the dance floor. No one is gonna have a good time until he’s back in a corner next to the punch bowl.
But I digress.
Because it is true that he is shown to have issues with that most flashy hero of all: All Might.
The two do work together, but their relationship is strained. Why? That’s actually not too clear. Maybe their personalities clash. They are pretty opposing, even if they both have the same goals in mind (save the children,mostly).So that could be it. Maybe All Might took one too many arrests from Aizawa. Maybe Aizawa is just tired of every single kid in his class deciding on the dangerous path of a hero, because they look up to All Might.

Now let’s look at Stain.

Originally posted by kurodemon

Stain’s backstory is that he went to a ‘pay for your diploma’ type of hero school, and decided there that all heroes are fakes. He has a very… teenager type of background, but one he seems to have stuck with.
And because this is BnHA, where nothing is black and white, he has a legitimate point, even if he goes way beyond the correct way of bringing it across.
Heroes in this universe are public servants, but they’re also celebrities. Several of them make a Lot of Money doing things like commercials. And that situation is less than ideal. Because why do people decide they want to be a hero? For the fame and fortune? Or to help people?
The motivation thing is kind of a theme that runs through a lot of BnHA. That whole ‘all true heroes have found themselves running in to save someone before they could think about it’. It’s what got Midoriya chosen.
On the flip side, you could see Endeavour’s quest to be number one as a result of this celebrity culture. I personally believe that Endeavour is (or was at the start) truly in it to help people, but that the large, cocky, arrogant part of him just also wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. And if not him, then at least his offspring. This sort of thing legitimately causes suffering.

The same culture also poses questions reminiscent of things Hollywood, politics and the music industry struggle with. Are heroes chosen for their talents, or for their pretty face? That is literally the issue Momo has in her intern arc.

So Stain has a point, but because he’s basically insane, he takes it too far.
His main victim in the story is the older Iida Tensei, and that guy (again, based on Vigilantes) is a cool dude, who puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork, and who is by all accounts a diligent, conscientious man. The guy is well known, but I don’t have the impression that he’s like… modeling or anything.
The original Ingenium is, in short, one of the Good Guys.
But he’s not Good Enough for Stain.
Because Stain is not just fighting corruption or vain heroes that take up too much of the spotlight, or that spend too much time making money on the side.
He basically wants every hero to be All Might. Utterly selfless, workaholic, no home life, dying for the cause. 
Few heroes are like that, because that is a very unhealthy situation. That’s the kind of stuff that leads to burn-out, and those alcoholic divorced cops in tropey crime dramas.
You know who’s like that? Midoriya. All Might. Mirio. Also, incidentally: Aizawa, the guy who does so much overtime that he sleeps in class and who comes to work still covered head to toe in bandages.
But I digress (again).
What Stain wants, is for Heroes to not only be incorruptible, but to be inhuman. He has an almost childish need for the idolized heroes of comics and tales. Not real people with a partner and kids and daily meals and human feelings and doubt and a sleep schedule.
He is, himself, spinning an unrealistic tale. One that catches on, by the way, because in his own blundering way, he has learned the power of imagery.  His PR is amazing, even if part of it is just that one clip of him ranting going viral.

Let’s talk about All Might and images

(yes, I know that wasn’t the question, but bear with me)
Now, the crux of all this, and really of pretty much everything in BnHA, is All Might.
Because he’s the one that started it. The ultimate hero, the one that kicked off Celebrity Hero Culture.
He did so knowingly, too. He set out to be the Symbol of Peace.
That’s the tale he spun. The PR campaign he started.
He needed the media for this. He embraced them and by doing so, probably kickstarted the idea that heroes need an Image.
All Might definitely knows the power of imagery: the smile, the catchphrase, that one youtube clip that keeps surfacing of him carrying like ten people at once.
It is real, he is actually like that, but it’s also a story. It is there to scare villains and reassure the populace.
It is, in a way, what made PR important for heroes. This, too, could be one of the reasons Aizawa is less of a fan of All Might: that guy just made the job of hero harder by adding all the media attention, and Aizawa would be happier if it wasn’t part of his daily life.

So where am I going with this?

Stain’s disdain of heroes in the spotlight is pronounced, but in a way it’s a cover for his very clear and very unsustainable want for ‘true heroes’. He uses it as an easily understandable (because with a grain of truth) argument for his philosophy that deems almost every hero unworthy.
On the other hand, Aizawa mostly hates the spotlight itself. His reasons for being kinda grumpy around All Might are mostly personal, and we haven’t really been given a full explanation of them.

Both of them, in part, rail against a wider culture of celebrity heroes, but because irony is the sweetest of all Horikoshi’s themes, the one that goes along with it the most, the one that uses imagery to his advantage, is Stain. He’s the one going viral with his philosophies.
The one that is closest to the ‘true hero’ that Stain is raving about, is then Aizawa, who just wants to be left alone with his sleeping bag and his cats.

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Hi! Saw a fanart about this before sooo.. would like to request an HC where MC is also a hacker (maybe as good as God Seven), but she's not affiliated in any organization (freelance?) so didn't come up on the background check and she tells em after they started dating?? Particularly interested in Vanderwood's reaction. Lololol.

✿  ok so I admittedly got a little crazy with this request. Whoops!! we’ve been talking about the Snowden movie in class, so I’ve had vigilante hackers on the brain… 

✿  As usual, I hope you enjoy!


  • Of course he knows about  (♕ ALICE ♕)  - how could he not? Last month the image-boards blew up talking about her after she released a whole host of incriminating government documents to the public! She’s super famous!
  • How does he feel about it? Uh.. well… if…… the government is doing bad stuff…… shouldn’t people know about it? She’s like - a hacker for justice! That’s good, right?
  • Wait, why do you look so relieved?
  • wait what are you
  • what do you mean that
  • i
  • you, of course, are somewhat taken aback. the media is calling you a terrorist and yoosung thinks u are too good for him. 
  • clearly it is the other way around
  • how is this precious angel child still interested in a hacker like you? wtf? 
  • he is hyper proud and clearly does not understand the danger of being with you.
  • you are a vigilante and could get your ass black bagged
  • the Orwellian big-brother police could fuck your shit up at literally any moment
  • He doesn’t care about any of that. He’s going to protect you! This is a cause you think is important, right? 
  • You’ve always supported him in what he thinks is important. He is gonna do the same!!
  • what are you going to do when the MIB show up yoosung, throw honey buddha chips at them and run while they’re distracted??????
  • he wins u over with his sincerity tho and starts helping you out a bit.
  • He’s actually very very good at doing tedious, methodical tasks like looking through e-mails, so he basically becomes your partner in crime. You do the fun hacking and flamboyant trickery, he does the boring sorting.
  • look at you, corrupting the innocent. good job. 


  • He notices that you spend a lot of time on the computer, and at first you just coyly say, well - you’re a programmer.
  • It’s sort of true…?
  • Most of the time, your work isn’t… that bad! You’re just a - a freelancer, like… like a graphic designer or a ghostwriter! 
  • It’s - it’s nothing sketchy! It’s just sometimes on the side you…
  • …y;know, hack into government databases and dump all the dirt you find for the public to see.
  • (ok u gotta tell him)
  • He seriously thinks you’re joking at first when you finally drop that your secret identity is  (♕ ALICE ♕), the flamboyant hacker who’s stolen the public eye lately with a promise to ‘Take the world down the rabbit hole of governmental corruption’. 
  • you’re expecting that to be it. You are dangerous, your job is dangerous, and holy fuck if word got out, Zen’s career would be destroyed. 
  • honestly? you consider being the one to do it, to break up with him for his own safety. Jaehee is right. his career is more important than a relationship.
  • Zen, when he finally accepts that you are serious, is like… fuck that lmao
  • Right now??? He only has a career because of your encouragement, so there is NO WAY he is letting you deal with this on your own.
  • For awhile, you consider… dropping your job and finding something more… palatable. Something in security maybe. You know how to break into networks - you can turn that around to protecting them.
  • Zen takes you off guard by saying, in no uncertain terms, no. 
  • This is important to you. He can see how important to you it is by the long hours you work. He knows what it’s like to have people poop all over your dreams, and he is not going to do that to you.
  • You do, at the very least, use your skills to make Zen absurdly popular. He thought Seven was bad about his dubious promoting? OH LORDIE


  • jaehee breaks into nigh-hysterical laughter when you tell her
  • oh god
  • how long have you been doing this
  • how did you learn how to do this
  • how did you even get into doing this
  • she’s going to be sick
  • NOT THAT SHE’S DISGUSTED BY IT, she immediately clarifies as you start to wilt. GOD, NEVER. NEVER, NO.
  • she’s just terrified
  • She never really… possibly considered that this world could ever intersect her own, and she’s so scared for your safety.
  • You quickly clarify that you’re just a freelancer, though, uh, the fame you have under your pseudonym is,
  • um
  • well
  • you’ve
  • done some pretty big shit. h-hacking government documents, leaking e-mails… uhhhhhh….
  • the news might… call you a terrorist…? ehe.
  • After she’s calmed down, Jaehee adjusts her glasses and gets to work. looking over her shoulder, you see… travel plans…?? flight agencies..??? what???
  • Jaehee has, true to form, taken it upon herself to manage all of the logistics of your inevitable escape from South Korea. seriously this woman is p r e p a r e d.
  • you’re kind of shocked that she’s totally??? and completely willing to aid and abet a criminal and she just looks u dead in the eyes and says
  • You have no idea what I did underneath Mr. Han.
  • (tbh i’m pretty sure Jumin’s 5th anniversary present to u two is smuggling you both to Jamaica, where you can sip daiquiris on a beach and watch the fallout of your reign of terror from afar.)

(as usual - the rest are under the cut!)

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For all the S and M boys what if their s/o who used to be very bouncy and just did what ever they want suddenly stopped after they had punished them terribly. She didn't speak unless spoken to and didn't do anything without their permission. But after a while they realize how much they were very much in love with how bouncy she was, even if she did anger them a lot. Would they regret what they had done? Would they try to get her back to normal? Would they apologize?

That’s a creative one♡

Shu: Shu would probably regret what he did yes. People usually think that because of his attitude that he really wouldn’t like his S/O to be all happy and extroverted, but on the contrary. To me Shu acts like someone who suffers from depression. You know, no longer having joy in the things they do etc. So to have his s/o suddenly become quiet and more hesitant with their choices would cause him to be upset. For once he would actually get up and confront his s/o about. It might take some time but he will end up apologizing I believe. He misses his s/o bubbly personality and actually regrets hurting you.

Reiji: Reiji is a different story…It takes a lot to prove him wrong in his eyes. The fact that you’re finally doing as you’re told is quite satisfying. From time to time he might be a tiny bit remorseful because you somewhat resemble a maid now and not his s/o, but since Reiji can be so stubborn he would refuse to see himself in the wrong. But like Shu he will come to realize that he liked it better when he constantly had to ‘teach you a lesson,’ and put you in your place. So it’s sort of an in between with him, but yes I think he would regret it, but no you would not hear an apology.

Ayato: I don’t think he realized he hurt you until later on. He’s pretty oblivious to how others feel sometimes. Because of his egotistical nature he wouldn’t be wary of the insults he would utter needlessly to you. But I believe he would realize his wrong doing and try his best to make up for it by doing small things. He probably won’t apologize though, but he will, of course, try to be better.

Kanato: Not going to sugar coat it, he would definitely not feel sorry. You did something wrong and you deserved the Consequences that he bestowed upon you. Simple as that. The fact that you are acting like the doll you should have makes him happy.

Laito: He, at first, may find your submissive attitude pleasing, but he does miss those times you would struggle and yell at him. He loved it better when you were yourself not the robot type you are now. So yes he does regret it, and he will try everything to get you back to your jovial self. Even though it’s for selfish reasons he really does miss the old you.

Subaru: This male wouldn’t care too much at first. He hurts everything he touches, as he puts it, so that’s nothing new. But as time goes on he would began to regret it. Subaru would probably beat himself up for making such a mistake. You’re his lover and still messed up. So yes, he would try to fix it. No matter how long it takes.

Mukami Brothers

Ruki: Just like Reiji, Ruki wouldn’t be able to see his wrong doing. Since he was young he has been hurting others without sympathy so it was no surprise when he ignored your cries and please. Even when you started acted as you are now he felt no remorse. Ruki was actually happy that you finally learned your place. From time to time he might mention about how you changed your behavior. But it usually ended with him saying something between the lines of “I’ve should have punished you like this a long time ago.” No, he would not apologize….

Kou: If he hurt you it was probably because a button was pushed. Kou Is very two faced, so I’m sure he would not regret what he did to you either. But I’m sure he’d miss his happy s/o who would cheer for him and encourage him even when he was being rude to her. Again he would only try to get you back to normal for selfish reasons, but at least he’s not leaving you like that. I don’t think he would apologize because he knows this may happen again.

Yuma: No, not really. That doesn’t bother him too much. Yuma can be pretty rough, and very rude so he wouldn’t really see what he did to you as bad. He’s happy that you finally do as he said though. No back talk whatsoever. But sometimes he does miss those days you would happily help with his garden, or just simply hug him. Yuma doesn’t want to lose anyone else that is important  to him, so he would apologize to get you back. I don’t think he’d feel bad though. He just didn’t like the new attitude you were presenting him.

Azusa: I don’t think he can tell the difference when it comes to hurting you. To him pleasure comes pain and vise versa, so your broken like attitude wouldn’t faze him. Azusa would probably treat you the same way. Hugging you, and kissing you, etc. But he really wouldn’t have any problem with how you are now. He probably believes that you felt so good from the ‘pleasure’ he gave you that you can’t help yourself. Azusa might be a little disappointed when you don’t act a certain way when he does stuff to you, but I don’t think he would understand that it was because of how you were treated.

(Sorry if this seems kind of rushed. I got stuck a few times^^; anyway I hope this is what you meant thanks a lot for asking)

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man, i don't even know what to do with kenny omega man; first he and kota slaughter us with their undying love. now, he riling the shit out of okada and making mr. stoic mcsparkles FEEL things like anger, disgust, irritation and maybe, just MAYBE some grudging admiration and respect. all while kenny just sort of flirts with him in his weirdo passive-aggressive way he did with kota. he's moving on in the most masochistic way possible, i think, although that title's a nice bonus as well.

okay this turned out more about kota/kenny because I hadn’t thought about Kota at all in the context of Kenny/Okada stuff till this came into my inbox, and then the information about Kota being in the G1 came out today and just. it got away from me.

In a wonderful post that you should all check out @mithen said “Kenny alternately taunts and pleads with [Kota] through social media” and I think that’s a great way to describe it.

A theme that arose in Kenny’s Kota-related interviews in 2016 was that Kota probably isn’t even on his level anymore.

“There are precious few people that can change the face of wrestling. It may even just be the two of us. So I’m going to stay here in New Japan, doing my best and waiting for him. (At the G1 finals) I finally surpassed him. I was chasing Ibushi for eight years and finally outgrew him. I hope that’s inspiration for him, right?” - Kenny Omega, Aug 28 2016 (as translated by Chris Charlton (which kenny retweeted))

He’s spent eight years chasing Kota. He wants Kota to come to him this time. He’s been waiting for him in NJPW. He’s been giving him “inspiration.”

Kota defeated Kenny the only two times they’ve ever been in singles competition against each other. Kota has also had matches against Okada at least twice that I know of (not counting Tiger Mask W, who is, of course, an entirely different person) and lost both times. Beating Okada certainly would put Kenny on a whole other level. Especially beating him clean which is something Kenny has been very focused on.

Kenny doesn’t just want to win. He’s made that clear. He wants to beat Okada. Because he’s not just after the belt and the power that comes with it. He’s after the knowledge that he’s better. Better than Okada. Better than Kota Ibushi.

if you look at it like that, one might almost say that he’s been baiting Kota in his current run for the title. I’m better than you. I’m better than you. I’m better than you. I’m doing things you never could. Come home and prove me wrong.

Love Unintentional (Part 3)

Originally posted by irinagudronchik

Word Count: 3183

A/M: The first part has become one of my most popular posts for a story and thank you so much for that! ❤️ Here’s Part 3. As always, if you like it, let me know :)

Other Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

You went back to your place only three hours after you had found out your boyfriend’s secret.

You had made it to a bench in a quiet park nearby, wiping away the endless tears that came with the pain. 

The place was quiet and the only people around were a couple nearby, playing fetch with their dog. 

You watched them as they smiled at each other, as the big Labrador ran across the field and caught the frisbee in the air. 

They looked so happy. You thought, We used to be happy like that. But then this all happened. I fucked up.

However you looked up in realization, as you let your thoughts sink in.

He’s the only that fucked up. NOT me. Why should I leave? That's my home, under my name. He’s the one that fucked up and I am NOT going to just run away. 

A sort of strength had been instilled in you. One you hadn’t realized that you had. Whether fuelled by anger or adrenaline you didn’t care. He was making life difficult the last few months and you didn’t deserve any of this.

You walked in and scoffed at his confused look, as he wondered where you had disappeared to that morning. But you confronted him about it, and you didn’t give him a chance to give you that same excuse he had given you for months. 

“You’ve been cheating on me! Don’t you fucking deny it! I’ve seen that number for months [Y/BF/N]. Months! And I believed you! I believed your stupid lie saying it was just a "coworker”. That I shouldn’t talk or ask you questions cause it’s comparable to mine and Harry’s situation. I thought I was paranoid! But I was right! I was fucking right!“ Tears had formed in your eyes but your anger kept you going, as the longer you looked at him the more you wanted to punch him in the face. 

"I only did it because you were slipping away from me [Y/N]. You were spending too much time with him. Talking about him.”

Your mouth fell open at his words, you were so angry you could barely think, “[Y/BF/N]. You’ve said some stupid shit before. But seriously? That is the fucking stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life." 

"So what? You’re gonna walk out? Finally get to be with him? I know it’s what you want.”


You continued to look at him almost laughing at his stupidity, “Oh my god! If you think I’m walking out you’re dead wrong. You get the fuck out!” You said pointing to the door, he gave a confused look, “For months! Want to enlighten me on how many months exactly?” You asked sternly, not sure if you were even ready for the answer.  

He suddenly had a look of guilt on his face, “4." 

You closed your eyes, the pain of that knowledge sinking in, "Four months… FOUR FUCKING MONTHS!” You said now yelling, “FOUR MONTHS YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME. Cause what? You felt you should’ve been more successful than me? Because I made friends that weren’t you? FOR FOUR MONTHS YOU WERE FUCKING SOMEONE BEHIND MY BACK, ACCUSED ME OF CHEATING ON YOU WHEN YOU WERE REALLY DOING IT TO ME?!” And suddenly you realized something, “All these months when you asked me if I was cheating on you. Accusing me of being too close to Harry. You were trying to cover for yourself! You were trying to find anything you could so you couldn’t be the bad guy weren’t you?”

He suddenly couldn’t look at you and remained quiet, and that was it, “Get the fuck out!” You said now physically pushing him away, not able to put up with his presence anymore. “GET THE FUCK OUT!” And you managed to get him out the front door. 

“But [Y/N]. I live here. My things-" 

You grabbed the door and gave him a look, "Not anymore you don’t. Never come back.” And you slammed the door in his face. 

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when your town's urban legends kinda suck
  • Rebellious Teen: My dad used to tell me this legend about a guy from around these parts who wore a pig-mask and was always carrying a baseball bat. He said that if you saw him, he would give you two riddles. If you got one right, he'd whack you with his bat and chase you off. If you got both right, he'd give you anything you desire. And if you get both wrong, well, you'd become a part of his mask.
  • Lethargic Teen: Wow, so was he like magical?
  • Rebellious Teen: I don't know.
  • Lethargic Teen: I mean, he could give you anything you desire so he has to be kinda magical.
  • Rebellious Teen: That's pretty much implied.
  • Lethargic Teen: Then why'd you say you don't know?
  • Rebellious Teen: I don't know.
  • Lethargic Teen: Also, does making you a part of his mask mean that he like shrinks you down so you're a very tiny person and he tapes you to the mask? Or is it more grisly in that he kills you and takes a patch of your skin to be a part of his mask?
  • Rebellious Teen: I don't know. We didn't come out here to talk about the logistics of this dude. We're here to see if he's real.
  • Lethargic Teen: *yawns* But, he's probably not real.
  • Rebellious Teen: Ugh! I know he's probably not real, but it's creepy and fun to think he is. Have you ever heard of fun?
  • Lethargic Teen: If I wanted to have creepy fun, I'd be at home playing Resident Evil which I much prefer to standing out here in these smelly woods.
  • Rebellious Teen: Can you chill for like two seconds and maybe enjoy your time out instead of being so damn pedantic?
  • Lethargic Teen: I don't even know what pedantic means. I'm legitimately too dumb to know.
  • *sound of footsteps on grass*
  • Rebellious Teen: Shit! Hide! *pushes lethargic teen beneath the bushes and peaks out to see who's coming*
  • Lethargic Teen: It sucks down here.
  • Rebellious Teen: *whispering* Shut the fuck up.
  • Lethargic Teen: You have a fat ass. Have we known each other for long enough that I can casually call your ass fat in a non-sexual way. Because you have a really fat ass and I'm only just noticing now.
  • Rebellious Teen: If you don't shut the fuck up right now, I'm going to literally choke you to death. But thanks. My ass is fat.
  • Pig-Mask: *walks by dragging a baseball bat attached to a leash behind him*
  • Rebellious Teen: Oh, fuck. He's real.
  • Lethargic Teen: It's probably just some guy dressed like him.
  • Rebellious Teen: I'm going to confront him!
  • Lethargic Teen: You're gonna get killed maybe. I don't know.
  • Rebellious Teen: *hops out of the bushes* Hey, pig-mask!
  • Pig-Mask: *slightly glances behind him* ...Oh, bother.
  • Rebellious Teen: I know all about you. So... uhh...
  • Pig-Mask: Can we just get this over with. I want to go home.
  • Rebellious Teen: Uhm.
  • Lethargic Teen: *crawls out of the bushes*
  • Rebellious Teen: What do I do?
  • Lethargic Teen: Iunno. You're the one who knows the legend.
  • Rebellious Teen: Yeah, but the legend doesn't really say how you're supposed to go about confronting the guy.
  • Pig-Mask: Oh yeah, I'm supposed to ask you guys two questions.
  • Lethargic Teen: Two questions each?
  • Pig-Mask: I'm really tired so you guys can share two. One for each of you.
  • Rebellious Teen: I'm fucking fired-up! Shoot those damn riddles at me! I don't care! I'm not afraid of you!
  • Pig-Mask: Please don't yetll. Here is my first riddle: Who is the uhh... what is... uhm... what day is it?
  • Lethargic Teen: Wednesday.
  • Pig-Mask: Hmm... is that right? *looks down at baseball bat* Is today Wednesday?
  • Baseball Bat: *wan* *wan*!
  • Pig-Mask: Yeah, today's Wednesday. Congratulations you got it right.
  • Lethargic Teen: That wasn't a riddle.
  • Rebellious Teen: Seriously, that was just a super easy question.
  • Pig-Mask: Oh, bother... I guess your second test will have to be a riddle. Oh, bother. Let me get out my riddle book. *digs in his pants* Bother, bother, bother, bother... here we go.
  • Pig-Mask: *opens his tiny book* Okay, so... this one's not good. This one is kind of racist. I don't think this one is in English. Whatever. *tosses book* Here is your second riddle. What day is it?
  • Rebellious Teen: You asked that already!
  • Pig-Mask: Yeah, I did. Sorry... I guess. *sighs*
  • Lethargic Teen: *yawn* This guys sucks.
  • Rebellious Teen: Yeah, dude! You really fucking suck!
  • Pig-Mask: Sorry, my dad was a lot cooler. I have depression and anxiety and stuff. I haven't really been in any sort of mood recently, y'know. Feels like nothing even matters anymore.
  • Rebellious Teen: It really was a waste of time coming out here. Come on. Let's go home.
  • Lethargic Teen: Finally, can you carry me there?
  • Rebellious Teen: Sure, hop in my arms.
  • Lethargic Teen: *hops on up and smooches rebellious teen right on the cheeks* I'm going to pass out in your arms now. *goes limp*
  • Rebellious Teen: Goddamn, you're heavy. Why did I agree to do this? *waddles away*
  • Pig-Mask: Ah, their relationship is so wholesome. I wonder what it feels like to carry another human?
  • Baseball Bat: *wan* *wan*!
  • Pig-Mask: No, like a living human. Also, since when can you bark like a dog and stuff.
  • Baseball Bat: *gone*
  • Pig-Mask: Oh, you weren't real. *cocks head to the side* I wonder where I got this leash from? Just another of the mysteries of the world, I guess.

anonymous asked:

I think Destiel is the show's end game but they want it to be the very last thing. So they set up the story around season 8/9 because they didn't really know if they were gonna get picked up and they had to dial it back up when it continued. Now it started again during season 12 knowing the show is gonna end in the next couple of years for sure without it being cancelled. Maybe? Thoughts? Love your meta!

Hi! Love you too!

I weirdly had a conversation about this yesterday in private so I’ve managed to actually coalesce some thoughts about this… Lots of thoughts.

Seeing as I joined fandom in the end of season 9, I basically joined a fandom that had been pretty hurt by the spec that season 8 might have been endgame if the show was cancelled… Obviously we’re never going to get any sort of statement on it until after we know the definitive line on whatever else they were doing with Destiel after the point it matters, so it’s going to be small potatoes if it was or not. 

But I don’t particularly think that it actually WAS - and the different way Cas, and his and Dean’s relationship, was portrayed in season 8 immediately threw a whole bunch of fuel on the fire but it was shocking in a way that it was being given attention rather than specifically being romantic, and it’s hard to tell the two apart, especially when you’re looking in the subtext and seeing romantic stuff, which when you’re a starving shipper suddenly seems like a feast of both charged interaction AND the old subtext, which is suddenly slathered all over everything when Cas is a major part of Dean’s emotional arc for the first time (in a good way). 

(LOTS more under the cut)

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There are so many words I could say about what happened last night. A bunch of friends came together and decided to make something truly beautiful. This is a collaborative piece of art, brought to you by the RivaMikaFam discord server…I’m brought to LITERAL TEARS. Hang on everyone because if you want to laugh your fucking ass off, this is what your reading needs to be. Don’t be fooled because by the time everyone starts writing for the second time this shit goes off the fucking rails and into a beautiful, beautiful piece of pure CRACK.


Mikasa hadn’t anticipated the stress having her own squad would entail. When she’d been younger, the officer life had seemed almost illustrious – a still modest yet larger salary, individual quarters, and far less horse-shit shoveling and busy work. She’d fantasized about what it’d be like as an officer; less bullshit, less kitchen duty, and especially less of Captain Levi telling her to run another lap, repeat the course until she can beat him, or having him tell her to do anything, really.

That was all a wonderful fantasy. She hadn’t realized that the officer life came with one critical thing: subordinates.

“Shut up!”

“No you shut up!”

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elerinwen  asked:

Hiii! Here's a prompt for you: “Don’t you dare let go of my hand. You hear me?”

Hey Libby,

Thank you.  I was all set to do angst and I still want to do that really and yet somehow I ended up with this -  wasn’t going to post this, but it’s taken over a week of staring at it so here you are - some is under the cut. xx


The rain stopped falling as they entered the forest, now above the trees there’s only sunlight.   

There’s that smell in the air that always comes after rain, fresh air that’s enriched by the scent of the trees and the flowers around them.

Around them, the only sound is of birds, of water in the rivers and maybe the sound of Liam’s own heartbeat.

He fights not to lose his footing on the ground that’s still not dry, and covered in leaves but manage it he does. 

Zayn isn’t so lucky, and actually the sound of birds, etc., definitely hadn’t been the only sound in the forest.

An “I hate you Leeyum,” here and a  “Me trainers are ruined you knob,” there and Liam daren’t imagine what Zayn’s reaction will be when they reach their destination.

If he can persuade Zayn to  go any further that is, he turns round and Zayn’s picking himself up from the floor, he’s covered in leaves and mud and yet somehow he’s still the best sight Liam’s seen.  

Even when he’s glaring at Liam like he is now, though, as soon as he meets Liam’s eyes, his expression softens and he says in a warning tone that manages to be without heat or anger somehow.

“Don’t say a bloody word you.”

And then he’s gone ahead and Liam has to run a little bit to keep up with him.  

By the time they reach their destination, the sun’s disappeared behind the clouds, and Zayn’s better mood as they’d walked along, talking about superheroes, talking about having a massive burger when they get back home, has disappeared with it.

He’s silent for a moment to be fair as his mouth falls wide open, and there’s an almost imperceptible shake of the head and its on a knife edge how he’ll react.

That said the, “Fuck you, you fucking prick,” doesn’t come as that much of a surprise.

“Just hear me out Zayn,” and then before Zayn can say another word, Liam walks the two or three steps to the log, the log  that  stretches between the tree on the side where Zayn still is and then on the other side of the valley. 

For Liam, its as second nature as walking on a pavement, but he gets Zayn’s reluctance, he does.

Except, if he’s a mess here, then how will he ever cope when he’s on his own in a situation far more shitty than this?

Liam kicks off his shoes and then without looking back tells Zayn, “You won’t need your shoes.”

“Err, I will Leeyum cos there’s no fucking way I’m getting on that log even if you pay me.”

Liam doesn’t reply, instead he takes off his jacket next, tossing it on top of his trainers, leaving just his vest top and the pair of jogging bottoms on.

Without hesitation he takes one step, then two and then practically skips to the other end of the log.

Then he turns, and Zayn’s there, clutching onto his trainers, but shaking his head as he peers over the edge.

“No way Liam.”

Liam takes two or three steps along the log so he’s halfway across, lowers himself and then cause he can’t help it, he beckons Zayn onto the log with his finger. 

Zayn shakes his head again so Liam sighs and then straightens up, hands on his hips. 

“Okay then Zayn, but what then, I know you hate heights and yet you want to be a fireman, i’m pretty sure that you having a moment when you’re halfway up the ladder about to rescue someone from the fire that’ll kill ‘em if you don’t hurry up, won’t go down too well with anyone.”

Zayn’s shoulders slump and that’s when Liam knows he’s won, when Zayn locks his eyes onto Liam’s and takes his own jacket off, and drops it and his shoes on top of Liam’s and says in a loud but shaky voice.

“Ok, but don’t you dare let go of my hand, you hear me?”

Liam really does skip the last few steps to meet Zayn at the end of the log and he reaches out his hands to Zayn’s.

“Not going to let anything happen to you Zayn, I promise.”

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anonymous asked:

Any One Direction songs in which you find the romantic relationship to be portrayed healthily?

That’s an amazing question anon.  Thanks so much.  I’ll try to do it justice.

Before I begin I will have to talk a little bit about what I see as most damaging about One Direction songs.  It’s not the subtle negging of Little Things, or the sudden rash of rape-y songs on the third album.  It’s that there are so many songs which strips the person the song is about of any agency and reduce her (later maybe them) to an object of desire. The singer is so obsessed with his own feelings that there is no space for the girl he is singing about to have any feelings at all - or for those feelings to matter.

And that’s so damaging - the target audience of One Direction is young girls who are told in a million different ways that men’s desires and feelings matter and theirs don’t.  One of the most important fights, both for feminism, but also for women in our own lives, is realising that we are subjects and not objects - when we have so often we are told differently.  

Before I get into One Direction’s songs I want to share an amazing Dar Williams song - about women claiming their subjectivity - that I like to imagine fighting UAN and TMH and destroying them both with its awesome power (and then they rise from the ashes - still great pop songs but with magically transformed better lyrics)

There’s lots of different sorts love in a pop song - and I’m going to organise my discussion around different subjects - because I think each sort of song has its own pitfalls.

We’re Super in Love With Each other, isn’t it great (aka Larry songs)

  • Strong
  • Right Now
  • Home
  • I Want to Write You a Song
  • 18
  • If I Could Fly
  • Act My Age
  • Through the Dark (maybe not great - but better than it would be otherwise.  I particularly like that the perspective of the person this song’s about is relatively strong).

I didn’t include Drag Me Down - because I think the ‘shell of a man stuff’ is  fraught.  It’s often a really manipulative thing to say.  I think in the context of the whole song it’s actually fine - because the song is so joyous.  There’s a huge difference between ‘Things are great! I love you! Thank you! Without you I wouldn’t be as great as I am!’  And ‘Things are terrible. I love you.  Without you things would be even worse.  But it did make me cautious. 

Everything About you is surprisingly good for a song on UAN (they’re literally all about how it’s unfair that a girl would like anyone but the narrator) - but there’s that bit in the middle about other guys seeing her and not knowing that it’s him - which is really gross.

Quite a lot of these songs are borderline for me - in that there isn’t much space for the person being sung about to have any feelings or their feelings to matter.  If I was talking to Louis (in particular I think) about what sort of love songs he wrote in the future - I would encourage him to be more specific about the object of his affection and to give that person a voice in the song.  But there are obviously reasons that might have been difficult.

It’s the two of us against the world - but our love will win (aka more Larry songs)

  • Ready to Run
  • You & I
  • Fireproof (just - like I have very strong feelings and readings about this song - but it would be so easy to introduce some mutuality to it.  To have the first version be “nobody knows you baby the way I do” and the second “nobody knows me baby the way you do”.  The difference of having ‘we’ in both Ready To Run and You & I is really pointed)

Definitely not They Don’t Know About Us - which I feels hits too many red flags.  Presenting young girls with the idea that ‘people on hate on our relationship because they’re jealous’ is a romantic statement - is basically priming them for emotional abuse. 

I’m attracted to you and think you’re amazing

  • Better than Words
  • Girl Almighty

The key to this sort of song is to make the focus how amazing the object of the song is and not on the singer’s own feelings.  There are a lot of songs in One Direction which are about how the object of the song should be into the singer rather than someone else.

Songs about hooks ups that are portrayed as mutual and consenting:

  • Best Song Ever (they just dance and she says no - and that’s OK)
  • Never Enough
  • No Control (I think ‘I’m all yours’ saves the ‘no control’ - and makes it clear that the encounter is mutual and consenting)
  • Up All Night (I’m absolutely grading on a curve here - it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t on their first album)

Lots of songs are almosts in this category. Live While We’re Young has the pressure-y vibes of Zayn’s verse. Temporary Fix would be there if it wasn’t for the idea that bodies can speak. And I would include Kiss You - but the line about showing her off to his friends is fucked.  In fact, almost every way that friends feature in 1D songs is a red flag for me.  There’s a lot of ‘your friends hate me’ - which it bothers me is being portrayed as slightly romantic - rather than a sign that the person is actually terrible. 

Songs about break-ups and heartbreak that aren’t gross and entitled

  • Walking in the Wind (obviously you could read this song about any sort of separation - but it’s beautiful, mature and respectful of the subjectivity of the person).
  • Rock Me

There are many One Direction songs which make out that breaking up with the singer is a terrible unjust, unfair wrong thing to do.  In that context these two stand out. 

Some final examples

Over five albums their songs changed significantly. Lyrically they matured so much.  I want to pick out two songs from MitAM that don’t fit my categories - but show how much more honest, real and respecting MitAM is about relationships than UAN.

A.M. - this is a song about a shared moment and experience - it’s not explicitly about sexual relationships, but I love its specificity. I also think the fact that it’s not definitely about a sexual relationship makes it more healthy than equal than so many of their songs that are.

End of the Day - I don’t know if I’d exactly call this song healthy.  The person is so scared of expressing themselves and the situation is clearly messy (an early equivalent which is also much better than most of their early stuff is ‘Change My Mind’ - where the singer is seeking out consent and cares what the object of the song feels).  But I think songs that are messy and complicated about how hard being vulnerable is are so much better songs and less damaging - than some dude whining ‘my love is better than his’.  I think all sorts of relationships can be beautifully portrayed in songs that add something to the world - not just healthy ones.  What makes End of the Day so great is that there’s space in the song for ‘her’ - even if things might not work out the way the singer desires.


I know this is going to sound like such a Larrie thing to say.  But the more I think about this the more impressed I am with Harry and Louis.  And I do mean Harry and Louis. Niall doesn’t write that much.  And I can’t attribute the changing view of love within One Direction songs to Lima - when he’s all Wolves is a song about how stressful it is when people hit on my hot girlfriend. One Direction songs were really limited in the way they portrayed relationships.  And that’s changed.  MitAM depicted a range of relationships in songs that often had space

I think actually given the experience they’ve had over the last five years - that is quite extraordinary.  Being in the centre of a boyband storm - and yourself being treated by an object by so many fans - it’s not necessarily a place that you’d expect to develop maturity about relationships and an understanding of other people’s subjectivity.  They’re really impressive.

I’m going to stop now before I get even more sentimental and ridiculous. 

What Scares The Avengers Most:

Tony Stark:

Dark rooms and creepy noises. Kind of an odd fear, But it stems from when he was kidnapped. He doesn’t like the unknown of darkness, and the unsettling feeling when there’s whispers or creaking sounds. He can barely get through any type of haunted event if it’s dark, and if there’s little kids laughing or just screaming he’ll pay them 100$ to stop and get him out asap.

Other than that, Halloween is his favorite holiday. He’s always the one to get the team to mess with the others.

Steve Rogers:

It’s actually extremely silly, But he’s most scared of anything to do with ice or frozen things. Yes, That does include people who dress up from the movie Frozen. It just reminds him of when he was in a block of ice for years. Sometimes when the team is feeling really mean they’ll freeze a mini figure of Elsa in ice and give it to him.

Natasha Romanoff:

She’s a stone cold woman. No one knows what scares her. Jump scares, Haunted houses. Nothing. Nat doesn’t even blink. You’ve all tried, But nothing gets her. 

What would really scare her the most though, Is seeing you dead. Once you were in costume and it had fake blood on it and she had to leave the room, She was so upset by it she asked you to change. But you never picked up on it that she hated it.

Bruce Banner:

When someone pops out of no where. It doesn’t affect him much, But he does flinch, and give you a warning glance to never do that again. Or else maybe the Hulk would show up. Really don’t mess with him and any scary things.

Clint Barton:

He hates the skeletons. If he sees one we will just walk out of that room and not go back till it’s gone. No one knows why exactly it freaks him out so much. But the team often pranks him by setting up traps where they’ll pop out. He always falls to the ground and almost kills you all.

Thor Odinson:

Nothing actually scary scares him. It’s the little things that do. Like fake Spider webs or plastic snakes. It startles him quite a bit. And he asks “Why would you humans make something like that?” Being completely serious. But you can’t help but laugh at how confused and scared he gets.

Wanda Maximoff:

Robots/Tech. Ever since Ultron she doesn’t trust any of that type of stuff. She can’t control Robots or anything of that sorts. And that makes her extremely uncomfortable. She tries to hide it, And she can do a good job. Leave it to her to hide her emotions. Even little kids in tin man costumes freak her out a bit. She just hates metal things. Or just things out of her control.

Pietro Maximoff:

He doesn’t fully understand Haunted attractions. So those freak him out quite a bit. He gets a bit more used to it after time but he still hates it and almost screams every time something pops up. He acts tough about it though, Flexing and boasting about how he almost punched a clown in the fake (When really Pietro ran away from him). Pietro often says “Pff saw it coming,” To defend his ‘Honer,’. But everyone knows he just got super scared.

Peter Parker:

Everything scares him. He’s a huge scaredy cat. Peter can’t handle any kind of Halloween event. No movies or houses. Even some costumes make him extremely uncomfortable. He  never admits he’s scared, but it’s painfully obvious. If you watch a horror movie he needs to cuddle, And if you’re going through a haunted house then he’ll have a death grip on your hand, and you would have to lead the way. One thing he isn’t scared of though is bugs. Of course. 


People getting shot/fake blood wounds. SFX wounds freak him out quite a bit. With being in the army, He had to see lots and lots of real cuts and shots. For a split second he always thinks it’s real, and goes into protective nurse mode. But as soon as he realizes that it’s fake and he just ripped some of his shirt off to stop the bleeding (Fake) scrape he get’s extremely embarrassed. But if it was a real cut he’d be the best one to call. 

Sam Wilson:

He Hates haunted houses. Everything about them makes him want to die. He hates every single thing about them. Sam is fine with horror movies or shows, But when it gets real, He’s out. It would take some serious work to get him to go into a haunted place. He jumps when the door opens. He almost has a heart attack when something comes out of the dark, And he is so so close to fainting when they pull out a fake knife. 

Scott Lang:

He’s a little scared of everything. But what scares him most is flying on planes. It doesn’t trust them at all. Scott is okay with it if it’s Antony, But he just can’t trust anyone else with flying. He used to hate it all together, But flying on an Ant made him less scared. At least by a bit.


Much like Nat, He is not affected by much/nothing scary. He doesn’t get scared of that kind of stuff. He knows it’s fake, So why would it matter? Even if someone he loved died, Sadness or hurt is not his first thought. It’s revenge. He’s a mysterious person, Who keeps secrets like that locked up. Where no one will find them.

The only thing that scares him (Not even a lot. And not Halloween related,) Is explosions. It takes him back to when his father died. But he now only flinches at them.

Bucky Barnes:

People Jumping out at him. He can’t stand it. It doesn’t scare him too much, But that does not make it any better. Plus his reflexes tend to get him in deep. Someone ends up with a bloody nose and he is kicked out of or booed out. It’s not pretty. But hey, They picked the wrong guy to scare. You have no idea why he still goes to scary events, When the end almost always ends the worst way possible.

Request Some Spooky Stuff!!!

'Frozen' Starter Sentences
  • "Beware the frozen heart."
  • "The skies awake, so I'm awake!"
  • "Do you wanna build a snowman?"
  • "The heart is not so easily changed."
  • "There is beauty in it....but also great danger."
  • "Fear will be your enemy."
  • "Come on let's go and play."
  • "I never see you anymore."
  • "We used to be best buddies."
  • "I wish you would tell me why!"
  • "It doesn't have to be a snowman."
  • "Conceal it, don't feel it. Don't let it show."
  • "I think some company is overdue, I've started talking to the pictures on the walls."
  • "I don't want to hurt you!"
  • "______ please, I know you're in there."
  • "People have been asking where you're been."
  • "They say have courage and I'm trying to."
  • "I'm right out here for you, just let me in."
  • "We only have each other."
  • "What are we gonna do?"
  • "Why have a ballroom with no balls?"
  • "There'll be actual real live people, it'll be totally strange."
  • "Wow am I so ready for this change."
  • "For the first time in forever, there'll be music, there'll be light."
  • "Don't know if I'm elated or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zone."
  • "For the first time in forever, I won't be alone."
  • "I can't wait to meet everyone!"
  • "What if I meet the one?"
  • "I suddenly see him standing there, a beautiful stranger, tall and fair."
  • "I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face."
  • "Which is totally bizarre."
  • "Nothing like the life I've led so far."
  • "For the first time in forever, I could be noticed by someone."
  • "And I know it's totally crazy."
  • "At least I've got a chance."
  • "Don't let them in, don't let them see."
  • "Be the good girl you always have to be."
  • "Make one wrong move and everyone will know."
  • "But it's only for today."
  • "It's agony to wait."
  • "A chance to change my lonely world."
  • "A chance to find true love."
  • "Nothing's in my way."
  • "I'm awkward, you're gorgeous."
  • "Wait, what?"
  • "Like the chicken with the face of a monkey!"
  • "Your physique helps, I'm sure."
  • "Can I just say something crazy?"
  • "I love crazy!"
  • "I've been searching my whole life to find my own place."
  • "It's nothing like I've ever known before."
  • "Love is an open door."
  • "I mean it's crazy, we finish each others-"
  • "Sandwiches!"
  • "That's what I was gonna say!"
  • "I've never met someone who thinks so much like me."
  • "Jinx! Jinx again!"
  • "You and I were just meant to be."
  • "Say goodbye to the pain of the past."
  • "Can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?"
  • "Can I say something even crazier? Yes!"
  • "I'm sorry, I'm confused."
  • "May I talk to you please? Alone?"
  • "You can't marr someone you just met!"
  • You can if it's true love!"
  • "Oh, _____, what do you know about true love?"
  • "All you know is how to shut people out."
  • "I can't live like this anymore!"
  • "Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out?"
  • "What are you so afraid of?!"
  • "I'm completely ordinary!"
  • "She/he would never hurt me."
  • "A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I'm the queen."
  • "Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried."
  • "Don't let them know? Well know they know!"
  • "Let it go."
  • "Can't hold it back anymore."
  • "I don't care what they're going to say."
  • The cold never bothered me anyway."
  • "You'll never see me cry."
  • "Here I stand, and here I'll stay."
  • "I'm never going back."
  • "The past is in the past."
  • "That perfect girl/guy is gone."
  • "She/he's a stinker."
  • "Snow. It had to be snow."
  • "Ooh, and sauna!"
  • "Hoo-hoo!"
  • "Big summer blowout!"
  • "Now back up, while I deal with this crook here."
  • "Reindeers are better than people."
  • "Yeah, people will beat you and curse you and cheat you."
  • "Everyone of them's bad, except you."
  • "But people smell better than reindeers."
  • "That's once again true, for all except you."
  • "We leave now, right now."
  • "Hold on, we like to go fast!"
  • "Wait, you got engaged to someone you just met that?!"
  • Didn't your parents ever warn you about strangers?"
  • "Foot size doesn't matter."
  • "What if you hate the way he picks his nose? And eats it."
  • "All men do it."
  • "Are you some sort of love expert?"
  • "Because I don't trust your judgement."
  • "Who marries a man she just met?!"
  • "It's true love!"
  • "You almost set me on fire!"
  • "But I just paid it off."
  • "I understand if you don't want to help me anymore."
  • "This whole thing has ruined me for helping anyone else."
  • "Sometimes I really don't like you."
  • "No, not yellow. Yellow and snow? No go."
  • "You're creepy."
  • "It's just a head!"
  • "Why are you hanging off the earth like a bat?"
  • "Hi, I'm ____ and I like warm hugs."
  • "Who's the funky looking reindeer over there?"
  • "I don't know why, but I've always loved the idea of summer."
  • "I'm guessing you don't have much experience with heat."
  • "Sometimes I like to imagine what it will be like when summer does come."
  • "The hot and the cold are both so intense, put them together it just makes sense."
  • "Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle."
  • "I'm gonna tell him."
  • "Don't you dare!"
  • "Somebody's gotta tell him."
  • "Oh look at that, I've been impaled."
  • "I wouldn't put your foot there. Or there."
  • "Nobody wants to be alone. Except maybe you."
  • "That was like a crazy trust exercise."
  • "I'm gonna cry."
  • "Go ahead, I won't judge."
  • "Do you think she knows how to knock?"
  • "It opened! That's a first."
  • "It's a palace made of ice! Ice is my life!"
  • "Please don't shut me out again."
  • "Please don't slam the door."
  • "You don't have to keep your distance anymore."
  • "I will be right here."
  • "You mean well, but leave me be."
  • "Just stay away, and you'll be safe from me."
  • "I'm such a fool, I can't be free."
  • "We can face this thing together."
  • "What power do you have to stop me?"
  • 'It is not nice to throw people!"
  • "Don't talk to him like that."
  • "My hair? Look at your hair!"
  • "You hesitated."
  • "I like to consider myself a love expert."
  • "Take off your clothes!"
  • "Why are you holding back from such a man/woman?"
  • "So he's got a few flaws."
  • "You can fix this fixer upper with a little bit of love."
  • "He only likes to tinkle in the woods."
  • "She/he's engaged to someone else, okay?"
  • "Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart."
  • "Don't be the monster they fear you are."
  • "Oh, ______ if only there was someone out there who loved you."
  • "Love is putting someone elses needs before yours."
  • "Some people are worth melting for."
  • "The only frozen heart around here is yours."
  • "I could kiss you! Well, I'd like to. May we? May I? Wait, what?"
Until Dawn Headcannons
  • Update #2
  • Matt: To me he seems like the kind of guy who adores Marvel/DC/ Superhero movies. Why? I have no idea. But I can't help but imagine him at Halloween being the most excited (behind Josh of course) and just dressing up as whatever superhero he can think of. Ever since he was a child he's been doing it and can even talk the others into joining him in a group costume sort of thing. (Ex: Mike as Batman, Matt as Robin, Emily as Catwoman, Jessica as Harley Quinn, Josh as The Joker, Chris as Riddler, and Ashley as Poison Ivy) On his Tumblr is ALL SUPERHEO stuff. Not even kidding either. (Some can be other funny stuff, but mostly Superheros.) He reblogs a lot of Chris' stuff and Jessica's.
  • Bonus: Total dog person. Power bottom. Tall (5'11)
  • Chris: We all know Chris is a huge nerdy boy who can't get off his phone to save his life. So I think he has a Tumblr (Let's say they all do actually). He's the one who secretly has one, no one knows he has one, but they all follow him without realizing it and always try to talk him into getting one so they all can follow him. He just rolls his eyes and says 'Maybe some time bro.' And they never once find out he has one. On this he reblogs the shit out nerdy stuff he likes (Video games, TV shows, Movies, etc.) and a lot of relationship bull crap that he insists is he thinks is stupid but has a secret love for corny/cheesey things and because of this blog he reblogs a LOT of it.
  • Bonus: He is SO a Dog Person. And I could see him a bit on the chubbier side, just not like, huge. Tall (6'2)
  • Josh: Just like Matt he adores Halloween, maybe a bit more than Matt. By a bit more I mean he goes crazy when it comes to decorating and his entire house becomes one huge haunted house every year and he pays people to actually hide around his huge house and scare people in the middle of one of his infamous Halloween parties. Sometimes he gets so into decorating that he actually forgets to dress up once October 31st comes and goes to get a last minute costume that he always somehow, in such little time, makes look fabulous, even more than Chris's which is usually just cardboard on his chest and he calls himself a knight, so it's easy to outdo him. Hard to outdo Jessica and Emily though, they both go all out. Josh's Tumblr is just full of Halloween shit all year round with the occasional favorite TV show posts/Couples. (Hannigram 5ever)
  • Bonus: He is SO a Cat Person. And I can see him being slighter taller and thin. Also; Power Bottom/Top. Tall (6'4)
  • Jessica: We all know that Jessica is the Queen B, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, all that. SO of COURSE she would have an Instagram. I mean seriously, if we follow along with the stereotype she DEF has one. But! Her Instagram is a bit. . .different. I feel like Jessica is a cosplayer and actually enjoys dressing up like her favorite characters, doing make tutorials, all of that. I can see her being the Fangirl of the group and swooning over ships and head cannons and whatever the new trend is on Tumblr or Twitter. And she sends Emily Anon love all the time without revealing who she is.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Average (5'6)
  • Emily: 4.0 Bitch. She is a know an all, as we can see in the game. But I have a feeling she is actually a bit insecure but tries to hide it by false confidence and knows that she isn't the best but is always trying her hardest. (Strict parents, perhaps?) She constantly posts on her Twitter and Tumblr new fashion ideas and life hacks which Jessica reblogs the hell out of. She reblogs the hell out of Jessica's make up tutorials all the time and always puts a heart in the tags.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Tall-ish (5'8)
  • Ashley: Ah yes, the girl I wish I didn't relate to but I do. Except I'm way funnier just sayin'. She is a writer as said in the game. So I can imagine her, Sam and Jessica getting along famously, all three of them work together on a lot of projects and Ashley, being the writer will write fanfictions for Jessica and have Sam illustrate them for her. Her Tumblr is full of fanfics, reblogs of her favorite couples, and art Sam has done for her fanfics.
  • Bonus: Cat person, Short (5'2).
  • Sam: I can see her being an artist, and she, like Ashley and Jessica, absolutely adore shipping and head cannons of all sorts and will always read Ashley's work and reblog them for her followers to see and then she normally illustrates the hell out of whatever couple Ashley had written about. And of course she also posts vegan recipes and how to keep healthy and selfies of her climbing trips. On another 'secret' blog of hers (Josh totally found it) She draws pictures of her friends in different couplings, her favorites to draw are Josh/Chris and Ashley/Her. When Josh found that blog she threatened to beat him up if he ever tells anyone about it. (Chris secretly found it and using his fake blog loves to reblog the stuff)
  • Bonus: Dog Person. Average height (5'5)
  • Mike: I can totally see Mike being a theater buff, fighting for the role to play as Romeo in the school reenactment of Romeo and Juliet (Whom of which he always gets Jessica to try out for) I can see his Tumblr being full of nerdy/cute things from famous plays and characters in those plays. He reblogs the shit out of Matt's stuff and without realizing it, Chris' stuff. He sends Josh a lot of prank ideas as well which of course he helps Josh with to do to the girls and/or Chris.
  • Bonus: Cat person. (idk why. . .it fits) Tall (6'6)
  • Beth: I can see her as more of the athletic type of girl. She is always trying out for the school teams and has done every sport there is. She's not the biggest fan of Halloween but loves to see Josh so excited about it. (Though when he hides skeletons everywhere and screams SKELETON WAR she hates his guts.) Her Tumblr is just full of sport life hacks and how to keep healthy. She reblogs a lot of Sam's Vegan recipe posts and Hannah's intellectual/serious posts.
  • Bonus: Dog Person. Tall-ish (5'8)
  • Hannah: Hannah I can being a huge nerd, but the really serious kind. Her blog is full of feminist ideals and how to be equals, she believes everyone should be treated the same not one person is better than the others. Her blog involves a lot of political ideas and how the world should be working and dissing the economy on several posts. She posts a lot of things that can actually help people and always lends a hand to her followers when asked a question. She reblogs a lot of Sam's climbing posts, and some of Josh's silly posts.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Tall-ish (5'7)
  • Mike/Ashley: Very very rare pairing. But I believe the two of the mare actually pretty good friends behind everyone's backs and Mike constantly compliments Ashley's writings or acting skills when she helps him practice while everyone else is busy or doesn't want to deal with his over dramatic crap. It's a platonic relationship, they go out for coffee a lot and listen to one another go on and on about their days, actually listening to one another.
  • Sam/Ashley: I ship it, everyone should ship it. My head cannon for these two would be that they are constantly bickering about something small and everyone always makes them make up and kiss/hug. Samantha has the biggest crush on Ashley but because Ashley supposedly likes Chris she backs off a bit and just fantasizes and draws. Ashley of course likes her back and wishes that she could tell her but her parents are homophobic and she's too scared to come out. Sam's parents know that she is a lesbian and accept her for who she is.
  • Chris/Josh: For these two I can see them accidentally being together. Everyone actually believes the two of them are together and every time they try to get with a girl the girls asks 'Why?' and 'Aren't you with Josh/Chris?' which confuses the fuck out of these two babies but they insist they're not but no one believes them. I can see them just lying around, drinking, playing video games and sneaking kisses to one another every once in awhile, always insisting no homo until one day it goes full homo. Also, they are both meme loving shits and scream JOHN CENA to one another all the time, or whatever the most famous famous meme is at the time. (Josh walked around with a 'Promblem?' mask on for 3 months until Sam finally ripped it off of his face and destroyed it.)
  • Mike/Josh: These two are constantly pranking one another, there is no boundary and sometime they can hurt each other from the prank but they do it all in fun, neither of them are upset with the other, they just try to find a way to one up one another. I can see the two of them hanging out and actually comparing problems and helping one another solve them and being really good friends.
  • Matt/Mike: 'If I had to choose a dude' Is what Mike likes to call Matt, making the other boy always glare and flip him off while Mike whispers 'I love you' to him. I feel like they'd have a great back and forth to one another and always keep each other on their toes, always waiting for the lighthearted insults from the other. I can see the two of them being the douchebags at parties that jump off the roof into the pool while holding hands and then complaining about things together. (Ex: Emily, Girls in general)
  • Mike/Jessica: Like in the game Mike cares more about Jessica than anything it seems and would do anything for her, but I see them more in a brotherly love way? Like, I adore them together but I can also see them just acting like brother/sister. Still one of OTPs, but I can see them like that. Mike constantly gives Jess flowers and candies and snuggles with her whenever she asks or is in the mood and just worships every part of her like he would die without it, emotionally and physically. I can also see him being the one to fix her hair if she's tired or there's no mirror around for her to fix it herself.
  • Mike/Sam: Even though they are different in almost every way I can so see them together or (like Jessica) in a brother/sister type way. I adore this pairing as well and like them in any way really. I can see the two of them making plans to go climbing together and do dangerous stunts that the others are too chickenshit to try. They secretly cuddle when the other is feeling vulnerable and feel like it's something personal that the other's shouldn't know about and are content. None of it ruins anything so they don't see the point. They care about each other's well being.
  • Josh/Sam: These two I have a small head cannon for; They are best friends due to Hannah, meeting they instantly hit it off and Josh may hold some feelings for her but she has told him on various occasions she thinks of him like a brother. He doesn't mind. She realizes they have a connection, but knows it would never work due to her feelings for Ashley and Josh's for Chris.
  • Chris/Sam: These two of course joke around constantly and are always pushing each other's buttons and making terrible jokes (mostly on Sam's end) and are the people who can go from playful to serious in an instant during their conversations. They sometimes talk about deep, personal matters that Chris tries to shy away from but Sam pulls him right back in, knowing this was important for both of them and in the end they leave feeling relieved and thankful for the other.
consider this: SMH & one direction

i just wanna talk about smh and 1d ok im so sorry this wasnt supposed to be this long i have no control 

  • dex grew up with sisters (let me have this he has a bunch of sisters ok) so not only was he completely unable to escape one direction he was not allowed to get away with any sort of ‘bands that have mainly young female fanbases are not real music’ misogyny that lots of teen boys and adult males have 
    • so he likes 1d he doesnt advertise but he had to listen to them a lot so he knows their entire discography and what they have some good songs ok bro 
    • so yeah they find their way into his workout playlists so fucking what man they’re fucking hype songs 
    • his fave is niall bc hes chill and just wants to drink beer and play his guitar and listen to dad rock and he’s irish (dex is irish and is grandma loves niall bc she’s irish and what a sweet young lad) he’s not like die hard niall stan but he knows all of the 1d discourse from his sisters debating (im willing to listen to other opinions my back up is louis bc hes a punk) 
    • he save up one year (and got help from his fam) to get tickets for his sisters to see a wwa concert as a birthday/christmas/every holiday present bc theyre expensive and they dont have a lot of money 
      • his mom technically bought the tickets he just helped pay for them and the girls surprised him with a ticket for him to come with (mama poindexter: well i cant let them go alone who’s gonna watch them you have to go make sure they dont get arrested for doing something stupid) dex played it cool but it was such a fun concert and so fun to hang out with his sisters tooo
  • nursey now is a goddamn hipster u cant tell me he isnt into a bunch of british alternative bands and bc of his brit music phase he knew about one direction from the very start at the x factor stage (he definitely mentions this all the goddamn time when they start becoming popular but he chills out through the years)
    • hes been to at least one concert for every tour (he even got tickets to the madison square garden show) - he went to every concert with his sister but it was his idea to go and she was just there to keep an eye on him
    • also a big reason he got into the band was zayn like heres a pakistani muslim boy who’s super talented with these white dudes and that representation is super important (i also hc nursey as muslim or at least partially but zayn is a brown muslim boy killing it so yeah its awesome) 
    • but nurseys fave tho is harry especially when harry is a total hoe with long hair and jewelry and those red carpet looks like nursey is in love but also in awe bc those sparkly boots and that floral suit like those are iconic Looks™ and nursey loves it bc gender isnt real and he loves hoe looks (zayn is like 1.5 tho bc nursey is in love)
      • nursey tries to serenade dex with little things one day when they’re chilling by the pond on the grass and dex punches him bc nursey is making him emo even when he knows dex doesnt have emotions (in public in front of people who can see him cry)
  • bitty likes them they’re no beyonce but theyre fun and attractive and yeah hes gonna have some fun dancing to them he isn’t really up with all the drama and disc*urse until the boys have 1d nights and they watch this is us and the concert dvds bc he learns a lot 
    • he loves 2013 era harry and all the time liam (that boy is thicc and bitty 100% does not swoon)
  • holster like come tf on holster loves them he unironically and passionately loves one direction completely unashamed he does not care for your opinions and no one makes fun of him bc he’s a 6′4 fucking big ass hockey player who could drop kick u across campus if he wanted to
    • he claims he doesnt have a fave but he would die for all of them 
    • his fave rotates seasonally and he has a different fave for each era 
    • he went to the tmh tour and he’s gone to every tour since - he goes with his sisters bc its a bonding topic for them he sits at the edge of the floor or at the end of a row on the sides bc hes so tall he feels so bad and he tries to stay out of the way of the little girls behind him but hes nice to them and talks to them and so they like him even if hes a giant
    • but really he and his sisters are so close bc they have a lot of similar interests and they talk about pop culture stuff and its hard to keep intouch when hes away so much but they have group chats about 1d and tv shows and stuff so its so nice for them to keep up a strong bonding time 
  • ransom is a britney bitch and holster dragged him into 1d. he’s in it for the memes and the drama really. (he likes the songs and thinks its fun but he wouldnt have been a fan and gone to concerts if it wasnt for holtz)
    • holster takes him to the wwa concert and they have a blast 
    • holster also drags his ass to see this is us opening night (they both cry)
  • chowder just loves everyone and he doesnt understand why people hate 1d (or other pop artists with majority young female fan bases that ppl hate bc misogyny) when theyre so fun he’s not an active /fan/ until smh has team bonding nights involving one direction jam sessions and concert dvd watching and drunk history
  • on such 1d nights they put on one of the dvds and it accidentally turns into a drinking game (mainly drinking bc this part of my god did u see that !!! THAT NOTE CHANGE !!!! and ZAYN WHY !!!! and other painful parts) and some of them *cough* nursey dex and holster *cough* get possibly the most drunk they ever get bc of this 
    • theres loud awful drunk singing along and some sobbing (this is definitely not based off of any sort of personal experience whatsoever nope never done this before) 
    • after the movie when everyone is so drunk they talk about 1d history which is how the veterans teach the others about the exciting drama and disc*urse  
  • lardo is a bad bitch who is tough as fuck and manages a division I mens hockey team and every single one of them is afraid of her. AND she would not let any bro tease her for liking one direction bc why the fuck not. 
    • she has plenty of their songs thrown in arting playlists and in pump up playlists 
    • and she knows theres nothing better to cheer holster up when he’s having a rough day than a 1d dance sesh 
    • dont forget where you belong is the first song on her team bonding playlist bc its a love song to ur bandmates which transfers very well to love songs to ur teammates 
  • shitty unapologetically loves 1d and boy bands and girl bands and he supports all things that young girls love but are not taken seriously bc girls like them 
    • he’s written at least 3 papers/projects on the misogyny surrounding young girls and their interests and involvement in fandom and also boybands (he tries to fight all guys who disrespect girls’ interests and the power of teenage girls)
    • he’ll randomly show up to a 1d night bc obvi he’s in that gc and he’s ready to party and express emotions and dance and talk drama 
    • he loves harry bc “THAT FLOW MAN!!! HIS FLOW IS SO SICK!!!”
    • he cried when harry posted the pic of the hair he chopped off and cried when he saw the another man shoot where harry was defying all sorts of societal norms it was beautiful and his flow is still so nice even this short its ok it’ll grow back better than before
  • one friday night the lax bros sneak over to try to prank the haus and peak in the window and see half of the hockey team in the living room drunk off their ass singing loudly to a one direction concert on the tv - holster and nursey jumping around attempting to dance along, ransom clinging to bitty on the floor crying about a ‘hiatus’, bitty soothing ransom, dex forgetting about the drink in his one hand to drink rum from the bottle, shitty naked (not surprising) and slow dancing with a life sized cut-out of harry styles with tears streaming down his face (more surprising), and chowder lying on the couch singing through mouthfuls of pie 
  • they walk back to the lax bro house without executing the prank and they never mention it again
Lets Destroy It


note : luke is the name of your boyfriend not sure why just the name i came up with at the time 


i was walking home from my job i only work five minutes walk down the road from the flat i share with my boyfriend, luke as i get to our apartment block i see he’s already home as his car a range rover TD6 vogue is in the usual place i don’t have a car i don’t mind walking to town for work and shopping anything else luke does i slowly but surely get to our apartment on the 13th floor and stand just about to unlock the door when i hear the voice of a woman giggling and the voice of luke i slowly open the door and i can definitely hear voices more clearly 

“come on mary” luke says

“i don't know if we should today, y/n could be home soon” the female voice replies 

“oh who cares about her” luke replies i then walk further into our apartment to see our bedroom door is open and lights coming from it i walk to it silently and look through the opening to see some girl i don't know sat on our bed in her underwear and luke sat just beside her the two of them snogging looking like any second about to have sex i can feel the tears welling up in my eyes but i dont want to burst in and make a scene so i just go to the front door again and take his car keys and leave without making at sound i run down all 13 floors to get to the ground floor i then collapse and start crying my eyes out against the wall i don't know what to do i dont even have anywhere to go,

scratch that i do have somewhere to go i then storm out the apartment block and get in his car still crying and start driving  to the only place i know i can go i get my phone and put it on the dashboard and call up my best friend thomas i know he’s back from work at the moment as i was going to see him tomorrow anyway after three rings he answers

“hey love” he says with his always sweet sounding voice

“hey tommy, i have to ask a favour” i reply still crying

“sure what” he asks sound a bit concerned 

“can i come and stay with you tonight something’s happened with me and luke” i say crying my eyes out again 

“course you walking or driving” he asks

“driving i stole his car” i reply 

“quite the criminal aren't you love its fine i'll open on the the garage doors and you can park the car there” he says

“thanks tommy see you in a sec” i say

“see you love” he replies before hanging up i then just keep driving luckily thomas doesnt live that far away from me now i know what you're thinking how the hell do i know him simple really he was my next door neighbor growing up and i've always been friends with him i have even visited him on sets before when i get to his house its huge and he has opened one of the garage doors so i just park the car in the one that's open and get out with in seconds he’s there looking as he often does when i see him not really awake in skinny jeans and a light blue button shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows looking if in honest like a teenager but when doesnt he honestly he looks me up and down noticing im crying “what the bloody hell happened” he asks stepping closer to me  looking very worried

i don't reply just burst out crying again he just takes me in his arms and hugs me tightly so im crying on his shoulder he moves his hand up and down my back to calm me down whispering calming sweet things in my ear as well till he pulls away from me as i stop crying and he takes me into the living room a large room with bookcases of games and films everywhere he sits me on the sofa then goes off into the kitchen i just sit trying to hold back my tears till he comes back with a mug of something and puts it on the table in front of me “hot chocolate, the only truly good drink for sadness” he says making me laugh before i drink some noticing its (whatever you fave sort of hot chocolate is)

“seriously” i ask

“yeah, its always here for if this was gonna happen…..on that not what exactly has happened” he asks carefully

“i got home and found luke in the arms of some girl called mary” i say “they were sat on the bed close to snogging each others faces of when i got there and i overheard him say he didn't care if i was gonna be home he was too wrapped up in her arms to care” i say starting to cry again but thomas just hugs me tightly again 

“hey it’s okay, i bet that mary wasn't half as lovely as you” he says

“she looked pretty good from what i saw” i say still crying from what i sore though the door she was beautiful much prettier and thinner than me

“well i bet you're still better than her, and lukes and idiot if he cant see that, he must be blind to want to be fooling around with some other girl when he has you” he says to me 

“awe you always know the right things to say” i reply hugging him even tighter 

“its true thought hes an idiot to think any girl is better then you, i mean if i was your boyfriend i would be begging to get home to be with you i wouldn't even look at another girl if i had you” he says to me pulling away so he says it to my face 

“awe thank you tommy, but no one has me now luke can go fuck himself for all i care, he can go have a threesum with my boss and the queen of england and i still wouldn't care” i say trying to be all brave and stuff even though i know i don't have to be with thomas

“what you gonna do with his car though” thomas asks

“i dont know maybe dump it in a ditch and text him directions to the ditch i left it in” i say drinking some more hot chocolate 

“well if you want i have an idea” he says getting up and taking my hand dragging me back to the garage when we get there he looks around some benches and stuff he has for working on cars and bikes and gives me a huge bit f metal no clue what its for in car terms he then gets something similar “Lets Destroy It” he says

“what” i ask

“lets destroy it wreck it then dump it in a ditch on fire and tell him he wants his car its on fire at where ever we dump it” he says making me laugh 

“are you sure” i ask

“sure just don't hit me in your anger” he says

“i wont” i say fluffing his hair out its normal place something he hates me doing but because he hates it that i do it at any opportunity 

“Y/N” he complains like a child “you're worse then ava for doing that” he says

“i know well ava got it from me” i smirk walking to the side of the car and hitting the mirror right off well that felt good so i continued hitting the car smashing various things and thomas has joined me now both of us destroying his car till these not much on the outside not yet destroyed so i yell stop and sit on the bonnet a bit not completely wrecked and thomas sits beside me “you all don't destroying” he asks

“for a sec” i say a bit tired after destroying his car to this extent “did you mean that” i ask him 

“mean what” he asks

“if you were my boyfriend you wouldn't do anything like that to me” i ask

“i swear by that” he says

“i bet your girlfriend wont be happy with that, then again she doesnt like me very much does she old isabel she don't much like me, thats gonna be another argument i can see when she finds out you have allowed me to stay here and you're helping me wreck my ex’s car” i say

“well i imagine she wouldn't but it doesnt involve isabel she’s my ex now” he answers 

“when did that happen tommy and why wasn’t i informed” i ask 

“happened three weeks back y/n and you went informed simply because you were working when it happened and i didn't want to bother you” he says

“it wouldn't have been a bother tommy, i like to know these things what happened” i ask

“she left me because she doesnt like you” he says quietly 

“what” i ask

“she left me because she doesnt like you” he repeats 

“what the hell thats stupid im your bestfriend what the hell does it matter if she doesnt like me if she loves you” i ask

“loved me past tense y/n if she loved me, she doesnt like the fact i have a friend that i constantly talk to thats a girl she doesnt like she just assumes i would cheat on her at any moment” he says

“awe poor you” i say putting my arm around him “well what do you need girlfriends for tommy we're two of a kind” i say laying back on the bonnet 

“yeah we are just two kids that can't hold down lovers” he laughs laying beside me 

“yeah we are, but if i was your girlfriend i would care who your friends are if there girls, boys, rodents or ghosts there your friends and if they make you happy it would make me happy to make sure you're happy” i say 

“awe thanks love” he says turning to face me i just turn to face him two looking into his deep brown eyes a second but before i've really noticed we were both stareing at each other he leaned forward and kissed me a way i have never been kissed before a little kiss sparking butterflies, fireworks and all manner of lovely things as we moved our mouths in perfect sync with each other a while almost fully making out on the bonnet of my ex boyfriends car till we both pull away “wow” he says

“yeah wow” i reply 

“why the hell did i wait this long to do that” he says

“i dont know why i waited so long either” i reply before we both re connect our lips with much more passion than before till we both pull away again “i just wanted to say” he says

“what” i ask

“this friendship of ours Lets Destroy It” he laughs

“better Lets Destroy It and taint my ex’s car” i giggle 

“you are so a little criminal” he laughs at me 

“and proud of it” i say  as we both get of the bonnet and go into the back seats the second we both sit down we are making out again my arms around his neck his around my waist but slowly moving down to my thighs in response i begin to lay back and he just crawls on top of me fiddling with my skirt before returning to kissing me i quickly move my hands from around his neck to start undoing his shirt he moans into my mouth as i do till i completely take his shirt off of him the second i do he moves away from me and pulls my shirt of tossing it away into the front seats of the car before scanning me over with his eyes but i just pull him back to kissing me he then moves to start kissing my neck and i twist a hand in his hair as he sucks on a sweet spot on my neck and i moan as he does till his hands move to my skirt again and gently pull it off me completely adding it to the pile of our clothes on the front seats before scanning me again and reconnecting our lips and i move my hands down his chest feeling his toned chest the whole way down just pausing at the top of his jeans “what you waiting for love” he asks between kisses 

“nothing” i reply letting my hand undo his jeans and pull them down slightly revealing his boxers before i gently palm him and he moans into my mouth moving his hands to my chest feeling me even though my bra making me moan as well till i let my curious hand slip under the waistband of his boxers taking hold of him in my hand “ah fucking hell” he says in response before undoing my bra and removing it with his teeth making me laugh before he reconnects our lips yet continuing all the way down my chest to the bottom of my stomach just above my knickers  before i grip his hair pulling his lips back to mine and use my other hand to completely remove his trousers and boxers leaving him naked in front of me i can't help but sit there gobsmacked i have never seen him naked before, well i say never once after the last day of school all our friends went skinny dipping in the dark lake and we hwee amongst them but it wasn't for long and dark at the time i wasn't really paying much attention but now i am “what” he asks 

“nothing just wow” i say making him laugh before he slips his hand in my knickers and slips them off throwing them with the rest of my clothes “i could say the same to you” he says making me laugh “now are you sure” he asks me

“fucking positive tommy” i giggle he just nods before kissing me again and slowly but surely pushing into me filling me up completely almost making me scream there and then before he begins thrusting into me with as much force as possible both of us screaming and shouting for a while till i can feel my climax in the pit of my stomach and i know he’s not far off either by the noises he’s making and the fact his thrusts have gotten much slower and sloppier till i climax screaming his name at the top of my voice we are so lucky he doesnt have neighbours with in seconds he comes into me mixing our juices together  and he collapses on top of me “you think we destroyed our friendship now” he asks between his breaths

“yeah thats gone” i laugh

“what about the car” he asks

“one more thing” i say sitting up pushing him off me and moving into the front seat and he sits in the other seat i get my bag from the footwell and get a pack of cigarettes as both me and thomas smoke i take one and bass the pack to him as i get my lighter and light mine and pass him the lighter as he gives me back the pack and we both sit naked and have a smoke making the car smell of both sex and smoke “well that was brilliant in my opinion” he says

“right back at you tommy” i smirk

“so what is this” he asks

“well i don't know, whatever we both want i guess” i reply

“how about boyfriend and girlfriend” he asks

“fine with me” i answer

“how about date for dinner tomorrow night” he asks

“fine with me” i answer

“and how about you pack your stuff at lukes and come here” he asks

“fine with me” i answer leaning over to kiss him again we both then finish our smoke and get dressed again and get out the car “tomorrow we drive it into a ditch and text him where it is and while he’s out we pack your stuff up okay” he says 

“okay” i reply letting him wrap his arm around me and lead me to his room i just sleep in my underwear as i don't have any other option.

when we both get up we dress and take the car out i drive the car even though its destroyed and thomas follows me in his car so we can go to lukes and get my stuff when i find a long deserted road quiet far away and stop the car by the side of the road right next to a ditch i  get out the car and thomas gets out his car and stands with me “i say don't light it on fire actually” he says

“i agree, but can we put it it facing out so the windshield faces the road” i say

“okay” i answers 

“wait” i say just getting an idea and getting back into my ex’s car and sitting on the driver seat thomas then sits on the passenger seat to see what im doing  i get my lipstick out my bag and write on the windshield

 “i know about mary arse hole

 piss of luke 

x y/n” 

“brilliant love” he says beside me “but if i may add something” he asks so i hand him the lipstick and he writes 

“p.s. we did it on the back seat

you cheating lying bastard

x thomas”

making me laugh “brilliant tommy” i say we both then get out the car checking anything we wants out of it and pushing it into the ditch and standing on the road looking at it as he wrapped an arm around me “that is how you get back at your ex” he says we then use my phone to send an exact map reference to luke as to where is car is and a text that says pick me up on it then get back into thomas’s car and drive to my old apartment and wait till we see luke leave out for his car then rush up to the apartment and pack up all my stuff and load it into his car rushing off before luke shows up returning to thomas’s “so lukes gonna let him fuck his little mary, now i've got his y/n” he laughs hugging me

“not his y/n, your y/n now” i giggle 

“yeah” he says

“we really destroy everything don't we” i laugh

“yep” he says

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Prompt where Alec gets hit with some sort of short term truth spell and he ends up revealing a lot about his insecurities and secrets he didn't ever consider telling anyone and the whole gang is like floored, bc they never knew Alec was hurting so much everyone comforts him and then they have like a group cuddle where no ones aloud to talk so Alec doesn't have to keep being too honest. You're fics are my favourite thing<3

“Alexander?” Magnus asked, watching as Jace steered Alec into Magnus’ apartment. “What happened?”

Isabelle, Clary and Simon followed in, looking worried. It was quite weird, that Magnus knew that something was wrong with Alec, even though there was no physical harm over his body. It was just something he was wearing in his expression, a terrible, heartbreaking thing, and his hands were shaking, which was something that never happened to a shadowhunter. 

“He got hit with a truth spell.” Jace told Magnus, setting Alec in the middle of the room, stepping away carefully. It looked like he was afraid Alec would fall over. Jace walked quickly over to Magnus, whispering, “He’s really beat up, I don’t know how the spell works but is there a way we can fix it?”

Magnus shook his head. “No, truth spells go away after a few hours. We just have to let it run it’s course.”

“Great.” Jace mumbled, looking back at Alec. 

Magnus frowned and walked up to Alec, putting a hand on Alec’s shoulder. “Alexander?”

Keep reading

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(au) Ian as the ROTC leader of the school and Mickey being a pissed off parent so he goes down to the school to have a "talk" (threaten) him. He could be single, married, whatever you choose. Do with this what you will.

// ok so just for background: Mickey slept with Svetlana as a drunken dare, years ago, and she got pregnant. (She’s still a prostitute). He’s still gay but he hasn’t really ever acted on it (some casual sex maybe) and he’s closeted, but not as severely as he was on the show. He and Svetlana aren’t together, nor have they ever been. They raise Yev together but they don’t live together. And they don’t hate each other! Mickey and Ian have never met before //

// this is a total oneshot with no relation to any plotline or story I’ve written before //

Mickey was reading the paper in the kitchen when he heard the front door open. Yev always came by after his ROTC sessions on Thursday afternoons to see him. His son was usually in a good mood, but today he entered the room looking pretty downcast.

‘What’s up kid?’

Yev shrugged, opening the fridge and grabbing some juice. ‘Session was shitty,’ he said dully.

Mickey immediately got on his defence. ‘What happened? Somebody say something to you? Somebody hurt you?’

Yev came to sit opposite his father. ‘Just…these guys. It’s like they always have it out for me. I don’t expect them to be really nice or anything, I mean, it’s ROTC. But this is…something else.’

'What do they do?’

Yev’s eyes flickered to the table.

'They say stuff. About Mom.’

Mickey frowned. ‘What the fuck do they say about her?’

'They call her a - a whore. A slut,’ he said sadly. 'And they said I was an accident. They said I was a - an actual son of a bitch.’

Mickey sighed. ‘You know they’re just stupid idiots, right? Bored with their own dumb lives so they have to pick apart yours? We both know your Mom’s not a bitch.’

'That’s what I said. I said, don’t call my Mom a bitch. And then,’ he looked at Mickey, 'they said they didn’t mean my Mom when they said that. They - they meant my Dad,’ he said quietly.

Mickey didn’t say anything. He froze.

'Dad, I know you’re gay,’ Yev said gently.

He still didn’t say anything. ‘I, uh, I gotta go out,’ he said, voice tight and monotonous. He stood up to leave, to run away from this. Just like he did when he was seventeen. But Yev tugged on his arm and made him sit down again.

'No, we have to talk about this. Please,’ Yev begged. Mickey finally made himself meet his son’s eyes. They were full of worry and care. So Mickey sat down again.

'How did you know? Your Mom say something?’

Yev shook his head. ‘I’m sixteen, Dad, I’m not stupid. I see when guys come here, and I know they’re not ‘checking the pipes’ like you used to tell me. I see random shit lying around the house that doesn’t belong to us, and I know a guy left it here. I understand the innuendo-laced jokes that Mom and Mandy throw at you. And last year I - I accidentally found your DVDs,’ he said, embarrassed.


'The porn, Dad. All guy-on-guy. I watched a bit of one, I was curious. Didn’t really do much for me, but if it does it for you, that’s fine, Dad. It’s cool. I don’t care as long as you’re alright. And you’re happy. I’m still your son and I still love you,’ Yev told him.

'Kinda feel like it’s the parent who’s supposed to say that stuff when their kid comes out to them. Not the other way around,’ Mickey said. But he pulled Yev into a firm hug. 'Thanks.’

'So anyway. I couldn’t stand to hear them talk about you and Mom like that. They called you…all sorts. But then they just kept chanting the same stuff over and over. Same word. Faggot’ He mumbled, hating the word.

'Well it’s not like I’ve not heard it before.’

'Well I hadn’t. Not in that context,’ Yev said glumly. 'It was on the walk home. They live a few streets over so it’s mostly the same route. They just kept shouting it, about you. And I hated it, I hated hearing them talk about you like that. It’s not even bad, it’s not one of your faults…why do they call you out on that instead of for something real?’

'People can be really fucking awful, Yev,’ Mickey told him. 'Believe me.’

'And it was that, along with everything about Mom. I started crying. I couldn’t help it.’

'I told you to never let people see you cry. They use it against you.’

'Yeah, they did. They kicked me.’

'They fucking hurt you?’

'Yeah because I - I tried to stand up to them.’

'Well that was never gonna work. One of you and how many of them?’


'Exactly. What’d you do, try and hit them?’

'No. I wouldn’t do that. I - I told them that my dad liking what he likes don’t make him a bitch,’ Yev explained.

Mickey felt his heart glowing with pride and almost felt tearful. He couldn’t think of what to say. He just clasped his son’s hand and laughed. ‘You really are my fucking son, aren’t you.’

Yev smiled. They were quiet for a moment. Then Mickey stood up. ‘Ok. I’m going to get Indian for dinner.’ Yev grinned. ‘Yeah yeah, I know it’s your favourite. You deserve it, kid,’ Mickey said, leaning to kiss him.

'Get samosas too?’ Yev asked.

'Sure. Back in a bit. Hey, do your homework, yeah? I don’t want your Mom saying I’m too easy going.’

Yev laughed. ‘Like anyone could ever think that.’

Mickey smiled and left.


He did go to the Indian restaurant and place an order, but they told him it wouldn’t be ready for nearly an hour. So he sat in the waiting area for a couple of minutes, flicking absently through a magazine. Then he knew he had to do something about those fucking neighbourhood assholes. So he pocketed his order number and was out the door, charging back the way he’d come.

He wasn’t intending on going after the kids directly. Sure when he was younger, he’d have gone straight to their place and bashed them a little to show them who was boss. But now he was an adult and he wouldn’t get away with it. And he didn’t want to set that kind of example to Yev. He didn’t want his son to grow up thinking that violence was always the solution like he himself had done for a long time. Too long.

So instead he headed for the ROTC centre, hoping that someone would be there he could talk to.

It was pretty empty. Most of the staff had left. The receptionist was still there though. ‘Can I help you?’

'Yeah, I need to speak to whoever runs the 16-18 group. My son’s in it. Yevgeny Milkovich.’

'Let’s see…you need Ian Gallagher. I don’t think he’s gone home yet. Try the office down the hall and to the left. His name’s on the door.’

'Thank you,’ Mickey nodded at her and made his way to this Ian Gallagher’s office and knocked on the door.

'It’s open,’ came his voice. So Mickey stepped inside. 'Can I help you?’ Mickey was initially taken aback by how young he was. He thought the young army guys were all fighting in some war somewhere, and the old ones were left here to run youth programmes like this. And not only was Ian Gallagher young, but he was fucking gorgeous. 'Sir?’ Mickey realised he’d just been staring at the man in silence for maybe a little too long.

'Yes. My son is a member. Yevgeny.’

Ian smiled. ‘Yes, Milkovich. He’s fantastic. Dedicated, loyal, talented. He could have a real future here. One of the best we’ve got.’

'That’s great, but he got home an hour ago and turns out he’s having a rough time.’

Ian raised his eyebrows. ‘Well I’m sorry to hear that. Something I did?’

Mickey shook his head. ‘No, it’s nothing to do with you. He thinks you’re great, actually. Really respects you. No, this is some other kids in the group. Messing with him. Giving him shit he doesn’t deserve.’

Ian couldn’t help but smirk at his cursing. ‘And what, ah, shit would that be?’

'They’re saying things to him. Mean things.’ He paused. 'Look, his Mom used to be a prostitute. I don’t know how they found that out, but either way, they’re insulting her, and him. Calling her names. And obviously he’s upset. It’s his Mom.’

Ian nodded. ‘I’m sorry. Clearly they’re doing it out of earshot but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel responsible for it happening. You and your wife must be very annoyed.’

Mickey hesitated. Normally he’d just go with it or lie by omission. But not this time. Not to this guy. ‘Actually I’m gay. We’re on good terms but she’s nothing more than a friend. Although yeah, she’s gonna be pissed when she hears.’

Ian nodded, taking it in stride, but Mickey didn’t miss the way the corners of his mouth turned upwards ever so slightly.

Mickey continued, ‘and the kids know too, and when they stopped using Yev’s mother to torture him, they moved on to me. Look, I can handle it when it’s said to my face, but when they’re saying it to my son? That’s not ok. At all.’

'I understand. Truly. I’m going to do something about this. You’re right. No-one should have to deal with shit like that,’ Ian smiled at Mickey as he swore.

'Yeah. Well. Forgive me for not having a great deal of faith. From experience, I guess you’re just gonna give them a slap on the wrist, if that,’ he said, getting up to leave. Ian swiftly walked around the desk, blocking Mickey’s exit.

'I’m absolutely not going to be apathetic about this. I take sexism and homophobia very seriously,’ Ian told him, gradually closing space between himself and Mickey.

'And how do I know you’re not just saying that?’ Mickey asked, also drawing closer to Ian.

Ian paused, and then grinned as he leaned in to kiss Mickey, hard. They kissed roughly for a moment, before Mickey broke away. ‘Seriously?’ Ian nodded, and Mickey laughed, taking off his shirt.

Ian quickly undressed too, reaching around Mickey to lock the door. He kissed him again, moaning. ‘Shit, I can’t get enough of your lips,’ he murmured between kisses.

'You ain’t seen nothing yet,’ Mickey said, as he dropped to his knees and practically ripped Ian’s boxers off. 'Fuck,’ he whispered, before taking him in his mouth. Ian’s hand rested on the back of his head and they settled into a rhythm. But before Mickey could finish him, Ian pulled away. Mickey looked up at him questioningly, but Ian shook his head.

'I want to fuck you,’ he said breathlessly, pulling Mickey up and pinning him against the desk in one motion. He leaned back, reaching for his wallet and retrieving a condom. Mickey barely had time to focus before Ian was inside him. He didn’t ease in or prep him, nothing. Just right in all at once. He knew what he wanted and Mickey liked that. A lot.

'Shit, Gallagher,’ he groaned, feeling Ian hit all the right notes. This guy, this damn guy…Mickey knew it was the best sex he’d had in a long while. Maybe the best sex ever. Ian had an arm wrapped around his waist, and Mickey grabbed his hand, mashing their fingers together as Ian stifled a yell by biting his shoulder.

When he came, it was fucking glorious.

Their movements slowed, as Ian kissed Mickey’s neck, then jawline. It was softer now, gentler. He slid out so that Mickey could turn and kiss him properly. ‘That was…pretty amazing,’ Mickey whispered. Ian smiled. ‘You do this with every pissed off Dad who comes in here?

'Of course not,’ Ian said. 'Only the gay ones,’ he added with a grin. Mickey laughed. 'Which is, so far, just you.’

'I’m glad about that.’ Ian cocked his head curiously.

'Why are you glad?’

Mickey shrugged. ‘Just am.’

They slowly began putting their clothes back on. ‘Hey, Ian. You think maybe…maybe I could see you again?’

'I’ll see you in your dreams,’ Ian replied, grinning. Mickey looked blank. 'You never watched Queer as Folk? What kind of homosexual are you?’

'The kind that fucks guys.’ Ian laughed.

'Look, do you want to get a drink sometime or not?’ Mickey asked.

'I thought that usually happened before intercourse,’ he said.

Mickey laughed. ‘Who the fuck calls it intercourse?’ Ian smiled.

'A drink sounds good. Here’s my number,’ he said, grabbing a scrap of paper and scribbling down his digits. 'Call me?’

Mickey took the paper. ‘Yeah. Definitely.’ He opened the door and glanced back at Ian, who kissed him lightly. ‘Later.’


Mickey walked into his house and dumped the bags of food on the table. ‘Sorry it took so long. They had a lot of orders.’

’S'fine. Mandy’s here,’ Yev said.

'Hey big brother,’ his sister waved from where she was perched on the kitchen counter.

'What are you doing here?’

'Nice to see you too. Jesus. I was returning your toolbox.’

'Oh, yeah. Thanks.’ Mickey said, going to hug her and greet her properly.

'So Yev tells me the cat’s out of the bag. The cat being you.’

'Turns out he already knew. But…yeah.’

'It was still great that you admitted it to him. And talked about it. I know…I know you could never do that with any of our family.’

'Did you never tell them?’ Yev asked.

'Oh, I told them alright. It was your christening. I fucking yelled it across the Alibi.’

'So…your whole family was there?’

Mickey nodded. ‘Whole family and then some. Aside from Mandy. She was at work.’

'Don’t fucking remind me,’ she said. 'I’ve always regretted taking that extra shift.’

'What happened?’ Yev asked.

Mandy looked at Mickey sadly.

Mickey looked at his son for a second before answering. ‘My Dad beat the shit out of me. He just started screaming and charging at me. Like a fucking bull. He pinned me down on the floor and hit me, and he kept hitting me. He was so much bigger than me. I couldn’t move. And there was nobody there to get him off of me. Eventually he knocked me unconscious.’

'And then I get a call from the police. They’d taken Dad away and Mickey was I’m the hospital. I get there as fast as I can. He’s in a coma. Broken arm, fractured collarbone. Nose totally smashed. Face covered in bruises and blood. I just sat there, crying over him, wondering why Dad would do this to him. Eventually I realised. I know what made Dad fly off the handle. And I’d had my suspicions about Mickey but never dwelled on them. But then it all made sense.’

'When I woke up, the police came to talk to me. They told me what had happened. He’d kept beating me even after I blacked out. And he wasn’t sorry.’ Mickey looked up at his son. Yev was pale and his eyes were heavy with tears. Mickey was about to go hug him, when Yev stood up and came over to him and stood beside him.

He wrapped his arms around his father, crying into his shoulder. ‘I can’t believe that happened to you,’ Yev sobbed. Mickey held on to him, trying not to cry himself, trying to be strong for his son. He hadn’t seen Yev cry for years. ‘Dad that’s…horrific. I know why you always changed the subject when I asked about your family. I can’t - Dad - you could’ve died,’ he choked.

'Yeah but I didn’t. I didn’t. And I’m so fucking glad he didn’t kill me because I got to raise you. You’re the most important thing. You’re the only important thing I’ve ever had in my life. Everything else before you were born was just buildup. I know I’m not father of the year or whatever but I try my best. Because - I know what it’s like when your dad doesn’t give a shit. I know what it’s like when your dad makes your life a living hell. That’s why I hate it when you’re annoyed or upset with me, even over something small or stupid, because I hate the idea that I’ve made you feel even remotely how my dad made me feel. And ever since I can remember, I’ve just been so fucking scared, Yev, that I’m going to become my father,’ Mickey said quietly.

His son pulled back and looked at him. ‘Dad, no. You’re the best Dad. Ok? It doesn’t matter that you’re not rich, that you never finished school, that you’re not some cookie-cutter doctor or lawyer father with a wife and white picket fence. You’re the best Dad because you’re always here for me, no matter what. I can tell you anything. You help me with schoolwork, you come to my parent teacher conferences. Even though you and Mom aren’t together, you make sure that this is never a broken home. But most of all, Dad, you have never hurt me, and I never question the fact that you love me. And I - I love you too.’

'Shit,’ Mickey muttered, wiping away his tears. 'Come here,’ he said, hugging him tightly. Yev was almost taller than he was. 'I’m sorry I never told you. I was worried it would fuck you up. And then as you got older I was worried you wouldn’t respect me or you’d hate me.’

'I understand why you couldn’t tell me. It’s ok. It’s not about me. This is who you are.’

They all stood in silence for a minute or so. Then Mandy offered to reheat the food, and they all ate together, laughing and joking like usual.

Afterwards, as Mickey was clearing the table, Yev suddenly spoke. ‘Where is your Dad?’

Mickey paused, and looked at Mandy. After a moment, he spoke. ‘He’s in prison. He got twenty years.’

Yev frowned. ‘So he’s getting out in four years? If it happened when I was a baby?’

'He got five more years because of bad behaviour, a few years back. But then that got reduced to two and a half. So he gets out in about six years. Provided it doesn’t change again,’ Mandy explained.

'Are you scared?’

'Yes.’ Micky’s single word hung densely in the air.

'Will they give him a restraining order or something?’

'Probably. But knowing him, that won’t work.’ There was a pause. Mickey saw the angry, determined look on his son’s face. 'Hey, do not go looking for him. Under any circumstances. Ok?’

'I won’t,’ Yev agreed. But that was one promise he probably wouldn’t keep.


A little over a week later, Yev rolled out of bed. Saturday morning was when he went running, and he immediately pulled on some clothes. He’d shower when he got back, but he needed to pee. He walked down the hall towards the bathroom, but saw it was locked. He could hear his Dad peeing, so he leaned against the wall and waited. After a moment, he heard the toilet flush and then the door opened. His mouth dropped open. He was face to face with his ROTC instructor. His shirtless ROTC instructor.

'Morning, Milkovich,’ Ian said simply, grinning at him cheerfully.

Yev just watched him walk back towards his Dad’s room, still in disbelief. His instructor was gay? And he was dating his Dad? His head was spinning.

But then he smiled. He realised that his Dad wasn’t hiding this stuff from him anymore. And that was fucking great.

// the end. Hope this was ok. It ended up being longer and deeper than I originally intended. (plus you’ll notice I planted the seeds for a potential follow up…let me know if you want me to write that! Otherwise PLEASE keep prompting me!! //

Even Though I Said I Didn't Need You, I Lied.

Mats’ POV

I sat down on the bed feeling defeated and groaned. We had been in an argument since I arrived home and Y/N insisted on having an attitude about literally nothing. At one point, I could feel myself zoning out of the conversation and not even paying attention to what she had to say. That only made her more angry as she accused me of not caring.

That had to be accusation #24 of the week.

We had been fighting nearly every day this week and I had grown tired of it all. I already had to deal with my rough week of play and to come home to my girlfriend nagging wasn’t helping. I was hoping she’d feel sympathetic or want to put me in a better mood but no, instead she insisted on making things even worse.

“Are you even listening to me, Mats?” she yelled.

I rubbed my temples in aggravation, trying to subdue my headache as I answered calmly, “Yes, Y/N. I’ve been listening to you yell for the past hour. Are you done yet?”

The look on her face was enough to tell me she was offended by my asking. “No, actually I am not done. Are you not getting what I’m mad about? We’ve had this same argument every day! Get rid of her!”

“She’s a friend!” I got rid of my calm tone quickly and stood up, yelling as I neared Y/N but she didn’t back down.

The person we were fighting over was Alana, an old friend of mine who had popped up recently. And like old times, we had begun to hang out. Y/N didn’t like that at all. She assumed that there was something between Alana and I which was a lie. I would never cheat on her and it bothered me that she thought I would do something like that to her but she wasn’t seeing it from my side. Instead she was just playing jealous.

“I’ve seen the way she looks at you. She doesn’t think you’re just a friend. I can tell she hates me and she wants to take my spot,” Y/N reasoned.

“You haven’t talked to her to even know anything about her!” I could feel myself becoming more and more fed up as I paced back and forth in our bedroom infront of her. “If you don’t trust me, just say that. I’m tired of arguing over stupid stuff like this. I can’t come home for five minutes without hearing this and it’s getting aggravating!” Once again, I thought she would feel some sort of sympathy and calm down with the accusations and yelling but it didn’t quite work out that way.

“Then leave, Mats! I’m not keeping you here! I’m not happy, you’re not happy. Let’s end it.” The emotion had left her voice and it was as if she didn’t even care.

Her words took the breath out of me. No matter how many times we had got into an argument, she had never said something like that. This wasn’t the same Y/N that had just told me a month ago that she was falling in love with me and saw a future with me. Right now, it felt like she didn’t even love me and I couldn’t stand that thought.

“I’m gonna go,” I spoke lowly. I grabbed my jacket from the bed nearby and stormed past her and she didn’t even bother to stop me.


Hearing the door of Mats’ home slam shut truly let me know he had left and to where I didn’t know. I plopped down on the bed and began to bawl tears, my hands shaking as they tried to wipe away the waterfall that was running down my face.

I knew things weren’t good between us lately and it was largely my fault. Mats would come home with a smile on his face, even after a terrible day, and what would I do? Pick an argument over something as trivial as an old friend. He was right when he questioned if I trusted him. What would a guy like him want with me? He had his choice of women who were willing to do whatever he asked. Why had he bothered with me? I worried that eventually he would realize that and hurt me in the worst way. I knew the arguments weren’t the proper way to express my fears but I was too afraid to say it aloud that I felt insecure in our relationship.

I was afraid to give him my all and admit that I was so in love with him, afraid that he would use that to his advantage ever since I admitted openly that I was in love with him.

But I was the stupid one and I realized that a little too late as I lay on the bed in tears. Mats wasn’t the type to do something like that to me. I was in the wrong and I knew it and now I didn’t know if he would forgive me after all I said.

I thought to call him but his phone was on the table so now I had to play the waiting game until he came back home hopefully.

After a few moments of lying in the bed miserably, I got up and headed to the closet. I didn’t want us to continue an argument when Mats returned home. I wanted to put him into a good mood like I should have been all along.

I reached into my lingerie drawer and pulled out a new set: a lace pink bra and matching strappy back cheeky panties. I knew that would put a smile back on his face.

I showered, making sure to spray his favorite perfume of mine on after I was done. After I put on the set, I sat down on the bed and waited. I wasn’t sure how long it would take him to arrive back but I was hoping it was soon or else I’d look ridiculous like this.

Nearly an hour had passed since I had gotten dressed and I was in a daze playing with my loose hair as it hung until I heard the sounds of someone opening the door of the home. I immediately jumped up, smoothing the neatly made bed and sat, attempting to pose sexily. That was a fail.

Mats chuckled lightly, shaking his head to himself as soon as he walked into the room and saw me. He knew what I was trying to do. I was just relieved to see a smile on his face. “What are you doing?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“Apologizing for being a terrible girlfriend and saying I’m sorry.” I crawled up the bed and sat on the edge on my knees in front of him as he stood.

“Sorry for what?”

I huffed, pushing my hair behind my ear before I began to explain. “You were right. I didn’t trust you but not like how you think,” I clarified. “I was just worried you’d realize you were too good for me and hurt me. I was trying to protect myself. But I realized I don’t need to. You’re not that type of guy and I was stupid for thinking you were. I shouldn’t be picking stupid arguments with you.”

I bit my lip, impatiently waiting for him to say something.

“I’m glad you realized I would never hurt you. I’m just as in love with you as you are with me, probably even more. I just don’t like the feeling of not being trusted.”

I nodded in agreement, vowing to trust him more in the future. “I promise to do better.”

“Good. But in the meantime…” he spoke. His face turned to a smirk as his finger glided along my exposed skin, nearing the lace front of the bra. “This has to go.” His fingers lightly trailed down my belly and to the material of my underwear. “These have to go too.”

“Take them off for me?” I batted my eyelashes, lying back on the bed as he quickly pulled off his own jacket and shirt.

“Whatever you ask, I’ll do.”

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and the master fic rec post i’ve been meaning to make forever, in no particular order:

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