i didn't even know how to write what they were saying


Memories are so easily lost,

Memories are quick to be forgot,

The brain is so willing to fall for Manipulation.

A simple trick,

Really, just a basic illusion.

It could be easily broke,

By another, whose power lies in creation.

But I guess that’s too bad for you,

No magick, your out of luck.

It’s not like I take pleasure.

In making everything fall apart,

Okay. Well. I suppose i’m being dishonest.

I can’t help it, It’s just so easy

To make your whole life a lie~

Oh, so you want to take a gamble.

In this risky game of chance?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

About it’s deadly, murderous dance.

And there he goes

My own dear brother,

I bet he doesn’t even wonder.

What manipulation can do.