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Of Space and Birthdays

Okay, so I read all the comments on what to do for Lance’s birthday, and I don’t know what happened, but here’s a birthday fic anyway! 

Happy Birthday, Lance my son! 

Once upon a time, Lance would wake up on the first day of July and announce the start of his birthday month to whoever was closest to listen, usually his family or Hunk.

Birthdays in his family have always been a huge deal, and while they weren’t celebrated all month like Lance liked to do, the day of was always filled with treats and cheer and love pulling him into a warm embrace. 

But now? Birthdays feel like a trivial, foreign concept. There’s too much to do with Voltron now, too much responsibility always pushed along a time crunch. There are too many risks in taking a day to celebrate something as small as aging up a year.

No one else has made any deal whatsoever about their birthdays, so why should Lance? 

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So, I got curious after re-watching Warcraft and having all of my Khadgar feels, and started looking up the (art) evolution of Khadgar and

Oh man

That looks rough buddy

Really rough

I mean even in BC it’s not great…

But then…

Holy art evolution, Draenor…

You’ve come a long way, Dad-gar…

Not bad.

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"I'd love to help you but I'm not a real fireman I'm ... no listen to me ... Lardface can probably climb back down ... please listen ... I'M A STRIPPER!!!"

Oh ho ho ho ho I do love me some strippers…

“Oh thank god you’re here.”

Daichi froze at the sound of the voice.

A hand wrapped around his arm and pulled him to the left, the opposite direction in which he had been heading down the sidewalk.

“It was my fault. Really. I knew he hated the vacuum and I didn’t check to see if the windows were closed when I turned it on,” a clearly frazzled man in a pair of mint and lavender striped pajama pants, pink bunny slippers, and a t-shirt with the picture of a shrimp on the front rambled on at the speed of light as he dragged Daichi behind him.

Daichi stared at the messy grey hair curling at the base of his neck with wide eyes as he went on,

“But he usually hides underneath the bed! Only this time, see my mom gave me these bookshelves but I don’t need bookshelves and I haven’t had the time to sell them online so I just slid them under my bed because I have literally no space for them anywhere else in the apartment. So he couldn’t fit his fucking lardface underneath there and yeah, I suppose that’s partially my fault for feeding him too much but he looks so sad if his bowl is empty for even a second and I’ve never been all that strong when it comes to my pets. I want to give them the world and I feel so guilty and-”

“S-Sir,” Daichi tried to cut the stream short, but he ignored him.

“So long story short, I spilled some chips on the carpet and I was going to just pick them up individually but I went to get the trashcan and when I came back in, I forgot where they were and wasn’t paying attention and then stepped on them and so they were all crushed and I couldn’t pick them up like that. That would take forever! And I was right in the middle of a Netflix binge and couldn’t spare the time-”

“Sir,” Daichi tried again. The man didn’t slow as he pulled him down the sidewalk in the direction of the park.

“So I whip out the vacuum and I just didn’t even think about him as I turned it on and the next thing I know, there’s this super loud crash from the kitchen and I go in there and the mother fucker knocked out the screen and escaped! So I chase after him, because that piece of shit is my only friend and there’s no way I’m losing him to a vacuum-”

“Sir, please, I’m-”

“Anyway, I found him here,” the man yanked him to a tree and finally released his arm. He faced him at last and Daichi gulped.

Oh shit. He’s cute.

He’s up there,” the man pointed up into a tree. “Please get him down so we can continue our binge of Call the Midwife.”

Daichi glanced up. Far above their heads, nestled in the crook of two thick branches, a large, black cat clutched onto the bark of the tree, wide yellow eyes staring down at them in terror as he mewled pitifully.

“Please save my lardface, Fireman-sama.”

Daichi swallowed, “Ah… actually. There seems to be a bit of a mix-up…”

Tell me about it. The mix-up is that a cat that fat belongs on the ground. Not in a tree,” the man said.

“No… uh… not like that…”

“Please hurry, he’s going to fall down and if I tried to catch him he’d probably break my arms off of my body.”

“I’d love to help you but I’m not a real fireman I’m…”

The man cupped his mouth with both hands and shouted up to the cat, “It’s gonna be okay, Baby! This brave fireman is going to save you!”

Daichi’s mouth went dry, “No listen to me…”

“Do you need to get your ladder or something? I mean, there are branches you could climb…”

“No… Lardface can probably climb back down…”

The man let out a barking laugh and propped his hands up on his hips, “Are you kidding? He’s never climbed a tree in his life. He can’t even get onto the counter without a step ladder.”

“… please listen…”

“It’s not that I’m a bad pet owner, okay?” the man stressed, staring at him intently. “I swear. I give him all the love he needs and I even have plenty of toys to play with but he’s just not interested in exercise. All he does is eat and sleep and maybe bat around a feather toy if I dangle it in front of his face. That’s pretty much it though, I can’t get him to-”


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grace & frankie season 4 fuckery that is (probably?) well-known but i’m just putting it behind a cut so whatever

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i can’t believe i was suddenly attacked like this today.

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Very important question: WHERE DID TODOROKI X KAMINARI COME FROM?? I'm seeing Knitemaya (famous cosplayer) ship it and a bunch of other people?? Like I ducking love it and have yet to find out where the fuck it came from Help??

haahhaha omg. well, for me it all started during the cavalry battle when Kaminari is one of the people Todoroki chose to be on his team. Then, it got fueled by some of the sketches Horikoshi does that has Todoroki and Denki on it… I’m pretty sure, there are also stuff from bnha smash, and well it grew from there, I guess. And me and a bunch of people just couldn’t resist how cute it would be and fell hard. No regrets.

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken


so i recently had some POP ROCKS for the first time in like seven years and my reaction was literally the same as hinata’s lol