i didn't even realise how much he's changed until i actually made this

another au here kids, let’s go

  • after burying his mother, neil throws out the phones
  • BUT he gets himself another one
  • he doesn’t want to go to his uncle
  • but he’s also aware he’s still young and might need help
  • he keeps the phone for months barely charged and never uses it except to check the time
  • but in millport, on one of the few occasions he’s actually spending time with People
  • he discovers that smartphones have a lot of apps that let you get information on things (cough the butcher, exy, kevin)
  • and in particular
  • he discovers
  • twitter

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Mitjo prompt: Childhood friends au, where Mitch didn't fuck up, and they make a hide out together to get away from eachothers shitty parents, and go through pre-teen crushes on eachother, lots of hand holding

Oh god this took so long, I am so sorry… Suffice to say, life got in the way but I actually really like this so I hope you do too and you can forgive me for how long it took?

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I love you ❤️❤️❤️ can you do one when they bring the baby home pleaseeeeee

i love u too, anon<3 and i looooved this prompt, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it xx

“we don’t have to leave yet if you aren’t ready” Emily told Ali again, who stood huddling herself in one of Emily’s old shark jumpers. Emily’s voice wobbled a little as she clutched to a soft teddy bear Caleb had bought over for the baby “we’re entitled to another 24 hours” Ali sighed, her eyes fixed on their son who slept soundly in the cot the hospital had provided for them. Shaking her head, she walked closer to her girlfriend, who happily took her in her arms. Her head rested on her chest as Emily stroked her hair softly, Ali exhaling deeply as she melted into her embrace.

“No” she muttered “I chose this life with you and I want to start living it” She said it with confidence, Emily holding her tighter as the words slipped out. “besides, isn’t your mum coming over to cook us dinner?” She pointed out, reaching up and lightly touching Emily’s lips with her own.

“Yeah” Emily remembered “she’s staying the night I think, she wants to help us with the first night shift” Ali feebly shook her head, still weak from giving birth less than 48 hours ago.

“We can’t ask her to do that” She said defiantly, though admittedly as she thought of the idea of her son’s grandma- one of her favourite people and best mothers she knew- being there to help them through the bumps and fears of the first night, she felt a lot more secure.

“You didn't” Emily said, her hands drifting to Ali’s arms as she pulled away “she’d be offended if we didn’t let her so there’s no point in arguing against it” A smile tugged at the corners of Alison’s lips, and she took Emily’s hand, directing them both to their sleeping son. Emily looked down at him dotingly, a goofy smile greeting her face as she reached her hand out, tracing her finger across his lightly rising and falling chest.

“He looks just like you” Ali noted, unable to keep her eyes off her girlfriend who’s eyes were fixed on her son.

“You think?” She asked, dragging her eyes away from him to look at Ali, grateful to see nothing but happiness radiating from her.
“Oh, completely” Ali said with a grin “he’s perfect” Emily blushed slightly, walking away to grab his bag and throw it over her shoulder.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Emily said as Ali carefully lifted him out of his cot, feeling whole again as his head rested lightly in the gap of her elbow.

“Positive” She whispered, slowly walking over to Emily so she didn’t wake him. Together they walked through the halls of the hospital. He stirred occasionally at the beeping sounds and the creaks of doors opening, but otherwise stayed perfectly calm. As they reached the parking lot, Ali chuckled as she saw the sleek black Mercedes hatchback, attractive yet seemingly perfectly practical. Ali frowned, for a second wanting to get angry that Emily had spent such an obscene amount of money, and then realising that  there was physically no way she would’ve been able to afford this.

“Jase?” She asked inquisitively. Emily shook her head, biting her lip as she pulled open the door to reveal the car seat that had been installed a few days previously.

“Mona” She dropped the bomb, and Ali’s heart stopped for a second. “she dropped it off yesterday morning. I told her to come and meet him but she seemed to be in a bit of a rush” Ali could barely say anything, her mouth hung open in shock as Emily walked over and took the baby from her, placing him securely in the seat and pecking him lightly on the forehead.

Mona?” she repeated as Emily helped her into the passenger side, finding herself strapping her in and placing a kiss on her forehead, just as she had her son.  “Mona bought us a car?” Emily shut the door, pacing around to the other side and sliding onto the leather seat.

“Yeah, I know” She said, shocked at how easy it was to start the ignition, the car gliding across the lot as if it were dancing on ice. “she texted me telling me to meet her in the coffee shop and just handed me the key. No explanation” Ali frowned, suddenly becoming a little concerned that there was a chance there was something wrong with the car. “don’t worry” Emily said, reading her mind “Toby came and checked it out last night, he said it was fine” Ali settled after that confirmation, her head falling onto her shoulder. “You can sleep” Emily broke the silence “I’ll wake you up when we’re home” And, though she wanted to protest, she let her eyes droop shut, marvelling at how exhausted she still was. Emily drove, paying so much more attention than she ever had before now that she had not only one but two of the most precious and important things in her life trusting her hands at the wheel. Eventually, she breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled up in front of their house, utterly petrified but also cautiously excited to be home. For a moment she sat, appreciating the silence, before she moved to wake up Ali. She unplugged her seat belt, stretching her arm out and stroking the top of Ali’s hand, kissing her warmly on the cheek.

“Baby” she whispered into her ear “we’re home” Ali stirred under her touch, a small smile creeping onto her face. She pried open her eyes, thankful that Emily’s were the first thing she saw. Emily smiled as Ali became alert again, stretching around to the back set to check her son was still sleeping. He was.

“I missed you” Ali murmured, blushing. Emily frowned as they sat still for a little while longer, their last moments of peace before everything changed forever.

“I’m right here” Emily replied softly, taking her hand in hers and tracing circles on the back with her thumb.

“We can do this, can’t we?” Alison sought reassurance from the brunette, who’s forehead wrinkled with concern at her question.

“We don’t really have a choice any more, Ali” She teased, trying to put a smile back onto Ali’s face “but yes, we can do this” Ali sighed quietly, looking out through the wind shield until her eyes landed on the big oak tree to the side of the house.

“When he’s old enough we can get Caleb and Toby to build him a tree house” She imagined, a quaint smile appearing on her face that lit up her eyes. Emily pouted her lips.

“In case you don’t remember, I spent a summer building actual houses in Haiti” she teased “I think we can manage without the boys” Worry flickered across Ali’s face.

“I didn’t know that” She admitted. Emily smiled, trying to eradicate the guilt that was evident on Ali’s face. It was moments like that that made her recognise they had only been dating a few months- and they had gone years without even speaking. This was still very early days for the pair. They sat in silence for a little while longer.

“I’m so proud of you, baby” Emily said with a grin “and I love you. So much” Alison was practically glowing at the words, and when their eyes met Emily thought she would drown in the love she was greeted with.

“I love you too, Em. Always” She replied, her throat still a little croaky from weariness. Ali was the first to get out the car, waddling a little to get round to her son, unbuckling him carefully so she didn’t wake him up.

“You okay? I can take him?” Emily called from the other side of the drive as she grabbed the numerous bags of baby stuff. Ali nodded weakly, treading carefully across the gravel pathway as Emily unlocked the door and helped them inside.

“Welcome home, little one” Ali murmured into his ear as she kissed his mass of brown hair. Together they carried him upstairs, lying him down in his cot. They watched him drift back off to sleep, the sunset casting a golden hue across the nursery, and Emily took Ali’s hand, pulling her into her chest, kissing her softly on the lips.

“We’re home” She said, disbelief racing through her.

“Yeah” Ali said, grinning so much Emily was worried she would be in pain later “yeah, we’re home”

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Hi 😊I live for your writing. Could you possibly do a one shot where Luke's wife finds out she's pregnant after they've been trying for awhile? I cruised through your master list and didn't see anything similar; you have dad!Luke but not newlyexpectingdad!Luke. I think he'd just be the cutest. Maybe if it fits, make it a multi parter leading up to labor/delivery? ❤️

Awwh thank you so much! I decided to make it into a one-shot – I can’t divulge the exact reason why, just that I’ll be writing a similar scene soon and I don’t want to give too many spoilers! Enjoy <3 You can also find some other pregnancy writings here (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x).


Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: You and Luke had been trying for so long to have a baby…you now just couldn’t wait to tell him the happy news.

You smiled as Luke secured his arm tightly around your waist, pulling you into his chest protectively as he traced soothing patterns onto your exposed skin. He was always affectionate after returning home from a case, but his delicate touch was making your heart flutter for more reasons than one tonight.

It had been so hard keeping the secret from him. Over the past two weeks, you felt as if you could burst with happiness and excitement. But, you had decided that it was best to wait until you had seen the doctor to verify your suspicions.

The two of you had been trying so long to have a baby that you just couldn’t have trusted the home pregnancy kit that you had stealthily hidden in the bathroom cupboard. Your expectations were already up and you would have hated to disappoint Luke if it did turn out to be a false reading.

Of course, you were almost certain that you were correct in your belief. Your first sign had obviously been when you glanced at the small box of tampons in confusion, counting weeks on your hand as you tried to determine why you hadn’t had your period yet. But, you had blown it off as a result of stress. After all, work had been particularly chaotic recently.

It wasn’t until you burst out into tears during one of your stupid TV shows that you realised something was up. You were never really emotional, especially not over DIY shows, and the tears streaming down your face didn’t make sense to either you or Luke. He had glanced at you in bewilderment as you sobbed about a family getting a new house.

Then, you realised how tired you had been recently – even falling asleep on the sofa practically all weekend, much to Luke’s bemusement – and things began to slowly fall into place in your head. You had taken the test, your heart leaping at the two little lines that would change your life.

You had wanted to call Luke that instant, but reluctantly restrained yourself from dialing his number. You wanted to do it right. So, you had finally got around to making a doctor’s appointment today – leaving her office with a bright smile on your face as you clutched the results in your hand.

Luke had known something was up for the past fortnight, but had been so busy with work he had little chance to confront you on your odd and evasive behaviour. He could tell by the happiness in your eyes that there was nothing distressing you at least.

Roxy too had seemed to sense a change in the household, sniffing at you with great interest as you lay on the sofa together. Perhaps the intuitive canine actually knew more than her owner?

However, considering the worry you had both had about your ability to conceive a child together, it only seemed right to be one hundred percent sure before telling your husband.

The two of you had been so excited when you had decided to start a family. Luke had come home from a case in Florida involving children and had been unable to shake off the emotions it had stirred inside him. He had been relieved when you had delightedly told him that you too had been considering the possibility of having a baby.

It had been exceedingly difficult – trying to arrange baby making around his hectic schedule. He was away so much with the team that it had been hard for you to find the time for each other. But, you were both determined and committed to each other, so you had made it work.

After nearly a year, you had been concerned about the fact you still weren’t pregnant. It had been Luke to reassure you that everything would be okay, telling you that some things just took time.

It was things like his kind and caring nature that made you certain he would be an amazing father.

Tonight, he had finally returned home from a case and you had decided that it would be the perfect chance to tell him about the exciting news. However, you had barely had the chance to open your mouth before he had launched himself at you, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss as he carried you into the bedroom.

It wasn’t unusual for your husband to get back from working a case desperate for comfort. You were well-aware of the horrors he saw on a daily basis and sometimes he just needed to come home to your reassuring embrace.

As you peacefully lay together in bed, enjoying the soothing sensation of skin on skin, you finally found the opportunity to divulge your secret. Luke’s gently intertwined his fingers through yours as he fondly examined the cool metal ring proudly sitting on your finger.

“God, I love coming home to my wife.” He murmured against your hair, pressing a tender kiss to your temple as he released your hand. Your breath hitched as his fingers danced lightly across your bare stomach, caressing your soft skin.

You couldn’t keep it to yourself anymore.

“I have to tell you something.”

You felt his posture stiffen for a moment, the strange tone in your voice unreadable – even for a profiler. He loosened his grip on your waist so that you could shuffle around in the sheets, turning to face him.

His expression was one of intrigue and slight concern as he drifted his fingers lazily down your arm.

A soft smile spread across your face as you prepared to speak the words you had been dying to say for two weeks.

“I’m pregnant.”

There was a moment of stunned silence. His hand dropped to caress your stomach as if he could find undeniable proof of your statement. You laughed softly as his warm brown eyes met yours, amazement and joy in their depths.

“You’re pregnant?”

You nodded, grinning as his gaze travelled back down to your stomach. He looked completely dazed at the fact that you had made a baby together.

“We’re having a baby.” He murmured in wonder, tenderly pressing his hand against your stomach. He couldn’t believe that right now his son or daughter was growing inside of you. This was without doubt the best surprise to return home to ever.

He leaned forward to capture your lips in another passionate kiss – as if thanking you for the words that had brought him so much happiness.

You laughed softly as he continued to press urgent kisses all over your skin, hesitating as he reached your stomach to place a tender kiss on the almost nonexistent bump.

“We’re going to be parents.”

Fire Emblem: My Thoughts on the Theme
  • I think the idea they had behind the character was a great one, but given different sensitivities and also differences in how language is treated, I think this one is going to need some good localisation.
  • The idea that I see is that some people have visual fetishes. For Sole-chan it was cute girls. They excited her, they made her get butterflies in her tummy, she wants nothing more than to have a nice tea with a cute girl because of the excitement she feels.
  • The story they wanted to tell was that she had a close companion that she actually had feelings for but she was unable to realise this until a magic spell that made all men look like girls and girls look like men. The player was just doing it to help train her in how to keep herself collected when a cute girl was nearby, but as a side effect it made her realise that she loved the player. How did she realise this? First off, the player wasn't even her type as a visual girl, and even after the spell wore off and she saw him as a guy (not visually stimulating for her) she noticed she got butterflies around him.
  • The fact that they choose male/female is unimportant and I think people are focusing on that. It could have easily been a skinny/large person, young/older person thing. It's important to sometimes put aside what is on the outside and focus on what is on the inside. And she still loves cute girls people, it didn't change her sexuality or stop her form getting nervous around cute babes, the episode just revealed to her some deeper feelings she had for the player despite not really giving much about his appearance.
  • As for her sexuality, who knows. For she never really goes into it as a sexual thing, it's really more of a stimulant for her. Perhaps she is bisexual, but it doesn't matter.
  • Also yes, it's wrong as HELL to put something in someone's drink the same way it's wrong to cast a spell on them, or even tell them a lie. This sounds so wrong in english but in Japanese it's like they were just going with the theme of her going out for tea with everyone. Don't get me wrong, I don't think spiking someone's drink is good, but in a fantasy setup, casting a party trick spell on someone is fine (and note that the intention was not to get her in bed, and in fact she said "you're still not my type" to the player even when he appeared as a girl.)
  • That's my take anyway.

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Oh man, would you please talk more about Sanji's character arc? I never actually realized that it can be all focused on that one line (so slow) and how Sanji did push away his dream to pay it all back to Zeff. It was after Sanji heard the Baratie crew praise his cooking and want him to leave that he finally decided to leave, so like how do you connect this with Zoro being crazy with his dream and everything else that lead to his final decision?

wait someone actually WANTS me to babble on more about Sanji? More than happy to oblige!

Before I start though, I’d better link to a couple of relevant posts so I won’t just be regurgitating points I’ve already made. I already did a discussion of Sanji’s character arc on the Baratie HERE but I didn’t discuss too much of Luffy and Zoro’s role in his arc, so that’s what this post’ll mostly be about. In addition, although it’s not /really/ necessary for this post, I do make a couple of references to my Sanji interpretation that I discussed HERE.

At the beginning, Sanji sees them as naive and when Zoro first mentions his dream to him at the Baratie Sanji writes him off as inexperienced. Zoro might be willing to give his life to his dream, but he doesn’t understand the other consequences that it can have, not only on himself, but on the others around him. To paraphase my previous article, when Sanji followed his dream, two ships sank, hundreds of people died, he and Zeff nearly starved to death and Sanji was responsible for Zeff losing his pirating career. Sanji spent three months facing down the consequences of his actions and the rest of his life trying to repent for his mistakes. While Zoro doesn’t get a true taste of the futility that facing death creates until Kuma, Sanji comes into the series already much more burdened by the weight of responsibility.

Watching Luffy and Zoro stand up against their enemies for nothing but their dreams takes Sanji back to the kid he was on the Baratie. It gives Zeff a chance to have a dialogue with him about his conviction and dream, and watching their fights Sanji is given a taste of who he used to be- who he still should be. All of that dialogue that Sanji has during Zoro’s fight isn’t him trying to change Zoro’s mind, it’s him trying to reassure himself. It’s the same speech that Sanji’s been giving himself since he and Zeff got off the rock. 

Because this is the same arc where Sanji puts his life on the line for Zeff and the Baratie without any qualms. Sanji doesn’t have a problem with death, he has a problem with his own dreams. Sanji has convinced himself that following your dream is selfish, dangerous and futile. And ya know what; Zoro and Luffy prove him right. Despite that though, they also give him hope. They push through the other side of their ridiculous actions [getting sliced in half by Mihawk and nearly drowning in a net after winning against Don Kreig respectively] and not only survive, but decide to continue with their dreams. 

For Sanji to decide to follow his dream again, he has to not only work past his own feelings of guilt, he has to decide that following his dream is going to be worthwhile. That’s a big thing for a guy who’s spent the last ten years convincing himself that NOT following his dream is the right thing to do. All of that dedication has instead been pushed into helping the Baratie succeed; he’ll find All Blue one day, but that day will be a long time coming. For now, he’s better off staying at the Baratie, helping Zeff make his new dream come true. Even if Sanji does set off to find the All Blue, how can he be sure he’ll find it? Sanji KNOWS that All Blue exists, but if he’s going to abandon his debt to Zeff, he needs proof that he can really find it. 

That’s where Luffy and Zoro come in. They’re critical to Sanji’s decision to leave because they give him hope. They both have impossible dreams that they’ve already put their lives on the line for; for Sanji to leave with them would prove his conviction to his dream. The discoverer of All Blue sailing alongside the pirate king and the world’s greatest swordsman? That’s a promise. Travelling with them Sanji need not question his own conviction or the validity of his journey, and they’ve already proven themselves worthy in front of Zeff, so Sanji feels reassured that Zeff won’t think he’s just abandoning his debt to him [of course, Zeff doesn’t have nearly as many qualms about getting his baby eggplant out into the big, wide world]. When he overhears the Baratie crew talking about how they want him to leave, joining Luffy’s crew becomes a valid option- the first one he’s ever considered. 

Leaving with Luffy was Sanji’s first chance to chase his dream guilt free since he met Zeff. Through Luffy and Zoro’s convictions to their dreams Sanji was able to rediscover his own passion for All Blue and finally start pursuing it again, confident in Zeff’s blessing. 

Heartbroke Part 2 - Requested (Ashton)

Hey, so im not sure who but a couple of people re-blogged part one asking for a second so here it is, if you haven’t read part one you can find it here, ENJOY!!!!

*Can I come for Billy at twelve? X* your heart cracks a little more as you read the message from Ashton. You hate it, talking about what time he can collect his own child, you hate not having him in bed in the morning, you hate not getting random messages, you hate everything about it, everything about this flat, this situation, everything is wrong. And you’re broken, you don’t show it, not to anyone, you smile and tell them you’re great, that you and Ashton are okay for Billy, that being a single mum isn’t that bad, but it’s all bull shit, and the tears when you climb in the empty bed every night prove it.

*Yeah, pick him up from your mums* you hit send and call to sort things with Anne, for Billy to be at hers when Ashton wants him so you don’t have to see him.

Every time he texts you, calls you, you hear his name, Billy tells you about him, every time you glance at the pictures of him and Billy around the flat you break a little more, day by day losing more of yourself in you never ending broken heart.

*I was hoping to see you, I really need to see you, just a couple of minutes, to know you’re okay* his reply comes quick and your breath catches in your throat.

*Not today* and then you throw your phone onto the sofa before picking Billy up.


‘Thanks for doing this Anne. I’m really sorry I’ve put you in this position’ you apologise for the millionth time since it happened, she shakes her head as she hands Billy over to Harry on the floor.

'Stop apologising, I’m not stuck in the middle, I know he was wrong, and I’m gonna help you however I can’ she explain, you nod a little before giving her a hug.

'He’s staying with Ash tonight, and he is taking him into nursery tomorrow, thanks again’ you tell her, as you both walk to the front door. You open it to see Ashton, you freeze. You haven’t seen him in three weeks, his hair is normal, the bandana around his head making it look like it has a style when in actual fact it’s just out grown. He seems good, great, normal, and you’re not sure whether this sound hurt or make you feel a little better but it does neither, because your frozen, you know you have stopped breathing, your breath caught in your throat.

'See you later Anne’ you words have come without you thinking about them, your voice back to the normal cover up, and go step down out of the door, Ashton steps to the side a little and you glance down at the keys in your hand as you walk to your car.

'Wait, I wanted to catch you’ Ashton’s voice follows you sounding rushed and it now you notice, now when you turn to him you notice the change, his voice is broken, his eyes dull, he looks just like Ashton until you look into his eyes and you mean really look in his eyes, and you see it nothing.

'I know you don’t want to see me but your my wife, just please, give me five minutes to talk’ you want to say no, your head is screaming no but your heart is telling you to follow him to the ends of the earth, and then you notice Harry, Lauren and Billy standing in the down stairs window watching as Anne staying watching from the front door and you know you can’t say it.

'Take as long as you need’ Anne calls, Ashton doesn’t even turn to his mum as he shouts thanks, his eyes glued to yours. And you nod, it’s hardly a nod really and if he wasn’t staring at you he probably would have missed it and you probably would have had time to change your mind before the smile fills his face.


'I don’t know what to say, no that’s wrong, I have loads to say, I guess I don’t know where to start’ Ashton speaks as you both walk through the empty street.

'How about why?’ Your voice is weak, but you don’t care, it’s only Ashton no and he deserves to know how much he had fucked you up. You can’t bring yourself to look his straight in so only know he is nodding from the corner if your eye.

'We could start there, if I had an answer, but I don’t, I don’t have the faintest idea why I did it, I was happy with you, I am happy with you, I wasn’t lonely, I wasn’t desperate for attention, I wasn’t looking for it, so I dunno is the answer, I really don’t’ he rambles one but his words seem to only hurt more.

'Then you just don't….didn’t care, because that’s the only reason I can think of’ your voice is becoming stronger, maybe because you have realised you can’t rely on him to make you stings, because no matter what his answers they aren’t gonna help you.

'That’s not true, that’s never been true, never, I have always loved you, always cared, you…you and Billy are the most important in my life, I would give everything for you two. Don't…don’t ever think that’s why, I…I’ he starts to stutter clearly losing it a little as he steps in front of you.

'Ashton I can’t listen any more, I can’t do this, I wanted to, I dunno I thought answers would maybe help but hearing you say that you have no reason, not even a shitty excuse for breaking up our lives, it’s not helping, it’s just hurting more.’ You explain, still not letting your eyes meet his.

'I was yours Ashton, I was whole heartedly yours, you had me, all of me. I took your band, your fans, your tours and I worked with it. I fit into your life. What that it? I was just easy; I could handle it all so I was just an easy option? You never loved me, am I just another tick on your life list. Be successful, check, get money, check, get a girlfriend, check, marry her, check, have a kid, check and what? Now you’re done, now your list is complete it doesn’t matter how you treat us? Have you got bored of having it all?’ You don’t have control of the words, every possible reason you have given yourself for him hurting you coming out and he looks shocked. His mouth opens like he is gonna say something and he closes it again.

'Th….that’s not true, tha….no, how could you think that?’ He stutters through, his face scrunching together a little although I’m crazy to ask.

'Because you cheated in me, you took a stranger into our home, past out child’s room and into our bed; you fucked a complexly fucking stranger in our bed. You made me fall in love, I fucking love you so much, you are my everything, my whole fucking life is surrounded by you, I live here thousands of miles from my family, and I do everything for you. I’m strong Ashton, I’m fucking strong and you broke me, your ripped me apart’ hour voice is building into more of a shout cry.

'I love you’ his voice is nothing, broken isn’t the word, it’s just nothing and it breaks your heart. 'You can’t love me’ you cry, the tears pouring from your eyes. Your breathing is a mess, your chest aching, your body draining of energy and you just drop to the floor, resting your back against someone’s brick wall fencing. And you take in huge breaths m, your eyes closed as you try to calm yourself. And you do, you start to breath probably.

Soft warmth gently brushes your cheek and you unintentionally nuzzle into his touch. Even after all these years he still sends shivers down your whole body. ‘I love you’ he whispers, ‘and I miss you, I’m so sorry’ his voice trembles a little but you keep your eyes closed your cheek in his hand as his thumb continues to brush your cheek. ‘I’m never going to be able to make it up to you, and I don’t expect you to ever fully forgive me, but I need you and I promise that I will spend the rest of my life proving how much I love you’ he finishes, you don’t have the energy to open your eyes, but you feel his breath on your lips only a second before his brush yours, so softly that he feels like a ghost but when he pulls your face a little closer, before his lips start to move you can’t help but move with him.

'Please come home’ he asks, his lips still so close that they brush yours as he speaks, you open your eyes to meet his deep brown ones and you nod, only slightly but it’s a start. And a start is enough. For now.

From Chelsea