i didn't even get to finish what i was saying to her


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“Sorry,” is the utterly unapologetic answer Stiles gets to his most recent inquiry.  Making this the fourth day in a row.

Stiles squints into her indifferent face.  “You know, Janet, I don’t think you are that sorry.”

She shrugs.  She’s not.  And she’s not even sorry about her lack of being sorry.  Stiles can officially say he does not like this girl.  In fact, he’s totally gonna fill out a comment card that sums up this whole conversation with a tried and true: ‘Damn it, Janet.’

“He really didn’t say anything?”  He’s maybe sounding a little desperate now and he drags his hand off the counter to look slightly less unstable.  “About a message to pass along for someone named ‘Stiles?’  Nothing, huh?”

“Oh you know what—” she starts thoughtfully, shuffling through a few papers on the desk below and Stiles lights up.  Her eyes dart up, hard, and she finishes blandly, “no.”

“That was mean,” Stiles says, deflating.  It’d been a week since he’d seen Derek.  They’d mentioned meeting up after Caffiend, Derek had told him to drop by Halesome Arts again, whenever, he’d be there, they could talk.  Everything had seemed fine, good even.  Only Stiles had come by, had even looked for him on the metro.  And Derek was always notably absent, in both places, and Janet was always notably unsympathetic, in one of them.

She sighs exasperatedly now, rolling her eyes.  Stands, puts her elbows up on the hutch above her receptionist’s desk and drops her chin into her open palm.  “You know, I felt bad for you the first time you came in here, Stiles, but there’s a reason people don’t go see the same play every night of the week, you get me?”

“Right.  Yeah.  I—”

“It doesn’t help that the play isn’t even that compelling to begin with,” she cuts him off, unnecessarily adding that little sac-punch in there.  Stiles can’t exactly deny it though.  It probably just gets sadder and sadder with each new mounting of it actually.

“Yeah, okay.  I’m being blown off,” he makes himself say it out loud, croaky and more broken down than he’s possibly ever been, “that’s what’s happening here.”

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Valentine’s day was a holiday that Lily had been looking forward to.  Well, she looked forward to spending any time with James, but she felt as if days like these were a little more special.  No outside distractions, no worrying, just the two of them on a nice evening together.

She even made sure to dress up a little – a flowy, black dress – just because she wanted to look nice.  Lily was still in the bathroom doing makeup when there was a knock at the door.  She quickly finished getting ready, applying a layer of lipstick and grabbing her present to James from her bedroom, before meeting with her date at the entrance of the flat.

“What a coincidence, meeting up with you like this,”  Lily teased, her lips being tugged into a smile as she saw James.  “Since we’re both here, together, on tonight of all nights, it seems like it’d only be natural to spend it together.  What do you say, do you want to be my valentine?”

Meeting Fifth Harmony 4/5
  • N and L are talking, I wait a few seconds for them to finish and approach Lauren, giving her a hug
  • Me: Hey girl!
  • L: Hey!
  • Me: How are you?
  • L: Great, thank you.
  • Me: You look beautiful!
  • L: Thank you! You as well!
  • Me: Aw
  • L: You look like Taylor laugtner a little bit.
  • Me: I get that all the time girl
  • L: I know, it's a really good complement. It means you're really attractive (OOOMMMFFFGOSH)
  • Me: Aw, Thanks! (HOW TF WAS I CHILL)
  • *take pics*
  • Me: Thanks babe!
  • L: You're welcome! I love you!
  • Me: Love you too! *about to leave, I take her hands and say* Hey, I got you a dragonfly bracelet-
  • L: *bursts with excitement like a child* THAT WAS YOU? With the painting? I LOVE it. It was BEAUTIFUL.
  • Me: Are you serious?!
  • L: Yea, yea, yea! It's right there, it's on the table right there!
  • *guides my eyes as she points to a high table where I can clearly see that little box sitting atop it. I assume the painting beneath it*
  • Me: Oh dude
  • L: It's amazing. Thank you so much! I'm gonna keep the little painting in my room.
  • Me: Yea do it! God bless!(AAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!)
  • *they're kinda indicating that we are to leave, but I walk up to Camila
  • C: Hi, beautiful I love you!
  • Me: I love you!(I can't remember if I hugged her or not but I'm gonna say I did bc if not I am even more sad at my incompetence in this moment)
  • *move over to Dinah*
  • Dinah
  • Me: Hey girl how are you?
  • *dinah makes a kissing noise as we hug and her face goes against my cheek*
  • Dinah: Good! I'm really excited for you to see the show tonight. *holds my hands*
  • Me: Girl me too!
  • *shift over slightly to hug Normani
  • Me: Hey, how are you?
  • Normani: Good! I like your outfit! (Guessing. Can't really hear this.)
  • Me: Thank you
  • Normani: I love you!
  • Me: I love you too!