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*curtsies* Duke, I need some help here. Just noticed that I have a huge lack on my character creation. I only write the "warmey hearted and happy" characters. How can I... "fix" that? I have interest in writing different characters but... I just... can't. It's like I didn't understand them enough. How do I write a cold and calculist character? Without making it either a "happey heart" or unrealist, or even the "completly feelingless stereotype"? Please help me!!! I have no idea of what to do!!!!

*Curtsies* First big rule of writing that Tumblr brainwashes out of people because we tend to balk at anything ‘problematic’: 

You need conflict in fiction. 

If everybody is nice to each other and agrees about everything and never miscommunicates, you don’t have a story. You have slow-burn fluff fic and that’s fine if that’s what you’re trying to write, but if you aren’t, you need to spice things up. You need problems. You need conflict. You need more than one personality type. 

Writing good characters is hard. You are literally inventing a human being from scratch, and that kind of complexity takes months (if not years) of work to create, so that’s the first thing I want to be clear about: 

There are no shortcuts to good character.

Writing is, in every sense, an iceberg type of art form, and what a reader will eventually see on a page is only about 1% of the work you actually have to do to make that 1% worth reading. Character, like plot and setting and everything else in fiction, requires long hard nose-to-the-grindstone hours of work. It also requires research. You can’t skimp on any of this or your characters will come out feeling like paper dolls. 

As for how to actually excavate a character: I’ve talked a lot about this under the character development tag and especially this post here, but here is what I think should be the first step for everyone who’s trying to turn a paper doll into flesh and blood: 

Start with the moment where your character first appears in your story, and work backward through every remotely significant event of their life until you get to their birth.

By ‘every remotely significant event’ I don’t just mean when their mom died or when they lost their virginity. I mean every event that was remotely significant to them, even if it was just getting their braces off or listening to their favorite band for the first time. If you really commit to this, it’s going to raise a lot of questions along the way. How long did they live in Kenosha? Where did she get that dress? Why did her dad lose that job? Who introduced her to that author? Here’s the crucial thing: 

Nothing you learn about a character is insignificant. 

Even if it’s just what their least favorite vegetable is. 99% of this information will not end up in the final manuscript, and that’s fine. What’s important is that you know it, because a character (like a real human being) is the sum of their parts, and even their childhood aversion to cooked carrots will contribute to who they become. I recently got a question on my author blog about why I can spit out so many random trivial details about each of my main characters. And the answer is because none of it’s random and none of it’s trivial. If you’re trying to bring a person to life with prose, you can’t afford not to know every little thing about them. Want to know why? 

It is a hell of a lot easier to write a character you know as well as you know yourself than to write a character you only know as a player in your story.

Characters have lives before and beyond the book you’re writing, just like real people have lives before and beyond the moments you interact with them. Our life experiences shape who we are and how we behave, so if you don’t know everything that has occurred in this character’s life prior to this moment, how could you possibly know how they would respond to a question even as simple as “How are you?” So. Spend the time. It will not be time wasted. Writing requires patience. 

Writing also requires research. Because you can’t just write a bunch of characters who are vague avatars for yourself, you will have to venture out of your comfort zone. If you do that thing I suggested where you plot each person’s life all the way back to their birth, you will inevitably stumble across things you don’t fully understand–and that’s where the research comes in. You have a hard time writing cold, calculating characters? Start with the basic questions: Why is this person this way? Coming up empty? Find some real-life examples. If you’re writing a serial killer, go buy every biography of real-life serial killers you can get your hands on. Watch Making a Murderer. Take a criminal psychology class. Writing about a chef? Read chefs’ memoirs. Follow chefs’ blogs. Go to restaurants. Learn to cook. Don’t steal any real person’s personality wholesale, but pay attention to patterns and details so that when you create your own character, they feel real. 

Use the real world for research. Learn from life.

The most important lesson you can learn from life is that very few people can be easily categorized. Most exist somewhere on a moral/behavioral spectrum that doesn’t fit neatly into those Myers-Briggs boxes everyone here on Tumblr loves so much. People are complicated and often conditional. A character who is warm-hearted and loving is much less interesting and much less believable than a character who is warm-hearted and loving but only towards children, because we immediately want to know more about her and why she doesn’t have the same sympathy for people her own age. And let’s be honest: no real person is warm-hearted and loving all the time. Figuring out exactly how this person’s life has gone will help you decide how they behave in any given situation.

We all have quirks and idiosyncrasies and learned behaviors that may, at first glance, defy explanation. We have hopes and fears and secrets and none of that is stuff you’re going to discover by taking another MBTI test on a character’s behalf. Rifle through the stuff of their life until you know not only exactly which magazines are lying under their bed but also why they have five credit cards they aren’t telling their wife about. When it comes to character, you can never know enough, even though writing in broad strokes might look a lot easier at the outset. Nothing about writing is easy, characters included.

People are messy. Resist the urge to simplify them.

Put the work in. I promise you, doing the digging and the research and learning who a person is before you try to put them on paper will make every word you write about them come more naturally and make more sense. And though a reader may never see those notebooks crammed full of every minute thing you learned about their life, they can intrinsically tell the difference between paper dolls and characters who are three-dimensional and fully formed and have been turned inside out by their author. 

Really all this advice comes down to one thing, which is that you can’t half-ass character. You’re creating a person. 


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I love the fae college thing! There's at least one student who purposefully went into the magical time warping library zones and never really returned, did they? Because I would totally do that, even if I didn't need to study for anything.

Usually the come back, and mostly they come back the same but tired. But yeah every few years one’s lost and more rarely even the Fair Folk don’t know where they ended up.

(Once in a while the Library will also just spit you out in That Corner of a different college’s university. L-Space, ya feel)

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I think an underrated moment during today's clip was that Elias just said he (Even) started doing random things. He wasn't judging his friend at all. He didn't say he was crazy or anything. He just knew his friend was acting differently and that genuinely worried him. Elias is awesome.

i love elias

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About that question on a possible US debut, I confess I don't want it (at least for a long while). I fear they'd be ridiculed n suffer lots of prejudice. I don't want our boys struggling w/ this and even artists who speak english and wear acceptable fashion for americans still didn't suceed yet. I think most people are not prepared to anything different from what they think is standard. Specially if they think only they can do that kind of music.

you are definitely not alone in your concerns ^_^ for me, I just want them to be happy with what they’re doing. If they want to try doing a US Debut and it’s a challenge for them then why not? No matter the result, if it’s something they want to try I’m all for it. As long as they’re happy and want to achieve goals they set for themselves. The thing is they’ll probably get ridiculed no matter what, but what if they succeed? We’ll never know unless they try ^_^ I just want bangtan to be happy. I support them in whatever makes them happy!! ♥

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Hey. I just had a terrible day at work. I got accused of doing something I didn't do and was then threated with termination. I've been there for three years and have never done anything wrong before. So, how would Ace, Kidd, Law, and Shanks react if this happened to their s/o? Thank you! Your blog makes my day!

I’m so sad to hear that. Work can be stressful and situations like that make it even more stressful. I hope you the best!

Reaction Headcanon: 


He’s always been by your side and this time isn’t different. He’s ready to go and tell everyone they’re big idiots for not believing you. 


He doesn’t even need to hear the end of the story:have they unfairly accused you of something? Well, they’re going to pay for that! 


He tells you to calm down and don’t worry, the day after your boss is “weirdly” gentler with you. And looks a bit scared


The next day he follows you to work, pretends to be a customer, and annoys your boss to no end. Everyone is laughing. 

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Same anon as before, and the school principal told me that "homosexual intimacy of any type, even holding hands, will result in immediate dismissal", so if I so much as show a hint of being anything other than straight, I'll get kicked out and disgraced. I really wish closets didn't exist either, and that people would just learn to accept us LGBT people. Why do they keep trying to fix us and make us like them? Why can't they accept difference and diversity?

My maa is a very sweet person you know. But there is a story about how i knew she is homophobic. It’s not aggressive. She just thinks it’s unnatural. There is a guy i know . A bit girly and gay. We used to make fun of him when i was younger. Yes i am not ashamed to accept that i grew up like that. It’s a pretty homophobic country I live in. What I learned about sexuality and my own identify, i learned alone. So one day me and my maa were out. We saw the guy and maa said. His parents must feel awful. It’s like a disease. There should be a cure. And i walked in silence beside her. Couldn’t say that maa it’s not a disease.
Everyone around me is homophobic. I will never ever come out. One thing I always fear in life. And that’s the fear of being hated.
I wish things were different. Also your principal can go to hell. And again I am sorry for everything you have to sacrifice.

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I think that people SEVERELY overestimate and overblow Joker's manipulation on Harleen. The sob story was definitely standard procedure to him, he must tell it to all of his psychiatrists. But the difference between them and Harleen is that she had no training or preparation whatsoever to deal not even with a low-security patient, let alone THE JOKER. And, like you said, he NEVER asked Harleen to break him out. It was Harleen's own naiveness and incompetence that created Harley Quinn.

Exactly! The most you could say that the Joker was thinking is to give her a sob story and see how it panned out. It was just a routine thing for him to stave off boredom. He heard her and Leland talking and thought he could use her curiosity to his advantage and really screw with her mind. That’s the furthest extent he had. He didn’t need her to get out of there. He didn’t need her working for him. In his mind, Harley Quinn was probably the best result he could’ve gotten out of that experiment.

Valentine kisses, Dragon Age: Inquisition LIs

Blackwall cups the soft hand gently caressing his face. Maker’s breath, I don’t deserve her. He kisses his lover lightly, haltingly, as if she were another dream he made up for himself, another make-belief to disappear. But she is real, and she is here, and she is here with him and for him despite everything, and when she kisses him back, he gives in, embracing her, shielding her from any danger they might face – but this time, not from himself.

Cassandra kisses sensually, the way heroines in her books could only dream about, her tongue and teeth meeting her lover’s while wrapped in a tight embrace of fervour. She is no damsel in distress and she needs no knight in shining armour, but right now, she is being swept of her feet nevertheless, and Maker, it’s beautiful. As he knots his fingers in her hair and mouths “I love you,” against her lips, she is sure of it: this was meant to be.

Cullen rubs his neck and chuckles nervously. “What an evening—“ His lover grabs him by the collar, pulling him towards her, and he follows her lead, cupping her face and brushing a loose strand of her hair from her eyes. Her fingers brush against his forearm, and he kisses her hand before moving onto her lips, warm and tender and welcoming. There are many things that went wrong in his life, but this time, he knows this one is right, and it’s perfect.

Dorian laughs and tilts his head to the side. “Of course I’m the best kisser in Skyhold. Shall I prove it to you once again?” And he does, and he’s right. He kisses fiercely but gently, smooth and suave and stunning. For a second, it feels as if the time itself had stopped, but this time, the only spell involved is caused by his fingers digging into his lover’s back, and quite frankly, it could go forever and it wouldn’t be enough. I will stay, for now.

Iron Bull’s kisses are hard and raw and heated like an inferno. He clutches his lover in his arms, firmly but carefully, never pressing, never crushing – not unless they want to, of course, and then he’s like water through a broken dam. Towering over them, he knows it: nobody’s in charge here, not now, because right now, they are equal in everything. And there won’t be no stopping, no katoh, because you can’t stop love.

Josephine blushes and smiles as her lover’s arms gently brush against the small of her back. She leans into the embrace, enfolding her arms around their neck and pulling them closer to her. Their foreheads touch, their lips meet, soft and sweet and gentle, loving. She lifts her foot of the ground, light as a feather. And suddenly, there are no appointments, no banquets, and no disputes, nothing more important or urgent than this moment right here.

Sera’s kisses are a wild, cheeky mess. Joyful laughter bubbles from her throat as she grabs her lover’s face and smacks her lips against hers, large ear-to-ear grin on her face because Andraste’s arse, isn’t she just the friggin’ cutest? She nuzzles her face in her neck and yelps as fingers travel down her spine. “Isn’t Inky kinky?” she snickers, words half-mumbled against her skin. Maybe there is one more thing worth fighting for than she had thought, after all.

Solas kisses hungrily, ravenously, like there is no tomorrow, for one day, there will not be for the two them. He wraps his hands around his lover’s waist, fingers trailing along her curves as he leans into her, dipping her low, pulling her close, closer, it’s never close enough. There is craving in his touch, passion on his lips, so different from his usual calm and collected demeanour. One more time, he thinks. Let me be selfish just one more time.

I’m so baffled how people can think that aces and demisexuals are straight because sometimes I’m just scrolling along my dash like ladeda, and I come across a post that would generally be appreciated by a typical straight woman, with people commenting on it in typical allo fashion. Not a bad thing ofc, but it’s such an othering experience for me. It’s so weird to be reminded that some people look at that gif and feel something.

Because I know that as a dfab person, to be straight is to have some kind of reaction to sexually attractive men. That’s what’s expected! Back when I actually had to work with people that I lived with at girlscouts, not being attracted to (and honestly being a little repulsed by) sexualized men, or the idea of sex… it got me labelled a prude, and childish. I was an outcast from the group and while it wasn’t necessarily just my sexuality that separated me, it’s something that has always, always been something othering for me since mid elementary school when other kids started getting crushes.

The same goes for aros and demiromantics because it’s so confusing having this ever present narrative of heteronormativity shoved down your throat. You get told that if you’re friends with a boy, you must have a crush on him. What is and isn’t a crush gets mixed up and completely muddled in your head. The idea of dating someone you don’t know (like speed dating, blind dates, dating websites) is completely baffling! Your friends talk about experiences like you should understand them, so you’re left to either nod and stay confused or admit you don’t understand and be treated like you’re weird… and STILL be confused.

You mix up friendly feelings with romantic ones because you don’t understand what it’s like to have a crush. If you’re demiromantic and you DO get a crush, you probably don’t even recognize it for what it is at first, because your crushes still work differently than you’ve ever seen them portrayed as your entire life and you still expect yourself to have that fairytale moment where true love happens in the blink of an eye.

None of this is a straight experience. None of it!

This has been an autobiographical moment from the salamander.

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1. What book are you currently reading? (If you’re not a reader, what show/movie are you watching lately?)

Currently reading a few different books but mostly reading Crazy Rich Asians. Tv show I semi recently finished watching yoi and I keep rewatching random episodes whenever I have time. Not really watching anything new atm. 

2.  If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

1. Give me a metabolism where I will never gain weight. 2. Give me clear skin for the rest of my life. 3. Let me be Arashi’s manager but like without the stress of manager duty lol 

3.  Cite four books you consider your favourites, and why.

aghhhh i’m blanking on all books I’ve ever read. I read a book about a year ago but I forget what it was called. Basically it was about a lady and her family who gave up sugar for a year and how it changed their lives and it was really interesting. Bridget Jones’ diary is hilarious both book and movie and will forever be one of my faves. I really enjoyed itsuka tiffany de choushoku wo. It’s a manga which later turned into a drama about a girl who loves breakfast and she goes to different breakfast places in tokyo and I feel like I can mega relate because I love breakfast too haha. And I can only think of 3 books that were really good atm 

4.  As a child, what were your favourite pastimes?

Playing with my neighbour. We always were outside doing jumprope or chalk or playing hide and seek with the other kids on the street. Just classic kid games. Playing house was an all time fave as well (do kids even play games anymore or is it just their phone/ipad?)

5. What are your fandoms?

Arashi fandom and a tiny little bit of yuri on ice fandom. other things/people I like but not enough to fully join the fandom

6.  Are you allergic to something?


7.  Tell me two facts about your home country.

Canada is turning 150 in exactly a week. Poutine (when made correctly) is heavenly and yes that is a fact. 

8.  A character from a book/show/movie that shouldn’t have died?

MICHAEL FROM JANE THE VIRGIN OH MY GOD I AM STILL IN TEARS FROM THAT (I hope this isn’t some kinda spoiler for anyone who reads this)

9.  Favourite ship?

I have way too many. Top 3 at the moment are Victuuri, Ohmiya, Otayuri 

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I’m not sure. I’ve never been in love in general but I feel like I could fall victim to love at first sight because I can develop a crush on someone mega hard and mega fast. But I wouldn’t consider that as love at first sight though. Maybe if the right person comes along I might. But that’s only really based on looks isn’t it? You can’t fall in love with someones personality at first sight cause you don’t even know them. 

11.  If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be?

Probably like a travel blogger. Dream would be to simply travel the world and stay at posh hotels and eat delicious food and experience life in all parts of the world. 

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1. Is there any day from the past you would want to re-live? Why? 

2. What is something you’re very proud of?

3. If you could only eat one certain food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4. If you won 10million dollars, what would be the first thing you buy with the money?

5. Do you have any unpopular opinions?

6. Would you rather go far out into space, or the deepest part of the ocean?

7. Favorite food that’s only available in your country?

8. What people have had the greatest influence on your life?

9. If you were given the chance to live forever, would you?

10. Are there any cultures that fascinate you?

11. What made you start a tumblr account? :) 

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Second Chances

James Potter was having a horrible horrible night. He hated these stuffy Pure Blood parties. He hated the patronizing way the older wizards spoke to him, as if being a professional Quidditch player were just a passing hobby - a rebellious phase, if you will - and that any day now he’d come to his sense and go into the ministry just as his father had done. Never mind that he was one of the top Chasers in the league, or that he was on record time and time again saying that No, he was not going to be an auror so please stop asking. 

As if dealing with his parents’ deaths hadn’t been enough, it stoked the fire more. If one more distant aunt came up to him and told him that it was time to stop all this nonsense now that he had inherited the Potter fortune he was going to scream.

Downing his third glass of champagne he skirted the edges of the party, looking for a way out. Sirius - his one lifeline at functions like this - had abandoned him to go snog the coat check women, so he had to brave the crowds on his own. He wouldn’t have even come to the stupid event if it hadn’t been for the team’s sponsors. 

It was as he was nearing the doors to the garden that someone snagged him by the sleeve reeling him back in. Plastering a fake smile on his face, he turned around. A petite witch stood before him, looking up gleefully, her dark hair just brushing the shoulders of her lavender dress robes. “James Potter?” She asked, eyes sliding over him. “That’s you, right? Chaser for the Montrose Magpies?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” The witch was pretty, he had to hand her that. Her face was round, and her eyes were green. Not strikingly green - not the way they would’ve been if she was, say, ginger - but pretty all the same. 

She held out a hand for him to shake. “I’m Vanessa Litfield, part time reporter for The Daily Prophet.”

He shook her hand, but said “I’m not doing interviews tonight, sorry.”

“A bit conceited, are we?” She laughed, shaking her head. “I didn't approach you for an interview, Mr. Potter. You just seemed lonely and in need of quality conversation.”

“And you figured you could provide me with that conversation?”

“Well, I am known for being good with my words.” she winked. 

“We’ll see then.” He nabbed two champagne flutes off a passing tray, handing one to her. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Vanessa, it turned out, took that to heart and babbled on for a good hour. James didn’t mind it, though, because it kept other potential conversation partners at bay. He could endure a pretty girl's incessant chatting no problem. In fact, he was coming to find that he quite liked talking with her. She didn’t seem to take anything too seriously, which he found refreshing. 

“Can I see you again, Mr. Potter?” she asked as the party dwindled down. 

He shrugged, pretending to think on it. 

“Are you going to leave a girl hanging?” she laughed, nudging his shoulder. “I need a response quick, my roommate is making her way over to fetch me.”

He decided that he wouldn’t mind spending more time with her. Maybe he’d enjoy it. He’d been in a bit of a dry spell recently, anyway. “I suppose so,” He joked. “Well, alright. Owl me and we’ll set something up.”

“That’s romantic,” she rolled her eyes. “I can see why you’re swarmed with women.”

He opened his mouth to reply - with what, he wasn’t sure, not after he caught sight of the women approaching them. No, it couldn't be, he thought. But it was. 

The willowy red-head reached out, tapping Vanessa on her shoulder. James, too busy taking in the sight of her, missed their exchange. She stood just as she had five years previously at Hogwarts - just as sure, just as beautiful, her hair just as red. Her eyes just as green. Her freckles had faded out for the most part, and her face more angular. She wore a set of deep purple robes, just the right color to offset her pale skin. 

“Are you ready?” she asked Vanessa, her voice just as musical as it had been the last time they spoke. Vanessa looked from the girl beside her, to James, and finally the red-head did as well. Her expression mirrored his, he was almost certain. The surprise, the confusion. It was all there, scrawled across her beautiful features. He was always able to read her so easily, five years didn’t erase that.

He wanted to speak, to greet her, to at least say something. But instead, he just gawked. How could he not?

“Do you two know each other?” Vanessa asked, looking between the two. 

It was her who recovered first, naturally. She shook her head, laughing it off. “Nah, he just looks familiar, is all.”

“Well, he’s a famous chaser. You’ve probably seen him in the Prophet.”

“A famous chaser, huh?” She looked him over in that knowing way that made his insides twist up in knots. “Seems fitting.”

Recovering at last, James extended his hand. “James Potter,” he said. As if she didn’t already know that. As if he didn’t feel kicked in the gut the moment she feigned ignorance. 

"Nice to meet you,” she took his hand, and he saw the slight color stain her cheeks. He felt the heat of her skin radiating through him. “I’m Lily Evans.”

“She works at the Prophet with me.” Vanessa explained. “She’s one of our best columnists.” But James already knew that. He read everything she wrote. 

Lily tugged on her friend’s arm, pulling her towards the door. “We really need to be going, Nessa.”

“All right, don’t get your knickers in a twist.” She let Lily pull her away, only pausing to call over her shoulder. “I’ll owl you for that date, Mr. Potter!”

James only nodded in reply, as he watched Lily Evans walk away from him for the second time.

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Cactuses! I dunno, just do something with cactuses! anything! It's your prompt!

((cactuses?? What?????? I’m…Alright, probably the most different thing I’ve done but I couldn’t think of anything else so here’s a conversation between Fyodor and Dazai on cacti.))

“What’s your opinion on cactuses?”

The Russian looked up from his writing, seemingly unfazed by the abrupt question made by the brunette sitting across from him. “They have their uses, I suppose.”

“Really? Like what?” Dazai said, having thought they were just useless prickly plants.

“Well there are medicinal cacti, and then the barrel cactus,” Fyodor said, thinking. “And I suppose if you were to get stuck in the dessert, you could use them for water.”

“What’s so special about barrel cacti?”

“Well, they’re the most dangerous cacti to humans. A mere prick by one can lead to a dirty wound which will need to be treated by antibiotics. If it’s pierces through the skin and draws blood, it’ll definitely need medical attention and may take months to heal.”

“Woah~! That’s so cool! Can being pricked by one kill you??” Dazai suddenly asked excitedly.

“No, being pricked by a barrel cactus will not kill you, but I’m more than willing to help you test that theory.”

Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen 4
Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen 4

A hilarious snippet from Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen 4:

Himawari: Fai-sensei, Yui-sensei. Good afternoon.

Fai and Yui: Good afternoon!

Himawari: The two of really look completely alike. Did you get mistaken for each other when you were kids?

Fai: We did~! In fact we played tricks on people to MAKE them mistake one of us for the other~

Syaoran: Yui-sensei also joined in on those pranks?

Yui: Yes. Often we swapped our clothes, stood in for the other during Church choirs even though Fai was a soprano and I an Alto….

Fai: Ahaha, stuff like that did happen! We could do that since our voices were also perfectly the same.

Sakura: But your voices differ in tone and pitch now, right?

Fai: I can still make it sound the same. (low voice) Right, Kurogane-sensei?


Yuko: Ahahahahaha!!

“We’ve got to stop this, Ned. This is the only chance. It stops here or not at all. Can you imagine him loose now he’s pally with Snapcase?”

“Yes. I can,” said Ned. “Just as well I wasn’t planning anything this evening, eh? But you can tell me one thing, sarge. How do you know all this?”

Vimes hesitated. But at a time like this, what difference did it make?

“I’m from this city,” said Vimes. “But, oh, there was a hole in time, something like that. You want to know? I travelled here in time, Ned, and that’s the truth.”

Ned Coates looked him up and down. Blood covered Vimes’ armour, and his hands, and half his face, and he was holding a bloody sword in his hand.

“From how far back?” he said.

Night Watch, Terry Pratchett

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Could u explain the different types of khajiit types? Before I followed you I didn't even know there were different kinds

YAA NO PROBLEM, ok so basically. I am not super well-versed in which moons effect what, but the phase of the moon on the date of a Khajiit’s birth determines their physical appearance in life. There are a toonn of forms, a lot of which we don’t even know anything about, but here are the ones we do!! 

  • Cathay are the Khajiit type you seen in Skyrim and Oblivion! They are one of the larger bipedal khajiit breeds and are plantigrade. 
  • Cathay-Raht are basically cathays but GIANT, probably around 8-9 feet tall. They are sometimes called Jaguar-men and are presumably plantigrade but i have seen them portrayed as digitigrade too!! 
  • Ohmes look a lot like elves! They are pretty short and almost indistinguishable from bosmer, a lot of them get catlike facial tattoos probably to distinguish themselves as Khajiit. They are the type of Khajiit you see in Arena
  • Ohmes-Raht are like Ohmes but larger, more similar in size to humans! Them and Ohmes often act as ambassadors to the human/elf races bc they look so similar to them. They are the type of Khajiit you see in Daggerfall 
  • Suthay are almost exactly like cathay but they are digitigrade instead of plantigrade! smol cat people 
  • Suthay-raht are identical to Suthays but are ofc of larger, more human-sized stature (are u sensing a pattern here). They are the type of khajiit you see in Morrowind! In Morrowind female suthay-raht seem to be breastless or at least. have tiddies that are Not Like human tiddies 
  • Senche are giant quadrupedal tiger monsters, measuring probably around 7-8 feet tall at the shoulder. They are used as steeds by other khajiit! Probably of their own free will, like a hired mount or smthn maybe. 
  • Senche-raht are GIANT GIANT quadrupedal cat monsters, probably standing around 16-20 feet at the shoulder holy shit. They are also used as mounts! The Legion calls them BATTLECATS and facing one must be fucking terrifying oh my god a tiger the size of a mammoth 
  • Pahmar are p much identical to tigers, quadrupedal and maybe about half the size of a senche 
  • Pahmar-raht are Extra Large tigers, presumably still a bit smaller than a Senche!
  • Alfiq are pretty identical to housecats! They can’t speak (at least not cyrodiilic, they may be able to speak Ta’agra) but they are skilled magic users. 
  • Alfiq-raht are BIG HOUSECATS, not sure if they can speak or not
  • Dagi are a smallish bipedal variety of khajiit that likes living in trees, presumably they are digitigrade but idk, they are skilled magic users and extremely skilled climbers!
  • Dagi-raht are bigger Dagi, less suited to climbing but still good w magic
  • And the MANE is the Cat King basically, not sure if they have a specific look but they are only born when a rare third moon appears in the sky. They are the national leaders of the Khajiit! 

Aand theres also the Tojay and the Tojay-raht but p much nothing is known about them so. theres ya comprehensive Cat List, here is a link to the wiki page if you want to know more!!

Brown Eyes: Tom Holland x WOC

Requested: This is inspired by the song ‘Brown Eyes’ by Beyonce Destiny’s Child. I actually love this song now so thanks to the anon that requested it! Just lots of fluff and you can click here if you want to listen to listen to it. Reader recalls the first time her and Tom meet. 

This is a lot longer than I thought…sorryyyyy!

You and Tom were celebrating your 4th year anniversary at a beautiful and quiet restaurant. You looked up and saw him string loving at you, “What?”

“Nothing just thinking of how lucky I am.” You blushed and shook your head. “I can’t believe it’s been four years.” You sighed and grabbed his hand. 

“I truthfully didn’t think you could put up with me for this long.” he said laughing. “I didn’t think so either but hey, look at us.”

He laughed and rubbed his thumb on your hand, “Remember when we met?”

“Oh no, please don’t-”

You smiled and started recalling how you looked up and saw a pair of beautiful brown eyes staring at you. 

You were waiting for you brother in to pick out a watch, “Why are we even in here?”

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anonymous asked:

Arthur has so much control, if I was him, dealing with these damn humans who keep poisoning my kingdom and killing my subjects, and some douche potato guy came up to me smelling like aftershave and trash, than insulted me with a fucking fish joke, the entire continent would be under the sea. I SWEAR TO GOD

we know batman inside out and he still sometimes manages to come across as the most controlling, annoying, too type A mary sue on the block but can you imagine how arthur must be viewing this guy he hasn’t met before? this rich ass dude who’s apparently a big deal in gotham, who decides to sniff him out because he feels entitled to creating some sort of justice league and wants him to join. and instead of saying PLEASE, he makes a fish joke? he makes a damn fish joke. he didn’t even try to make a pun. he could’ve gone with literally anything else that shows even the smallest hint of trying to play it cool, passive-aggressive, non-chalant, too experienced to be phased by guys who breathe underwater. but no? nooooo. “i hear you can talk to fish”. what the fuck. what the fuck. you’re the world’s greatest detective. what hte fuck