i didn't even draw that arrow

I watched the trailer for season… whatever of Arrow, because of Michael Emerson. Thought I caught a glimpse of Kirk Acevedo. Thank goodness it apparently wasn’t him, because then I’d have to consider watching frelling Arrow

The Trolls As Kids I Knew In Middleschool
  • Karkat: The one emo kid with a video camera who watched Shane Dawson videos like constantly
  • Aradia: The one nice girl who snuck wine into math class disguised as grape juice and drunkenly told you she loved you
  • Tavros: The only kid who had Mario Kart for the DS and you'd all play it together during lunch but is kind of the reason the DS was banned from school (and none of you know the reason)
  • Sollux: The only kid who really cared about the computer programming class you were all in; the rest just kind of messed around with photoshop
  • Nepeta: The cool kid that everyone hangs out with and swears a lot but was scared to go to the bathroom alone
  • Kanaya: The pretty bi girl who was super into witchcraft and LGBT rights and taught you that you were a massive fucking gay
  • Terezi: The RANDOM XD kid who drew a lot in class but somehow managed to pass all her classes
  • Vriska: The kid who kind of bullied you in 6th grade but literally cannot remember it the next year and you guys become friends and then never hear from one another again
  • Equius: The kid who acts all tough like he can take anything like yeah once I shot myself in the foot with a bb gun and it didn't even hurt but starts crying when you gently bop him accidentally with an arrow in gym class
  • Gamzee: The kid in math class who just writes "boobies" into the calculators constantly and draws in all his classes and can't seem to pass them
  • Eridan: The older kid who was kind of your friend but said something really awkward and uncomfortable to you once and you meet back up with him years later and you know he doesn't remember it but you do
  • Feferi: The really sweet but kind of reserved kid who came from a sheltered elementary school and still thinks 'heck' is a bad word and everyone makes innuendos in her expense because she doesn't understand them until like 10 years later at 3 am