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just one rose

A modern CS AU, the Bachelor Style. After being reluctantly signed up for the show, Killian Jones gets himself into something more than he bargained for with Emma Swan as the Bachelorette.

Note: This may be the silliest idea I’ve ever had, but it was a lot of fun to write and too much fun not to share. I posted it on AO3 last night, and the response there was encouraging, so here goes nothing about posting it here too. Also, hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I guess this is sorta appropriate for that, right? 

Rating: T

Words: 10K

read on AO3

New York City, seven months ago

When Killian Jones first moves to the United States, it is to escape his past. Dishonourably discharged from the British Navy after nearly inciting a mutiny about the terrible leadership of some higher up that had resulted in his brother’s death, he had been wild and loose for a long time. While still crazed with grief over the loss of his brother, there had been a bright light – Milah, sweet Milah – but it too had ended terribly, and now when Killian thinks of his former home in England, he thinks only of pain and misery.

America is to be his new start, the dream it has been for so many others. He lives in New York City with his roommate, a young woman whose hippie parents had named Tinkerbell. She suits the name: small, blonde, pixie-like, and ready to kill you if you make fun of her name – Killian learned that the hard way. He and Tink have known each other a long time, having met when staying in hostels during their time in New York while both apartment hunting. He was from England, she from New Zealand, and their foreignness to all things New York City had bonded them together, and, three years later, still remain the best of friends and roommates.

For the most part.

If he could just change one tiny thing, it would be eliminating her fascination with reality television. He can barely stand the stuff – save MasterChef, his one weakness – and one chilly Monday night, like all other Mondays for the last twelve weeks, she settles down to watch the finale of her winter favourite, The Bachelor.

“Killian, come watch this with me.”


“Come on.”

“Tink, why the bloody hell do you think I want to watch this with you?”

“You made me watch that stupid cooking show the other day,” she points out. “Watch this and we’re equal.”

There is a strange gleam to her eye that Killian can’t place. She is also technically telling the truth about him making her watch MasterChef, but that doesn’t stop his muttered complaints as he sits down beside her. When the show starts, he groans and makes snide comments until she hits him with the pillow, and, not willing to risk her smacking him again, resorts to sulking in silence instead. The Bachelor dude is a total cad, some idiot named Walsh, and the two ladies as his final two are much too lovely for the jerk.

Tink hurriedly updates him on the first’s life as she goes on her final date with Walsh – young, beautiful, a waitress from the Midwest – but while Walsh seems entirely captivated by her, Killian finds nothing particular stimulating.

But when the date ends, and the next one begins, Killian can’t help himself but sit up straighter at the sight of the beautiful blonde who appears on the screen. She is more serious than the bubbly waitress, and there is something guarded in her green eyes as she greets Walsh with nothing more than a quick kiss. As they are swept away in a helicopter to a private island, Killian finds himself more and more interested in this silly show, more drawn to the wide eyes of excitement of the blonde as the helicopter soars over the beautiful crystal seas outside Fiji.

“Who is that?” he asks, unable to help himself.

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coming of age

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“Come back soon!” Her mom says.

She is by the doorway, finishing tying her sport shoes.

She nods and then takes off.

“Are you Moon?”

“Yes,” she replies and smiles at the man behind the desk, not yet tired of this routine. She clutches a few Pokedollars in her hand, looking to buy some revives.

“Wow!” He says, breathless and hands shaking as he bends down to unlock the cabinet. “That means that you can purchase even more items. You’re the first ever Alola champion, after all!”

The smile doesn’t leave her face but something hurts a bit more.

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One Word Prompt Challenge: "Falling"

You could fall asleep just about anywhere. In fact, that’s what you were known for among your friends. Heck, they probably thought you were narcoleptic or something. No one really seemed to mind, you always slept when you were done with the task at hand and in someplace where people didn’t have to step over you to get to where they were going. 

Once you fell asleep on a long plane ride while traveling with this band you were selling merchandise for. This was one of the more acceptable times to conk out and it seemed like the people around you had the same idea. You hadn’t intended on sleeping, it started off with you leaning your head against the plane window just watching the clouds pass. But then the next thing you knew, you were opening your eyes in a dark cabin with only a sea of plaid before them. Crap, you had moved during your rest and settled your head against the shoulder of your beanie-clad seat partner. Said beanie was now pulled over his eyes and he was sound sleep. Or so you thought, because as soon as you moved to lean your body back on your side of the uncomfortably stiff plane seat, he spoke up. ” ‘s okay,” he sighed out, his voice rough with sleep, “my shoulder is probably better than these damn seats anyway.”

Another time, you fell asleep on the couch of the tour bus. It was after a exhausting long day, three shows in one day. You had no clue how the band was still standing, much less fully functional. They were finishing up the last meet and greet and you were in charge of getting the merch packed and back under the bus, ready for the next show. Your back hurt from the constant rhythm of pick a box up, setting it down, and pushing it into its place in the jigsaw like configuration of stuff that went under the bus. Once the last box was in its place, you shut the door with a slam and trudge up the bus stairs, barely making it long enough to flop face first onto the leather couch. The band came barreling onto the bus mere seconds later and you let out a small groan, sitting upright so that there was space for everyone. The main trio sit across from you, two of them probably talking about their next video and the others settled in on the other end of the couch you were on. You started nodding off, not realizing that the bus driver was ready to leave. Then you feel yourself sliding off the couch as the bus jerks forward.

“Shit,” you hear deep voice exclaim and then you feel your body come to halt, lifting back up onto something a lot warmer than the cold surface of the leather couch.

“Ah Man, she’s out, ” You hear the beat-boxer of the group say with a slight chuckle. A female voice agrees with him, telling the bass singer holding you that she’ll help you get to bed if he can move you to the back area of the bus. 

“Hey,” He calls softly to you, with a warm hand on your cheek, “Hey pretty lady, we’ve got to get you to bed.” He brushes the hair that has fallen from its position in a pony tail high on your head back behind your ear and you slightly open your eyes. “There she is.” All you see is his smile inches away from your face and you can’t help but form a similar one upon your sleepy lips. “Ready?” he asks and you nod weakly, not knowing what is coming next, but you’re so tired that you don’t even care. He scoops you up in his arms, slightly grunting and brings you to the back of the bus, where you feel your shoes being taken off and small feminine hands helping you out of your day cloths into your pajamas. She calls him back in and you feel him pick you up and place you in your bunk. And then when he’s sure no one is watching, he places a small light kiss to your cheek as he stands by your bunk. “Get some rest, okay?”

Now you are about half way through tour and you’ve fallen asleep so many times in the midst of others that you’ve been included in their shenanigans, the sleep wars. You are losing, obviously, but your bearded friend is slowly making his way to the bottom of the chart. At some point you awaken to the beat-boxers gasping laughter to find that he has gotten both you and the bass singer, both of you choosing to nap on the backstage sofa before sound check. As you fully awaken, you find that somehow you have ended up snuggled together. His arm is around your waist and you turn to find his eyes wide open, he’s just as startled as you with your position. The thoughts take a minute to click together in your brains but then you both spring apart, which causes you to go tumbling to the ground. You try an avoid him the rest of the night, because now there is a pink tinge to both of your cheeks every time your eyes meet. When everything is over and done with you head straight for the bus, quickly changing into your sleep wear and scrambling into your bunk before anyone can say anything. You lie awake behind your curtain as you hear the rest of the group file onto the bus and get ready to turn in for the night. Their chatter dies down, but you catch snippets of it.

“Hey man, could you not post that one?” You hear his deep voice ask from the direction of his bunk. “I think I’m falling for her and I don’t want to screw it up.”

“Yeah man,” the beat-boxer responds, “No worries.” You hear the slap on the back that is shared between the two best friends, the sliding of their curtains and then a whisper from the bunk across the aisle from yours, which is where the mountain man lays his head at night. “Yeah, I’m defiantly falling for you.”

 As tour continues, you start to pick up on things and so has the rest of the group. He moves you when you have fallen asleep in an awkward position and sometimes you’ll wake up to find his jacket draped over you, acting as a blanket. They’ll see him watching you as you set up the merchandise stall or rushing to help you load after a gig. One night, you find him asleep again on the tour bus couch and you realize you are falling for him too. Your hand comes up and brushes back his dark brown hair, much like he has done to you so many times before, then goes to cup his beard covered cheek. He smiles a bit in his sleep and his head nuzzles into your palm. You decide it’s an okay time to fall asleep, so you climb onto the couch and roll into his side. You don’t care who sees you two together. His sharp intake of breath tells you that he has awakened slightly with the presence of your extra body heat that has suddenly appeared next to him. Then he sighs contently and goes back to sleep, snaking an arm around your waist.

Tour is now over and you are on a long flight back home. Your beat-boxing buddy has given up with the sleep wars, seeing as almost every time you are found napping you now have a food obsessed partner in crime. He is now in the seat next to you, a beanie covering his eyes and his head resting on your shoulder. You aren’t as tall as he is, so when the plane hits even the slightest of turbulence, his head slips down and he jerks it back up. “Sorry,” he says rubbing his face. You just smile. “It’s okay,” you respond, “my shoulder is probably better than these damn seats anyway.”

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David/Billie or Ten/Rose


This choice is extremely difficult for me, as you’ll know if you’ve been following my blog for some time. As everyone knows, I adore Ten and Rose. Adore with all my heart. They make me laugh and rant and squeak and cry constantly and I’ll never get enough of them. And invest much of my free time writing supplementary accounts of their somewhat tragic romance. BUT. You’ve given me the perfect opportunity to rant about a couple that I hardly ever have a chance to open up about.

If you’d like to join me for this moderately long d/b adventure…

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anonymous asked:

I didn't expect you to say true hehe Well how bout captain akashi capturing a vampireMerman!Kuroko..??? It sounds weird but picture it Lisa-san. Picture it.

This is such an interesting AU honestly… So, in return for supplying me such an intriguing AU, here’s some… horrific fluff?? Really cute um- humanxmerman moments wwwwww //shrugs//

AkaKuro -Merman!AU- (With a vampire twist)

The creature lay afloat, unconscious. Akashi took in its features. It had the torso of a man. But its arms had graceful translucent fins and fingers that were defined despite it being slightly webbed.  

The soft-looking blue hair brushed constantly over a flawless face, marked only slightly with gills near its ears. The gills seemed to trail downwards to its neck and nape before disappearing down its spine.  

Its large tail was adorned with beautiful layers of luminescent scales and protruding sharp blades. It was a magnificent creature indeed. One that Akashi would never dream of laying eyes upon on, much less own. 

“Where am I?” questioned the newly awakened merman. His aquamarine eyes did not disappoint Akashi’s expectations. He also caught a glimpse of sharp canines.

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Klaine one-shot - “Five Times Kurt Didn't Approve of Something Blaine Tried to Buy, and One Time He Gave In” (Rated T)

Blaine wants Count Chocula cereal, but Kurt only wants them to buy healthy food. Blaine argues that his cereal isn’t as expensive as the cereal Kurt picked out, but Kurt feels that it’s perfectly acceptable to pay more for something if it’s good for you. Using that logic, Blaine figures out a way to get Kurt to bend the rules just a little.

Written for the todaydreambelieversfic challenge ‘Five Times Klaine’.

Warning for mention of food, and blink-and-you-miss-it mention of body issues.

Read on AO3.

Kurt sees the brown box, with the cartoon vampire on front, headed for their cart, and says, “No, Blaine,” before it even gets there.

“But, Kurt…”

“Blaine! We’re only buying healthy food today. No sweets.”

“But, it’s cereal,” Blaine argues, showing Kurt the box in case he was mistaken. “Cereal is healthy.”

“Not Count Chocula, Blaine. Put it back.”

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Can't break our deal (After Upstate)
  • After Maya leaves the Matthews residence, Lucas walks her home.
  • Lucas: can we talk?
  • Maya: about what? There's nothing to talk about.
  • Lucas: yes there is. And I know you know what it is.
  • Maya: Can we please just don't?
  • Lucas: (stays silent for about 2 minutes but keeps staring at her, loosing his temper with every step)
  • Lucas: you know what... No! I'm not gonna let you do this again. No! I'm not gona play this little game anymore.
  • Maya: what game? Did you loose your mind?
  • Lucas: yes! That's the efect you have on me. You made me loose my mind.
  • Maya: so now everything is my fault?
  • Lucas: (exasperated) No! I didn't mean it like that. Listen, I know why you told me to pick Riley.
  • Maya: you were gonna pick her a anyways. I told you, she is she, and I... I wasn't being me. I was acting like her, so picking me would have been a mistake, cus you'll be picking Riley anyways.
  • Lucas: oh boy. You couldn't be more wrong.
  • Maya: So now you know better?
  • Lucas: I didn't choose you for Riley's qualities, I choose you cus I like when you make fun of me, I like how you challenge me and how you bring my horses down when they go too wild.
  • Maya: what did you just said?
  • Lucas: I like that you are not afraid to do things, you just do it no matter what anyone thinks. And I like the part of you that cares so much about others, that you'll get in trouble for them. I like that you act all tuff but you are soft as a marshmellow in the inside.
  • Maya: that's not me. You don't even know me, huckleberry.
  • Lucas: I know you. But I wanna get to know you better.
  • Maya: I can't do that.
  • Lucas: Why not?
  • Maya: now is my turn. Stop pretending. If you know me so well, then you know why.
  • Lucas: Maya, you can't let everyone's happiness come before yours!
  • Maya: not everyones. Just hers. Cus as long as she's happy, I can have that little happiness she shares with me forever.
  • Lucas: Maya... Please
  • Maya: No. My decission is final.
  • Lucas: ok, lets say I play this little game of yours. Because your happiness is the most important thing for me. What do you want me to do?
  • Maya: you pick Riley. You and Riley ride a white horse to the sunset. That's how the story is supposed to end.
  • Lucas: ok. If that's what you want.
  • Maya: that's what I want.
  • They reach Maya's home and they stop at the door.
  • Lucas: one more question. What if it doesn't work out?
  • Maya: it better works, or you'll be very sorry, you hear me huckleberry?
  • Lucas: You do know it takes two to tango right? It doesn't has to be my fault.
  • Maya: if Riley suddenly doesn't love you like crazy which she has to tell me herself, I'll be surprised but then you get to have whatever you want.
  • Lucas: promess?
  • Maya: I promiss.
  • Lucas: I'll come back for you Maya Hart and you have to take me back.
  • Maya: what? No!
  • Lucas: You just promissed! You can't break our deal!
  • Maya: you tricked me!
  • Lucas: have a nice night ma-am. (Tilts his imaginary hat and walks away)

anonymous asked:

Why didn't Oikawa go to Shiratorizawa? How does it tie into his "worthless pride"?

Well when Oikawa was in middle school, he faced Ushijima and was defeated completely, which made him realize that even though he’s talented, he’s still limited and has a whole lot more work to do. Moreover, the way Ushijima’s personality is, he’s kind of a blunt guy that says things without malice, but they come out malicious to other people. Oikawa really hates that part about him. (A recent example would be when Ushijima declared that his team is the strongest one - he meant it as a fact, not to provoke anyone, because technically Shiratorizawa is the strongest at the moment and has been for the last couple years, but obviously it sounds like he’s challenging him or something). Ushijima’s presence basically bothers Oikawa a lot

So, here’s the thing I’ve mentioned a few times before that really strikes me about Oikawa: he’s incredibly smart (he’s in class 6, which is the highest class in the school system) and he’s incredibly talented, which means he could have gotten a recommendation (this is just a postulation) but even if he didn’t, he probably could have gotten into Shiratorizawa just by taking the entrance exam. 

What if he went to Shiratorizawa? Well, he’d be on the same team as Ushijima. Most probably would be a starter too, probably would be the setter by his third year. Shiratorizawa is known as the best right? Which means if Oikawa went to Shitatorizawa, he could probably get recruited easily - he’d be playing with one of Japan’s best aces who really acknowledges and respects him after all. Plus Oikawa’s pretty good at socializing, so he’d manage to get his foot in the door if he tried I’d say. 

Basically what I’m saying is: if Oikawa went to Shiratorizawa, he’d be on the winning team and his prospects for getting recruited would most likely be better. He also wouldn’t have to defeat Ushijima - he’d be on the same side after all.

But why the heck did this kid choose Aoba Jousai?

One other thing about Oikawa that I love is that when he falls, he stands back up. He takes up the challenge where he needs to and is not afraid. So from what I’ve said here, I think his main reason he didn’t go to Shiratorizawa is because Ushijima would be there - and it’s not because he hates Ushijima, that is part of the reason, but not the entirety. Being on the same team as Ushijima would mean Oikawa wouldn’t have to work so hard - he wouldn’t go to such lengths as he has been, he wouldn’t try to improve as hard, he wouldn’t practice to extremes just to see what’s his limit. Basically, Oikawa’s competitiveness and hatred toward Ushijima is his drive to improve. You know how they say that superheroes are nothing without villains to defeat? It’s like that. Just like Hinata trained really hard after being defeated by Kageyama, Oikawa is doing the same thing with Ushijima, except he’s taking it onto the next level of being on separate teams, making sure that he will improve and will have a reason to improve - he wants to win and defeat Ushijima once and for all. 

Ushijima’s mentioning of his “worthless pride” ties along to the fact that Oikawa wants to defeat him and win so badly that he threw away his chance of being on the best team with one of the best aces and the best chances at being recruited. He threw all of that away just because he wants to fuel himself on this drive that he’s got from being competitive against Ushijima, when he could’ve won if they’d just been on the same team. Oikawa took a detour for no real reason besides wanting to win against Ushijima, which he calls his “worthless pride”. Furthermore, this is something said to Oikawa before he even got his last chance at defeating him, making things worse.

This explanation is me piecing things together….I don’t think in the manga (or the anime) have said anything explicitly about this matter, but if anyone knows please let me know so I can edit this!   

#9: He takes you to the carnival…

Mark: … and goes straight to one of those water shooting games, looking for the challenge. “Ahhh, Mark, these games are such a rip off. You don’t have to play them,” you’d say, trying to pull him away to the rides. “No! I want to play. I bet I can win it,” he says confidently. You roll your eyes, letting him sit down and compete with the other people there. Of course you still cheer for him, but after a few times you’re getting tired and bored. “Come onnnn, Mark! Let’s just go! Don’t waste your money on it!” you pull at his sleeves, trying to get him off. “One more time, Y/N, I promise!” he said. He was so close last time, so you let him. “Last time!” you say. You watch him race for the final time… wait a second, he might actually make it this time — and he does! “Oh my god, Mark!” you scream in delight, and he hugs you. 

Jr: … and he immediately challenges you to a game. You accept the challenge, knowing he’s probably underestimating you. Jinyoung and you search for a darts game — both of your favourites — and find after a few minutes of arguing about who would win the game. “Ah-haaaa! Prepared to loose,” he says, pointing towards it. “Don’t be so cocky,” you reply. It’s a close game, but in the end, you win. And you know that he didn’t let you win because he’s actually disappointed in the end. The man running the game lets you choose a stuffed animal of your choice while Jinyoung is too stunned to even react to his manhood being stripped away from him. “Give me that one,” you say, pointing to a big round panda. The man hands it to you, and you offer it immediately to Jinyoung. “Are you serious?” he asks, laughing. “I’m supposed to win one for you. But, thank you, Y/N.” he accepts it graciously even though he’s lost, and pulls you in for a hug. 

JB: … and blindfolds you to take you on a surprise ride. JB was always about the romance and the theatrics, so at this point you were used to it… but still loved it. He finally takes the blind fold off, and he reveals to you the merry-go-round that has been cleared for just the two of you, arranged by him. You had told him it was your favourite ride when you were a kid and he remembered. You sat in a two person seater and laughed as the horses moved up and down, and the whole time he had his arm wrapped tightly around you so that you’d know he loved you and wouldn’t let you go. 

Jackson: … and he asks you what kind of food you want to eat. You’re both so excited to try all the greasy and ridiculous food that carnivals usually sell, but you can’t decide what you want to eat yet, so you both just walk hand in hand, making your way through the crowds so late at night until you finally decide on what you want to eat. “Let’s get those,” you point at the stand reading ‘Deep Fried Oreos.’ “You’re insane,” he says, “but I’m okay with it.” and he lets you drag him over to the stand to get both of you some deep fried oreos. 

BamBam: … and he tries to win you a stuffed animal, like most guys do when they find themselves at a carnival. “Which one do you want?” he asks you while walking around. “Hmm,” you say, not really quite sure. There were so many different ones, all cute and all worthy ones for BamBam to win for you, but the truth is that you’re not sure which games suit him best, so you choose a random one that… he ends up loosing in. Four times. He looks so disappointed in himself so you suggest, “Maybe let’s try a different game?” you suggest, trying to salvage the date. “I won’t win you a stuffed animal at this rate,” he says sadly, “I’m sorry, Y/N.” You’re shocked at how much this has affected him. “Don’t be sorry,” you reply, taking his hand into yours. “You’re already my favourite stuffed animal so I don’t need a new one.” You pinch his cheeks and see a smile come across his face. 

Youngjae: … and he’s not really sure what to do. He’s never been to the carnival before, so you have to show him everything there is. You hold his hand, guiding him through the night time crowds. You insisted that coming to the carnival at night was the most magical time for it, and he agreed as soon as he saw all the blinking lights and heard the warm music. “Okay, and then we can play games and win prizes! If you want, or maybe go on some rides. There are really scary ones and really fun ones too….” you keep pointing at different things, all over the place, until Youngjae finally stops you and says, “and then there’s you, which is really the best part about everything here." 

Yugyeom: … and he asks you which ride you want to go on first. You both aren’t really into games or the big and loud rides, and being so young and in his first relationship, he wants to make sure that you have a good time before he does. "Let’s go on the ferris wheel,” you say, pointing up at it. “It’s so cheesy, but it looks so relaxing.” He nods and takes your hand to line up for the ride. Once you’re both on it, you’re amazed by everything that you can see. “Look! You can even see my apartment from here,” you say, impressed. You look over at him, wondering what he thinks of the view and if he’s as impressed by it as you are. But what he seems to be really impressed by, though, is you. He stares at you, and a smile emerges from his lips. “What?” you ask, a little nervous. “You just look so pretty with this view in the background,” he starts, and then gives you a peck on the forehead. 

anonymous asked:

So we're seeing in LoT that Len is changing for whatever reason but it is happening with regards to saving the world etc. In the flash family of rogues episode Barry says to Len about not letting his past define him. Now obviously I'm not saying everything is down to Barry, but do you think we are starting to see Len as someone who is finally able to let go of his past and as someone who wants to ensure he never becomes like his father?

Okay this has been in my inbox 2k5ever, but that’s because I was struggling to decide how to answer it haha. But ultimately I agree, but there’s so much more I would add, because it’s not about 2x03, it’s about his entire arc. So I’ll unpack my thoughts on this a bit…

One thing I think is important to note is that Len has been changing since his first appearance in The Flash 1x04. In 1x04, even though he doesn’t want the guard to get hurt, Len himself killed three people outright (two of them other criminals, one of them a random innocent stranger), each with arguably little genuine necessity. He also endangered a train full of completely innocent people, including children.

But in 1x10, with Mick at his side, he steals a painting but no one gets hurt, and he kidnaps Caitlin but ensures that Mick doesn’t burn her, and makes sure things are set up so that they don’t have to kill her if they succeed in their aims of killing the Flash. The only one he tries to hurt that episode is the Flash, and collateral damage is highly minimized (and localized to a particular street). Still, his goal that episode is murder, and he is willing to cut down Caitlin Snow or whoever else he has to in order to accomplish it. Lisa and/or her crew definitely kill some guards at the end, off screen, in order to help Len and Mick escape.

In 1x15, Len, with Mick’s help and later Lisa’s, kills a fair few men in the mafia, both at Don Santini’s house and at the casino. He also kidnaps Cisco and temporarily maims his brother, which Cisco himself likens to torture. 

But note that by 1x15, the collateral damage is way lower. Len and his Rogues kill who they intend to kill, main instead of killing when they can, and don’t put anyone at risk when it isn’t necessary for their aims. No innocent bystanders are in their way save for the people who run out of the casino, and those people aren’t in genuine danger of Len and Lisa, though potentially from a ricochet bullet of the Santini’s. And at the end of this episode, Len agrees to stop killing bystanders and innocent people altogether (and maybe to stop killing altogether; it’s unclear to me if this deal extends to the Santini family and other criminals but I choose to believe it doesn’t really, or doesn’t extend to anyone threatening Len’s life).

So it’s not just 2x03 that has an influence on Len changing. Len’s been changing from the moment we saw him. And I think a big part of it is working alongside the one person he trusts (Mick), so that he doesn’t have to be so harsh and so cutthroat because he’s got someone he knows can watch his back. I think another major part is having his sister back in his life, the person who he cares about more than anything, the one he wants to protect, and the person who I think is his heart, is the reason that Len turned out as good as he did, learned to love and care for more than just himself (link). Having her in his life again, spending more time together, helped bring out the side of him that was more ready to actually enjoy what he was up to rather than just doing it out of compulsion, had him wanting to change and grow, and not hurt innocents like Cisco.

By 1x22, we see more of that, with Len saving Barry’s life, even though he betrayed Barry (and he technically upheld his end of the deal in protecting Barry and his friends and in getting them safely to the airfield, just saying). No one died except the person (Simmons) threatening Barry’s life, which I’d argue was a matter of defense and necessity (link). So Len has definitely changed his approach, and that he agreed to help the Flash at all, even for selfish reasons in the end, I think is very telling about how he’s changed over the course of season 1.

But you’re right in that 2x03 did represent a massive shift for Len on a lot of levels. I think it has less to do with being told that there is good in him – although I do think that had an impact – and a lot to do with being out of the shadow of his abuser. Because Len has always known he doesn’t want to turn out anything like Lewis, has despised his father for years, even if he couldn’t before bring himself to kill Lewis. But with having Lewis finally dead, with having done it himself, freed himself from that emotional constraint and prison still holding him, the constant fear for Lisa that would’ve gone along with Lewis’s continued existence? Len is free in a new way. Free to grow. Free to fulfill more of his own potential, to want to fulfill it, to want to have more and be more.

So yes, to quote you, “we are starting to see Len as someone who is finally able to let go of his past and as someone who wants to ensure he never becomes like his father”. He’s able to move so much beyond his past now, a clear dividing line between who he was and who he can be now. We see that when he doesn’t deny that there’s good in him, only asks how much being good pays. It’s an admission, that sure he’s not all bad, but he’s still not going to be what Barry is. And we see that in 2x09, when he goes to warn Barry about Mardon and Jesse – that is about honor, and thus a good part of Len, and Barry knows it, and Len can’t even deny it (link, link). 

And I think it grates on him, that change. It’s a slow-moving process, at least partially unconscious to start, and change can be scary, and fraught. It leaves us feeling vulnerable and untethered. I think that’s part of why he’s so keen to have Mick on the Legends trip with him, because he needs something he can hold on to, something he understands, someone he trusts. And because he genuinely wants this opportunity, wants to try being a ‘legend’ and wants to see what’s out there (and steal along the way, because he’s still him). And he wants his friend to share in that as well – they’re partners, after all (link).

So by mid-season in Legends of Tomorrow, by the time Len realizes and acknowledges out loud that he’s changed, we can tell that it’s been going on since we met him, slow at first, but accelerating after 2x03. We see him as someone who wants others to be able to leave their pasts behind, and we understand that he wants that for himself as well (link). We see him as choosing what is right, not what is easy, and shifting his priorities. We see him caring about the team as a whole, and not solely his partner, even if his partner means the world to him. We see him struggling very genuinely, grappling with his changes, with his options and what he wants versus what he believes is right, and that’s new to him, that depth of internal conflict (link).

So I don’t think it’s down to any one person or any one thing. I think Len’s changes are something put in motion by Mick, by Lisa, by the new challenge and opportunity presented by facing off with the Flash, by helping the Flash and being helped by him (saved by him, Lisa saved by him, realizing he can have that, can trust that), by killing Lewis and being free of that spectre, by being reminded staunchly that there is good in him even if he doesn’t know what to do with it and isn’t ready to stick his neck out with it. And now those changes are compounded in Legends, with a team he is coming to care about, probably in spite of himself, and with a mission and goal more important to him than just stealing, than just making a name for himself, and with conflicts that challenge his growth versus his original desires.

and talk me down

“You don’t get it, do you?” He sighed, sitting back down on the bed. You watched as he laid back against the bed. She sucked. You hated her more than anything. Harry and his girlfriend were terrible for each other. You tried playing the best friend but being supportive was hard when she was actively trying to make him miserable. She demanded his time and got mad when he wasn’t able to give her every waking second. Harry was running himself ragged trying to make her happy. Harry never said no. She demanded, he did, he wore the exhaustion on his face. He hated disappointing people and for some reason, he still loved her.

You turned your attention back to the magazine you were flicking through. Your interest was still trained on his exhausted tone and pleading, but if he looked your way, it would at least look like you were focused on the pages in front of you. Pretending to read an article on reduces the appearance of eye bags after a night out, you focused on your peripherals on the way he was gripping his hair like if he ripped it all out, things might get better. Leave your hair alone, Styles, you thought, fearing the idea of him losing his stupid long hair. You remembered when he started to grow it out. You were worried he would look stupid with it. He looked so beautiful with his short curls hitting the back of his neck. You’d almost been excited for him to look terrible, maybe this crush of yours would go away if you could just see him not looking like a freaking god. Of course he looked perfect though.

“You know I can’t!” He practically shouted. This caused you to look up. He never raised his voice. The only time you could remember was month ago when during an argument the two of you had about why he was bending over backwards to make this girl happy when she did nothing to make him happy. You pressed and pressed about how toxic she was to him and you must have hit a nerve because he shouted, “Just stay out of it!” He apologized profusely, looking scared at himself, but the memory of Harry snapping had been enough for you to just pretend she didn’t exist. You didn’t go to parties she was at and if she showed up at Harry’s house while you were there, you left. You made it seems as natural as possible, but you were sure he knew the stress his relationship was putting on your friendship. He sat up and hunched forward. “That’s not fair,” his tone now barely louder than a whisper. “No.”

He stood up then and walked towards the bathroom. You could hear mumurs of him talking through the door, but the door blocked any real words getting through. Hearing the door open, you glanced back down at the magazine quickly. He walked towards you and you looked up. His eyes were blood shot and he looked exhausted. He looked down at his sock and sniffed. That’s all it took for you to be up and on your feet. You wrapped your arms around his waist and held tightly. After a second, his arms locked around your shoulders and he was crying. “She said I couldn’t be friends with you if I wanted to stay with her…” He choked out. You squeezed tighter. “Who says that?”

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anonymous asked:

Once again with the excuses of why Mary chose Francis. She didn't choose him because of a FANTASY. She chose him because of their reality. You can see how much she loves him and how much Francis loves her. Mash shipper or not, I don't get how you can look at Bash as the "hero" I really can't.

You know Anon, I would really like to discuss with you why I think so and why you’re free to disagree with me, but I know that it would be useless, because you clearly already have your own opinion on the situation. But nevertheless I will try.

What reality are you talking about? Reality where Francis constantly pulls a passive-aggressive stunts? Reality where he lies? Manipulates her? Makes it look like he listens to her wished and agrees with her THEN taking a 180 turn and doing the completely opposite? I never was a Francis hater, but after the last episode I really don’t see anything in him that is worth of an undying devotion that Mary has for him. Zero. Nada. Which is why I think (see the key word here? I. In my opinion. I think I have a right on this opinion, just like you have on yours). Her love is based on her expectations and dreams, hopes and created image of her future life.

And before I go any further, I feel a need to inform you, that what I don’t take lightly is twisting of the words, and you clearly twisted mine in your favor. So please in the future, if you want to have a healthy argument, for the sake of the finding the truth don’t use foul methods. I never claimed that she’s in love with the fantasy. I said that she in love with Francis, BUT I see it’s source for the most part are the aspects I’ve listed above. It’s source is past, not present.

You know it would be much easier if you actually gave me reasons why you don’t perceive Bash as a hero, so it won’t be so hard for me to decide where to begin to explain stuff to you, that you may missed, because I don’t really have time to analyze the whole Bash’s arc and point why it is synchronized with the one the hero has. But I’ll try to summarize.

Bash, aside Mary is one of the few character’s in the show, that are connected with self-sacrifice. Audience is usually invited to identify with the hero. You admire the hero’s qualities and want to be like him or her, but the hero also has flaws. Weaknesses, quirks, and vices make a hero more appealing. In the latest episode Bash was shown in extremely sympathetic light, so even if I still was on a fence, who is he in this story, “Consummation” kinda solidified it for me. Stories invite the audience to experience an adventure through the hero’s eyes, so the author generally strives to establish a strong bond of sympathy or common interest. 

Hero is born under the unusual circumstances. They are marked by these circumstances as different. Bash is the royal bastard by the Kings’s beloved mistress and he’s king’s favorite son. His mother was a pagan so he has connection to the two words. By many he is considered as superior in many ways then his legitimate sibling, but because of his positions stays in the shadows. This is the beginning of Act 1 of his journey, with the hero in the ordinary world, going about ordinary life, except that something isn’t quite right. What he does in the first scenes demonstrates a flaw of some kind, a lacking to be overcome.

The Call to Adventure. For Bash this stage started in 1x05 and was heavily focused in 1x06. He was presented with the problem to challenge. The Call to Adventure can come in the form of a message, letter, dream, temptation, last straw, or loss of something precious. Bash meets the Blood Priests, but at that time he’s not interested in the big picture, he doesn’t really care about the evil in the woods. He’s mission was to ensure Mary’s safety, which he did. So almost always, the hero initially balks at the call. Thus, the temporary ending of the pegan storyline in 1x06.

Sometimes the life circumstances are traumatic and Hero leaves his family or land and lives with others. Bash was betrayed by pretty much everyone and had an attempt on his life, which forces him to disappear in the woods. However, heroes always return to their land. This is the turning point, the crossing from the Ordinary World into the Special World.

Hero Must Prove Himself. In the upcoming episodes Bash will be involved with the terrors of the woods. I just read again the synopsises for the upcoming episodes and it’s not even funny, how many things point to Bash’s heroic arc: Bash encounters a confused and terrified Olivia, an escaped victim of the terrors of the woods, which causes him to enlist Nostradamus for help (1x14), Bash experiences the terrors of the woods and vows to uncover the truth behind the Darkness (1x15), Bash saves Francis from Death (1x16). The Ordinary and The Special worlds have a different feel, a different rhythm, different priorities and values, different rules. The most important function of this stage in the story is the testing of the hero to prepare him for the ordeals that lie ahead. The Special World is usually dominated by a villain or shadow who has set traps for intruders. This is a “getting to know you” phase. The hero accumulates power, learns the ropes, and prepares for the next phase. I believe episodes 1x14-1x16 represent this stage of the journey.

Supernatural Help. I don’t think I have to explain that Bash is the only one who has a connection to the “other side” in this series among the main cast. And his pagan roots helped them a couple of times already. 

The Journey. The hero is always on some type of adventure with a purpose - quest if you will. He experiences many things on this quest, among which is a descent into a kind of “hell’. In this hell he experiences a low point in his life that leaves him scarred forever with a real or psychological wound that will not heal. The hero learns from this descent into “hell” much about himself and usually matures greatly from the experience. And one thing I also noticed, is that Bash is able to exist OUTSIDE Mary’s storyline, he doesn’t need to be involved with her all the time to appear on screen, while Francis on the other hand has no storyline of his own. His always INSIDE the Mary’s storyline. That’s one of the reasons I always liked Bash more.

Mentor. Mentors provide heroes with motivation, inspiration, guidance, training, and gifts for the journey. Mentors seem inspired by divine wisdom; they are the voice of a god. They stand for the hero’s highest aspirations. The gift or help given by the mentor should be earned by learning, sacrifice, or commitment. In Bash story Diane and in some sense Nostradamus are the mentors on the first stages, but I think someone else will take out that role later. The mentor represents the bond between parent and child, teacher and student, doctor and patient, god and man. The function of the mentor is to prepare the hero to face the unknown, to accept the adventure.

Atonement with Father. Atonement means to offer payment for a wrongdoing. Very often, heroes must avenge a father or make up for the father’s evil. Now, among two sons Bash’s relationship with Henry is much more dynamic and I have some dark thoughts where it’s all heading to.

There are even more things out there, but I don’t want to write a novel, it is already long enough. But if you don’t want to see or agree what story is giving you, let’s throw something different here. The creator of Reign straight up told us that “I think he’s had to kind of live by the whims of others for a really long time, and I think the way he’s survived that and been able to kind of find strength and joy and happiness is that he’s a really heroic guy. He’s a great brother, he finds that he has some feelings toward Mary that he really tries to clamp down as much as he can, but he likes being a help to her and her protector (x)”. Her words, not mine.

Let’s also talk about symbolism. Bash is a Lion. The Lion is known as the ‘King of Beasts’. Lions are superior, strong, and naturally dominant, they are also associated with royalty. Lion represents courage, strength in overcoming difficulties, it’s the symbol of heroic nature. It’s interesting that the lion is considered by many ancient cultures to be a solar animal symbol, however it is primarily a nocturnal creature, conducting its hunting activity mostly at night. Further, the lioness is considered a lunar animal. This serves as a symbolic message of balance and sound judgment. In that the lion shares the world of both night and day, being a sort of link between two words, just like Bash is the link between Catholic Realm and Pagan Wildness.

So, yes. NOTHING points that Bash is the hero here. NOTHING AT ALL.