i didn't even see this movie

  • *in the group chat*
  • yixing: can someone send me pics of kyungsoo's movie premiere? i wanted to go :(
  • sehun: it's against the rules
  • junmyeon: sehun
  • sehun: lmao u right what the heck are RULES *sends 50 blurry pics of kyungsoo in room no.7 to the group chat*
  • jongin: YES
  • minseok, jongdae, and baekhyun: *each send 50 more*
  • yixing: slow down i gotta save all these
  • kyungsoo: can you guys STOP IT
  • kyungsoo: SHUT UP
  • kyungsoo: love u guys too

Carmilla and The Supernatural Therapist Appointment 

“How do you NOT know whether you’ve summoned up the ghosts of your former victims, who maybe want some life refreshing revenge?!”

“Because! It was just something stupid that happened at that therapist appointment!”


“She said I could never move forward unless I dealt with my past. So, she had me think about Elle and the others and there was the usual ‘manifest your issues’ crap. But I’d forgotten all about it until my issues actually… manifested.”

So I went to see Justice League...

But before I continue, I would like to make it clear that I am not a film critic so this will be all over the place. I promise NO SPOILERS.

First thing’s first tho - When the movie ends, do not leave right away. Wait for the post-credit scene. You will not be disappointed. I was stoked. One of my favorite villains - to some who knows me will know who I’m talking about - is in this scene and I am very happy.

Now onto the film - I’ve always been a DC fan so I am a bit biased. I’m not going to say there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the film - There is ONE THING but it’s not the acting, not the storyline, not the dialogue. Everyone’s great in the movie. Even Miss Amber Heard - She’s awesome. But this one thing I think really distracted me in the beginning but I got over it. And yes. I’m talking about Henry’s CGI :/

BUT - the rest of the film - At least to me is brilliant. Each characters I think were given enough scenes that we got to know more about them. JL in my opinion is a good base for the stand-alones coz this film made you care about each one of them. I just cannot wait for part 2.

The entire movie for me was very entertaining. I love seeing the Amazonians - And during some flashbacks, we’ll see some characters that is definitely gonna be in the next JL film/s. Definitely. 

We saw a lot of action in the trailers but I was really happy that most of the things we saw on the trailer were just BITS. There’s so much MORE especially when they are all UNITED [wink wink.]

I’ll give you this tho. All Barry scenes are both priceless and precious. He’s absolutely a favorite. He’s the one you’d want to protect ha And his scenes with Supes are my favorites… 

So, yup. It was great, it was entertaining. There’s one small detail that almost distracted me but I can forgive it coz I mean, come on, JUSTICE LEAGUE on the big screen. If you’re a DC fan, you will love it! Go get your tickets and see it! I know I’ll see it again sometime this weekend :)

Enjoy your evening everyone!!



Miss Prince kicked a lot of asses in this movie. She was great as always.

me whenever Yuri on Ice music plays

In Regards to Love: Agape

In Regards to Love: Eros

Minami’s Boogie

Shall We Skate?

Terra Incognita


Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent”

L'homme arme


Theme of King JJ

Yuri on ICE

and finally Duet: Stay Close to Me

god I wish ksoo would do a vlive after going to the movies where he just sits and reviews a movie and talks about all of the things he liked and admired about it like I just wanna see the way his eyes would light up bc he loves movies so much and I really wanna see him just speak his thoughts and give his opinion on a movie uninterrupted for even 5 minutes

Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.

why does no one ever talk about that time the Pines got kicked out of the movie theatre and Dipper led this whole elaborate scheme to break in and illegally see the movie

look at this heist shit omfg

all in time to see the movie as soon as it starts

oh my god he’s a little criminal mastermind

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You know, Battle for Mewni did something I didn't know was even possible: it made me love Queen Moon Butterfly even more. I was always interested in complicated parent/child relationships, which drew me to Moon (I could tell Moon and Star had a strained relationship from the 1st ep). And I learned more about her complexity with each appearance. But this movie? Makes me want to protect her at all costs.

Moon and Star share a lot of traits- their bravery, their convictions, their decisive natures- but they’re just different enough that they butt heads. Moon sees a lot of herself in Star, and wants to protect her from making the same kind of mistakes she has; Star, on the other hand, is a very emotive person, and Moon’s outwardly calm demeanor puts her a bit on edge. (It’s also possible that Star might have confused her neutrality for being unimpressed, and feel that her mother is expecting her to live up to some invisible standards that she’ll never meet, which makes her feel challenged, but that’s more of a personal headcanon of mine)

But, at the end of the day, Moon is Star’s mother, and they love each other dearly. Watching Star blow up her body and die destroyed her. She didn’t even bother aiming from a safe distance- she pressed Star’s wand to Toffee’s chest and prayed she would feel him wither and fall. 

And then, when it failed? Well, what then? Toffee had taken two of the most precious people in Moon’s life away, and she couldn’t get them back. This movie made sure to emphasize the fact that Moon lost everything.

Protect her.

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I understood what you meant about jack and sally but I don't see the point with sally, she absolutely nothing like this yellow bird, and the plushie we see in GCF is Zero not sally, or maybe I didn't understand correctly, if so I'm terribly sorry. Anyway it is still cute that JK did wear that hat and JM uses it as a sign even before they went to Japan. sorry my english isn't very good, hope you understand .

Jimin = Sally because this character below, the chick? Resembles Jimin and is often associated with him amongst Korean fans.

So because JK is Jack, Jimin is referred to as Sally (referring to the chick, and Jack’s love interest from the movie). That’s it.

Oh, forgot to add that Zero is attached to the Jack hat that JK bought, sort of like a tail or leash. It’s a design choice, I guess.

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yeah true the joker is about the last character who needs an origin story since a lot of his appeal comes from not knowing where he came from BUT the more i think about it the more i'm okay with it. bc it's going to be a stand-alone story that makes it more of an... exploration of what could have been. like it's a separate universe and only in this particular universe is this his origin story. imo you could tell a really compelling story within the confines of this one movie. am in making sense?

I’m both worried and excited. Worried because I simply don’t want DC and WB to screw it up and I am sure there are lots of DC and Joker fans in particular who feel the same way. Because one of the reasons Heath Ledger’s Joker is a successful example of creating an ultimate villain is that he has no confirmed backstory and his character was designed as an absolute. Despite the fact that he has a great amount of lines in TDK, we know simply nothing about him (“no name, no other alias…”). Being a so-called ‘Diabolus ex Nihilo’, he just shows up and wreaks havoc, which makes him even more terrifying and unpredictable, and the mystery of how he really got those scars will always remain. Apparently, this played out incredibly well, further provoking our curious minds, hence there are dozens of fan theories and fanfics about how his Joker came to be. 

By the way, there’s a brilliant fic on fanfiction.net where he says: 

“I don’t have a backstory because I don’t need one:
You’ll write it.”

Another important question that comes to mind is what kind of origin they are planning to choose for this Joker. Will it be the canon Killing Joke acid bath transformation, which has been already done in Batman (1989), the graphic novel itself, plus we have Leto!Joker, who’s also chemically bleached. Will the new Joker have a Glasgow grin like in The Dark Knight, or comics like Lovers and Madmen, Gotham Noir, or like in the graphic novel Joker by Brian Azzarello? Or maybe his face will be cut off and sloppily stapled back in place like in Gotham tv show and the New 52′s Death of The Family? However, there’s always a possibility that the writers will come up with something entirely new and surprise us (see, I’m trying to be optimistic here)
(Let’s just hope it won’t be a story of how the Joker got his tats…)

Last but not least, a lot will depend on the actor who will be cast for a role (rumour has it, it will be a young actor) and I hope they will choose wisely, because portraying such an iconic character with a great history is a huge responsibility, which requires a lot of artistic craft and charisma, and through the years we’ve seen different interpretations and takes on the villain, some did amazing, and some not as good, some won the Academy Award, and some were nominated for a Razzie… but I digress :) Anyway, I’m really intrigued by what the trio of Todd Phillips, Scott Silver and Martin Scorsese is going to offer, and you are totally making sense, anon! I think our favorite Clown Prince of Crime fully deserves a stand-alone movie, which might show us a glimpse of his past that he prefers to be multiple choice.

Chloenette au idea

Omg I thought of this chloenette fic idea where they both work in competing boutiques that are right across the street from each other. And even though the one that Chloe works at is super fancy and expensive, Marinette’s that’s cute and wholesome has more customers. Chloe’s manager asks her to go under cover to see how and why they’re getting more business than them and Chloe goes in as a “customer”. And just sees how the employees like Mari and Alya are super nice and social with the customers. And Mari always makes and wears her outfits and customers like seeing them. And the first time Chloe goes in she doesn’t really talk to Mari. But then she starts going like once a week as a “regular” to continue spying and starts talking to Mari more and more. And then whoops starts going everyday but not because she likes talking to Mari pssshhh no obviously to continue spying! And even when her boss tells her she can stop that they know enough now, she still goes. And wow now she has Mari’s number and they text all the time and they’re going to see a movie together whoops. 

And she has a crush on the chick she was spying on. 

I tell you what, I get so frustrated by Hollywood’s fucked up idea that having LGBT people or POC in a movie will make it bomb. You know what I’m gonna see this month? Fucking Power Rangers. I have never in my life given a shit about Power Rangers. Never seen a show, a movie, never even cared enough to add it to a watch list. But I saw ONE post sounding the horn that it’s got decent LGBT, POC and even autistic representation and I’m fucking there. I am going to toss this movie my hard-earned cash. I see maybe one movie every two months, and this one is gonna be it. I’m fucking excited to watch it, too. All of that shit Hollywood is so scared of damn near guarantees I’ll see a movie I don’t even fucking care about. And I’ll probably enjoy it.


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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Just a PSA but I’ve already seen quite a few headlines from new sites reporting on early Justice League reactions and their headlines are like “Justice League is ‘okay’” or like “It’s reportedly all over the place” and yet the overwhelming majority of Twitter reactions from critics who have actually seen the movie have been first and foremost “It was such a fun movie! I can’t wait to see it again! Few flaws but overall it’s a step in the right direction!!” so like don’t let misleading wording get you down

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  • Student Teacher: over the summer a friend and I watched all of the marvel movies in one week
  • Me: *looks down at my Iron Man shirt* hell yeah
  • Later
  • Student Teacher: *walking around* hey lilly nice Iron Man shirt! I didn't even see it before.
  • Me: oh yessss he's my favorite
  • Student Teacher: so does that mean you're on Team Iron Man?
  • Me: ...nope. I'm on Team Thor because I do not like that Civil War was a thing.

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This is random but...Very recently I realized that as much as I loved Bodhi... he was possibly the most forgettable main character in RO, and it made me sad because he's my favorite. I didn't even actually remember him until Tumblr started flanderizing him and turning him into a wilting flower. I would get indignant when the media forgot to put Bodhi on character lists, but I realized that even when he had a huge part in the rebellion, he wasn't a well-developed character, and that was why. :(

Here’s the thing—I’m not sure we watched the same movie. It’s true that I went into Rogue One for Riz, being already a huge fan of his and wanting to see him in a blockbuster for selfish reasons.

However, even if I hadn’t, I would have fallen for the character of Bodhi immediately, because he’s such a fascinating depiction of opposites. Riz portrayed him beautifully as being terrified to his core but absolutely determined to do what was right. He’s anxious, jittery, afraid, but he’s also fed up of people doubting him, (”You sure?” “YES.”) and working to put right his wrongs.

Riz did an incredible job with very few lines, showing in his eyes and face the terrified determination of a man who knows what he has to do and is well aware he’ll probably die doing it. He named the team. The Rogue Squadron exists because of him. I came out of the theater wanting to know everything about him, his backstory, his motivations, his inner workings, because the character so captured my heart.

You say he was your favorite, so I’m sure he was that for a reason. And yes, it’s true that the media erases him and fandom is wont to woobify him. But the fact remains that the entire story exists because Bodhi Rook followed his heart. For me, Bodhi is the soul of Rogue One, and I could no sooner forget my own head than leave him out.