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Do you know of any gordos I can get to from just the basic area and the moss forest? I need more slime keys but I'm lost >_>

Okay! There are three slime keys in the basic area, The Reef, and two in the Moss Blanket.

Firstly is the pink gordo from the very beginning:

Then there’s a phosphor gordo hiding in a tunnel:

And lastly for the Reef, there’s a pink gordo on ring island:

And the two locations of the gordos in the Moss Blanket:

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Your art is absolutely gorgeous. I love it sm 😍😍😍 all of your Sheith stuff is my favorite especially and that dance major AU is just perfection.

Thank you so much!! :D I even planned back then on making a gif of Shiro and Keith dancing for the dance majors au where Keith teaches Shiro his style and he got pretty good so they had a dance routine but I realized that’s a lot of effort and honestly ain’t nobody got time for that XDDD 


Misawa day theme: Development

Miyuki and Sawamura relationship development

When in Doubt, Swing it Out

I’ve been super into the electro swing genre lately (I blame @kaxpha for playing bomb music in their art streams) so I wrote this little blurb of a fic. Enjoy!

Lance had most definitely had better days.

Not only had been woken up by a surprise training drill by Allura, but he had barely slept a wink anyway thanks to some not so friendly dreams due to his spike of homesickness as of late.

He sat on the couch in the main lounge, sighing as he scrolled through his cellphone, a reflex that he had yet to have broken. There obviously was no cellphone reception in space. But, fortunately, Pidge had brought her phone charger with her in the backpack she carried when this entire crazy adventure started, so at least Lance could look at the pictures. Him at the Garrison with Hunk and Pidge, him at the beach in his hometown, his mom, his siblings, his family.

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✧・゚: * a (mostly extensive) 2 year seventeen timeline * :゚・✧
[views + wins accurate as of 170531]

BBS As Things I've Heard At School
  • Vanoss : I may be very popular but honestly I am so socially scared of people the only reason they like me os cause I smile and nod quietly while inwardly screaming in fear.
  • Delirious : Honestly if I'm voted most likely to be a killer I wouldn't evn be surprised. I think they even said that about me in pre-school.
  • Moo : I have unfortunately become the mom friend and it has made me afraid of ever becoming a mother.
  • " You're a guy. "
  • And? Women are strong to deal with this bullshit! I can't handle you all I would clearly never be a good mother.
  • Terroriser : You know how most people want all eyes on them when walking into a room? I figured it out. Walk in and start doing really loud impressions!
  • Ohm : I feel I'm the friend who you have around so at least someone is semi-innocent in this massive pile of devil spawns.
  • Wildcat : I have no choice but to hang out with you all - I don't know how to make friends anymore!
  • Mini : You want to know what sucks?! Emily got nominated for Prom King over me. One, she's a girl! Not that there's a problem with the fact she's female but in this case there are two seperate places! And a third if anyone were agender. AND TWO! SHE DOESN'T EVEN ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!
  • Nogla : I'm not actually as dumb as I come off as. *misspells their name on a test* O-Okay well you see...I have...no...okay.
  • Lui : Take me back to kindergarden. Snacks, recess and snacks. Away from bullshit and lies.
  • Basically : I had this group of friends before. They only hung out with me to show "diversity" so they didn't come off as racist. That comment madee realize they were. Ditched their asses.
  • Scotty : Only once in my life have I ever...I mean ever! Won at a game! Monopoly, Life, Mario Kart...life in general...
  • Smiity : *after someone accidently steps on the back of their shoe* Yeah okay bitch. Get ready for that fucking restraining order on your ass!
  • Cartoonz : I have been compared to a southern satan before. I'm not sure which was more true. The fact that I'm very Southern. Or that I'm satan. *hisses and chokes on spit*

//So back when I was re-watching Naruto, I noticed something during the Sound and Sand Invasion Arc.
Bear with my long post as I delve and ramble into detail ;)

Sasuke ran off to stop Gaara the moment the attack started, urged by Genma who declared he was already at Chunin level and to consider this the continuation of their fight. Genma holds off Baki who was supposed to capture Sasuke on Orochimaru’s behest. Without question Sasuke runs off ahead to do his part. Once Kakashi notices this, well aware of the danger that threatens his student, he has Sakura wake Naruto and Shikamaru from the genjutsu to pursue their comrade. He wants them to catch up and get Sasuke (and themselves) to a safe location before any harm can come their way. He also knew Gaara was no regular Genin (unaware that he was a Jinchuuriki at the time) and is worried for their safety. Sending Pakkun to help in tracking and avoiding the enemy, he declares it an A rank mission.

As we know, they catch up, Shikamaru separates to fend off a group of Sound ninja that ultimately was no match for him. Asuma’s timely arrival saved him.

Sasuke used too much chakra in pursuit, during his small/brief fight against Temari, and mostly in his battle against Gaara. He fought to the point of exhaustion, pushed himself near death by forcing a third chidori (which Kakashi warned him plain and simple that it could kill him) and ultimately succumbed to the overwhelming pain the curse mark manifested, causing him to become immobile. Gaara was going to kill him, but Naruto comes in time to strike him aside. While Sakura is immediately at Sasuke’s side, worry forming as she fears the worst.

Sakura defends him when Gaara bypassed Naruto, getting caught and rendered unconscious in the process. While she is stuck and Sasuke is incapable of moving, Naruto advances. However, he gets struck and sent flying back. Sasuke, despite the pain he’s enduring, lunges himself forward to soften the blow, something that wouldn’t have harmed Naruto all that badly had he hit the tree instead.

Afterwards, the two debate on the fight, wondering the best course of action to take. Sasuke overcomes the throbbing pain, managing to stand again. This is a very important character development scene for him. Although his whole life, revenge has been his fuel, his reason for existing, Sasuke willingly put the life of his comrades ahead of his own. Claiming that he’d sacrifice himself in order for Naruto and Sakura to get away, even if he only bought them a few minutes, he’d give that. He’s even out of breath as he explains, showcasing his growing fatigue.

It’s just as Orochimaru mentioned back during the preliminaries of the Chunin Exams. Being around his friends, mostly Naruto, changed Sasuke’s heart. For someone who should be preserving his own life, selfish in design in order to kill his brother, shouldn’t be so ready to die. But he takes no reproach upon himself for being weak here. He doesn’t even hesitate or pause to think of another solution. Deciding that if he died here, he was never meant to go further, tossing any chance of avenging his clan aside.

He lost his family, everything that was precious to him when he was merely seven years old. His heart and mind never fully healed, but being around Team Seven, living instead of simply surviving, caused them to become family. Just like in the Land of Waves, Sasuke stopped Haku from killing Naruto by getting in the way of a fatal attack. And later when he hears Itachi is back in the village, his instinct isn’t vengeance, it’s saving his friend.

Sasuke has taken loss after loss, structured his world on loneliness and sorrow, growing up in a devastation he learned to hon and tolerate. Yet, he’s grown. He managed to comprehend what truly mattered throughout his time with them. Although his protective instincts are usually buried in fear of losing more, he’s learned from those around him. Orochimaru’s offer of power is certainly desirable, but there was never a moment where Masashi depicted him contemplating the idea (despite the fact that he probably had at some point prior to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc).

His words stir Naruto into action, making him realize what it means to be strong. Sasuke sparked the notion of strength via protecting others into Naruto’s head, making him remember the power that lies in having people you care about. Due to Gaara’s ferocity, he nearly forgot, questioning it. He and Gaara were alike, so much that he began to fear the idea of what he could’ve become if he didn’t have Iruka and the others, that it somehow made Gaara stronger than him, unbeatable. Until this very instant, recalling all former mentions and selfless actions that were proved by Sasuke’s words, he knew he had nothing to be afraid of.

Naruto tells Sasuke that’s he’s done enough, that he should rest, while he decided to take over the fight. In obvious consequence to Naruto’s raging power and capabilities to take down Gaara, Sasuke is surprised to see just how much stronger his friend became. And as Naruto did the same during the exams, while Sasuke and Gaara fought, he belittled his own strength by comparing. It’s only natural that this occurs due to their rivalry and competitive nature. 

However, in Sasuke’s perception, it’s different. He considers himself only strong when he’s stronger than those around him, stifling his inferiority by his nurtured superiority complex. He gets criticized over this, but it’s what he’s done in order to make it this far. He has to claw his way out of the past, out of the vulnerability that was exposed when Itachi took his entire world away from him. Rebuilding a future around the destruction caged inside was all he considered himself capable of until those ideals were squandered by his upcoming defeat at Itachi’s hand.

Once the fight draws to a close, the sand binding Sakura to the tree disappears. Her interference in order to protect him caused her to get hurt. The guilt is betrayed on his face. He catches her, placed her down gently, telling Pakkun to keep an eye on her as he goes to check on Naruto’s condition.

After reaching Naruto, hearing that Gaara wishes to stop fighting and go home, the other passes out with a smile on his face. Initially, Naruto is still trying to move, but Sasuke warns him that it’s enough, and tells him Sakura is safe, allowing Naruto to feel relieved. Their teamwork might not have been on display during this fight, but their devotion to protecting one another outweighed any question to how deeply they care for each other. This is a prime example to how much Team Seven has developed since they first formed as a team. They’re imperfect, maybe even mismatched at times, but their imbalance stabilizes them, forming bonds.

Now I can get to the actual point of my post. This is where Masashi decided to close on their progress and we only see these three later on, well after the invasion forces are being drawn back, this arc coming to a close.

But at this time, after the Sand Siblings leave, they still need to get somewhere safe. While his teammates are both unconscious, Sasuke is the only one able to move despite his physical exhaustion taking a toll. He has to take the both of them to a place they can hide from enemies. Now as Pakkun and Shikamaru stated enemy shinobi are lurking around, travelling in strategic groups to ambush any ninja they come by in the forest, all Chunin level or higher.

Sasuke had to manage all on his own, carrying his friends, probably running into numerous fights along the way in order to protect them. The strain he must feel on his body is enormous since the curse mark siphons chakra and he depleted himself the moment he decided to use a third chidori. Forcing himself to stand is one thing, but being on the verge of collapse, pushing past his lack of strength, he gathers himself, his friends, and fights.

They were sent out to stop him, and in the end, Sasuke is the one that has to safeguard them on his own against all odds. If that doesn’t display Sasuke’s development and where his priority truly lies before he was enticed by the lure of power, then I don’t know what does. But even then, Sasuke proves himself many times over before leaving the village that he cares and is no longer the child he used to be, clinging only to self-preservation. His devotion goes beyond revenge. It’s only the mix of fear and confusion that shatters that resolve later.

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You know what I also noticed about the klance scene in episode 6? That Lance could have gone to Hunk. Bc Hunk is is BEST FRIEND and they have known each other for a LONG time but NO he goes to KEITH. This is a really private thought he shares with Keith. He trusts Keith enough to tell him his insecurity/fear ;A; AND that Lance says Keith is their leader even AFTER Shiro came back. He didn't go to Shiro. He is LOYAL to Keith and choose him over Shiro in this point! I'm CRYING KLANCE



okay so ALSO i want to elaborate on lance choosing keith. for this convo i think lance could have talked to any 3 of the ppl in the whole lion swap situation. he could have gone to allura, shiro, or keith. 

allura would have been a good person to talk to because she is the new pilot of blue and he could have talked to her about how she feels with lance taking back blue again

shiro because he is taking back black and if shiro is his hero wouldn’t he wanna have his opinion on the whole lion swap thing, maybe see if shiro thinks he should go back to blue y’know?? also shiro was the previous leader and again IF HE IS BACK YOU WOULD THINK LANCE WOULD IMMEDIATELY SEE HIM AS THE LEADER AGAIN

but he didn’t.. he went to keith and that is really crazy because lance who was so against keith being leader literally still sees him as the leader even with shiro back which is actually quite shocking. lance really respects keith and what keith thinks of him.. he went to keith seeking validation… and you can also tell this by how sad he was when keith didn’t say what he wanted to hear. when he told lance “things would work out” lance was hurt because he was hoping for keith to say he was a valubale member of the team, the sharpshooter everyone needed. but he didn’t and lance was genuinely sad..

but ofc keith shot him the iconic line “leave the math to pidge” basically telling lance to not overthink the whole situation, which obviously worked a little for lance which made me so happy since keith didn’t have to say anything but he wanted to see lance smile esp with the way he said it,,, god,,


tfc characters as things i've heard at college
  • dan: "you know, when i applied to college i didn't realize i was selling my soul to the devil"
  • kevin: "i'm a athletic"
  • andrew: "i was like, who the FUCK touched me"
  • matt: "oh jesus fucking christ what am i doing?"
  • aaron: "megan, stop. no one likes you"
  • seth: "dude it's not even 9 in the morning shut the fuck up. please."
  • allison: "i had to blow dry my hair bc i walked outside and it froze"
  • nicky: *professor says something* "that was bullshit"
  • renee: "hey, god? end this"
  • neil: "do u think if i just pretend to drop dead right now or faint she'll move the test back?"
  • riko: "i have no life by the way"
  • jean: "i cried until i fell asleep last night"

Words aren’t enough to describe how spectacular this weekend was. One of the best experiences I had in my 22 years of existence.
A huge thank you to the Shadowhunters cast, who were the most genuine and adorable people, and really made their fans happy. Going back to normal life is hard today and I still don’t realize fully that it happened. So thankful for the opportunity. I’ll always remember this. ❤️❤️❤️


Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.

The true tragedy of 4x10 was the almost-could-have-been ship of dreams™ Sea Mechanic being cruelly ripped away from us forever

look I made a meme. Has this been done already? Part of me says yes, but I couldn’t find one anywhere if it has…

Also huge shoutout to @majorfrustration who let me use some of her screencaps for this!


Yeah so ummm…..hi. It’s ya boi, Flannel McMullet. This is my Keith cosplay from the amazing fic Shut Up and Dance With Me by Wittyy with beautiful art by Sora !!!! I’m so deep into Klance hell in general, so throw a dancer au at me and I’m sold. Did I mention I’m only on chapter 4 but couldn’t wait any longer to do a costest? Because it’s true. Idk, I’m pretty proud of this. Also I took a vid of me dancing in this cos that isn’t the best but it’s decent; should I post that too? I think I might in a little bit….But yeah! I hope you enjoy. Go check me out on my Instagram (Full.Moon.Chaser) to see more of my cosplays, and maybe even subscribe to my YouTube (also Full.Moon.Chaser)!! Also all the pics have captions if you’re interested ~ @shutup-and-dance-with-me <3

  • Scorpius: Look I need to tell you something.
  • Rose: What is it?
  • Scorpius: I love you.
  • Rose: I know.
  • Scorpius: How can you know? I only realized it this morning! I had a huge epiphany, and Albus helped me to understand that really I love you. So there's no way you knew because even I didn't know!
  • Rose: You talk in your sleep. You've been saying it for about a month now.
  • Scorpius:
  • Scorpius: Oh come on.

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tell me a minseok headcanon

OK, OMG LEMME TELL U HOW I THINK HE IS WITH TAN (im just gonna refer to tan as she/her b/c i’d love it if she were a baby girl like soo’s pups soooo…consider that part of my headcanon, that he just wanted a pretty lil baby girl to take care of 😫)

  • i think when minseok first got tan he was probably really superrrr gentle with her, like i’m talking overly so. for instance, she’s a long-haired kitty who probably requires a lot of brushing and omgggggggg, in the beginning i’m sure he was sooooooo cautious and he baaarely touched her with the brush. to the point that she probably got ANNOYED with him, like 😾“for the love of GOD man, BRUSH ME!!” and tried to express her needs the way cats do, all arching into the brush and meowing at him and giving him a “wtf?” look. and minseok would’ve gotten the message loud and clear right away but he woulda still been more gentle than necessary for quite a long time as he slowwwwly became accustomed to her wants, needs, and expectations omg i die 😭
  • minseok probably cleans her litter box like 3x a day
  • he buys her all the top-of-the-line toys and treats and foods and just spoils her rotten my god :(((( when he was in japan for cbx’s japanese debut he even said he wasn’t focused on buying himself any souvenirs, he just wanted to bring back japanese treats for tan to try 😖
  • he plays SOOOOOOO well with her!! and LOVES it too, like he definitely just LAUGHS AND LAUGHS and has the best time watching her do dumb wonderful cat things :(((
  • he DEFINITELY talks to her. about all manner of things. in her language as well as his. 😂😂 he tells her his joys, his sorrows, his secrets, just absolutely EVERYTHING, and he’s full of compliments for her all the time too
  • exo have all been really amazed with how much she’s taken over his life, like that’s actual canon, and i bet he has so many videos and pics of her on his phone and that he shares them with absolutely everyone he comes in contact with in his life to the point that they’re so over it but he doesn’t care, he just loves her so much, she’s the funniest cutest prettiest cat in the world as far as he’s concerned, and he says so like every single day to anyone who’ll listen and to the backs of ppl’s heads if they won’t
  • exo knows that these days when minseok’s talking about his “little sister” he’s rlly talking about tan. his actual (read: human) little sister knows this too and has learned to accept it 😆
  • he’ll defend his status as a cat person all day long to the rest of exo, and every example of feline greatness he’ll supply will be anecdotal evidence from the time he’s spent with tan 😊😊

let’s take a break from this headcanon for a NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT FUN FACT!! the cat fanciers’ association describes the norwegian forest cat’s expressions as “striking and distinctive” and makes note of their “large, almond shaped eyes”. additionally, norwegian forest cats are known for having soft voices and gentle, friendly personalities and HELLO all of that also describes min!! now where were we….

  • A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER THRU AND THRU, ARE U KIDDING ME?!?!?! i bet he read up on different breeds ahead of time to decide which one was right for him and really weighed his options carefully and took the whole process so seriously, probably got her from a rlly reputable breeder and just went about everything the responsible way. he most likely pondered getting a cat for a really long time and researched how to raise one properly and makes such a huge effort to give her the best life possible 😭😭😭
  • minseok is definitely super respectful whenever she needs some chill time away from him seeing as he fully gets that, and rlly when she’s in that “leave me be” mode it makes him smile cause he’s like “hell yeh binch, i get it! lol, SAME!”
  • ok, not rlly a headcanon but just the fact that min was rlly afraid of cats and decided all by himself to confront his fear by GETTING ONE OF HIS OWN, that’s WILD man who does that?? a constantly-challenging-himself-to-grow-and-evolve man!! an “i refuse to live in fear!” man!!!
  • sometimes he just loses himself in silently observing her? like he’ll just watch her watching the world outside his window and start thinking about what she could possibly be thinking about and the next thing he knows 3 hrs have passed, his whole day is shot, and he still has no idea what’s inside her mind, but he has zeroooo regrets ://
  • if she ever gets sick he’ll just cancel everything to stay home and monitor her around the clock, 25/8, b/c the thought of trusting anybody else with her care just…..doesn’t sit well with him at all, no one can take care of her the way he needs her to be cared for, and “her well-being IS my responsibility after all!” if he really DOES need someone to catsit for any amount of time, he has a 3-pg word doc saved on his computer that he prints out for the sitter to refer to, full of very specific instructions. and the whole time he’s away from her he’s just fretting.
  • he most likely wasn’t so into her getting up on his bed at first but now he can’t sleep unless she’s purring right by his head :((( and he loves being woken up by her rlly light meows and her stomping on his (naked) chest HA
  • maybe the reason he doesn’t show us a lot of pics of her is b/c he wants to like….respect her kitty privacy or something?? LMFAO what an adorable loser :((((

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Last year I gathered all the confidence and strengths I had to go up to this guy and tell him about my feelings. I had a crush on him for months so I thought why not... Anyways I did, and I've never regretted anything more in my life.. he was so cold, straight up told me he had a girl. Didn't even appreciate what I did.. like ofc it's nice of him being honest but he literally broke my heart without giving a fuck. Idk but I hate men. I really hope someone breaks his heart one day as he did mine.

So. Let me get this straight.
You liked this guy for months. And u not once. EVER realized that he had a girlfriend?
So u just went in there swinging and did no background research?
So your mad because he didn’t consider your feelings because he told u he had a girl.
And now you’re wishing bad on him because he didn’t entertain you BECAUSE he had a girl.
You took an L for not doing your homework.
What did u even like about him that u didn’t peep he had a girl.
Honestly, idk what u want me say to you.
I hate women like you.
Getting mad at a nigga cause he had a girl and wishing bad on him.
S/O to that nigga. He a good nigga. I hope his girl treats him right.